6 DeWalt Table Saw Accessories to Get for Easy Operating!

6 DeWalt Table Saw Accessories to Get for Easy Operating.In woodworking, it’s important to gather and have an idea about the correct tool as well as accessories. Because that’s how you’ll take your projects and skills to the next level.

A table saw is one of the many majorly important tools of woodworking as well as other sorts of passionate crafting. Depending on your work, the choice of accessories and upgrades will keep on varying.

Let’s talk about some of the most popular DeWalt table saw accessories today. Since at the present time, most experts and even novices love this brand’s gears, tools, and accessories in particular.

Here Are 6 DeWalt Table Saw Accessories That Can Save You Time, Money & Effort

So let’s talk about the most used and proven to be worthy accessories for your portable table saw from DeWalt. The ones that can actually improve quality of work and bring your creativity into life by creating its best potential. Keep on Reading…

A Stand for Operating the Table Saw at a Comfortable Height:

A table saw stand is the first thing that comes to my mind. You may ask why. But I’m pretty much sure we all know already how hard it is sometimes to operate the saw at a comfortable height.

With a compatible stand, this issue won’t be existing anymore and you’ll be able to operate the saw with many conveniences. And that’s why this is one of the most useful accessories of this list to get for a DeWalt table saw.

Most of the DeWalt table saw stands are pretty solid in construction. At the same time, it should feel very light in weight. This makes a great fusion for users to have a tough body along with an easy carrying opportunity.

You can also get the ones that allow foldability. This means you’ll be able to easily move or roll these saws on the go. After your working day ends, you can simply load it along with the table saw into truck.

If You Need Clean Dado Cuts:

For a few projects, you may need to make some clean dado cuts. And for that, you need to get a compatible dado blade for your DeWalt table saw. You will also need the dado insert or throatplate for this purpose. Using any regular zero clearance insert is not a good idea with a dado blade if you want effective cuts. And that’s why it’s important to get the specific throatplate to make things work.

Get Yourself a Safety Set:

One accessory that both an expert craftsman and a new saw owner needs is a quality safety set. There are many affordable starters sets available that you can get. Often times, we get separate safety equipment that is all around the shop.

As a result, when you are short in time, you’ll simply neglect wearing or using the right safety gear. So, getting a set that keeps everything in one place will really help, especially when using something as serious as the table saw. The blades are not a place you want to put your fingers in close contact with.

And it’s hard to fight the temptation of just doing that or go for an unavoidable blade contact instead of finding proper tools. As a result, unintentionally but carelessly, we put ourselves in trouble. So, a fully equipped workshop can be your ideal bet to avoid minor accidents with your DeWalt table saw.

Think About Featherboard:

Using a featherboard can play the role of an extra set of hands. And this hand will be allowed to reach places where your fingers are not supposed to go. It usually comes with some strong magnet to keep the jig in its place intact.

And so, it provides a good clamp in place solution too. The cam release will be convenient for removing and repositioning simply without much trouble. However, in some cases, the magnet seems not to work with wood or aluminum. So, using long steel fence plates of 36 or 42 inches can be a good idea. You’ll be able to screw these onto the existing fence.

Safety or Kill Switch to Get Better Control:

When you are drowned into cutting with your saw, sometimes the board begins to stick in middle of fence and blade. And at that very moment, you need to be very quick at turning the saw off. In some cases, you’ll need to let go off the stock. This needs to be done without shifting your attention from the cut.

The scenario already feels a bit burdening and stressful, right? But one accessory can really help you here. And that’s a safety or kill switch. You’ll need a simple bump and the saw would turn off instantly.

You may already know that keeping hands on stock while the blade is almost near to stop is one great way to get better-looking cuts. And that will become even better since kickback will occur less.

Table Saw Dust Collector to Keep Your Workshop & Mind Mess-Free:

Not all of us are okay with dragging out a broom after making just a few cuts on the table saw. Often time it ends up wasting too much time on tracking the traces of sawdust into places. And that is one enough reason to demotivate a creative mind that also likes to keep surroundings mess-free.

One amazing accessory that works simply but does a time-saving job of collecting the annoying sawdust is a collector. You simply need to stick the strips onto saw’s base. And attach the pouch that comes along.

Some models also come with basic collection mode for saws that you roll around a lot. In case of projects that are sure to make piles of sawdust, some models offer funnel mode. You can easily connect it with a shop vac and get a two-stage dust collecting system that costs you quite less.

Wrap Up

And that’s all for today folks. These were some of the most loved and definitely worth giving a try DeWalt table saw accessories. There’s no doubt about the fact that there are more than just these six, but let’s keep that for another day.

Finding the right tools, accessories and gears that can make a place in your toolkit or workshop is going to be a continuous part of your woodworking life. The ones that make the cut, makes your process simpler and fits right into your everyday project’s scheme are reliable friends that are going to stay with you during this crafty journey. Good Luck Finding Them.