Stihl vs. Husqvarna Chainsaws: Battle of Two Best Brands!

| Last Updated: April 14, 2021

Stihl vs. Husqvarna ChainsawsOperating power tools are not anymore, a new thing because of the popular DIY culture going on these days. Most teen today would prefer making cool DIYs for fun. So, it would be awesome if you get some idea about a very important power tool that takes a part in many DIYs.

I’m talking about chainsaws. Mechanics, woodworkers, carpenters and DIY lovers have a huge need for one of these. No matter if it’s for professional needs or just genuine entertainment purpose.

It’ll be quite challenging for someone who is a newcomer of buying such a tool to get an appropriate pick. So here I am on my way to compare two different but effortlessly marvelous chainsaw brands.

Which one should be your ultimate bias? Let’s find out!

Comparing Stihl vs. Husqvarna Chainsaws:

Battle of Quality, Material, Looks, Safety & More!

I did a bit of research and was quick to find out that today, most buyers would prefer a STIHL or Husqvarna when it comes to chainsaw and many other power tools. You can call these the most popular bards of power tools.

Of course, there are a good set of reasons supporting both brands. I have never faced with such difficulty while choosing a particular favorite like today.

You’ll be there as well once you get to know more about these two amazing manufacturers. But I believe, a full-on comparison will make you get rid of those stumped thoughts.

Starting from where these were made, we’ll travel all way to find out who gets the highest score in chainsaw making. Here We Go!

Where are STIHL Chainsaws Made?

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STIHL is basically a brand of Germany that comes with other well-built tools as well such as mist blowers and hedge trimmers.

From 1926, the brand is producing excellent chainsaws that are literally ruling industry. Being an innovative leader, there are professional grade tools (especially chainsaws) that are earning them both reputation and trust of many users.

Where are Husqvarna Chainsaws Made?

Best ChainSaw

With the appreciation of most experts in field, Husqvarna is a highly popular brand that has its headquarter in Sweden.

Hardly will anybody say negative about this qualified and trustworthy manufacturer, thanks to their effort of creating really power pact tools.

They come with both heavy weight and price range compared to rivals. But that does not mean they are any less of not living up to their name.

In fact, every penny you spend is worth the deal. With less fuel consumption to running through emission levels, Husqvarna is great at better performance. Being the strictest emission rule follower, Husqvarna has been receiving applause constantly.

Comparing Overall Quality

It’s almost impossible to distinguish a particular winner when the bet is on STIHL & Husqvarna quality.

One model from STIHL might be better for its quality than a Husqvarna chainsaw piece. But then again, there will be some other Husqvarna model that does greater comparing another STIHL chainsaw.

So, depending on the model you choose, quality is going to vary. For example, if I talk about STIHL Farm Moss and Husqvarna Rancher, these two are excellently well-performing for light duty works.

Both of these models come with great aspects to match the need of homeowners. However, they might feel a bit too saggy for commercial use.

Now separating both brands, a bit, I’ll focus on cutting speed and handling ability. Many people claim that Husqvarna has a better cutting speed because of its heavier design in most models. STIHL is also quite favorable with good cutting pace and tough material handling ability.

But then again, due to the heavyweight of most Husqvarna chainsaws, it becomes quite hassle to handle one. On the other hand, STIHL is more down in weight making usability and ease of use quite simpler. It actually more depends on the model you get, however.

Efficiency & Pulse Reduction

When you want to buy a chainsaw, it’s impossible to not focus on the efficiency and anti-vibration features in it. Also, you need to think about the environment-friendliness and fuel consumption of a particular model.

Question is, which one between Husqvarna and STIHL does better in these columns.

It’s well known that a pounding or vibrating chainsaw will cause various fatigue on hand while working. So, having some technology to reduce the amount of vibration is optimal.

In Husqvarna, there is a modern feature known as LowVib technology that helps to reduce the amount of vibration. Stihl also considers an effortlessly built handle that has anti-vibration features in it. Both have their own ways to handle vibration.

However, when it comes to efficiency, Husqvarna comes with a mind-blowing X-Torq engine that earns it a step ahead of STIHL. This is the opinion of most users, not all obviously. This engine type helps to get rid of harmful emissions while taking care of efficiency.

This denotes that Husqvarna chainsaws are more environment-friendly as well as better at gas consumptions compared to STIHL. So, I have to give higher scores to Husqvarna in this section.

Construction & Materials

Most of the chainsaw available in market are made from similar materials. These are usually metal guide bar and housing made of same.

Sometimes a few uses plastic housing for motor too. Husqvarna and STIHL come with plastic housing in light-duty chainsaw models which are somewhat durable, to be honest.

