Best Table Saw Jigs of 2021 – Top Picks Reviewed

| Last Updated: June 29, 2021

Whether you are professionally a woodworker or just like to spend time building your own furniture as a hobby, you would agree that a table saw is a very important tool required in the process. It can help you establish multiple different types of cuts, be it crosscuts, miters, or any other type. 

However, if you want a table saw to provide maximum precision and accuracy and want to make the whole process easier as well, then perhaps a table saw jig would be a great investment. Now, a regular table saw is beneficial; however, using a great table saw jig could highly benefit you.  

There are different types and models of jigs available in the market. This makes the process of buying it hard. Worry no more! We have the top picks for the best table saw jigs with all the relevant information that you need to buy them.

Comparison of the Best Table Saw Jigs

  • This unit is incredibly easy to use
  • It can accept 7-inch wide and 1-`1/2-inch thick stock
  • Features a clamping system and includes a feather board kit
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  • Very well-known for its high versatility
  • It features two independent memory locks
  • Comes with a full instructional DVD and bonus project plans
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  • Best for the money
  • It can create tampered angles up to 15-degrees
  • The unit weighs about 1.8 pounds
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  • Can adjust 1-3/8 to 5-11/16 away from miter track
  • It weighs about 1.3 pounds
  • The jig is stationary while the fence can be moved
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  • The unit weighs about 1.6 pounds
  • It features a handy dual locking feature
  • Comes with a large star knob
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What Purpose Does a Table Saw Jig Serve?

Table saws are very popular tools amongst woodworkers as they hold grave importance. Their performance can be greatly enhanced by using a table saw jig greatly in many ways. The purpose of using one is essentially to provide more precision and accuracy in the process.

However, it does more than that. Woodwork can be pretty technical and dangerous if not performed the right way. When dealing with a blade to make different cuts on the wood, it is important to observe great caution as it can cause injury. However, when using a table saw jig, the process becomes a bit safer, although caution still needs to be practiced. 

Rockler Cove

Why Did These Jigs Make Our List?

There are certain factors that need to be taken into consideration when one is shopping for table saw jigs. This even though complicates the process a bit, it provides you a solid basis for buying the perfect product for yourself. Thus, let’s take a look at the factors which we looked into for choosing the top picks mentioned later in the post:


Strength and sturdiness are very important components of a saw jig. It needs to be well-constructed and of good quality in order to perform well. The products mentioned are of excellent quality and highly durable. Aluminum is a popular material of construction which is of great quality. Furthermore, the overall design should also be taken into consideration. 


One of the main purposes that the table saw jig serves is to make the overall process easier and efficient. Thus, the design needs to be practical and simple, so the process of cutting wood doesn’t get too overly complicated, resulting in wastage of time. The products mentioned feature a simple design that is innovative and greatly increases efficiency. 


Most people hesitate to buy a table saw jig as they can cost a lot, and if you get a dud, you end up wasting the money on a useless product. However, there are many options available in the market, all of which don’t cost a lot; thus, they are highly accessible to people shopping in different budgets. Thus, all the products mentioned in our product depicts a nice, varying range of price for greater diversity amongst units. 

Review of the Best Table Saw Jigs

There are plenty of products out there in the market, which makes it hard for one to settle upon a single unit. Nobody wants to receive a dud, but there is a possibility of that if one doesn’t know how to choose a reliable and good quality unit.

Thus, we have some of the top-notch quality products available in the market currently. 

Best Overall:
Rockler Cove



  • Built quality is excellent, and the unit is highly durable
  • The unit features an ingenious clamping system which secures the fences in place
  • Knobs are large and easy to grip which allows the setting up process to be quick and efficient
  • Comes with an included feather board kit which allows one to add more precision, repeatability, and safety
  • Can easily accept stock up to 7-inch wide and 1-1/2-inch thick that enables you to cut even huge crown moldings


  • Some buyers find that the product moves around a bit; thus they needed to add clamps to it 

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers are incredibly impressed with this unit, particularly with how easy it is to use. This surprises people as there aren’t many products out there with such an efficient design. Although some people did find it to move around a bit, that wasn’t a deal-breaker as it was easily fixable. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This unit stands out to us for a number of different reasons. Firstly, it has a very easy to set up design. The large and easy to grip knobs make a world of difference. Plus, it features an innovative clamping system, which makes it highly secure. Furthermore, it is capable of accepting a 7-inch wide and a 1-1/2 -inch thick stock, which is impressive. 

Who Will Use This Most

The unit is a great product overall and is highly beneficial to all. If you are someone who has struggled with setting up your jig in the past, this product can be a great investment for you. This is simply because of its practical design and efficient nature. Furthermore, it can accept an impressive width of stock as well. 

Bottom Line

All in all, the product is truly one of the best ones out there. The construction is phenomenal as it is highly durable and incredibly reliable. The product performs exceptionally well and is highly functional. It is easy to set up too. All of these qualities make it a great unit to invest in.

