Best Deadbolt Locks for Home & Garage: Top 5 Reviews 2021!

| Last Updated: March 22, 2021

Best Deadbolt Locks for HomeDo you feel safe living in your house? Do you feel the same leaving the house alone while going out?

Let it be the front door or the backdoor— security is the main issue. What do you do to keep your house secured?

The most modern way to safeguard your house is the use of deadbolt locks. Almost every 9 out of 10 houses use the smart door locks. Everybody wants to ensure the highest security for their house. I think you obviously want the same for yours.

For your convenience, here is the list of best door locks for house security and their unbiased reviews.

5 Best Deadbolt Locks for Home & Garage in 2020

New forms of door locks come in the market with new and advanced features almost every day. But you should make the right choice while picking a deadbolt lock for your home because the security of your home depends on it.

1. Kwikset 92640-001 Contemporary Electronic Keypad Single Cylinder Deadbolt

Key Features

  • The smart lock has an auto-lock feature. Thanks to the timer, the door will lock automatically after the time.
  • Highly secured with 5 try system. Alarm blows up after 5 consecutive failures.
  • Both user codes and temporary codes facility. The temporary codes can be used once.
  • Lighted keypad for ease in typing passwords.

Kwikset 92640-001 Contemporary Electronic Keypad Single Cylinder DeadboltKwikset is a renowned name for the door lock market. They sell a wide range of smart door locks. High quality is the key feature for all of their products.

The 264 collection of the brand is an electronic deadbolt. For your security and ease, this smart lock system will be very convenient. The company tried to bring out a more manageable and expedient keyless padlock.

It is a password-based lock. The lock has a keypad consisting of 10 separate digits for easy typing the passcode. By clicking once on the dedicated lock button, you can easily lock/unlock it. Besides the keypad, it has the keyway too. In cases of emergencies, you can unlock it with the key.

The lock has both customizable user codes and temporary codes. The temporary codes are for one-time use. It is very beneficial for sharing the passcode. You can share the passcode with friends, family, and guests from anywhere anytime.

This smart lock has an auto-lock feature. The timer can be set to auto-lock the door after a certain time. Even if you forget to lock the door, it will lock itself automatically after that time.

The lock has a sleek and sophisticated design. The structure is made of metal with a satin nickel finish. The contemporary style gives it a classy look.

2. Schlage BE469ZP CAM 619 Connect Smart Deadbolt with Alarm

Key Features

  • It can be connected with the Z-wave automation system.
  • The door can be locked and unlocked from anywhere through a smartphone.
  • Up to 30 codes can be set for guests or temporary use.
  • Futures alarm system in case of security breach and tampering.

Schlage BE469ZP CAM 619 Connect Smart Deadbolt with AlarmThe Schlage is a renowned lock company. It has been giving service for over 95 years now. Its durability in the market states its service quality.

One of the lock collections of the brand is BE469ZP. It is a smart lock system with so many great features. You can install and use it effortlessly.

The product has a Z-wave capability. By connecting the lock with the Z-wave smart home system of your home, you can operate it from anywhere you want. It works with ring, Nexia, wink and even with google assistant and Alexa. The door can be locked or even unlocked with your smartphone.

The device has an alarming system built in it. When an intruder tries to fiddle the lock or tries to break it, the alarm rings to alert everybody.

The lock is powered by batteries. It requires 4AA batteries. The lock comes with the batteries. It gives indications of low power, and it will give alarms to alert you to change the batteries.

Besides the keypad, it has keyhole too for traditional unlocking. At the times of emergencies, you can unlock it with the key.

The product has a very appealing color and design. It adds a beautiful look to the decoration of the main door besides securing the door.

3. Reagle Smart Lock: Works with Siri, iOS and Android

Key Features

  • The lock can be controlled by Reagle App for performing multiple tasks.
  • With the installation of the Home Hub, the device can be controlled by voice command through smartphones.
  • Auto-lock and unlock facility with connected smartphones nearby.
  • Several codes can be set for access sharing.

Reagle Smart Lock for Works with Siri iOS and AndroidReagle is another name that introduces a keyless experience for door unlocking. The brand has great fame in the lock market. It tries to ensure a smart entrance to your home.

