Husqvarna Bar And Chain Guide [Finding Right Replacement!]

| Last Updated: March 16, 2021

Husqvarna Bar And Chain GuideOne of the most resourceful power tools for human is a chainsaw. So, when a part gets worn out, you need to take quick actions for rescuing it back. Most common parts that losses track easily are the chainsaw bar and chain.

So, replacing them once in a while will be nothing new once you own a chainsaw. Husqvarna Chainsaws are probably one of the finest brands that offer multiple flexible models. Finding a suitable bar or chain replacement can save your old chainsaw and make it work like just new.

Today, I’ll tell you about everything regarding HUSQVARNA replacement parts. Hopefully, this Husqvarna bar and chain guide would give you many ideas on finding an appropriate replacement from the following brand.

HUSQVARNA Chainsaw Bar and Chain Guide

Choosing A Suitable Chain

Oregon S52 Advance Cut 14-Inch Chainsaw Chain Fits CraftsmanFinding a suitable chain replacement will need you to go over measurements. Basically, three types of measurement are necessary. It’s not as simple as visiting a store and telling them to get a twenty-inch chain.

There are three different measurements you need to get right. These are pitch, gauge, and a number of links. You may want to take some professional help to find the accurate measurement. However, if you follow these simple tips, it will be easy to do it yourself as well.

1: First, let’s determine the pitch. This is basically the gap between links on a chain. Consider any three rivets on your chain. Now find the distance between them. You should divide the measurement by two. This is the pitch of your chain. Most popular chains are 0.404, 3/8, 0.325 inches. Sometimes guide bar displays the size.

2: Now let’s calculate the gauge. You would need to get a good pair of calibers for this step. It’s about finding a really small measurement. The width of lugs is basically gauge. This part usually holds the guide bar to a chain. Most common measurement for the gauge is 0.050 inches to 0.058 inches. Sometimes this measurement is displayed on a guide bar.

3: Finally, you need to get the number of links. This is really simple but sometimes quite frustrating. You should simply count the number of links to find it. However, counting isn’t easy. If you miss a single link, you will lose the accurate numbers and need to start from beginning.

4: These are how you should find the correct measurement for chain. However, sometimes the owner’s manual comes with it already. You can easily see what model number you need for a replacement. You can simply contact the seller or store for HUSQVARNA also.

Choosing A Suitable Bar

Oregon 105671 20-Inch Replacement Chainsaw Bar and Chain Combo for StihlThere are some common details to consider when looking for a bar. You should first have a look at the chainsaw itself. Find out if it’s really essential to try the exact same replacement part from a similar manufacturer. Some chainsaw lets you buy a different brand replacement part.

1: Now, check about the fit. You should be buying a bar that fits appropriately. If not, the whole thing can instantly turn into a disaster and you’ll be wasting your money.

2: You should consider the chain pitch and gauge. These are really important to buy a chainsaw bar. The gauge means the thickness of chain links. These will tell you whether groves fit right with the bar.

3: The gauge of replacement bar should match with its chain. If there is a mismatch, bar will never fit the chainsaw. So, make sure to know about each unit separately while choosing a bar.

4: You can decide the space between drive links with chain pitch. Some might show around 78 links while others have 72. This might be different for each unit.

5: Have a look at the cutting lengths and bar next. It all depends on your unit, whether you would need a length of 24, 20 or 16 inches.

6: You should be aware of the comfort level as well. The bar after adding should not show additional unnecessary weight. This will make it very complicated to use the chainsaw bar.

7: Some people will look for hefty units. However, some will feel comfortable with lighter ones. This actually depends on your personal preference. Also, consider the project you’ll be working on.

8: You should also be careful about the price range, material quality, and building type. There might be additional features, for example, accuracy and safety to consider.


So, that’s it! I tried to include every essential point in this guide. You should make sure to research well before making a final choice. Get everything on point by having a detailed look over the chainsaw you own. Good Luck!