MicroJig Tapering Jig

MICROJIG - TJ-5000 MicroJig Tapering Jig for Table Saw, Router Table, and Band Saws for Woodworking (Works with GRR-RIPPER)


  • Instructional manual and DVD included are incredibly helpful in setting the unit up
  • Allows tapering the angle from 0 to 10 degrees very easily just by the turn of a dial
  • Can even serve as a jointing tool to guide the rough lumber through the table saw from straighter edges
  • The unit features an incredible ColorMatch technology which enables it to be set up easily and accurately with the aid of markings
  • Features an incremental measurement system which allows you to quickly see the angle you’re cutting and double it easily to make the opposite cut


  • Some buyers found the product not to be as intuitive as one would like

What Recent Buyers Report

This unit seems to impress the buyers a lot due to multiple reasons. Firstly, it is incredibly well designed and carries a ton of features, which not only makes the setup easy but also the performance flawless. The product, therefore, is incredibly convenient and versatile. This is why it is a consumer favorite. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

We find this to be a great pick for a number of reasons. Firstly, the design in incredibly innovative so much so that it is hard to compete with. Moreover, the product is incredibly easy to set up due to the ColorMatch technology featured. It is highly versatile and convenient as well, which makes it a great investment. 

Who Will Use This Most

This is perhaps one of the easiest units to use in the market. It features an incremental measurement system that allows you to quickly view the angle you’re cutting at and simply double it to make the opposite cut. The clear and color-coded markings make it easy to set up, making it the perfect product for beginners and professionals. 

Bottom Line

Overall, there aren’t many products which are as well-designed as this one. There are so few flaws to this unit, and so much one can achieve with it that it's truly mind-boggling. The overall product is perhaps one of the best ones out there in terms of execution and functionality. This is, therefore, a great unit to invest in.

Best for the Money:
Fulton Taper Cutting Jig

Fulton Taper Cutting Jig For Creating Tapered Angles Up to 15 Degrees on Your Table Saw 24 Inch Long Aluminum Rails with Scale and Stop


  • Constructed of high-quality aluminum which makes the product incredibly durable
  • Easy to operate as it features an easy-to-grip handle and an easy-to-read graduated scale
  • Doesn’t need any micro-adjusting and comes with an instruction sheet which makes it easy to setup
  • It allows using the jig on either left or right side of the table saw, depending upon personal preference
  • The unit is incredibly versatile as it practically works with any table saw, be it Sawstop, Jet Contractor, Powermatic, etc. 


  • Some buyers claim that it suffers while creating smaller tapers
  • The product doesn’t stay in place very long and needs to be tightened often

What Recent Buyers Report

This unit seems to have captured the buyer’s attention with its simplistic and innovative design. The overall construction is sturdy and durable, and the unit is highly reliable. It is incredibly well-designed and features high-functionality, which makes operation easy. All of this combines to make the unit a consumer favorite. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The unit caught our attention due to its simplistic yet high functionality design. It can be easily used on both sides of the table saw, depending upon personal preference, which makes it highly convenient. Furthermore, the product doesn’t require any micro-adjustments, which allows it to be easy to set up as well. 

Who Will Use This Most

This unit is more catered towards those of you who are just beginning with the craft. This is essentially because buyers claimed that they weren’t able to get professional quality results, as the unit is difficult to make small tapers with. However, for a beginner, it works wonderfully well. Furthermore, the setup is pretty easy as well, which makes it even more suitable for a newbie. 

Bottom Line

There aren’t many products which check all the boxes. This unit, however, seems to have it all. It features a stunning design; it is affordable and performs incredibly well. Also, it is easily fixable; thus, it doesn’t affect the performance much. All of this makes the product a great one to invest in.

4. Rockler Thin Rip Tablesaw Jig

Thin Rip Tablesaw Jig


  • It is built with solid phenolic for greater durability
  • Versatile as it is great for bent laminations, edging, inlay, etc.
  • Perfectly graduated scale enables fine-tuning of thin strips easily
  • Features a ball-bearing guide which keeps the workpiece in place securely
  • Product is simple to use as it utilizes a simple knob that locks the jog and setting at the same time


  • Some buyers found that the product wasn’t long enough

What Recent Buyers Report

This unit seems to excite woodcraft enthusiasts a lot with its impeccable design and high functionality performance. The product is well-built and has a very simple yet practical design. This precisely is what allows it to be so convenient for the users. It, therefore, is a consumer favorite product.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This unit stands out to us for having a practical yet highly functional design. It isn’t in any way hard to set up or operate, which is great. It is incredibly durable as it is built with a solid phenolic. Furthermore, the unit features a perfectly graduated scale, which allows fine-tuning of thin strips easily, which isn’t always the strong suit of devices. 

Who Will Use This Most

Given that this unit is incredibly easy to use and operate, it will make a great investment for beginners and professionals alike. It features a single knob that locks the jig into the miter and locks the setting in at the same time, which makes it highly efficient and easy to use. The product is versatile in this regard. 

