Best Mortise Locks Reviews | Top 5 Picks Of 2021

| Last Updated: March 22, 2021

Best Mortise Locks ReviewsWhen it comes to the safety of your family, you want the best of the best. Mortise locks are designed to give you that ultimate security.

Everyone wants a secure and sturdy lock and also something that goes well with the décor of the house. Choosing the perfect one can be a confusing task as there are so many options out there. But don’t worry. We’re here to help you find the right one for you.

You’ll find detailed reviews of the best mortise locks for security and an in-depth guide on how to choose the right one for you. They’ll not only give you better security but will also be aesthetically pleasing.

Take a quick look at our top 5 Mortise Lock list below,

  1. Wright Products VMT115PB, BRASS Serenade Style Mortise Set
  2. Marks Hardware 91A-LH Marks Mortise Lock
  3. Guard Security Gotham Heavy Duty Mortise Attached Lockset
  4. Defender Security E 2496 Mortise Keyed Lock Set
  5. Maxtech Apartment / Office Heavy Duty Mortise Entrance

5 Best Mortise Locks Reviews 2020

Since there are too many options on the market, we have gone through them to find the finest mortise locks out there. Keep reading to know more about these locks.

1. Wright Products VMT115PB, BRASS Serenade Style Mortise Set

Highlighted Features

  • Built with heavy-duty material and can withstand frequent use
  • A classic look is created from the narrow escutcheon plate and lever
  • Can be mounted in both right-handed and left-handed sides.
  • Can be fitted in different pocket sizes due to the adjustable backset.

Wright Products VMT115PB, BRASS Serenade Style Mortise SetIf you’re looking for a classic design to replace the lock in your very old door with an even older design lock, then this is the perfect one for you. This old-fashioned brass with a metallic appearance has a back-set that is adjustable. It’ll allow you certain flexibility when it comes to fitting.

This model is a single-cylinder model, so you need to be careful if you’re planning on installing this on doors with glass windows. You have to ensure that if the glass is broken, you can’t reach or touch the lock’s knob.

It has a reversible lockset that can be fitted for either right-handed or left-handed. You just have to turn the components a little and voilà.

The VMT115PB is a heavy-duty lock and is highly durable. It can endure frequent usage and will also last a long time. That’s why it’s perfect for exterior doors.

A perfect replacement for most mortise style storm locks, it’ll add both elegance and security to your home.

2. Marks Hardware 91A-LH Marks Mortise Lock

Highlighted Features

  • Reversible handing means you can install it for both left and right swing doors.
  • Brass body and polished brass finish assures too quality and durability
  • Will fit any wood or metal door with a 1-¾ inch thickness
  • Single-cylinder deadbolt meets Grade 2 security on ANSI/BHMA scale

Marks Hardware 91A-LH Marks Mortise LockAnother great option if you’re looking to replace the old lock in your house is the Marks Hardware 91A-LH. This is for a left swing door, so make sure your door swings left before getting this one.

The polished brass finish gives it a truly professional look, and the high-quality material ensures durability so you can install this without any worry in any residential or commercial space door.

The door must be 1-3 /4 in. thick, whether it’s wood or metal for you to install this lock. It has a 2 ½ inch backset and is very easy to key. This one is for a left swing door, but it can easily be switched for a right-swing door.

Comes with 2 keys, and the package includes the screws needed to set this thing on your door. Its single-cylinder 1″ throw deadbolt gives it a ANSI/BHMA Grade 2 security.

The interior plate measures at 2 ¼ × 7 inches and the exterior at 2 ¾ ×10 inches and because of the 2-piece threaded spindle you can use a modern key system.

3. Guard Security Gotham Heavy Duty Mortise Attached Lockset

Highlighted Features

  • Fine brass polish add to the décor of the house
  • Easy to install with components included with the lockset
  • Thumb turn on the inside and cylinder on the outside
  • Built with heavy-duty materials and a dependable mechanism

Guard Security Gotham Heavy Duty Mortise Attached LocksetThis Guard Security Gotham mortise lock is one of the highest-rated locks out there. The polished brass color accentuates the décor of your home while providing you with the security you deserve.

It is not only a stylish door lock but has used long-lasting, sturdy material to create a trustworthy and dependable mechanism for your door lock that’s going to keep your family protected.

The heavy-duty lockset has a 2 ½ inch backset and comes with 2 keys. A 1-inch deadbolt and the front measures 1-1/16 inch× 7- 5/8 inch. Perfect for replacing the old lockset on your door. Its locking mechanism is made easy with a thumb turn on the inside and cylinder on the outside.

This one is a right-hand lockset, and the screw-on knob with a swivel spindle makes for easy installation. All the components you’ll need to install it at your house is included with the set.

4. Defender Security E 2496 Mortise Keyed Lock Set

Highlighted Features

  • Has a lock bolt key which can be activated inside and outside
  • The glass knob contributes to a luxurious look for the door
  • Can be installed on new or vintage doors
  • A perfect lockset for any room inside the house

Defender Security E 2496 Mortise Keyed Lock SetA piece of true elegance this mortise lockset has a glass knob and comes in three colors for you to choose from. This particular one is made of satin nickel and gives a beautiful vintage look. It will enhance the décor of your room to a whole new level.

