Best Table Saw Accessories of 2021 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: December 30, 2021

A table saw is not just a table with a fast-spinning blade attached to it. It is an essential tool that allows you to make accurate and fast rip cuts, and with the right accessories and attachments, you can improve the performance of your table.

Here we will tell you about some accessories that will help you realize the full potential of your table saw while enabling you to accomplish a wide range of wood cutting tasks safely and efficiently.

Comparison of the Best Table Saw Accessories

  • One of the most advanced tools ever produced
  • Innovative design ensures greater versatility and faster setup
  • Improved user safety than provided with traditional jigs
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  • Makes it easier to tackle big projects with accuracy
  • Clamping fixture and sled with T-track secures the workpiece
  • Laser-cut indexing teeth ensure precision and accuracy
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  • Best for the money
  • Ensures the most accurate cuts while protecting your hands
  • Perfect combination of control, safety, and precision
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  • Best table saw jig
  • Enables you to cut custom coves without any hassle
  • Offers safe and easy coving in a single unit
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  • Best table saw stand
  • Constructed from durable and strong materials
  • Easy breakdown and setup with unmatched stability
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When Would a Table Saw Accessory Come in Handy?

Table saw accessories help you make straight, clean, and safe cuts without any hassle. Furthermore, they help the woodworkers in the following ways:

Keep the Boards Straight

When it becomes difficult to keep a board aligned with the fence, an accessory such as a feather-board can help make straight, smooth cuts. Featherboards are designed with a series of wooden fingers that keep the wood pressed firmly against the saw fence. These fingers are slightly flexible and can cut at an angle, thus allowing you to push the wood through while keeping a firm and even pressure. Moreover, a feather-board holds the wood in place if it starts to kickback.  

Provide Outfeed Support For Longer Boards

It is virtually impossible to rip the last few feet of a longboard without support or a helper at the other end. You can solve this problem by setting temporary outfeed support with plywood, clamps, and two 2x4s. This will ensure that the boards you are cutting slide onto the support and do not get stuck.  

Keep Your Fingers Safe

A push stick helps to keep your fingers safe while you are working on your latest wood project. This essential table saw accessory is designed to hook solidly over the end of the board. You can use this to push the board through and hold it firmly at the same time, thus allowing you to keep your hands safely away from the table while making a perfectly straight cut.    

Push sticks are available in a number of styles, but you should keep at least two styles handy. You should use the broad, flat push stick for heavier, wider boards when more downward pressure is needed and the long, narrow push stick for narrower cuts, and for lighter, smaller boards.

What Should I Look For When Buying Table Saw Accessories?

The right accessories can take your table saw and your woodworking skills to the next level. You should make sure that it has the following characteristics before buying:


Make sure that you choose accessories that are made by well-known companies. You should not compromise on your safety and always choose products that are designed while keeping the quality considerations in mind.



Choosing the most expensive tools does not necessarily mean that you will get a quality product. Read online reviews of genuine users before making a choice.


It is important that the tools that you choose are constructed with good quality materials in order to ensure that they have a long life. Make sure that they are made of durable materials that ensure that they will serve you for many years.    

Review of the Best Table Saw Accessories

The plethora of table saw accessories available can make it quite difficult for the woodworker to find the right one. To help you out, we have shop-tested a number of such products available from various brands and narrowed the list down to highlight the items that are most deserving of a spot in your wood workshop:   

Best Overall:

INCRA I-BOX Jig for Box Joints


  • Dual-pitch lead screw mechanism enables fast micro-adjusting
  • Comes with detailed instruction and one-hour DVD for easy setup
  • Reversible design makes it easier to work on either side of the cutter
  • Cuts perfect box joints whether you use it on your router table or table saw
  • Reusable and reversible MDF sub fence eliminates or greatly reduces tear-out


  • Primary extrusion not as square as described

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers highly recommend this jig to users who are looking for consistent results and ease of use. They are also impressed with the precision provided by this jig and how it can give excellent results again and again. The instructions are clear and easily worded, thus making it easier to set it up. Many buyers find this micro-adjustable box joint jig much better than the shop-built jigs they have used in the past. They are very satisfied with this product and claim that any level user can benefit from it. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The INCRA I-Box is capable of producing a stunning variety of finger and box joints. It is easy to use and comes with a one hour instructional DVD that helps in the basic setup as well as advanced decorative joinery. Its dual-pitch lead screw mechanics conveniently micro-adjust joint tightness while also providing pin widths ranging from 1/8 – ¾ inches. It is incredibly easy to make good fitting box joints from lumber that is ¼ to 7/8 inches thick using any width cutter.