Bottom Line

Overall, the product is great. It has a very straightforward design, which is something nobody can go wrong with. Plus, the construction of this product is durable and of good quality, which allows it to deliver exceptional results as well. The product is well-designed and thoughtful as it caters to consumer needs. It truly is a worthy investment.

5. POWERTEC 71059 

POWERTEC 71059 Thin Rip Table Saw Jig


  • Incredible design reduces the risk of stock binding and kickback
  • A ball-bearing roller enables to keep the stock on an even keel while feeding it to the blade
  • Features a large-sized and easy to handle knob which secures the jig’s position and locks it
  • Allows maximum worker safety by streamlining the workflow and more successful outcomes
  • Device is built from superior quality material and has an innovative design which allows it to provide great quality results


  • Some buyers find the unit to not stay in place very well
  • A few users complained that the measurements were inaccurate

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers are very fond of this product for a number of reasons. It features superior quality construction and design, which makes it sturdy and durable. Furthermore, the innovative design enables it to have good quality results as well. All of this combines to make the unit a buyer favorite. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The unit stands out to us for having a very creative yet simple design. It is made from good quality materials and enables one to have excellent results as well. It carries multiple features that make the device very easy to set and handle as well. 

Who Will Use This Most

This is one of the most versatile units in the market. It can be used by both beginners and professionals alike. It does have some flaws, but they can easily be dealt with. The ease of setup of this unit makes it a great pick for beginners, whereas its perfection and excellent execution make it a great professional device. 

Bottom Line

Last but not least, the product is of great quality. There are many aspects to it that make it easy to work with and operate. Furthermore, it is highly durable and reliable as well in performance, which stays consistent too. Thus, the unit is a great investment. 

Benefits of Investing in a Quality Saw Jig

People often think that buying a quality table saw jig is an excessive expense. If you are still wondering why it is beneficial to invest in a quality saw jig, then perhaps looking at the pros that it offers may help you make a decision. 

Accuracy and Precision

A well-documented benefit that the table saw jig provides is that it is capable of providing great accuracy and precision to a woodworker. This is precisely the reason why it is such a popular tool amongst them. Furthermore, it also makes the overall process much easier to exhibit than what it is without a table saw jig. 

Fulton Taper Cutting Jig


No matter how experienced you are, you can’t simply deny the risk factors associated with cutting wood. Anyone can very easily harm themselves while performing cuts, especially those on smaller parts, as the risk factor is much higher with them. However, when you are working with a quality table saw jig, you are less likely to do so as it provides a safer way to cut the wood. It still is important to remain careful, however. 

Achieve Different Cuts

There are many types of jigs available that can come handy in numerous situations. This is precisely what makes it such a versatile tool. You just need to opt for the perfect tool required for your type of woodwork, and you’re are good to go!


A table saw is a very standard tool used by woodcraft enthusiasts globally, and there is no debate over how easy a table saw jig makes operating the tool. If you want guaranteed accuracy, precision, and ease of use, then investing in a table saw jig is a must. There are many kinds and types of jigs you can buy, which makes the entire process of buying them pretty complicated, especially if one doesn’t know enough. This is precisely what this post covers. It includes all you need to know about table saw jigs, including some incredible options to choose from.

Hopefully, this post was able to help you reach a conclusion on which product works best for you. 

People Also Ask

The topic of buying a table saw jig can stir up confusion amongst people as it can be hard finding the perfect one. There are so many variables that go into the process which really demand a lot of knowledge of the product. Thus, we took the liberty of taking your most frequently asked questions and answering them, so your confusion about them is minimized. Let’s take a look at them:

MicroJig Tapering Jig

What is a Dovetail Jig?

The dovetail jig is another table saw jig, which is basically a joint that holds the wood piece. The dovetail jog has several types, namely, half-blind, blind, sliding, secret double-lapped, through dovetail, etc. These are considered to be some of the easiest to make. It is used when strength is a major component required like for cabinets, jewelry boxes, etc. as it is very sturdy. 

What Angle Are Dovetails Cut?

The angle of dovetails cuts is a debated topic, and there is no one opinion or advice about it. However, generally, most woodworkers consider performing coarse work with 12-degrees, whereas when attempting decorative joints, the better option is 7 to 10-degrees. Furthermore, when it comes to hardwood, a lower angle of 7 to 9 degrees is advised whereas, for softer wood, higher angles, which are 10 to 14 degrees, are advised. 

What is a Blind Dovetail?

The blind dovetail is a type of dovetail jig. It is also called as the secret mitered dovetail or full-blind dovetail. It is known to be used in very high-class woodcraft and for building cabinets or box work. Furthermore, it offers incredible strength. The dovetail joint is, however, hidden from the outside faces as it forms the outer edge to meet the 45-degree angle, plus the dovetails are hidden internally within the joints.