Best Table Saw Blades – 2021 Complete Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: December 30, 2021

Finding the best table saw blade can be quite tricky, especially when you want something that will be easy to cut and will make every project less of a headache (due to dull or ineffective blades).

It’s important to find a quality table saw blade that will be a perfect fit. Although there are many blades available on the market, we’ve hand-picked what we believe are considered the best table saw blades in the business.

Before we get to our reviews, we will discuss the differences between table saw blades and what to look for should you choose one for your own personal use.

Comparison of the Best Table Saw Blades

  • Best overall table saw blade
  • Made with fully hardened steel
  • Measured at 10 inches in diameter
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  • 24 teeth on one blade
  • Runs a 5700 rpm speed
  • Runner-up for best overall table saw blade
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  • 100 teeth included
  • Measured at 10 inches
  • Best table saw blade for the money
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  • Best 8-inch Table Saw
  • Made from high-quality TiCO
  • Measured at 8 inches in diameter
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  • Thin kerf for faster cutting
  • Positive hook angle design
  • Best 9-inch table saw blade
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  • Ultra-thin kerf
  • 90 teeth in total
  • Best 10-inch table saw blade
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  • Made from high-quality TiCo
  • Best table saw blade for plywood
  • Measured at 10 inches in diameter
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Are All Table Saw Blades The Same?

The short answer: no. For one, table saw blades come in different measurements. Some of them will be large in size while you may find other sizes that are smaller. It will depend on the measurement (or the diameter) of the blade itself.

Also, there are some blades that will be appropriate for different types of wood. Some blades are designed to cut hardwood while others are better for cutting softwoods. A blade that is best for softwoods won’t always be effective with hardwoods (and vice versa). 

What to Look For When Buying a Table Saw Blade

Distinguishing a great table saw blade from one that is of low quality is a key skill. It’s important to know what to look for and how it will fit your saw. There are a few things to keep an eye out for while looking for a blade of your own:


The price might be one of the biggest factors for you when choosing a table saw blade, especially when you are a budget shopper trying to look for the best quality that you can afford. Yes, you can find a blade that will be of high quality and be able to pay a reasonable price for it. But don’t confuse this with buying a cheap product and winding up dealing with something that will fall apart easily or that won't be able to get the job done. 

Which Measurement is the Best Fit For You?

What is the diameter of your table saw? This is where you will need to know your measurements so you are able to choose a blade that is the correct size. It’s obvious that you cannot fit a 9-inch blade on a table saw that requires an 8-inch blade (or vice versa). Once you are certain of your measurements, you may proceed to choose your blade of choice.

Hardwood or Softwood?

Another vital consideration as you make your decision what you intend to cut. What will you be working with most: hardwood or softwoods? It’s important to know what you will be cutting regularly so you are able to choose the right blades that have the strength and design to handle specific types of wood. Remember, you can only use blades for a certain type of wood. Using a softwood blade can and will damage the blade itself if you try to cut hardwood with it. 

Review of the Best Table Saw Blades

The following is a list of the eight best table saw blades that are currently on the market. Be sure to choose one that will be able to work to your advantage while taking on construction projects or any type of project where the use of a table saw is warranted. Also, be sure to take note of any additional features and characteristics that appear to stand out the best. Let’s begin by taking a look at the first choice on our list -- our best overall: 

Best Overall:
Makita A-93681 10-Inch 80 Tooth Micro

Makita A-93681 10-Inch 80 Tooth Micro Polished Mitersaw Blade Silver


  • Cuts through a 2 x 4 like butter
  • Allows for extremely quiet cutting
  • No resistance going through wood
  • Will cut through plywood, softwoods, and hardwoods with ease
  • Has to potential to last you quite a while, even through consistent use


  • May burn very easily
  • Some high-pitched whining may occur
  • Some complain about the blade being overpriced

What Recent Buyers Report

New buyers were super happy with this blade. This was easy to install on 10-inch saws and cut through so many types of wood with a smoothness that was hard to beat. One user said that it was able to cut through a good amount of wood that he used for a recent construction project. He also added that it cuts clean and leaves some dust, but not a lot. 