Who Will Use This Most

With improved user safety and greater versatility, this jig is perfect for every woodworker. The box joint is one of the most sensitive-sized joints, but with the help of INCRA I-Box, it becomes very easy to make. The I-Box can help in producing an unlimited amount of classic dentil moldings. Thus you can easily add the wow-factor to your wood projects. 

Bottom Line

The INCRA I-Box is a fully adjustable joint jig that can be used by everyone very easily. It is a perfect example of how machining and high-end engineering can produce a unit that will make the art of joinery very easy. It can be used on both the router table or table saw without purchasing any additional pieces.

Incra MITER5000

INCRA MITER5000 Miter 5000 Table Saw Miter Gauge with Sled and Telescoping Fence


  • 364 lock solid angle enables ½-degree increments
  • Various features eliminate slippage during operation
  • Hold down clamp locks your workpiece onto the sled
  • Hold down clamp keeps the workpiece firmly onto the sled
  • Ten expansion disks allow adjustments to both sides of the bar
  • Combines the incremental angle control features with a unique sled system


  • Fence extension is not perfectly executed

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers are very pleased with this product and highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for an easy solution for squaring their stock. They find that the miter slots have no play with the cutoff table or the sled as they both are steady and slide easily.  

Why it Stands Out to Us

The best thing about this product is that it does not come only with the miter gauge, but also includes other accessories. It is designed to provide a secure hold on the wood panels when they are being cut. It also features various controls that eliminate slippage and movement during operation.

Who Will Use This Most

This is a super accurate and beautifully engineered product that works perfectly for squaring up sheet goods after you have broken down the large panels into small components for drawers etc. The Incra Miter5000 ensures a hundred percent accurate cross-cutting panels and drawer sides, thus making it a very handy tool for the woodworker.  

Bottom Line

The Incra Miter5000 is designed to provide premium stability and support to your wood projects when they are being cut. It also includes expansion washers that help to secure the sled and the miter gauge tightly in the miter slot, thus eliminating any slop or play when you are making any angled or crosscuts.

Best for the Money:

MICROJIG GRR-RIPPER GRP-11G 1/8' Leg Table Saw Accessory, Green


  • Make difficult cuts with complete ease
  • Treaded surface provides superior traction
  • Can be cleaned easily with denatured alcohol
  • Adds increased gripping surface for convenient tackling of a larger stock
  • Provides incredible gripping power for convenient handling of plastics, composites, aluminum, and hardwoods


  • Blade may get worn by constant use

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers find the safety feature of this accessory very helpful. With this tool, they were able to maintain pressure throughout the cut and keep their hands well above and shielded from the blade. They all agree that they would not have been able to accomplish a lot of tasks without the GRR-RIPPER. Some even state that when they encountered some slipping issues, the GRR-RIPPER saved not only their hand but also their life. They are of the opinion that without this accessory, they will not be able to rip such dangerous dimensions.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The GRR-RIPPER is a very handy tool that is perfect for inlays, veneer, model building, edge bending, and more. It easily attaches to all existing models of GRR-RIPPER. Moreover, it comes with all mounting hardware that makes it easy to set up. This convenient tool rips, guides, and feeds the workpiece without needing to readjust the fence for consistent dimension and quality. 

Who Will Use This Most

Before the GRR-RIPPER, manually feeding thin rip cuts was extremely dangerous. Traditional push sticks are both unstable and dangerous. Thus this accessory is essential for woodworkers’ worldwide so that they can make 1/8 inches rip cuts repeatedly, cleanly, and safely. With this tool, you can create intricate decorative details or veneer strips to make your next project a thing of beauty.

Bottom Line

With various exclusive features and enhanced versatility, the GRR-RIPPER from MicroJig will help both serious hobbyists and professional woodworkers perform operations that were previously time-consuming and dangerous. Whether you are building miniatures, creating exquisite furniture, or making razor-thin veneer strips, with this tool, you can ensure your safety and save time and materials as well.  

Best Table Saw Jig:
Rockler Cove

Rockler Cove Cutting Table Saw Jig - Table Cutting Jig Stock up to 7' Wide & 1-1/2' Thick – Large, Easy Grip Knobs Make for Quick, & Tool-Free Setups – Includes Featherboard Kit Holds Stock for Safety


  • Large, easy-grip knobs for tool-free, quick setup
  • Ingenious clamping system keeps the fences secure
  • Accepts stock up to 1 1/2 inches thick and 7 inches wide
  • Makes it easier to get a truly unique shape by angling the blade
  • Helps you save money by making it easier to cut huge crown moldings


  • May require a few additional clamps to secure it in place

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers have found the Rockler Cove to be a highly functional and good quality product. It is very easy to assemble and use. It is very economical and helps to keep the feed safely. Buyers are very happy with this product because now they can make straight cuts very easily.  

