Best Bedroom Door Lock Reviews | Top 6 Picks Of 2021

| Last Updated: March 18, 2021

Best Bedroom Door Lock ReviewsThe bedroom is a sanctuary for everyone, but what if you get locked inside this sanctuary? With a faulty lock installed on your door, then this could happen to you any day.

Sometimes, with excessive rough use, the lock slips out of the mortice and gets stuck. The springs stop working, and when this happens, you won’t be able to open the door no matter how much you turn the lock this way and that. This is especially scary if you live alone.

The only way to avoid this is to buy the best bedroom door lock available out there.

We have some suggestions for you below. Check them out; they’ll serve you long and well.

Take a quick look at our top 6 Bedroom Door Lock list below,

  1. Legend 809121 US15 Lever Handle Privacy Bedroom Lock
  2. Schlage Camelot Keypad Entry Bedroom Lock with Flex-Lock and Accent Levers
  3. Schlage F40ACC619 Satin Nickel Accent Privacy Bedroom Lock
  4. Kwikset 91550-029 Halifax Bedroom Door Lock and Handle Lever
  5. Berlin Modisch Privacy Lever Bedroom Door Lock
  6. Ohuhu Keyed Bedroom Lockset with Lock and Different Keys Leverset

6 Best Bedroom Door Lock Reviews 2020

The products listed here will prove to be easy to work with, and they’ll last you a sufficiently long time. We don’t want to give you a door lock that will need replacing, so we have chosen carefully. We’ve included several different types; study them before you decide on one.

1. Legend 809121 US15 Lever Handle Privacy Bedroom Lock

Highlighted Features

  • Has ANSI Grade 3, which is reassuring
  • Comes in three elegant colors that you can choose from
  • Adjustable backset of 2-3/8 and 2-3/4 inches
  • Works with left-handed and right-handed doors
  • Powder-coated to prevent rust and other damage

Legend 809121 US15 Lever Handle Privacy LocketThis is a lever styled door lock that will be a good fit for any standard interior door. The door has a basket latch that is compatible with sizes of 2-3/8 inches, and also 2-3/4 inches. And the door needs to be of a thickness of 1-3/8 inches or 1-3/4 inches in order to work with these locks.

These two sizes are the set standard for doors in the United States, so if you are living here, you can blindly trust these locks to work for you.

In the case of color, you have three choices. One has a sleek black body with golden lines elegantly flowing over the outer body and the inner circle of the lock. The other two colors are bronze and nickel. The black looks matte, while the other two have a very sleek shiny finish to them.

There is a powder-coated finish over the colors, and this finish will protect the locks from discoloration even over long periods of use.

Due to the range of colors, these locks will suit almost any type of wood that your door is made of.

Much thought has been made into the making of the locks, and they have been thus built to support both left-handed and right-handed doors.

The lock is an ANSI approved level 3, and it is perfectly suitable for your bedroom, where a level of security higher than this would be quite unrequired.

2. Schlage Camelot Keypad Entry Bedroom Lock with Flex-Lock and Accent Levers

Highlighted Features

  • Fits all standard doors in the US
  • Has an automatic locking system, which you’ll love
  • Comes with a dial lock and a direct lock to make things easier for you
  • There are 7 different colors to choose from
  • The knob can be easily turned to lock and unlock the door
  • The system uses a 5-digited code that is easy to remember

Schlage FE595VCAM619ACC Camelot Keypad Entry with Flex-Lock and Accent LeversThis is a bedroom door lock with keypad, and it might be a bit tricky to deal with, but once you get used to it, you’ll be quite comfortable with it.

Get these if you want to keep the door locked for the safety of a child. And these will also be suitable for rooms where you keep something valuable since these locks are quite advanced for general indoor use.

First of all, let’s talk about the compatibility of the lock. Well, you don’t have to worry about that because this lock has standard backset latches that measure 2-3/8 and 2-3/4 inches. Thus, these locks are fine for all regular interior doors in the US.

And the thickness of the door must be 1-3/8 inches or 1-3/4 inches. These are also standard sizes for doors.

Then there is a flex lock built into the plate that’s inside the room. Flex lock is a quick mechanism that lets you lock and unlock your door at a moment’s notice.

