Who Makes the Best Chainsaw in the World?

Who Makes the Best Chainsaw in the WorldThere’s a lot of folks working in the forest industry. Some are making a livelihood by working as a residential white-collar worker. There can be a need for cleaning up the overgrown bushes. Or maybe getting rid of fallen trees from your property.

This eventually brings us all to one simple point. Getting a good chainsaw. Now, what do I mean by a good chainsaw? Well, it needs to be well-built, cut efficiently and come with durable parts. It also needs to maintain the affordability box.

You can spend hours finding models to match such criteria. And still, you might fail miserably to get a suitable one.

The best way to figure out good models is by discovering reliable brands. To make that happen, I’ll be taking away your worries of researching for hours. Yes, today it’s going to be all about best chainsaw brands. These are popular for being trustworthy.

Who Makes the Best Chainsaw in the World: A Closer Look of The Industry!

There’s plenty of brands that come up with amazing design for a chainsaw. But not all of them are worth your money and time.

So being a bit picky and choosy about your chainsaw choice isn’t a bad thing. For that reason, you ask at some point, what’s the best brand for a chainsaw.

Before I say a name, let me clear out something. There’s no such thing as the best. Everything has a bad side. Even the priciest and concerned-formula might have few errors. So technically, I’ll be declaring a name that’s most popular. It’s also my favorite pick for various reasons.

Let me spill the bean, I’m talking about STIHL. There’s a bunch of good reasons why I call it my favorite. The most noteworthy features that this brand provides are basically:

  • Convenient vibration preventing mechanism.
  • Air filter technology with long life durability.
  • Ease to use saw chain system.
  • Amazing responsive chain braking technology.
  • Centrifugal clutch and many more.

These are some of the most talked-about features that make this brand’s models durable. Most of them are also functional, safer and really sturdy to last a lifetime. Now let’s go for a background check.

STIHL is basically a 1926 brand by Andreas. It’s known for the motto of easing people’s life. Both novice and skilled users find the brand reliable and acceptable for amazing features.

Husqvarna – Silver Medal Holder!

For lots of people, it’s the best in power tool industry. Let’s keep that argument for another day. It’s probably one of the best chainsaw brands that come with hundreds of year manufacturing history.

There’s a huge array of chainsaws from Husqvarna that provides innovative features for today’s users.

With their three consistent centuries of knowledge, they have introduced some notable chainsaw models. These models are perfect in many ways. Husqvarna is widely popular for bringing chainsaws that provide:

  • Trio Brake technology
  • Air cleaning mechanism (Air injection Centrifugal)
  • Low Vibration Dampeners
  • Innovative safety system
  • Comfortability and many more.

There are notable chainsaws available for both homeowners and professionals. It’s always well-known for producing responsive and powerful equipment.

So, anybody who needs high power, efficiency, and specific performance can trust Husqvarna and proceed.

Craftsman – The North American Pioneer of Gas & Electric Saws!

It’s really hard to find a person who has never heard of Craftsman. Most North American hardware stores will have plenty of models available from this well-known manufacturer.

Sears, being the original owner has come up with lots of Craftsman models since 1927. These are well-known for remarks such as:

  • Wide range of chainsaw bar length from 10 to 20 inches.
  • Coming up with many models that satisfy the need of experts and hobbyists equally.
  • Some of the most popular large tree cutting saws come from this family.

However, one common mistake that’s found in most craftsman’s tools is noise. Especially the oversized models that are meant to get rid of huge trees. It’s better to use them somewhere far from the residential area.

It’s surely one of the most common names in industry. Especially when it comes to gas and electric saws.


Being a junior to a well-known power tool brand, Black and Decker, it surely made some really good models to be in this list.

I’m talking about DeWalt, which is a fairly famous line for different chainsaw engine strengths and bar lengths. Some of the most talked-about remarks are:

  • Stands out with the advanced FlexVolt technology for flexible voltage adaption.
  • Long-chain with thick drive links found in weighty models.
  • Oil cap that comes with flip-up tab, making it super simple for adding fuel.
Also, DeWalt chainsaws have a great reputation for holding one of the best tool-free bar adjustment facility. Many users praise about how convenient this feature is for any cutting need. Also, the most model features a great chain brake for better functioning.

Black and Decker – An Iconic Brand with Over-a-Century’s Expertise!

The big brother of DeWalt is another popular shot that anybody will recognize unless they live under a rock. With some reliable and sturdy chainsaw models, it’s really well-known among regular consumers.

With more than a century of experience in the industry, they are surely providing some really affordable and equally functional models. They are mostly popular for features such as:

  • Really strong manufacturing quality with pure materials.
  • Lightweight design that suits yard works with easy and fatigue-free maneuvering.
  • Amazing results with cordless saws that come with smooth, fast cutting chains.
  • Suitable for homeowners with little knowledge about handling a chainsaw.
  • Blade tension system that is complete tool-free.
This brand is surely a competent choice for homeowners and beginners. Especially thos who need basic but strong sawing features.

Remington – The Minimalist Choice!

I’m supposed to talk about all the best brands. But for certain reason, I feel like some of you might want to know about a brand that isn’t so focused on building advanced chainsaws. But maintaining basic requirements.

Remington is highly prevalent for firearms with roots of the 19th century. But chainsaw models from Remington are meant for getting the job done. Some of the great features that this brand cares about are:

  • Amazing battery life and quality.
  • Convenient brushless motor for powering.
  • Good length bar and chains.
  • Automatic oiler for chain and so on.

You can get a corded or cordless version from Remington if getting the minimal features in a quality power tool is the mission.

It’s reliable, durable and concerned about elementary features.

Final Thoughts

I hope now you have a widespread idea about the whole best brand for chainsaw topic. It’s surely related to what budget you have. Also, the features that are most important in your views. Ultimately, you need to make your mind about which brand is actually the best.

On that note, I’ll be leaving with a promise to return soon for another interesting, fun topic. Stay Well till Then!