Why it Stands Out to Us

Rockler Cove is an essential tool that makes it safe and easy for a woodworker to cut coves. It keeps the workpiece securely in place while the included feather-board makes sure that the stock is parallel to the tabletop. This tool not only helps save time but also makes it easier to cut coves of any length.  

Who Will Use This Most                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Buying crown molding, particularly those that are wide or are not usually available at retail outlets, can put quite a burden on your budget. With this saw jig, you can make your own molding from stock that is 7 inches wide and 1 ½ inch thick. This is a very handy tool for the woodworker as they can make various cove shapes by just adjusting the angle of the cut.

Bottom Line

The Rockler Cove is a great coving jig as it comes with everything required to make a good cove in one convenient package. It can easily work on wood that I 1 ½ inch thick and 7 inches wide. It can easily fit in most standard ¾ inches miter slots. This user-friendly tool is a must for every woodworker.

Best Table Saw Stand:

DEWALT Table Saw Stand, Mobile/Rolling (DWE74911)


  • Keeps the table saw stable while operating
  • Compatible with various models of table saws
  • Durable steel construction ensures a long service life
  • Lightweight design for increased portability and mobility
  • Makes loading and unloading in and out of a vehicle very convenient


  • Wheels are not of good quality
  • Assembly instructions are not very clear

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers are very happy that they decided to buy this product as it makes using their saw so much easier than setting up a temporary table every time. This stand makes moving the saw safer and stable, then moving the saw itself. Also, it allows the saw to be stored vertically, thus helping you save space in your workshop. Their sincere advice to readers who own a saw that will work with this table is to buy this unit instead of other more expensive products as it provides good value for money.    

Why it Stands Out to Us

The best thing about this stand is that it is designed to be constantly attached to the saw, thus eliminating the need to attach and detach it every time. The frame is sturdy, and the locks on the legs click into place, thus making the saw stable. Its height is appropriate, even for tall users. Moreover, it comes with all the hardware needed to assemble it, which makes it very easy to assemble.  

Who Will Use This Most

This table saw stand is compatible with a number of saws, which makes it perfect for any woodworker. It keeps the saw stable and makes it easier to carry it up a flight of stairs or roll it out in the garage. It is very space-efficient and easy to set up, thus making it perfect for the novice as well as the experienced woodworker.

Bottom Line

The Dewalt table saw stand is a very handy accessory for your table saw. It allows you to operate your saw easily at a height that you are comfortable with. They are made of high quality materials that make them sturdy but lightweight, thus making them easy to carry. These stands are designed with handles and wheels and are also foldable. You can easily fold these stands to load them in your truck once you have finished working for the day.

Types of Saw Accessories

The right accessories are important to get the best out of your table saw. These accessories work as helpers to produce high quality cuts. Whether you are an expert or a novice, it is vital to understand the role each of these accessory plays in order to ensure your safety while making quality cuts. Following are some of the different table saw accessories:

Miter Gauge

A miter gauge is an essential tool that allows you to make crosscuts and angle cuts. However, when shopping for a miter gauge, you should look for one that has sturdy angles and stops that are easy to read. Also, you should look for a model that fits into miter slots without any problem. It should be able to slide back and forth while still being well supported and tight.

Throat Inserts

Throat pieces are typically made of metal or wood. These small pieces are found around the blade of the table saw. Usually, the factory throat inserts leave a lot of space; therefore, you will require a zero clearance insert. This zero insert is a safety measure and will leave a very little gap, thus preventing any debris from entering the internal parts of the table saw.


Blades are the most significant part of the table saw. They come in different shapes and have different kinds of teeth that make them suitable for various purposes. When looking for table saw accessories, keep in mind the material that you want to cut. Here are some blades that are used to make specific cuts, or if you are a beginner, you can invest in a versatile blade as it will allow you to make all cuts.


Table saw accessories are a great way to step up the performance of your table saw. They can make all your tricky wood projects easier, safer, and more accurate. Therefore, before starting your next project, take a look at our best table saw accessories. Be sure to read their reviews and invest in tools that will make your next wood project a masterpiece.