You can turn the knob on the flex lock to unlock the door and then switch it back to enable the automatic locking mechanism. If the knob lies at a horizontal position, then the door is unlocked, and if it is in a vertical position, the door is locked.

Once the automatic lock has been turned on, you will get 5 seconds to punch in a key code on the dial. After that, you won’t be able to open the door without the code unless you have the direct key with you.

3. Schlage F40ACC619 Satin Nickel Accent Privacy Bedroom Lock

Highlighted Features

  • Can be installed into existing doors without any difficulties
  • Comes with easily placeable screw holes
  • Will work with left-handed and right-handed doors
  • The elegant satin finish that goes well with any kind of home decor
  • Has a push-and-lock system that is easy and simple to work with

Schlage F40ACC619 Accent Privacy LeverA simple idea is often the best one. If you are looking for a door that can be effortlessly locked and unlocked, then we would suggest you look at this model of accent lever lock here.

For one thing, this lock is easier to work with than the lever-styled locks. The lever on this one is a bit longer – it also has a bit more wave to it than regular levers. Due to this, you will be able to have a more comfortable and firmer grip on it. These locks are best suited for bathrooms, bedrooms, or big closets where you will need tight privacy, but not a steadfast lock.

The locks can be perfectly fitted into pre-drilled doors. There are screw holes in the latch that make it really easy to install it properly into place. You will only need a good quality screwdriver to get the work done, and the best part is that you can do it by yourself just as well.

Both right-handed and left-handed doors are compatible with the installation of this lock, and so you need not worry about any mismatch on that front.

4. Kwikset 91550-029 Halifax Bedroom Door Lock and Handle Lever

Highlighted Features

  • Friendly enough for handicapped people
  • The lever is a good size and is easy to grip
  • Has strong strings to ensure durability over time
  • Simple locking mechanism by the help of a push-button
  • Can be installed into left-handed and right-handed doors

Kwikset 91550-029 Halifax Door Handle Lever with Modern Contemporary Slim Square DesignWe’ll begin by saying that this door lock will definitely catch your eye at first glance. It has a sleek and elegant finish, which is especially appealing because of the matte black coat of paint that it has on top. This is one of those futuristic locks that will make you feel as if you are in a world of cool efficiency.

If you are wondering whether this lock will suit your home, then you need not worry. They come in nickel finishes as well, so you have both light and dark ranges to choose from. But regardless of the color, the design of the lock will be the same, and it is guaranteed to bring up the appearance of your interiors.

The lever is completely straight, which makes it easy to get a grip on.

Both the plates are the same in appearance, and they have a locking function. You will be given a key in case of emergencies. But for regular use, pushing the small button below the lever will lock and unlock the door very simply.

Also, the lock will fit left-handed and right-handed doors.

It will also fit all standard door sizes in America. Its security level has been approved by BHMA, which gives it a grade of 2 – meaning that it is most appropriate for interior spaces like bedrooms, living rooms, closets, and so on.

The door has also been certified by ADA, and this means that handicapped people will be able to use it without a problem.

5. Berlin Modisch Privacy Lever Bedroom Door Lock

Highlighted Features

  • The handle is firm and will be easy to grip
  • With fit doors that have a standard thickness
  • Can be used for commercial purposes as well
  • Goes with both conventional and modern doors
  • The sleek and elegant black lever that enhances the look of the room

Berlin Modisch Privacy Lever Door HandleWe have another black lock. Black locks look really cool and have that modern appearance about them, which is why we appreciate them a bit too much. This lock does not come in any other color, unfortunately. But the wavy design of the black lever gives the lock a trendy look that fits quite nicely with white doors as well.

The levers are easy to grip, and they are long enough to provide a good pull on the door. They have a bronze finish with an oil coating that makes the color last longer.

These locks will go well with traditionally big doors, and with regular doors as well.

As long as the thickness of the door is within the standard sizes of 1-3/8 inches and 1-3/4 inches, you’re good to go.

This is a very simple lock, meant for indoor use. They are very easy to install, as well.

6. Ohuhu Keyed Bedroom Lockset with Lock and Different Keys Leverset

Highlighted Features

  • The installation will be a breeze for you
  • Only for right-handed doors, so keep that in mind
  • Has a simple lock and key system
  • For doors that are 1.4 to 2.1 inches
  • Opening and closing the door is made easy enough for children as well

Ohuhu Keyed Door Knob Lever 2-Pack with Lock and Different Keys Leverset LocksetThis one is bronze in color. It shines because it has that oil coating on it. But it’s not slippery to touch. The oil coating has been given to ensure that the color stays fresh as new for as long as you have it in your house.