However, in the commercial-grade chainsaw, you are more likely to find better durability holder all-metal housing. The only part that is different in materials depending on brand is chain. It actually relies on what intention the chainsaw is made for.

Husqvarna is been hugely popular for providing various types of chain and bars. So, changing chain and bar material is relatively easier than STIHL.

Quality-wise, I don’t see a much of difference in other part construction. But the chain and bar section obviously bring a change and Husqvarna again takes the lead.

Safety Provisions

Getting a chainsaw without considering the safety requirements is one of the last things you’ll want to do. There are a number of reasons but let me tell you a fact that’s surely going to hit hard.

“Every year, almost thirty thousand accidents are reported due to chainsaw. Among them, around 17% of cases are related to head and upper body injuries.” – ICDC

Feeling uncomfortable, right? Well, this is an obvious danger that you need to tackle with proper safety requirements.

Luckily both Husqvarna and STIHL provide great safety measurements to ensure user security.

STIHL comes with manual activation, effortless braking feature and Quickstop Plus Q technology. The special braking system is triggered through a rear handle in chainsaw.

However, it is not seen in every STIHL model. Others come with chain catcher and Quickstop that needs a tough kickback event.

Husqvarna, on the other side, comes with Kickback guard. Also, it features a chain catcher. You need to toggle the throttle lock mechanism to activate this. However, there are some model that provides better technology for safety

So, clearly this area is taken over by STIHL and its surely a big win since the matter is about safety.


Don’t just depend on the chainsaw and get yourself some good protective wear as well. No matter what power tool you work with, it isn’t going to be completely safe. So better you take care of your own safety with proper extra accessories.


This one judgment makes a huge difference so give it your whole concentration.  This deal-breaking factor has a winner. Yes, it does!

Husqvarna is available online and offline. You can get it from any reliable source. Also, for servicing, there are many scopes and routes to go for.

But in case of STIHL, you’ll have to get it from the authorized dealer. These are not great to be bought just like any other thing. Even for repairs and servicing, you’ll have to take it to an officially licensed dealer.

This is actually to make sure that STIHL has complete control over the product. So that a perfect quality could be guaranteed.

STIHL has a strong recommendation that you need to let its company deal with any problems, even if it’s the very basic one. But for users, it could be less practical and only for that reason, Husqvarna is a step ahead here.

Other Features

There are plenty of features that are different in STIHL and Husqvarna chainsaw. One good example is the fuel and air injection system.

In Husqvarna, you get air injection technology that allows you with sawdust removal facilities. So that the engine’s filtration is better.

While STIHL features a fuel injection system that could be seen mostly in portable versions. These chainsaws also come with fast start-up, thanks to Easy2Start technology.

On the other hand, Husqvarna tackles tool start-up with Quick Starting technology that makes way for accelerating speed.

Easy Table of Comparison of Stihl vs. Husqvarna

Features Husqvarna STIHL
Cutting Fast & Less Time Consuming Low-torque but Better for Tough Cutting
Fuel Tanks Huge for Better Operating Time Per Fill-up but Extra Weight Small and Easy to Handle but Less Operating Time Per Fill-up.
Fuel Efficiency Better Good
Availability Easy Difficult
Preferred By Professionals Homeowners
Maintenance Needs Routine Maintenance Needs Less Maintenance
Price Expensive Less Expensive

Which Brand is the Best for Whom?

I’m not changing my mind on user preference. There are excellent choices available with both brands and if you have a certain favorite, it’s great to carry with it. However, for the sake of some generalizations, I’ll break it a bit roughly.

When we talk about both brands at the same time, it’s obvious that STIHL suits homeowners better while Husqvarna can perform well for commercial use.

The True Winner?

For decades, this game of who the true winner in almost-same-quality competitors has this very similar answer.

Most of the time, it’s impossible to simply pass judgment since there are so many outlooks and perceptions going on. But still, after reading the whole Stihl vs. Husqvarna Chainsaws comparison, whom do you find the true winner?

I’ll be frank about it but keep in mind that it could be completely different from your opinion, which is okay. Both brands are excellent and if you have already fallen in love with one, great for you!

However, I feel like availability can be a bit of an issue which leans my favors more to the Husqvarna side. I get good features, better efficiency, and commercial standards in Husqvarna, which makes me choose it over STIHL.

But that’s also true that Husqvarna is weighty and pricey, which might not favor beginners and simple users making them choose STIHL instead.

In the end, it all depends on what matters most to you. I’ll suggest you compare models and check for purpose maintaining, easier handling and effortless designs that suits your need.

That’s the most politically right way to choose a good chainsaw for oneself.

Brands matter, but when it comes to Husqvarna and STIHL, they are the top favorite brands existing. So, the slightest differences won’t be that much of a hassle while making a choice. Good Luck!