Best Budget Table Saws – 2021 Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: December 30, 2021

Are you in search of the best budget table saw? If so, then you’re in luck. Finding the right table saw at a price that you can afford might be a challenge. But you can find one that will fit your specific price range and will still give you a high level of performance and quality that you deserve. We must warn you though, it will feel like you’re committing an act of theft (without the criminal charge, of course).

In order to find you the right table saw for the best deal possible, we’ve managed to track down seven of the best budget table saws on the market.

Before we get to the list itself, we will discuss whether you are actually able to find a table saw that’s of great quality and at an affordable price. We’ll also talk about what makes a table saw great compared to others on the market.

Comparison of the Best Budget Table Saws

  • Vacuum port included
  • No load speed of 3000 RPM
  • Best budget table saw for the money
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  • Rip capacity of 32 ½ inches
  • Best table saw under $1000
  • Dust collection port included
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  • Weighs 90 pounds
  • Runs up to 4800 rpm
  • Best cabinet table saw under $1000
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Can You Really Find a Quality Table Saw That’s Affordable?

The short answer: yes. In fact, you’ll be able to find a table saw that is of excellent quality plus you’ll be able to find one that will cut precise, clean cuts in a matter of seconds. In other words, you will still get a fully operational table saw that will fit your budget. However, this shouldn’t be confused with cheap or flimsy. Remember, if the price seems a little low then you may want to use extreme caution while taking a closer look at it. 

What Makes a Great Table Saw?

There are a few features and characteristics that make a table saw more distinguishable than others on the market. It’s important to know what they are so you are able to make sure that they are in better quality than some other saws on the market. Here are some things you need to keep your eyes peeled for:


The price will certainly be one of the deciding factors in choosing a quality table saw. Granted, it shouldn’t be the only reason why you purchased it. You need to consider your floor and ceiling prices since you are indeed looking at a list of budget table saws. Regardless, find the best table saw that you can possibly afford in terms of quality and performance.


A great saw is often one that is made from high-quality durable products. The more well-constructed a table saw, the better the chance that it can hold its own for a long period of time. Of course, you’ll need to make sure that all the parts are well put together and are not falling out of place at complete random. 

Rockwell BladeRunner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw

Cutting Ability

No saw can be great if it doesn’t have the ability to cut quickly and accurately. And it will also come down to finding the right kind of blade that will enhance the saw’s performance. Keep in mind that when purchasing a saw, the stock blade may be sharp right out of the box. However, you have the option to purchase a separate replacement blade just in case the blade doesn’t seem to get the job done upon initial use. 


The saw’s power will depend on how well the motor will run. Keep in mind that a high no-load RPM might be what you’re looking for. Also, pay attention to the amps and watts so you know what kind of power will be used to help the motor run. The more powerful the saw, the better the chance that you might be able to do some heavy-duty projects like home construction.

Review of the Best Budget Table Saws

The following is a list of the seven best budget table saws that are currently on the market. While you are looking for your own saw, it’s important to take a look at the features and characteristics of each one so you have a good idea of how they stand out. You may also find a saw that might be considered your “ideal saw” just by giving it a closer look.

Let’s begin by taking a look at the “best overall” budget table saw on our list:

Best Overall:
Rockwell BladeRunner X2

Rockwell RK7323 BladeRunner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw with Steel Rip Fence, Miter Gauge & 7 Accessories


  • Great for light DIY jobs
  • Easy crosscuts and rip cuts
  • Excellent for multiple purposes
  • Perfect for storing in small spaces
  • Smooth and accurate cutting each and every time


  • May be a bit loud for some users
  • The guide may come loose at times
  • Not for large scale carpentry projects

What Recent Buyers Report

New buyers were impressed with this saw and what it could accomplish for them. They said that the saw allowed for really easy cutting (both cross and rip cuts). They also said that the adjustments we're really easy and accommodated all kinds of thick woods.

Why It Stands Out to Us

If you want a saw that is perfect for small scale projects, this saw might prove its worth as the go-to table saw for renovation projects and even some light duty projects that involve wood, sheet metal, or even plastics. It can easily make cuts no matter which cuts you intend to go with. The running speed of 3000 rpm is quite fast, giving way to speedy and accurate cutting.

Who Would Use This Most

This is another saw that can do some light projects for all kinds of DIY users. Whether if you are redoing part of the kitchen or building something new for friends or family, this is the kind of saw that will make life easier for those who enjoy building stuff out of wood. You’ll have all kinds of different cuts at your disposal and be able to leave no splinters and rough edges behind.

