How to Put a Chain Back on an Electric Chainsaw?

| Last Updated: March 15, 2021

How to Put a Chain Back on an Electric ChainsawWoodcutting is not limited to woodcutters anymore. Homeowners, DIY workers, and many professionals nowadays need to cut woods for their respective chores.

While cutting wood, one thing is quite common. No matter how long you’ve been cutting woods, if you are using a chainsaw, at one point the chain will become hot and stretch.

Eventually, that leads to a chain falling from the bar. Sometimes because of chain jamming into wood pieces, it may come off. Also, it might be merely because you are using the chain too loose. This brings us to thinking about adjusting the chain.

Bring the Chain Back on Bar: Step-By-Step Guide

There can be multiple reasons for the chain coming off from a chainsaw bar. Maybe the machine needs oiling or simply it’s because of overheating.

As long as you have all your basic tools, adjusting the chain back is nothing tough.

I use a Husqvarna chainsaw that sometimes gets its chain stuck out. I’ll be elaborating the whole process below for you. Don’t worry it’s quite simple once you read the steps with attention. Let’s go!

Sawdust Needs to Be Gone

I use a wide paintbrush. Not the absolute board one, a three-inch brush is what I prefer. I simply use it to clean any loosen sawdust over the chainsaw. There is usually debris around the bar area as well. It needs to be gone.

If you start cleaning off these tiny particles, it becomes much easier to complete the job.

Releasing Nuts

There would be sharp edges to deal with while working on this tutorial. You may get hurt from the chainsaw bar or blade teeth.

So better be ready with a leather glove on hand. Wear a good pair of gloves before jumping into anything at all related to power tools.

You can’t imagine how important this safety role plays in your overall task.

Next, you are going to use a simple bar wrench. These are quite convenient to loosen nuts from bars. Usually, there are around two nuts on both bars and below it.

You can use slotted blade end of a wrench to deal with the bottom bar nuts.

This way simply relief tension from the bar using a simple wrench.

Clear the Internal Parts

It’s time to get rid of the plastic housing once you are done with bar nuts. You need to clean the internal parts as well.

Simply use the same paintbrush. Target the clutch area carefully and get rid of any sawdust at all.

You need to check the bar as well. Make sure there’s no damage or gouges in the groove area. This is usually in the chain blade guide.

Feeding Chain

It’s time to feed the chain in. You need to replace the bar on stud bolts. Make sure the bar’s guide hole is holding blade tension stud. Look for the drive teeth behind the clutch.

You need to insert the chain blade in clutch gradually.

Next simply find the groove and slide chain blade’s socket teeth inside.

Tightening Nuts

Put on the housing once again back to its place. You may want to replace it if there’s any damage. Simply use the previously loosened nuts by hand to attach this cover. Make sure it is sitting firmly over the saw’s main case.

Now take the bar wrench once again and use slotted screwdriver end. You need to gradually tighten the tension screw to secure chain blade.

You can use one hand to keep the chain blade in place while using other one for tightening screw.

Test it Out

Once everything is attached back to normal, go for a test. First recheck overall nuts and screws to make sure the tightening is proper.

Then simply start the chainsaw to see if it working smoothly. I suggest you to do it multiple times. Turn it off and check the tension. Is it still secure enough? If it is then you can go back to your regular cutting routine.

However, if you notice the nuts being loose, then repeat adjusting and tightening part. Make sure you finish off safe.

Safety Concerns

While you do the tutorial, make sure its plug is not in. It might start suddenly causing a mishap.

Don’t overtight the nuts. Keep them firmly attached so that they don’t slip off easily. However, if you overdo it, the next time it would be impossible to loosen them for maintenance.

Don’t keep chainsaw on for long periods. Occasionally turn it off while working. This will avoid overheating and as a result, the chain will not become extended to come off.


This is a very simple process; you just need to do it a few times. Once you get used to the process, everything will become quite convenient. At least you won’t have to run to a repairmen or replacement for such bare issue.

Good Luck with Wood Cutting!

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