How To Become A Woodworker: A Fun Discussion For Beginners!

| Last Updated: April 12, 2021

How to Become a WoodworkerThere are no formal requirements that will make you a woodworker overnight. It’s a journey of passion and pure hard work. Congrats if you are one of us who really loves and enjoys working with wood. Rage for creativity is something that makes a person truly happy, appreciating!

There are so many employment opportunities of such passionate and genius craftsmen today. You will find the maximum professionals in huge commercial manufacturing units.

So, if you are asking How to Become a Woodworker, then this is the very obvious question as a beginner. Don’t worry! I am going to share a good guideline to make you walk at this route. Keep on reading!

Are You Sure About Your Desire?

I have met many young men leaving their woodworking careers because later they found out, it really demands hard work. Are you sure, you won’t be one of them?

I don’t really want to discourage you. Actually, I’m trying to give you practical willpower. Try into this profession, only when you really feel happy working with wood pieces. I can’t imagine myself into some other career, it’s a hobby I’m having from my childhood.

You don’t actually need to be a professional. Some do it only because they like the thing as a hobby. You can go with that route also. Just make sure it’s something that you are not bored of. Don’t do this thinking you only need some kind of occupation.

It’s meant for really passionate, engaging and hard-working people. This area is full of people who are bursting with artistic qualities. Individuals who are sensitive, intuitive, expressive and articulate.

Are you someone with great intellectual qualities, introspective and inquisitive behavior? Then congrats, woodworking is just meant for you!

Best Way to Learn Woodworking!

It’s not a cut and dry process when we think about learning woodworking. There are some really effective ways to develop your skills gradually.

Maximum people will try some combination learning method of their own. This way they’ll be able to learn faster according to their learning abilities. Remember, you can’t grow skill in a short time. It’s going to be an ever-growing procedure.

No matter how far you go and what experience level you reach, keep things enjoyable and productive. Learning new things will keep you updated. Even when you are a genius woodworker working for years. Let’s talk about some magical methods, that surely takes time.

Join A Club of Wood-Geniuses

You would find a lot of woodworking guild in your locality. These basically keeps included programs, classes, and courses in an organized method. This is one place where the creativity meets of different woodworker.

Here people gather and talk about the knowledge and information. So that both expert and newbies can have a common learning point.

Do you want me to tell you one sure-cut method that can speed up your knowledge and skill gaining abilities? Then I’ll tell you to be a member of a woodworker’s union. These are really-really-reallyyyy helpful!

Become A Wood Working Bookworm

Books, one of the best things that tell everything you need to know. A woodworker can become friends with these. There is an unimaginable number of books available both online and offline that can give you a vast amount of skill development ideas.

These are something that can build up your basics very strong! Once you sharpen the basics, you’ll feel much easier computing with advance level works. Look for rudimentary topics such as joint making tutorial, beginner woodworking tools, cutting, measuring or choosing the right wood.

Should I suggest you some good books? I really love The Naked Woodworker! Also, you can give a try to The Minimalist Woodworker: Essential Tools book. Those who love shortcuts, grab the book Smart Shop Ideas for Building with Less. All of them are really beginner friendly. I’m sure you would enjoy these.

Those who can’t tolerate books (I Know A Lot of You Will Nod Quick) grab DVDs related to woodworking. It’s extensive and widely available.

Golden Chamber of Thousand Materials!

There is a treasure box huge enough to contain innumerable amount of materials like videos and tutorials for learning woodworking. I’m talking about the whole online world!

You will find numerous paid or free online courses available for such beginner friendly woodwork learning. Try a few tutorials and courses. These are really beneficial option to get direct help from expert woodworkers.

Your Personal Bill Belichick!

Mentors or coach are one of the fastest ways to tell if you are going in right direction. You need some mentoring and beginners cannot disagree at all. It’s always better to have someone who can keep their eye on only you when making stuff.

