Best Masonry Drill Bits of 2021 – Complete Round-up

| Last Updated: October 20, 2022

To drill through concrete, stone, brick, or well, any kind of material, you need a good masonry drill bit. Masonry drill bits look like regular twist drill bits but have an additional insert to provide cutting edges for better durability.5

In order to get an in-depth insight into how masonry drill bits differ from one another and which ones will suit you best, let's go over some more details.

Comparison of the Best Masonry Drill Bits

  • Has a four flute design for efficient drilling
  • Has a tip made of rock carbide for longevity
  • Best overall for use in masonry and drilling in bricks
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  • Has thickened tips to make it stronger
  • Made of tough and hard cemented carbide
  • Runner-up that comes in sets of five or ten, with different drill bit sizes
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  • Best for the money
  • Has a hard YG8 Carbide tip for high impact and rounder holes
  • Has a spiral shank to maximize cutting speed and avoid slippage
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  • Best extra long masonry drill bits
  • Has an extra-long, 12-inch body for better stability
  • Features a universal shank which can be securely held in any power drill
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  • Best masonry drill bits for impact driver
  • Has a robust carbide tip for fast and impactful drilling
  • Has hex shanks which can be used in impactors and hammer drill machines
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  • Best hex shank masonry drill bit set
  • Coated with titanium for longer durability
  • 1/4th-inch hex shank easily compatible with most power drills
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  • Best diamond-tipped masonry drill bit
  • Set comes with ten pieces of various sizes
  • Use range includes jade, metal, gemstones, pearls, etc
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Can Any Drill Bit Be Used For Masonry? 

Using a drill bit not fit for its actual purpose can lead to unsatisfactory and sometimes adverse effects. Using something other than a drill bit for masonry can damage your bit and cause it to break, causing you to make a costly mistake. For example, in order to cut through concrete and brick and other such tough materials, it is essential that you use a drill bit or else you won't only be unsuccessful in your drilling process, but will also end up breaking your bit because of the material it is made of. 

What Size of Drill Bit Do I Need?

In order to get the ideal drill bit size, you need to determine your purpose of drilling and the screw’s size. This can be done with the help of a drilling chart that matches appropriate drill bit sizes according to the screw sizes.

If you choose a drill bit that’s smaller than the one you need, you'll risk the chance of cracking and damaging the wood once the screw is in place. On the other hand, if you choose a bit that’s too large, the screw will probably not be able to grip the wood. The drill bit should only be a bit small in size than the screw to ensure optimal screwing purposes.

What Makes a Great Masonry Drill Bit?

Selecting the perfect drill bit can get confusing. Before we get into depth about our top picks, let's highlight what features you need to look into when surveying the market and making your final decision. 

Type of Masonry Job

When looking for a drill bit, think of the task you want to perform with it. If you are working on extremely hard surfaces like concrete, it is best not to opt for drill bits that are too long or flimsy as they could break or bend upon use. Also, look up whether your drill bit is prone to overheating.


The material of the bit is a vital feature as it determines its strength and durability. There are several materials manufacturers use, from different kinds of steel to tungsten carbide. Low carbon steel is good for many surfaces but not for tougher ones like brick and concrete. High carbon steel is more robust and is better at heat resistance. But when opting for this material, ensure it is coated to prevent corrosion and rust. Tungsten carbide is the ideal material of choice for masonry work as it the toughest and most durable. 

Compatibility With the Power Drill

Not every drill bit works with every kind of power drilling machine. Pay special attention to the power drill you're using and what bits will work with it. It's best to go for a universal drill bit as that would work with most power drills. 


Masonry drill bits come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 3 mm to about 1.5 inches. The size you need to choose depends on the size of your hole and how deep you want to drill it.

Review of the Best Masonry Drill Bits

Now that you have an overview of what a drill bit is and what features to look for, let's go over our top picks to make your shopping even easier.

Best Overall:
DEWALT DW5207 7 Piece Premium Percussion Masonry Drill Bit Set

DEWALT Masonry Drill Bit Set, Percussion, Concrete & Block, 7-Piece (DW5207)


  • Precise and has great longevity 
  • Compatible with many different power drilling machines
  • Built to be quite strong and is perfect for drilling rough surfaces
  • Rock carbide tip increases carbide surface contact so that the bit lasts long
  • Has an enlarged flute to prevent debris from mounting up inside the hole while drilling


  • Can get heated up if used for long
  • Some customers received their package with missing drill bits
  • Comes in a plastic cover which could cause the smaller drill bits to bend if too much pressure is applied 

What Recent Buyers Report

Users are highly pleased with the DeWalt DW5207 drill bit set and find it to be of great quality. They have been able to drill through walls made of brick mortar like a hot knife cutting through butter. It is strong and precise, makes clean holes without accumulation of debris, and has fulfilled its users' needs so far. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

DeWalt always assures high quality, durable products, and this one is no different. Living up to its promise, DeWalt has created a strong drill bit set, ideal for all kinds of masonry and concrete drilling. The drill bits are robust and can survive through the most rugged surfaces without cracking or breaking.