Bottom Line

The Rockwell Bladerunner X2 might be second fiddle to the best overall., but it can possibly take over the top spot as the best budget table saw in the not so distant future. You’d be hard-pressed to find a saw that can do all kinds of DIY projects while making sure that every cut you make is clean, smooth, and makes every building project a lot easier for newbies or seasoned builders.

Best Table Saw Under $1000:

DEWALT Table Saw, 10 Inch, 15 Amp, 32 ½-Inch Rip Capacity, Dust Collector, Scissor Stand (DWE7491X)


  • Easy to set up
  • Superior cutting ability
  • Super solid construction
  • Blade installation is simple
  • Cuts through wood and sheet metal like butter


  • None

What Recent Buyer Report

As expected, most of the new users had nothing but good things to say about this saw. They were able to use this for so many projects involving woodcutting, sheet metal cutting, and any necessary materials that the blade was able to cut. One user said the blade had so many teeth that it was able to cut quick and smooth without leaving any roughness behind.

Why It Stands Out to Us

Once again, we review a DeWalt table saw that proves itself as one of the best in the business for a few good reasons. For one, the construction of this saw is solid and durable to a point where it can stand to last years or even decades (assuming you maintain it regularly). Even through occasional or regular use, this saw can still cut with such sharp precision and smoothness that it wouldn’t need any sanding down to smooth out any rough edges. Also, you won’t burn your wood while cutting it. 

Who Would Use This Most

This will be a great saw for anyone who has used table saws in the past but wants a more solid and affordable option. Yes, it will be perfect for all your professional projects like carpentry or woodworking for the sake of doing a hobby. If you want a saw that is the real deal when it comes to cutting wood and other materials this could be the one that is right up your alley.

Bottom Line

The DeWalt DWE 74191X might be south of $1000 in price, but it delivers a performance as it if were worth more than that. It’s just another saw that lives up to the standard of being a DeWalt power tool that is guaranteed to satisfy your woodworking needs no matter if you are doing it yourself or as part of a job. For a superb performance and reliability that won’t quit, this saw won’t disappoint. 

Best Cabinet Table Saw Under $1000:

DEWALT 10 Inch Table Saw, 32-1/2 Inch Rip Capacity, 15 Amp Motor, With Rolling/Collapsible Stand (DWE7491RS)


  • Construction is solid and sturdy
  • Great for building kitchen cabinets
  • Surprisingly portable, even for its weight
  • Compact in size. Can fit in some pretty tight spaces
  • Doesn’t bog down as much as competitors in hardwood


  • Miter gauge could be better
  • Throat plate may loosen up at times
  • The fence might get loose after a short time

What Recent Buyers Report

This saw was great for do-it-yourself users that were focused on redoing their kitchens. Indeed, it does a good job of cutting through all kinds of hardwood that would make a new kitchen cabinet set look good. As expected, users were happy with the quick and precise cutting. Even some users were impressed (and maybe a little surprised) that this 90-pound table saw could be portable. 

Why It Stands Out to Us

If you want a table saw that is dedicated to making sure that your kitchen is looking brand spanking new from start to finish, then this might be the table saw that you want to go with. It can cut through a good amount of hardwoods that most people will choose for a cabinet set that will make it all look good. You can keep it at home or you can use it as a contractor if building cabinets is your main focus.

Who Would Use This Most

This would be an excellent table saw for any kitchen project that you can dream of. But it will mostly be focused on building kitchen sets from even the finest woods. As long as you are able to cut it to the right sizes, your project will be a complete success once everything is said and done. After all, you are working with a saw that is from one of the more reliable brands on the market. 

Bottom Line

The DeWalt DWE7491RS can definitely be the best saw you can work with in terms of building a perfectly solid kitchen cabinet set for your home. If you are a contractor and have clients that are dying to have a new set put together, you may want to rely on a saw like this to make every cut as precise and smooth as possible.

4. DEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw, 16-Inch Rip Capacity

DEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw, 16-Inch Rip Capacity (DW745)


  • Motor runs like a champ
  • Rip capacity is pretty sizeable
  • Excellent for do-it-yourself users
  • Has the potential to last you years or decades
  • Smooth, accurate cutting for most wood materials


  • Not all of the dust goes into the exhaust port
  • Rip fence may fall out of alignment sometimes
  • You may need an auxiliary fence to attach to the miter gauge

What Recent Buyers Report

A lot of new buyers were quite happy with this table saw for a few good reasons. For one, this was the perfect fit for a lot of do-it-yourselfers who were looking for a table saw that would be perfect for around the house project for construction or renovation. One user said that he was able to put this to good use while being able to put together a new furniture set for his kitchen. He said building it himself saved him so much money compared to buying one outright.

Why It Stands Out to Us

This saw has a good rip capacity, which allows you space to cut as much wood as possible. With just enough space, you can set those pieces off to the side so you won't go back and forth from your workbench to the woodpile. This has a nice running motor that will deliver a good amount of power and accurate, precise cutting in the process.

Who Would Use This Most

This will be an ideal table saw that will be best used by anyone that is looking for the perfect saw for all kinds of DIY projects. Whether it's for building furniture or small renovation projects, this saw can handle all the cutting needs that you have.

Bottom Line

The DeWalt 10 inch table saw will be perfect for all kinds of DIY projects that will need a saw for all the rip and crosscuts they can get out of it. It's got the power, the speed, and the affordability. Now that is an excellent combination to have.

Best Table Saw Under $300:

DEWALT DW745S Compact Job Site Table Saw with Folding Stand


  • Powerful motor
  • Excellent for wood cutting 
  • Really accurate and balanced
  • Has to potential to last years, maybe decades
  • Can leave smooth, clean cuts without the burns


  • Safety fence may not be the best
  • Clamps might be a bit flimsy for some users
  • Instructions are poorly written and hard to understand

What Recent Buyers Report

New users say that this was a great table saw for all kinds of projects in and around the house. They were quite happy with the portability saying that it can be easily transported from point A to point B. One user said even though it was 45 pounds, it was light enough for him to carry it by himself in case he wanted to use it at one of his company’s job sites. So far, he has had no complained with the cutting ability and overall performance.

Why It Stands Out to Us

For a price point south of $300, this saw is pretty powerful and can really get the job done whether you are at home or at the construction site. This is a well-built saw that can handle all kinds of different cuts. Plus, with the attached folding stand it will make transporting from one place to the next a whole lot easier. For a saw at the weight that it is, who needs an additional set of hands to carry it?

Who Would Use This Most

This saw will be the perfect beginner level saw for anyone who wants to use it for multiple purposes. Whether you need it for personal use or for work, it’s the kind of saw that will take on a good deal of building projects for yourself or your clients who want the work done. Imagine having to deal with a saw that is powerful, makes smooth and precise cuts, and is affordable for most budgets. With this table saw, you can. 

Bottom Line

The DeWalt DW745S Compact Job Site Table Saw is perfect for the contractor that wants to take it from one job site to the next or for the homeowner that wants something that is the closest to a professional grade table saw at an affordable price. Either way, this is a saw that lives up the DeWalt standard of being reliable, powerful, and just all-around fun to use.

Best Table Saw Under $500:
Bosch GTS1031

Bosch 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw GTS1031 with One-Handed Carry Handle


  • Easily portable
  • Blade feels perfectly aligned
  • Affordable for most budgets
  • Smooth cutting every single time
  • Perfect for construction workers and contractors


  • Guard isn’t fit securely
  • Makes a good bit of noise
  • The coating on the table tends to peel easily

What Recent Buyers Report

According to one user, he said that this saw was pretty solid in construction and very durable to the point where if he were to accidentally drop it while trying to transport it from one place to the next, all the parts would remain intact as if nothing happened. He added that the saw was perfect for all of his woodworking needs since he is a hobbyist that builds everything from birdhouses to outdoor furniture. 

Why It Stands Out to Us

This saw proves itself without a doubt that it deserves its place in a garage or a construction job site. It’s got a one carry handle that will allow for easy transportation and portability. At its weight, it’s not too heavy to carry. So if you are looking for a table saw that will definitely stand out as one of the most powerful and reliable saws on any construction site, this might be it. For one, it can cut clean and smooth thanks to the number of teeth the blade has. It might be the one stock blade that will surprise a lot of people rather than do the usual and disappoint them. 

Who Would Use This Most

If you are a construction worker or a contractor that needs a table saw for all your work, then you should consider giving this saw a closer look. If you want the choice to be a lot easier for you, here’s what you get: easy blade adjustments and replacement, smooth and fast cutting in either rip or cross cuts, and a weight that is light enough for easy carrying. How can you say no to any of this at a price under $500?