It is a lockset with s twist of tradition with a touch of modernity. This E 2496 glass knob will be the ideal choice for any interior door, whether you want to replace or update an old one. Since it’s not a lockset for the outside door, feel free to install it in the door of bedroom, bathroom, living, or kitchen.

You can install it on both old and new doors. When installing, you have to make sure the backset of the door is 2-⅜ inches. And what will make installation much easier is if you use a thread locking adhesive for the set screw. This way, the knob won’t keep slipping and stay put.

The reversible mounting option allows you to install this steel lockset in either a left swing door or a right-swing door.

5. Maxtech Apartment / Office Heavy Duty Mortise Entrance

Highlighted Features

  • Can be fitted like the Marks Metro 91A mortise lockset
  • Sleek silver handle and satin chrome finish gives it a professional look
  • 1-inch deadbolt and 2-½ inch backset
  • Suitable for both wooden and metal doors with a thickness of 1-3/4″

Maxtech Apartment / Office Heavy Duty Mortise EntranceIf you’re looking for a lockset that’s more professional and more appropriate for commercial spaces or apartments, then Maxtech’s heavy-duty mortice lock is the one for you.

This lockset is mainly for exterior doors and features a deadbolt that will need to be locked and unlocked with a key, and a handle on the outside and the inside plate has a handle and a turn button for easy locking and unlocking.

Same as the Marks 91A, the faceplate measures 1″× 7-⅝”. The deadbolt is 1 inch and backset 2-½”. You can rekey the Schlage SC1 keyway with the 1-⅛” pin ease.

If you have a wood or metal door with a thickness of 1-¾” then you can fit this Maxtech lockset without any problems. The interior plate of the lockset measures at 2-¼”×7″ and the exterior plate is 2-¾”×10″.

Overall it’s an excellent lockset with silver satin chrome escutcheon levers and plates and the extra level of security added by the deadbolt. It also comes in both right-handed and left-handed mounting.

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Buying Guide For Mortise Locks

Before you make the final decisions, we want you to keep the following factors in mind so that you can make the best choice for your home.

Compatibly Of The Door

Different mortise locks are made for different types and thicknesses of doors. You need to know how thick your door is because the mortise cylinder is set in the internal casing of the door. Manufacturers will always mention the thickness that is required for that type of mortise lock.

Also, whether the lockset will be used for an exterior door or an interior door is also important. Installing a lock made for an exterior door in your will not look nice with the decor.

Sliding doors, glass doors, met, or wooden doors will all require different types of locks.

Knob Style

Although it’s not the first thing you notice in a home, if you choose a knob that complements the decor of your home, it’ll automatically increase the aesthetics of your home. From satin chrome, brass to glass knobs, there’s a wide array of knobs to choose from.


When the key moves a certain number of levers, that’s when the deadbolt turns. The lock levers determine how easy and hard it is to duplicate the key. The more levers there are, the harder it is to duplicate. 5-lever locks are widely demanded as they have anti-picking features and steel plates that are hardened.

Security Grade

Locks have a security grade from 1-3, with 1 being the highest in protected and durability. For interior doors at residential spaces, a grade 3 lock is suitable, but for exterior doors and for some commercial spaces, you should consider getting a grade 2 lockset.

Grade 1 locksets give you the best durability and the highest protection. Deadbolts with a grade 1 security will be able to withstand 75 strikes with a hammer of 75-pounds.

FAQs For Mortise Locks

1. What is a mortise lock?

Ans: It is a type of lock that requires you to make a pocket or mortise into the door to install it. They’re usually installed by locksmiths or woodworkers, but an expert DIY enthusiast might also be able to do it.

2. Where should I install a mortise lock?

Ans: The best place to install a mortise lock is the front door. Burglars usually try the front door first. But you should also install a mortise lock on any door leading outside. If you have valuables in a particular room, you can also install them for that room. Some prefer to use a mortise lock in their children’s rooms as well.

3. What is a reversible lock system?

Ans: These locks come in two different styles, one for right-handed doors and the other for left-handed doors. Reversible locks are those that can be used for both right-handed handed and left-handed doors. You won’t need to determine the handing before you buy these locksets.

4. Can I install a mortise lock by myself?

Ans: Mortise locks use a complicated mechanism to offer more security and protection. We recommend you get an expert locksmith or a woodworker to install it for you since they require special knowledge. However, if you have some experience in setting up locks, then you can give it a shot.

5. Are Mortise Locks good?

Ans: Yes, they are. You can trust them to provide you with proper safety.


Family security is the most important thing, and mortise locks help you sleep better at night. They are designed to keep burglars out. But buying an appropriate mortise lock can be a daunting task.

That’s why you need to go over our best mortise locks reviews and buying guide to make the right choice for you and your family.