Who Would Use This Most

The DeWalt DW5207 drill bit set is a universal set that works with many different drilling machines. Due to its durability and strength, it can be used for drilling through the toughest of materials.

Bottom Line

If you're looking for a long-lasting, durable drill bit, DeWalt offers some great sets. They have great longevity due to the rock carbide tip and drill accurate holes smoothly. A highly efficient tool, the DeWalt DW5207 performs marvelously. It is a great purchase and will do the job for you. 

EANINNO Concrete Drill Bit Set

5 Piece Concrete Drill Bit Set, German Material Carbide Masonry Drill Bits for Concrete/Ceramic Tile/Brick/Wall/Plastic/Wood/Glass, Twist Tip Bit Tool by Eaninno (6 6 8 10 12mm)


  • Made of carbide and is resistant to rust
  • Made of German imported high-quality steel
  • Has three flats on the shank to prevent from slipping into the chuck
  • Will not corrode for a long time as it has a special coating against it
  • Versatile usage for drilling into concrete, brick and mainly for masonry


  • Requires cooling with water from time to time
  • Can overheat if used repeatedly without any breaks
  • Some users believe it takes too much time to drill into the surface

What Recent Buyers Report

Users found this drill bit to perform par their expectations. It is able to pierce holes through brick, cement, and even magnetic tiles, with very little pressure exerted. It has lasted its users a long time; for some, it's still going after fifty or so holes. All in all, buyers highly recommend this drill bit set.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Eaninno is a renowned brand that offers high-quality products, amongst which one of them is the drill bit set. Crafted in Germany with carbide steel, these bits are stronger and more durable than many others in the market. They are treated against rust and feature thickened tips and smooth openings to drill accurate holes efficiently. 

Who Would Use This Most

The Eaninno drill bit set is extremely versatile and is not only limited for use in masonry but is also capable of drilling holes into cement, concrete, brick, etc. It has a brown hue to hide long hours of wear and dirt, so if you're not too particular about cleanliness, you would perhaps like these drill bits.   

Bottom Line

This drill bit set is an excellent tool for masonry. At the price it comes at, it has high quality, and its performance is unbeatable. Users have had an excellent experience with it and are highly pleased with their purchase. If you're looking for something durable, this one is an excellent choice. 

Best for the Money:
COMOWARE Masonry Drill Bit Set 7pcs Carbon Steel Carbide Tip Drills

COMOWARE Concrete Drill Bit -7pcs Masonry Drill Bit Set Carbon Steel Carbide Tip Triangle Shank Best for Brick, Masonry, Concrete, Rock, Ceramic Tile, Cement, 3/16'-1/2'


  • Resistant to rust as it is sandblast treated
  • Spiral shank increase the speed of the drill 
  • Flexible and can be used with many different materials
  • Anti-slip triangle handle prevents the drill bit from slipping 
  • Has a customized and one-of-a-kind two-flute design to keep the bit running smoothly and for dust removal


  • Packaging can be improved
  • Size selection could be better according to some customers

What Recent Buyers Report

Users found the drill bit to work very well. It got their job done in a matter of seconds, no matter what material they drilled into. Plus, they were pleasantly surprised by this product. It worked better than advertised and find it to be great value for the price. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Even at such a low price, Comoware has not compromised on the quality of the drill bit. Constructed uniquely, it has the perfect design to meet various drilling needs. The upgraded two-flute design ensures the removal of dust whilst drilling, whereas the spiral shank increases the impact on the surface and increases the drilling speed. 

Who Would Use This Most

The Comoware masonry drill bit set is considered to be the best value for money and one of the most versatile drill bits on the market. It serves a diverse range of drilling bit needs and can pierce through any wall, be it concrete, brick, ceramic, plastic, stone, etc. Users would love it for any kind of masonry. 

Bottom Line

If you have a constrained budget and are looking for a drill bit that does it all at an economical price, the Comoware masonry drill bit set beats all others. Rust-resistant and made from high-quality steel, it is capable of serving anyone's needs efficiently.

