About us

The art of wood crafting started many centuries ago and from the ancient society woodworkers are considered as an important part of history of the art. Egyptians, Romans, Greek and all other early civilization started woodwork to fulfill their household needs by making beds, tables, spoons, and sometimes coffins too.

The process of woodworking has changed drastically over the years. The increased precision of cutting technology and advanced quality of side equipment not only made the art of wood crafting a legit field but also decreased the human labor into this job.

WoodworkAdvice” is a coterie of woodcrafters and persons related to this field who value the history of woodworking as well as adapted the modern crafting trends. We have great knowledge of designing and creating things out of wood and we started this platform to share knowledge and expertise to everyone.


Many years ago, when man started the operation of woodwork out of great passion, faced difficulties with knowledge and information. For instance, where to use which tool, what is the effective and efficient way of proceeding certain projects and we had to enrich our expertise by reaching every doorstep of knowledge and experimenting the knowledge over and over again until we get the best result. From the epiphany, we started this knowledge-sharing journey to ease the innumerable labor that you are about to invest in your DIY project as some of are new, also, in case of bigger project, to enhance the chances of producing good result with minimum endeavor.


“WoodworkAdvice” always commended the honesty and passion in work. The reviews, information and mastery tips we provide are from good research experiences from the group of people who breathe under the similar interests. Our reviews are never biased by any means in any situation and every review and information that comes to our blog are being researched among the experts. Hence, the words that come out of us will definitely fall in your favor.


The world is changing in an advanced manner with everything it consist. The technique and strategy of doing things like woodwork and the ingredients for cooking a scrap piece of wood into a nice tool or furniture are becoming sophisticated and easier at the same time. To stress the matter out, adapting the new techniques is a complex process where once adapted, the human exertion is becoming easier.

With our information and knowledge, you will keep in touch with the present day.