Why It Stands Out to Us

Makita is known for being one of the reliable names when it comes to power tools. This blade is no exception to the rule when it comes to reliability. Taking a look at it, it has the ability to handle all kinds of wood. It can run on a good amount of power (but not too much). And no matter how much you use it, you still get a considerable amount of smooth cutting out of the deal. If your table saw is in need of a blade that will be smooth and consistent in terms of cutting, this might be right up your alley.

Who Would Use This Most

If you own a Makita table saw or a saw that will be more compatible with blades like this, you may be hard-pressed to find such excellent quality on a saw blade anywhere else. It’s a blade that can handle all kinds of wood, thus making it really easy for all kinds of projects. If you want a smooth cut that won’t quit, this blade might be what you need.

Bottom Line

The Makita 10 Inch 80 Tooth Microblade has proven itself beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s well-deserving of the “best overall” title for table saw blades. You might be able to give this a try for one project and still be able to put it to good use in the future. Plus, it keeps sharp for a long time no matter how often you use your table saw. 

Makita D-21521 8-1/4-Inch Saw Blade

Makita D-21521 8-1/4-Inch Saw Blade , Silver


  • Cuts through wood smoothly
  • Makes a saw look like new again
  • Allows for clean, consistent cutting
  • Can last you years or even decades
  • Fits very well on saws measured at around 10 inches


  • None

What Recent Buyers Report

A lot of recent buyers were looking for a table saw blade that was easy to install and had the ability to last them a really long time. Sure enough, these blades were miles ahead of the game for most users. And they could not be any more impressed with the durability and the cutting quality of these blades. They concluded that they tend to stay sharp and show no signs of wearing down after long-term use. 

Why It Stand Out to Us

Once again, we take a look at another Makita blade that has the ability to cut through so much wood with a lot of smoothness and won’t be able to cause you any grief in the process. All you have to do is install this sucker on your saw and it will be ready for all kinds of projects. And let’s not forget, these suckers will stay sharp for a really long time. You’d be surprised by how long you can go with just a few of these blades. We’re talking decades here. 

Who Would Use This Most

This saw blade will definitely be useful to many users who intend to use a Makita saw or anything similar that will be measured up to 10 inches at least. It’s a saw that will cut through different kinds of wood without any issue. And it will be the best choice if you’d rather have blades that last and don’t want to spend more money on a regular basis on blades. 

Bottom Line

The Makita 8 ¼ Inch Saw Blade is undoubtedly the undisputed champion when it comes to longevity. If you don’t believe us, we’ll put our money where our mouths are. Just install this and go through one and then another. You’re bound to go through them both in a span of a decade at the earliest. 

Best for the Money:
Concord Blades ACB1000T 10-Inch 100 Teeth

Concord Blades ACB0538T030HP 5-3/8-Inch 30 Teeth TCT Non-Ferrous Metal Saw Blade


  • Solid construction
  • Sharp right out of the box
  • Affordable for most budgets
  • Cuts through so many types of wood
  • Has the ability to cut through some metals like aluminum


  • Balance may be a little off initially
  • May need to be lubricated prior to use
  • Center hold may not provide the right kind of tight fit that some are looking for

What Recent Buyers Report

New buyers of this blade were mostly budget shoppers looking for the best quality and performance at a price that they could afford. Sure enough, this blade checked off all the boxes required. The saw blade was easy to install and managed to cut through a good amount of wood and even some metals. One user said that he was able to get good clean cuts on a slightly thick piece of aluminum while working on a scrap metal project. He said the cuts were straight, smooth, and didn’t damage the blade in the slightest.

Why It Stands Out to Us

This blade is available in different sizes. But the largest size (which we are looking at) has the ability to cut through a good amount of wood or metal. This blade has 30 teeth at their disposal and can cut with a good amount of smoothness and leaves no crooked cuts behind. With that amount of teeth going at a fast rate of speed, you will have consistently straight cuts without a single hint of nicking. 

Who Would Use This Most

This is perfect for anyone working construction or doing a project that involves using scrap metal that is easy to cut like aluminum. While available in different measurements, it will be fit for just about any size saw that is available. Finally, it’s a blade that will work perfectly for anyone who just wants a simple, perfect fit without any need for additional fitting. 