Best Extra Long Masonry Drill Bits:
Neiko 10047A 12" Extra Long Drill Bit Set

NEIKO 10047A Extra Long Drill Bit Set | 5-Piece | M2 HSS Steel | 12-Inch Length | 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, and 3/8-Inch


  • Has pointed tips to drill sharper and more accurate holes 
  • Offers different sizes of drill bits to meet everyone's needs
  • Can drill into PVC, plastic, wood and is suitable for masonry
  • Shank is designed in a way that it speeds up the drilling process
  • Extra length provides the drill bit with added stability and balance


  • Quite thin hence can break up
  • Some users claim these to be too flimsy
  • Can bend if too much pressure is exerted

What Recent Buyers Report

Users found the drill bits to satisfy their needs. Longer drill bits are usually constructed for drilling deeper into any surfaces, and these are the best ones for the purpose. People have used it to drill into wood, plastic, and PVC. They have a sturdy body and a sharp tip to suit one's needs fully. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Paying 5% of what you'd pay for a big retail box, the Neiko 10047A 12" extra-long drill bit set is an excellent tool that gets the job done. We love how Neiko has created the extra length for drilling deeper holes and to ensure stability. The tip is really sharp and effective, which is something valued in any drill set.

Who Would Use This Most

The Neiko 10047A 12" extra-long drill bit set is very versatile and can be used for wood, PVC, plastic, metal, and many different materials. The main purpose is to drill deeper holes because of the extra length. It's more appropriate for a homeowner who wants to do some drilling around the house. 

Bottom Line

The unbeatable price of this drill bit set makes it an ideal choice for small chores around the house. It's quite handy for beginners and works seamlessly due to its sharp tip and perfectly constructed shank. Users are satisfied with this product and would surely recommend it to others.

Best Masonry Drill Bits for Impact Driver:
Bosch IMC500 5 Piece Impact MultiConstruction Drill Bit Set

BOSCH IMC500 5-Piece Impact MultiConstruction Drill Bit Set


  • Usually used with hammer drills
  • Robust especially due to the carbide tip
  • Drill bits come in different sizes for added versatility
  • Can drill into the toughest of materials like cement and brick too
  • Flute is designed to be steep to prevent accumulation of debris in the hole


  • Tips often wear out too soon
  • Overheats if used for prolonged periods of time
  • Holes are sometimes larger than the diameter of the drill bit, suggesting that it could be due to excessive vibration

What Recent Buyers Report

What users love most about this set is how fast they get the job done. The quality is outstanding, and the drill bits work perfectly fine for masonry. It's great for the price and offers great versatility. Because of these reasons, users highly recommend this to others.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Bosch has created versatility, longevity, and brilliant quality, all in one, in this single product. It is extremely convenient to use and is constructed with attention to detail. The hex shank and carbide tip increase the strength of the tool and allow it to last longer than other drill bits. It also gives the tool a sharp ground cutting edge.

Who Would Use This Most

These drill bits go well with impactors and hammer drilling machines. They are mostly for household use to hang up a few things or minor repairs here and there. It is not recommended to use this with high pressure or long periods of time since it can bend otherwise or overheat.

Bottom Line

If you have had to deal with broken bits and frustration in the past, go for this Bosch drill bit set. It is ideal for household work and use with hammer and impactor operation. This multi-functional set can be the answer to all your problems, so don't sleep on it!

Best Hex Shank Masonry Drill Bits:
COMOWARE Titanium Impact Drill Bit Set

COMOWARE Titanium Impact Drill Bit Set - 30 Pcs Hex Shank HSS, Quick Change Design, 1/16'-1/2'


  • Two flute design reduces friction
  • Unique cutting edge is sharp and precise
  • Offers quick change adapter to better quick change of the bit
  • Offers a wide variety of sizes in the set: there are about thirty different pieces
  • Titanium coating gives it a smooth finish and helps it last longer without corrosion


  • Can break if too much pressure is exerted
  • Prone to wobbling in the drill machine sometimes
  • Some customers have complained of receiving crooked drill bits

What Recent Buyers Report

Users find the drill bits sturdy and strong. They drill through any kind of metal or wood really easily, just like butter. The drill bit is fast and delivers high-speed performance. Users appreciate the hex shank as it prevents slipping and can fit into many power drills. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Whether it's artificial stone or brick, this drill bit can pierce any material. The tungsten coating not only prevents it from corrosion and rust but also gives it a beautiful finish. The cutting edge is hard and ensures precise countersinking and accumulation of debris. 

Who Would Use This Most

Since the drill bit is one of the strongest on the market, it is versatile enough for household work and for professionals as well. It durable and can drill into the toughest of materials, making it suitable for various projects. It's a little pricier than other drill bits on the market, but it has a lot to offer. 