Gripping it is easy because of the nice wavy structure of its lever.

This lock fits doors that have a thickness of 1.4 to 2.1 inches. As long as the door size matches, you can use this lockset on any door, whether it’s in your bedroom, entrance or bathroom. But keep in mind that this lock is not suitable for left-handed doors. It only supports right-handed access. So, if you have such doors at home, you could get this and add some bronze shine to your interior.

You will get 2 packs inside the package. Each for one side of the door.

This lock requires a very easy installation. And all the things required will be provided inside the kit. You won’t need to bring in much of your own. Just get a screwdriver for the screws, and you’re set for the installation. You will be able to do it all by yourself.

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Buying Guide For Bedroom Door Lock

For a properly secure lock on the door, you need to know some essentials about the locking mechanism. So, we have taken the liberty to break some of the mechanism down for you. Read carefully, for these should influence your choices quite to an extent.

Types of Door Locks

Locks come in many different styles. Some are easy to operate, while some are trickier. You need to decide the type of lock you want based on the frequency of its use and the type of people in the house.

Lever Locks

These locks have a long lever handle that is simple to handle. The lock can be easily opened by pushing down on the long handle, and it doesn’t require any complex movements or turns. The bolt readily gets pulled into the socket as you push the lever down.

These locks are good for households that have kids or handicapped people.


These ones have a metal block over the latch bolt. This metal block is pushed into the strike plate on the door frame. That creates an unyielding lock between the frame and the door itself.

You might think that a deadbolt is unnecessary for an interior lock, but given the frequency of break-ins in the United States, we would recommend you to keep your house under the maximum level of security possible.

Burglary is common, and deadbolts are now being incorporated into many interior locks for the sake of safety. Having a deadbolt lock in the bedroom is a good idea as it will give you a heightened degree of security.

Knob Locks

These locks are the worst choices for the exterior doors, but they make fairly good interior doors. The latch is within the lock itself, and the door can be opened by turning the knob.

This is the simplest lock you could have on your bedroom door.

But be advised that they are very easy to break. So, consider getting them only if you have a solid lock on your exterior doors, and if you are living in a safe neighborhood.

ANSI Grading

For a lock to be considered insurable, you will need to have an ANSI approval on it. ANSI grades are granted based on the capacity of the lock to retain itself if under attack by a burglar or intruder. Grades are denoted by numbers of 1-3.

The door is more secure if it has a low grade.

So, by that measure, grade 1 doors are the most secure and are meant for commercial purposes. You could choose between ANSI 2 and ANSI 3 for interior doors.

Hardware in the Door Frame

The hardware we’re talking about is a strike plate or a box strike. This is the hardware that is installed into the door frame. It is where the latch of the lock will enter, in order to keep the door locked.

If there is a strike plate system, then make sure that the plate is installed into the frame with big screws that are difficult to pull out.

But a more reliable option is the box strike. The box strike has a hollow box pocket that encapsulates the entire latch bolt when the lock is turned, and this makes the lock much more secure and unbreakable.

FAQs for Bedroom Door Lock

1. Can I disable the automatic locking mechanism of my door?

Ans: Yes, you can.

2. Can smart locks keep me safe from burglars?

Ans: They are more difficult to get past than regular locks. As long as the burglar doesn’t have the code, he won’t be able to get in easily, even if he breaks the lock.

3. Which lock is the safest?

Ans: Combo locks are the safest because they are difficult to pick.

4. What does it mean if a lock is called reversible?

Ans: “Reversible” means that the lock can be used on both right-handed and left-handed doors.

5. Is it necessary to have a locking mechanism on a bedroom door?

Ans: Yes, for sure. Exercising caution is wise. Even if a burglar does get it, he won’t be able to walk straight into your room.


Privacy inside the house is important for peace of mind, and a sense of security. This is why door locks are essential. And they also add an aesthetic value to the room.

Therefore, you should definitely get a door lock that goes well with the room.

We hope you were able to find the best bedroom door lock for yourself from this article. If not, keep looking and remember to not make any compromises on the quality or appearance. Good luck!