Bottom Line

If you’re in the market for an affordable table saw blade, then you will absolutely love the Concord Blades 30-Teeth Non-Ferrous Table Saw Blade. It’s the kind of blade that will cut through wood or metal like nobody’s business. If that isn’t impressive for a saw blade that is considered the “best for the money”, then we don’t know what is. But what we can tell you is that this blade is anything but cheap and flimsy.

Best 8 Inch Table Saw Blade:
Freud 8" x 48T (LU88R008)

Freud LU88R008: 8' x 48T Thin Kerf Fine Finish Crosscut Blade


  • Smooth, effortless cutting
  • Affordable for most budgets
  • Super durable combo of metal materials
  • Leaves no splintering if you are cutting wood
  • An unbelievable upgrade for most table saws


  • Made cause some wood burn
  • May tear out wood for some users
  • May bind up if you are not careful with cutting

What Recent Buyers Report

This blade was a hit for new users who have 8-inch saws or similar sizes. They said that the blade was easy to install and does a great job cutting through all kinds of wood. One user said he hated the splinters that his last blade would always leave behind. But after replacing it with this blade, in particular, he was enjoying fewer splinters and smoother edges. 

Why It Stands Out to Us

What really makes this blade stand out among the rest of the pack is the ability to keep itself nice and strong while being able to remain durable and not break in half when cutting through certain materials. Most of the time, you’ll be cutting with wood. But granted you’ll be cutting with a hardened blade that will maintain its sharpness over time.

Who Would Use This Most

This is the perfect saw blade that you can find for smaller saws. If you have a table saw that has the ability to run for the longer projects (all day long). It also comes in handy if you need a blade that will allow for simple, smooth cutting and nothing more. Just install this sucker on your saw and you’ll be in business in no time. 

Bottom Line

The Freud 8” x 48 T table saw blade will get the job done if you are looking to go for a saw blade that will work hard and make every construction project simple. With a combination of titanium and cobalt, it proves itself beyond a doubt that it’s pretty dang tough from the inside and out. That’s a really good sign if you want something that will allow for superior cutting and lasting durability. 

Best 9 Inch Table Saw Blade:
Freud 9" x 22T Rip Blade

Freud LU87R009: 9' Thin Kerf Rip Blade


  • Easy to install on most saws
  • Can easily cut through thicker woods
  • Tends to work with more powerful blades (220 V)
  • Excellent blade for beginner level woodworkers
  • Rips and cuts through wood smoothly without any snagging


  • Kickback may still occur
  • May burn the wood at times
  • Could leave some rough edges

What Recent Buyers Report

A lot of new buyers say that the blade was easy to install on most saws. By the time it was put to use, they noticed that the cutting ability was smooth, seamless and proved itself to be a true cutting blade when it comes to working with hardwoods. This was a potent blade that worked with users that had high-powered table saws.

Why It Stands Out to Us

Now we go up an inch in terms of diameter. The bigger the blade, the better, right? Well, maybe so. But this blade will certainly get the job done when it comes to making sure that you have wood that is consistently smooth and will be able to leave no splintering behind as a result. This blade has a thin kerf, which means it is able to leave precise cuts that are not too wide and won’t rip up a whole lot of wood in the process. If a thin but durable blade is what you are aiming for in terms of what to look for in a blade, then you’re going to love giving this blade a shot.

Who Would Use This Most

This will be a blade that can be put to good use by those who are in construction or are in the process of putting together a major building project. It will certainly stand out as the go-to saw of choice if you are building a house or a large project that will require a ton of wood. If you have a saw that can keep going, you need a blade that will match that ability. To this point, we cannot find a better blade quite like this to fit the bill. 

Bottom Line

If you want a blade that is tough and can go the distance with the larger projects, the Freud 9 inch x 22 T Thin Kerf Rip Blade might be your cup of coffee. It’s thin but really durable, which makes it even better for all your cutting needs. If you have a high-powered saw that needs a sharp, consistent blade then look no further than this bad boy. 