Bottom Line

You may want to witness the almighty power of the Bosch 10-inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw if you are looking for something that is professional-grade and can deliver a clean cut each time no matter how you slice it (no pun intended). It’s the kind of saw that is no slouch compared to a cheap and flimsy table saw that will easily break and malfunction after short term use. 

Best Hybrid Table Saw Under $1000:
SawStop CNS175-TGP36

SawStop 10-Inch Contractor Saw, 1.75-HP, 36-Inch Professional T-Glide Fence System (CNS175-TGP236)


  • Powerful running motor
  • Sharp and precise cutting
  • Excellent construction and quality
  • Easy to set up in-home workshops
  • Allows for ample space for cutting multiple pieces of wood


  • Some vibrations may occur
  • Miter gauge might be a loose fit
  • Some say the table tends to rock back and forth at times

What Recent Buyers Report

A lot of new buyers say that the saw was able to cut through wood with various amounts of thickness with the greatest of ease. They were also impressed with the blade’s safety features, making it one of the best saws that will ensure safe usage every time. One user said that the blade tends to stop if things get a little too dangerous, which is considered great for him since he almost went a little too close with his last saw at one point in time.

Why It Stands Out to Us

This table saw might take up a good amount of room, but it can still give you a lot of space in terms of how much wood you are cutting. It can be ideal for larger workshops like your garage or basement (depending on your measurements). But nonetheless, it can still cut cleanly with no burns or rough edges to speak of.

Who Would Use This Most

This is the perfect budget table saw if you are looking for something that might be close enough to professional grade. If you are also looking for a saw that will be easy to assembly but may take up a bit of time to do so, this could be what you’re looking for as well. And that comes with the territory given its size. But well worth the anticipation of using it for the first time.

Bottom Line

The SawStop CNS175-TGP36 could be right up your alley if you want a saw that can handle all the heavy-duty projects and still be affordable for your budget. This goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to a saw that will be able to do some serious carpentry work. Don’t be surprised if this well-built beast winds up being the table saw you rely on for years to come. 

Types of Table Saws

If you are in search of a table saw, it’s good to know the different types that are currently on the market. This way, you’ll be able to choose which one will be the best fit for you and all your intended projects. Here are the following types:

Cabinet Saws

These are the most powerful and most robust of the bunch. Cabinet table saws are what you probably used in shop class when you were in school (assuming you took it). Yes, it can handle some serious projects like a kitchen renovation. And believe it or not, they are bulky and kind of weighty. They are not portable by any stretch of the imagination.

Jobsite Table Saws

Jobsite table saws are well-built and are just as robust to handle all kinds of construction or contractor projects. They can be benchtop or compact table saws depending on their design and their portability. These are also known as “contractor saws”. You can expect these saws to produce consistently accurate results when it comes to cutting wood and any other materials (if able).

Compact Table Saws

These are obviously smaller in size (hence the name compact). They are lightweight and portable, which can be a staple for many do it yourself users and even some contractors. These are designed to be perfect for small projects like hobby woodworking or some small home projects (but not designed for major carpentry work). 


Yes, you can find a great budget table saw at a price that will fit your specific budget. No matter how much you spend you should be able to find one that won’t quit on you when you need it most. Of course, you also need a saw that will deliver consistently accurate and clean cuts every time. 

People Also Ask

Before you make an informed decision, it’s important that you know a few extra things about these table saws by referring to the three frequently asked questions below. Be sure to make a note of the answers so you are able to understand how they all work. Here are the following questions:

Will an 8 Dado Blade Work on a 10 Inch Table Saw?

This will depend on a certain factor. If the diameter of the arbor hole on the Dado blade matches the diameter of the radial arm of your saw, it will be possible to fit an 8 Dado blade on a 10” table saw. Be sure that the arbor is long enough to ensure that the fit will be perfect.

Can You Put a 12 Inch Blade on a 10 Inch Table Saw?

There’s a good chance that it might not be possible to do so. Because the blade is measured at 12 inches in diameter, it might be too large for your 10-inch table saw.

Can Any Table Saw Use Dado Blades?

This will depend on whether or not the table saw itself has a long enough arbor to support it. If the arbor is short on one table saw, then it won’t be able to support any Dado blades at all. Be sure to make sure your arbor is long enough to support such blades before making a determination.