This collection of Reagle door lock is a Bluetooth smart keypad deadbolt. You can operate the door lock remotely with a smartphone via Bluetooth connection.

You can make temporary passwords for the lock. It helps in granting limited access to outsiders at home when necessary. Even the code can be shared with others via Reagle app installed on your smartphone.

The app of the lock performs multiple functions to make things even easier for you. You can use it to operate several locks from one place. It gives you the facility to add various access codes with designated names. The locking and unlocking history can be tracked with the app. You can trace which code and who unlocked the door from the history. It can also track the denied accesses including the time.

The lock can be easily integrated with your iPhone or Android phone. You can voice control it using Siri. By means of the voice control system, you can open or close the lock. You need to have the Home Hub in your home to avail the voice assistance feature

4. Medeco 11TR50319 Maxum Residential Single Cylinder Deadbolt

Key Features

  • Easy to use. The traditional system of unlocking via physical keys.
  • No chance of duplication or tampering of keys.
  • Easy installation process with fewer steps and less hassle.
  • Sophisticated in look with strong satin nickel metal body.

Medeco 11TR50319 Maxum Residential Single Cylinder DeadboltMedeco is a maker of traditional deadbolt locks. They make the old-school system locks of very fine quality. The company has a good reputation in the market.

I have picked Medeco 11TR50319 to review here. It is a traditional system-based lock. You are to use physical keys to open it.

The deadbolt has a triple locking feature. It comes with security controlled m3 keyway. The company claimed it is almost impossible to break or destroy the lock. You can fully trust the device.

It is a single cylinder deadbolt. It has the keyhole outside and the turning inside.

The keys of the lock are unique to each lock. There is no chance for your keys to be duplicated. You get 2 keys with every lock. Each key has 5 pins. It can only be replicated with the owner’s permission.

The lock has a sophisticated look. Its design is very modern and updated. With a metal body, it has a satin nickel color. The deadbolt can adjust with any type of door and perfect for the classic settings.

The door lock is very easy to install and requires less hassle than a smart electronic lock. You can easily install it within less than an hour.

5. Oaks Smart Lock: Electronic Front Door Deadbolt for Keyless Access

Key Features

  • The lock can be opened via passcode, fobs, virtual keys, and physical keys.
  • With the protected encryption generation algorithm, the access code can be shared easily and safely.
  • Auto-lock sensitivity offers automatic lock as soon as the sensor is generated.
  • The history of entry logs can be tracked with the Oaks wi-fi bridge.

Oaks Smart Lock For Electronic Front Door Deadbolt for Keyless AccessIn the world of door locks, Oaks Labs has great fame. The brand provides a wide range of quality locks to keep your home safe and secure.

The lock is code generated. You can open the door with keys and fobs. The device can also be unlocked via a smartphone app. Its main purpose is to provide you easy access and ensure high security.

The passcode can be shared with others remotely and safely. With the help of Oaks smart app, you can send virtual keys to your friends and family anywhere and anytime.

You do not need wi-fi or internet for creating codes. You can create it easily with a smartphone and can use or share it with others.

The deadbolt has an auto-lock sensitivity feature. Whether you closed it or not, you do not have to worry; the door will lock itself automatically.

Setting up the device will be very easy for you. It comes with all the necessary components required for the functions of the device. All you need is a screwdriver to mount the lock. And for setting up the functions, a compatible smartphone with Oaks smart lock app installed on it is needed.

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Deadbolt Locks Buying Guide

To buy the best deadbolt locks for your home, you must look for some important features in them. Here are some of the highlighted ones to provide you a guide for buying the best door lock for your home.

Strength of The Lock

A lock is evaluated based on its strength. The stronger the thing, the better it is. Its purpose is to keep your home safe and secure from intruders. Thus, locks need to strong and powerful so that they cannot be broken easily.

When you are in the market buying locks, this is the first fact that you need to keep in your mind. You should look for the ones which have higher strength.

For electronic deadbolts, the password security system must be checked properly. You should see if the password can be cracked easily, or it is really hard to open.

Besides the password, the structure of the device must be assessed too. You should see what the item is made of. You should check if the lock can be damaged easily or not. If the material is light, there is no point in having a highly professional passcode system.