Best 10 Inch Table Saw Blade:
Freud D1090X Circular Saw Blade

Freud D1090X Circular Saw Blade, Multi


  • Really durable 
  • Straightforward cutting is consistent 
  • Makes for a great upgrade for most table saws
  • Cuts are smooth and leave no rough edges behind
  • Easy to attach to most saws with a 10-inch diameter


  • Some wobbling may occur
  • Tear out from cross-cutting may occur
  • May be a problem for the more expensive plywood due to leaving possible burns

What Recent Buyers Report

As expected, a good number of users had no complaints about the blade itself. It was easy to install and it was sharp right out of the box. The blade according to most users tends to maintain its sharpness for a long time. They also added the cuts through most plywoods were like butter.

Why It Stands Out to Us

At this point, this is the largest blade that we have on the list right now. If you want something that will definitely give your saw the cutting ability it deserves, then a blade like this might be a possible option. The reason why this stands out is due to the number of teeth that it comes with. And when put to good use with the help of a high-speed table saw, it’s just enough to make the cutting smooth and effective no matter what the project is.

Who Would Use This Most

This saw will be used for those looking to do heavy-duty projects on a consistent basis. So it would make sense if this was used by construction workers and even homeowners looking to add on to the home with a new garage or anything else. There’s plenty of projects you can get done with a saw that has a ten-inch blade attached.

Bottom Line

The Freud D1090X is the go-to blade for all your heavy-duty table saws. It will stand out as one of the most durable blades you’ve owned so far. Furthermore, you can cut with a good amount of smoothness that your saw has never cut before. Talk about an upgrade that is worth having for your table saw.

Best Table Saw Blade For Plywood:
Freud 10" x 80T Ultimate Plywood

Freud LU80R010: 10' Ultimate Plywood & Melamine Blade


  • Really fast RPM of 700
  • Easy to install on most saws
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Reduces vibrations while cutting through wood
  • Durable enough to cut through even some thick wood


  • May leave some splintering
  • Small chipping can occur on occasions
  • Cutting speed might be a little slower than expected

What Recent Buyers Report

This table saw blade did a great job of cutting through a whole lot of plywood. That was according to one user who recently purchased this blade. He was using this while building some furniture that used some heavy-duty plywood. He also said that the installation was a cinch and took no more than a minute to install it on his saw. Overall, a lot of new users said that the quality of the blade was pretty solid and showed no signs of flimsiness.

Why It Stands Out to Us

Plywood is useful in most construction applications. You can build furniture and some other odds and ends with different types of plywood. Of course, it can’t be done without the use of a reliable saw that uses a blade that is sharp and can cut through wood in a matter of seconds. You won’t find a single issue with this blade when it comes to catching or snagging. 

Who Would Use This Most

This would be the perfect saw blade for anyone that is considering the idea of building some furniture or even some other projects like treehouses or even birdhouses out of plywood. It’s a saw blade that can cut through some thick wood when some of the other blades cannot due to low quality. It’s no slouch when it comes to cutting through as much wood as possible.

Bottom Line

The Freud 10” x 80 T Ultimate Plywood blade might make every building project worthwhile if you intend to use your supply of plywood. It’s got the toughness, the cutting ability, and the quality to last you through many years of faithful service no matter how often you use your saw. 

Best Table Saw Blade For Ripping Hardwood:
Diablo D1050X Combination Saw Blade

Diablo by Freud 'Freud D1050X Diablo 10'' 50-tooth ATB Combo Saw Blade w/5/8'' Arbor&PermaShield'


  • Excellent for multiple purposes
  • Simple to install on most saws
  • Will handle all kinds of hardwood
  • Cuts are smooth and straightforward
  • Has the potential to last you years, if not decades


  • Some whining may be heard
  • Some reported misaligned teeth
  • May be a little loud for some users

What Recent Buyers Report

According to one user, he said that this had no problem cutting through various hardwoods with ease. To add, he was able to make cuts without leaving any rough edges or burns in the process. Overall, the blade was pretty sharp right out of the box. 