Bottom Line

If you're willing to invest in a high-quality drill bit, the Comoware Titanium Impact Drill Bit Set is absolutely worth your money. The tungsten coating makes it one of the strongest and most durable rust-resistant drill bits on the market. They come in a thirty piece set to fulfill every drilling need!

Best Diamond Tipped Masonry Drill Bits:
Yosoo 10Pcs DMD Diamond Tipped Drill Bit Set

Yosoo 10Pcs DMD Diamond Tipped Drill Bit Set Twist Drill Bits for Glass Tile Stone 0077


  • Good value for the price
  • Can drill through shell if used at a slow speed
  • Offers many different sizes of bits for greater versatility 
  • Has a sharp tip for drilling perfectly round holes in a short time
  • Hardest drill bits on the market as they are tipped with diamond


  • Cannot drill through walls packed with flint
  • Not the most efficient choice for use with cement

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers are highly impressed with the diamond tip as it has ensured maximum sharpness and hardness. They offer ten different sizes, so there's something to use for everyone. Overall, users find this one of the most efficient drill bits on the market and are pleased with their purchase. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The diamond tip is an excellent addition to these drill bits, which is what we like the most. This feature makes them durable and strong enough to pierce through different gemstones too. This multi-purpose drill bit allows for great versatility and convenient use. 

Who Would Use This Most

Since this set includes ten different sizes, anyone could find what they're looking for with this. The drill bit is tough and can be used for multiple different purposes, making its application highly versatile. 

Bottom Line

For a highly efficient drill bit set, Yosoo has kept the price relatively reasonable. This set is a great steal, and you don't want to miss out on its strength, durability, and versatility. It is robust and can work with many different power drills, ensuring you'll have a great experience using it. 

Cautious Considerations to Keep in Mind

By now, we have analyzed that in order to drill through tough surfaces like concrete, we need a good masonry drill bit to do the job. Before you go shopping, you need to keep a few considerations in mind. Let's go over them one by one. 

Quality and Value For Money 

This must be vital on your checklist when looking for a masonry drill bit. There is no use of spending your money on a tool that would break or bend if used in masonry since this task requires drilling into tough surfaces. Compromising on quality can be frustrating in the long run and a waste of money. Invest in good quality tools that will not only do the job, but also last you a long time and give you your value for the money.

Proper Research

Do thorough research and survey the market before making your purchase. Most importantly, check whether the drill bits are compatible with the power drilling machine you own. Read what buyers have to say about their experience. Often at times, the product is excellent; however, the service of the supplier gives a distasteful experience to the user. 


Everyone has a different budget. When reading review articles, keep your budget in mind, so you know what you're getting for your money. Almost all the drill bits we've included in this review are budget-friendly, so hopefully, you won't encounter this issue when purchasing.


To sum it up, drilling into masonry is not a walk in the park. It requires specialized tools without which things can go awry. With the DIY culture prevalent now, our review can play an important role in helping homeowners and professionals alike in deciding what to purchase and what would suit them. We took extra care that every tool we mentioned in this article was amongst the best of the best, so we hope to have gotten your shopping all sorted!

People Also Ask

Last but not least, let's go over some questions that are probably still in your mind. There might be some unanswered queries in this article that you want to know more about! So let's get into them.

Do I Need a Masonry Drill Bit For Brick?

The simple answer to this question is yes. Brick is a tough material, and drilling into it requires a good quality masonry drill bit. The correct size and material of the drill bit need to be paid attention to. It should also be compatible with a hammer drill since that is the ideal choice for drilling into brick.

Can You Use a Masonry Drill Bit With a Regular Drill?

Ideally, it is advisable to use a masonry drill bit with a hammer drill. However, if your drill bit fits into the chuck of a regular drill, it's good to go. Just make sure you have some water nearby since the drill bit can overheat.

Can Masonry Drill Bit Be Used On Metal?

Cutting through metal requires a special drill bit; hence, masonry drill bits are ideal for this purpose. It should be coated with titanium or made of cobalt to drill efficiently since they are harder, more durable, and last longer.

How Can You Tell if a Drill Bit is Masonry?

There is a specific procedure to tell whether a drill bit is masonry. Lay the drill bit flat and run your thumb over it. Look for sharp and pointy tips and cutaways that lead down to the spiral of the bit. Masonry bits also have an arrowhead-shaped tip or a much sharper bullet tip than other drill bits. 

Do Masonry Drill Bits Go Blunt?

Some masonry drill bits do have the unfortunate ability to go blunt if not cared for properly. This can be due to excess pressure being applied to them or using a higher speed setting than the drill bit can withstand.