For normal traditional key-based locks, you should go for the physical strength of the lock too. The unlocking mechanism should be assessed to avoid key duplicating issues.


The durability of the lock depends on the structure of the product. The deadbolts are usually made for outside doors. The deadbolt has to stay outside constantly, exposed to any weather prevailing outside. For this, the deadbolts must be weatherproof. No matter what weather it is, the bolt must have the capability to withstand all of it.

When going for buying a deadbolt, it is a very important point that you should keep in mind. Whether the deadbolt is heatproof and cold-proof are important things to know. The durability of the lock depends on this feature. If you buy a lock that cannot stand continuous heat or extreme cold, the lock will get damaged easily.

It is the item that will stay out and guard your home. Now, if the lock itself cannot stand the environment outside, it will be a huge blunder. It will fail to serve its purpose and your home will be at risk.

Backlit Feature

Before buying an electronic deadbolt lock, you must make sure the buttons of its keypad glows. It is a very cool feature and an important part of electronic locks too.

It is because you will not always be unlocking your door during the daytime. It would not be a problem under a bright sunny day. But if there is not enough light around your door at night, you will be in trouble. A backlit feature is added to most of the electronic deadbolts to overcome such issues.

The backlit feature is that, when you press the button from the deadbolt keypad, it glows. The whole keypad glows with enough bright light for you to see the digits properly. Thus the problem of mistyping the password can be avoided.

When you are buying an electronic lock, you should look for this feature and check the visibility of the buttons properly.

Emergency Solutions

You must check what solutions they offer for emergency cases while buying the electronic deadbolts. There will be many incidents when the batteries may run low or you forget your password or other cases when you cannot open the lock. For such emergency incidents, every lock company ensures a protocol to overcome the situation.

The best and easiest way to come out of such a problem is the use of physical keys. When you are locked out and cannot access the lock with your passcode, using the traditional system is the easiest and most effective way. For this reason, you must make sure your deadbolt has this keyway feature while you are buying it. Likewise, you will be risk-free even if you somehow forget your passcode.

There might also be situations when the batteries went low and you do not have the keys with you. At such times, many deadbolt companies offer a solution where you can input energy externally. You can charge up the batteries with any power bank to enter your passwords so that you can easily unlock even when the batteries are down.

For tackling such issues, you can pick a lock that provides easy solutions during emergency cases. Otherwise, you might get in trouble.

Auto-lock System

Sometimes you might forget to lock your door. But it is not a problem for the deadbolts with an auto-lock feature. Not every lock has this facility, so you should be cautious while choosing your lock.

An auto-lock system is a facility that allows the deadbolt to be locked itself. Some locks even come with a timer. You can save the timer to your desired time and leave as it is. Even if you leave the door unlocked, it will be locked itself after the designated time.

It is a very important feature for door locks, and it reduces the risk of leaving the door open. Everybody occasionally has this doubt if they left the door locked or unlocked. But with this interesting feature, you would never have to worry. The lock will do its job itself.

FAQs About Deadbolt Locks

1. Do I need to have wi-fi for operating an electronic deadbolt?

Ans. No, wi-fi is not essential for using the device. However, you will need wi-fi to access various features. Every electric deadbolt lock has its own unique features and necessities. Some deadbolt lock requires wi-fi if you want to access to those facilities.

2. Can any smartphone be used for its installation?

Ans. You can use any type of smartphone for the installation of the lock. The only constraint is that you will need a smartphone. It does not matter what type it is.

3. What will happen if the batteries of the lock die?

Ans. If the batteries of an electric deadbolt die, you do not need to panic. The easiest solution is to use the physical keys.

If you do not have the keys with yourself, you will have to power the device with a power bank; charge up the batteries and unlock the door.

4. Can the electronic deadbolts stand extreme heat or cold outside?

Ans. The deadbolts are made for outside doors. They are built with IP54 capability. The locks are made to withstand extreme heat and cold. So, if you buy a good deadbolt lock, you do not have to worry about heat and cold at all.

Let’s Secure!

Your home is your responsibility. It is your choice to make whether you want your home to be safe and secure or not. I have just shared know-how and you know what to do next. Now it is your decision. Among the five best deadbolt locks which one do you prefer for your home? Let’s pick one and secure the house.

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