Someone who can give you good directions and observe your progress will help in fixing errors and learning fast. So, look for a knowledgeable artist of woods. That shall be the most wonderful decision you’ll ever take I promise.

Learning real hands on experience can never go wrong. Most local woodworking guild will have some kind hearted woodworkers who’ll love to guide you. Give it a try!

Never Sleep on BASICs!

Always keep up with learning basics. You should oil them well before moving to advance topics. Learn simple things like different saw types, chisels and so on. Some hand tools are good enough to get you started.

You need to have a good idea about these though. Learning joinery forms, cutting and mingling are the very basics that come use for any woodworking task.

Most of the woodworking is about the BASICs. So, don’t just rush over it thinking you’ll know while trying the harder levels. Brush basics well in your beginner days. That’s it!

Small Projects Are Not Small!

So, you are learning like a good student, heart memorizing every detail one by one. That’s not how you’ll progress, to be honest.

You need to try projects on your own. I am not saying it needs to be damn good. Even if failed, you are trying something practically.

Real time experience is actually a key to learn woodworking better. Once you finish it off with garnishing the basics, don’t wait! Start doing small projects of your own.

It can be as small as making tiny sheds. Or maybe you can go to building a birdhouse. Fixing porches or creating tiny table are some of the good basic projects to try. Let your skills have a place to lay.

Learn About Safety!

Woodworking involves dangerous tasks. Please keep that in mind while you practice or work. You should always follow the safety concerns and have good knowledge of such things. There are so many examples where people fall into serious injuries because they just don’t give enough attention about safety.

Some will only believe the power tools to be guilty of such injuries. However sometimes hand tools can also give you a serious damage. Be aware while using both. Some good quality power gears come with inbuilt numerous security checks and tools. Try to buy them.

Always be serious about throwing away faulty tools, ignore unsafe methods and if you have to, do it with precautions. Remember, even the most experienced craftsmen can get themselves hurt. So, it’s your first and foremost duty to learn about proper safety techniques.

Becoming a Professional Woodworker: Things You Should Know!

When you are ready as a beginner to step into the big world, there are a few things I’ll want to tell about. I’m sure it will keep you away from losing the straight track. Let’s know some key things about the woodworking arena!

Experience Plays A Big Part

Entry to the pro category will not be easy, I’ll be honest. Unless you really give basic learning the importance it deserves. Making a sentence becomes easier when you know a good amount of words. That’s exactly how basic will help you in your pro journey.

There are some beginner levels job. You would need training to get into the craft professionally. Once we used to get a class for learning woodwork at high schools in America. Today, money has entered the chat bidding bye to such great programs. It’s quite rare to experience such classes at high school anymore.

So, for the present time, the best way for any beginner to gain experience is getting into an internship program. You’ll find many interesting offers and deals both online-offline.

It’s always a good idea to have network with pro and expert woodworkers. Maybe through asking guideline for their experience’s stories. I’m sure most will enjoy the fact a lot! Sometimes unexpected offers make a way to you.


If you are wanting to attach yourself as a pro woodworker then salary is also quite an important factor to know about.

According to the U.S. BLS, a woodworker earns around sixteen dollar per hour on average. This means almost thirty-four-thousand dollars each year.

The top list with best ten percent of woodworkers has salary of more than twenty-five dollars per hour on average. This counts around fifty-two-thousand dollars for annual income.

Countries that pay the most to woodworkers are Illinois, Alaska, and Hawaii. The salary ranges between 63 thousand to seventy-one thousand dollars in these states.

How Does the Industry Looks Like?

In America around three lacs of the population are woodworkers. The furniture-making sector alone has around forty percent of them. For coming decade, the job growth might increase five percent almost.

Get Yourself in Woodwork!

You can open your own shop going for business yourself. There are so many creatives who successfully run their own business. Surely, you’ll need a plan and idea about sales plus profits. Get some expensive information on internet about this route and you’ll find many, don’t worry!

I hope my guide on how to be a woodworker was helpful. Happy Wood Working Fellows!

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