How To Sharpen a Chainsaw Blade With an Electric Sharpener!

| Last Updated: March 16, 2021

How To Sharpen a Chainsaw Blade With an Electric SharpenerA Chainsaw is a mechanical and portable saw that cuts with the sets of teeth which are attached to a rotating chain and accordingly run along with guide bars. A chainsaw is used for several activities like tree felling, bucking, limbing, pruning, harvesting firewood and much more.

Chainsaws are manufactured in a way to ensure safe and secure use even though you are not professional sawyer. All you have to do is maintain some precautionary measure before using a chainsaw and use the saw in a proper way.

If you have owned a Professional chainsaw already, you should come through with the user manual and as well as get the knowledge of sharpening the blade. After using for a certain period, the chainsaw needed to be sharpened to get smooth service from this tool. There are many ways of sharpening a chainsaw. Among those methods, the quickest and easiest method of sharpening is using the electric chainsaw sharpener.

Today, in this article we come up with the steps that explain How to Sharpen a Chainsaw Blade with an Electric Sharpener. You do not need to be a pro to do the job… Just follow the steps we guided below and do it yourself…

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Step 1: Check the Saw-blade Specifications

The process begins with knowing the proper and accurate specifications of the saw blade you own. Usually, you can find the specification written on the box in which the chainsaw came or in the user manual provided by the manufacturer. By any chance, if you don’t have the specifications or if you lost it, go through the internet and hopefully the step no 1 will be done.

Step 2: Positioning the electric Sharpener

The second step starts with the struggling of placing the chainsaw sharpener properly. It must be positioned on a ground that is rigid and firm to ensure it does not move during operation. Firm and stiff setting will ensure that the whole sharpening process will go smoothly and properly.

Step 3: Install the accurate sharpening stone

Knowing the correct specification in the first step will be effective here in the 3rd step. Now, you have to install the sharpening stone in the gap between the teeth of the saw blade. The stone has to be in the correct size so that it fits properly. Typically, the width of a sharpening stone is 3/16 inch. Although stones of various widths are available, you will surely purchase the one according to your chainsaw’s specification.

Step 4: Adjustment of Swivel Angle

The next important thing is to do is swivel the angle. Placing the chainsaw blade in the holder of the saw sharpener and then adjust the swivel angle. Generally, the common swivel angle is between 0 degrees to 60 degrees, however, sometimes it goes up to 80 degrees.

Step 5: Set Blade Tooth Angle

This step requires knowing the specification too from step 1. Knowing from the blade tooth angle given on the box or manual, now the blade tooth angle can be adjusted in the chainsaw sharpener by loosening a knob in the blade holder.  In order to set accordingly, you just move the knob in various directions, either in a positive direction or in a negative direction.

Step 6: Adjust the Depth

Adjusting the depth is very important during the process of sharpening your chainsaw.  Otherwise, there is a possibility that the grinder of the electric chainsaw sharpener will cut the metal between the teeth that will cause the damage of the blade.  Another risk is to get overheating of the blade that will lead to losing the temper of the material. That’s before starting sharpening; depth must be properly adjusted so that the grinder does not cut deep between the teeth. 

Step 7: Start the Process

Now, it’s time to start the real process. Starting with a slow pace, when you will lower the grinder wheel to touch the teeth of the blade, the sudden sparks will come out. Don’t remove immediately, rather keep for few moments and then remove it. You will see that the inner surface of the tooth is blazing with a metallic and shiny appearance.

Step 8: Advancing

Keep going to sharpening each tooth of the blade on one side. After you have completed one set of teeth, you should adjust the grinder angle. If it was 20 degrees on the positive side at the first point, now change it to set it 20 degrees negative. After completing the set, follow the same procedure and proceed to the next set of teeth.

Safety tips before using an Electric Sharpener

Keep the Chain tight while sharpening

If the chain keeps slacking while you sharpening the chainsaw, its prone to any danger and turn you up to unhappy with the result. So use the tools to tighten the blade to avoid any visible sagging.

Check Your Sharpener

Before advancing to use of the sharpener, have a quick look to check if all the parts are okay and properly positioned.

Take Special Care of the Tooth’s direction

Remember, you are neither cutting down the size of the tooth nor making it more shiny and appealing. Rather, you are sharpening the blade. So, use common sense to sharpen both sides of the tooth. Don’t go only in one direction.

Grease things afterward

Usually, to take care of any mechanical tool care requires a greasing. To get smooth service, always apply fresh and quality grease.

Take your Own Protection

Both the Chainsaw and chainsaw sharpener is sharp. So don’t forget to wear protective clothing and eye gear during the use of these tools. Make sure the chainsaw is plugged out and the battery of the saw is disconnected while sharpening it.

Here’s a visual for help:


So folks, hopefully, it will seem to you easier after going through our step by step guideline of sharpening a chainsaw blade using an electric sharpener. We have also cited some safety tips for you. So, don’t forget the steps….Follow one after another… Sharpen your chainsaw.