Why It Stands Out to Us

Hardwoods may be difficult to cut. And that could also mean you are using the wrong kind of blade. This blade is made from titanium carbide, which is proven to be strong enough to cut through some thick hardwoods. It will be ideal for all kinds of residential construction projects, so if you plan on doing such projects then you want this blade to be numero uno on your list of choices.

Who Would Use This Most

This is perfect for anyone looking to build their dream home or something to add on to their home in an effort to add more value to it. It would be wise to find a blade that is proven to cut smoothly and maintain its strength and sharpness over the course of time. It doesn’t matter how long or how often you use your saw. As long as you are able to put it to good use, it will take really good care of you.

Bottom Line

The Diablo D1050X Combination Saw Blade is probably the only saw blade that will make every cut with hardwood silky smooth. By the time you are finished with your project, you will rave about how great your saw has been cutting because of a blade that keeps strong and continues to cut with ease for as long as possible.

Advantages of Investing in a Quality Table Saw Blade

There are some benefits that you’ll get to enjoy while being able to use a quality table saw blade. While blades come in different sizes, they serve the same purpose. And you will be quite happy with what you can get out of the blade you choose. Here are just some of the advantages you’ll get to enjoy:

Has the Ability to Last Years, Even Decades

Indeed, you are able to get a blade that will last you a really long time. This means you won’t have to shell out money all the time to get new blades. On average, you might be able to go through a blade that may last you a minimum of two years. If you have a package deal, it has the potential to last you well through a decade or slightly beyond that.

Super Durable

A saw blade needs to be really durable in order to cut properly. That is why every blade we’ve found is made from a combination of high-quality metals. That way, you can be able to cut through wood consistently without the blade easily chipping or breaking apart.

Cuts Straight and Fast

Compared to cutting with a manual saw, a table saw is powerful enough to ensure a straightforward and speedy cut. This means you are able to get smooth edges, which is near impossible to acquire with a manual saw. Also, it saves you the time to do some sanding that might be time-consuming if you are trying to find the right smoothness. 

How to Change a Table Saw Blade

Knowing how to change a table saw blade is easy if you know how to do it. If you don’t know how it’s down, no worries. Just follow the instructions below so you are able to change your dull blade and replace it with something that is new, sharp, and ready for action. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Ensure that the saw is disconnected to the power supply. Once it’s unplugged, move onto the next step.

  2. Crank the blade adjuster so the blade is rising up. 

  3. Remove the throat plate. Then using two tools (one for the inside and the other on the arbor nut), place them where appropriate and turn the tools opposite to each other.

  4. Remove the arbor washer and finally the blade. Then place the new blade with the teeth pointed towards you.

  5. Place the cup washer with the concave side towards the blade. Tighten the arbor nut to keep it in place. 

  6. Once the blade is in place, check to ensure that it’s in perfect alignment. At this point, you should be done.


The best table saw blade is out there. And you need to find one that will be great for all kinds of cutting purposes. Choose one that will make cutting the wood you intend easy as pie and won’t allow for any snagging or splintering. One of these eight blades will be yours to own. But which one will give you a better cutting job? It’s up to you to choose the blade you need to fit the kind of woodworking projects you are familiar with.

People Also Ask

The following are three frequently asked questions about table saw blades. Before making a decision on a blade, it’s important to find out more information about how these work. You should be more well-informed to make a decision when the time comes to choose a blade. Here are the following questions:

Is More Teeth on a Saw Blade Better?

If you want a smoother cut, then there’s a good chance that a saw blade with more teeth will be your best solution. This way, it will lessen the chance of getting rough edges or splinters after cutting through wood.

Can You Put a 10 Inch Blade on a 9 Inch Table Saw?

While this is a matter of dispute, it is highly recommended that you don’t install a blade that size on a table saw that may be slightly smaller in size. In other words, a 10-inch blade should be installed on a 10-inch saw and nothing else. 

Are Circular Saw Blades The Same as Table Saw Blades?

Not exactly. Circular saw blades are smaller in diameter than compared to table saw blades. The latter will be larger in diameter at a minimum of 8 inches (while going larger than 12 inches). Typically, circular saw blades will be smaller.