Cobalt vs Titanium Drill Bits – 2021 Review

| Last Updated: June 29, 2021

Learning proper use of tools is a handy investment. By doing simple and easy tasks around your home, you can not only become proficient in skills that will come in handy in life, but you can also save money by avoiding paying someone to perform these tasks for you. However, it can be daunting to figure out where to begin.

If you are moving into a new house, what are the tools that you will need? A drill is a versatile tool that will make it easy for you to complete a number of projects. However, there are different drill bits to select from. Here we will talk about the two most common drill bits - cobalt and titanium.    

Cobalt and titanium are both used for a lot of similar jobs. So, how do you pick which one to use? Read on as we help you select the best one.

Comparison Chart of the Best Cobalt and Titanium Drill Bits

  • Best Cobalt Drill Bits
  • Wide range of drill sizes included in the set
  • You get 29 drill bits included with this drill bit set
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  • Best Titanium Drill Bits
  • Comes equipped with a titanium pilot point
  • Tapered web included with bits for much better durability
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What Are Cobalt Drill Bits and What Are Cobalt Drill Bits Used For?

Cobalt drill bits are very popular because of their tough steel design; however, they are more than that. In addition to high-speed steel, they feature five and eight percent cobalt in their design, thus making them highly efficient and capable of withstanding a lot of abuse and applications. As a result, they are the primary choice when drilling through hard materials. Cobalt drill bits ensure that you get through materials quicker and easier where other standard bits fail.  

Another great thing about cobalt drill bits is that they are highly resistant. They are capable of enduring hot temperatures without breaking or shattering. Moreover, sharpening them in case they get dull is not a problem.

What Are the Different Qualities of Cobalt Drill Bits?

Cobalt drill bits are highly efficient and are ideal for working with hard metals. Dealing with cast iron or stainless steel is not a problem for them, either. Moreover, they are durable and can be sharpened many times before being replaced. 

What Are Titanium Drill Bits and What Are Titanium Drill Bits Used for?

The core of titanium drill bits is made from high-speed steel with an exterior coating of Titanium-Nitride. They are ideal for working on plastic, wood, and soft metals, such as aluminum or magnesium. The Titanium-Nitride or TiN coating helps reduce friction which, in turn, decreases the chances of high heat production, thus ensuring the durability of these bits.  

In addition, these bits work well with harder types of wood, including knotted wood, copper, brass, steel, and PVC. Moreover, they work well in metal cutting machines and help to drill precise holes.  

Cobalt vs. Titanium Drill Bit Similarities and Differences

Although cobalt and titanium drill bits are used for a number of similar applications, it is their differences that make them suitable for a particular project. Here’s a rundown of their similarities and differences to make things clearer. 

Cobalt and Titanium Drill Bit Similarities

The similarities between the two drill bits are as follows:

Dissipating Heat

Both cobalt and titanium are made from metal and do an excellent job of dissipating heat, thus protecting your bits or materials from damage.  

Cobalt and Titanium Drill Bit Differences

The most notable differences between titanium and cobalt drill bits are:


Titanium bits are coated with titanium nitrate, or titanium carbonitride, which comes in bluish-gray or gold color. These coatings, while increasing the strength of these bits, prevent excessive wear and tear when operating at high speeds. Meanwhile, cobalt drill bits do not have any coating. They are made with cobalt and steel alloy, with the former enhancing the overall bit strength and preventing it from becoming too hot.   

Sharpening the Bits

Using the bits regularly can cause them to become dull, and you will have to sharpen them in order to ensure their efficient use. It is important to be careful when sharpening titanium bits as they have a coating you might rub off when you use a sharpener to maintain their top shape. 

There’s no coating on cobalt drill bits; therefore, there is no risk of any coating stripping away when sharpening. Consequently, they may have a longer life span as compared to their titanium counterpart. 

Compatible Materials 

Both titanium and cobalt drill bits work with plastic, metal, wood, and other materials. However, the former is a much better choice when working with softer materials, while the latter works best with tough materials like cast iron and other particularly abrasive materials. 

Top Pick Between Cobalt and Titanium Drill Bit

So, which drill bit will be right for you? After discussing the merits of both these drill bits, we can see that cobalt drill bits are ideal for heavy-duty procedures. Their high resistance and durability make it easier to drill through most materials. Titanium drill bits, on the other hand, are not highly durable but provide excellent performance throughout their lifespan.    

Which is Better, Cobalt or Titanium Drill Bits?

Investing in the right drill bits is essential to successfully complete your project. Make sure that you keep your project details in mind when checking the drill bits’ specifications so that you get the ones that are best suited to the job. Otherwise, you may spend money on a product that may not be suitable for you. 

Overview of Our Favorite Cobalt and Titanium Drill Bits

Drill bits are an essential addition to your toolbox. Here we have reviewed our favorite cobalt and titanium drill bits to help you understand the difference between the two:

Best Cobalt Drill Bits:
Drill America DWD29J-CO-PC Drill Bit Set

Drill America - DWD29J-CO-PC 29 Piece M35 Cobalt Drill Bit Set in Round Case (1/16' - 1/2' X 64ths), DWDCO Series


  • Includes 29 jobber length drill bits
  • Cobalt steel ensures extended tool life
  • Come in a container with a lid for convenient storage
  • Gold oxide finish keeps the bits lubricated while drilling
  • Does not require a pilot hole as the split point starts drilling immediately


  • Etchings on the sizes can be hard to read

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers have used these drill bits to drill through various materials, including aluminum, steel, and other metals, and have reported that they have worked like a hot knife through butter. They come spirally organized in a small canister, which makes them not only easy to locate but also easy to replace in their labeled slots. 

These drill bits are sharp and virtually leave no burr. Recent buyers are highly satisfied with these and recommend them for all craftsmen and woodworkers who require multiple drill bits at hand.   

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Drill America drill bit set is a highly durable set that is highly resistant to wear and tear and heat. This 29-piece set is constructed from cobalt steel and is coated in gold oxide for self-lubrication and extra heat resistance. We are particularly impressed with its high quality and excellent performance as it bores through the most abrasive materials with complete ease and without suffering any damage.  

Another great thing about these drill bits is the convenient carry case, which comes with an ingenious clip that you can hang on your work belt for ease of use. The 29 drill bits range in size from 1/16-inch to 1/64-inch increments, thus making it easier to work on a variety of materials. 

Bottom Line

All in all, this set consists of 29 pieces of various sizes. It comes in a convenient carry case fitted with a handle that you can hang easily on your belt for hands-free operation. These bits are water and rust-resistant and shatterproof, adding to their durability.  

Best Titanium Drill Bits:
Dewalt DW1361 Drill Bit Set

DEWALT Titanium Nitride Coated Drill Bit Set, Pilot Point, 21-Piece (DW1361)


  • Starts on contact for efficient drilling
  • No-spin shanks help prevent slipping
  • Includes a number of sizes in a tough case
  • Durable bits with high resistance to breaking
  • One-piece solid design crafted with titanium for a long life


  • May not be suitable for heavy-duty use

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers find it nice that there are two units of a single size in a box in case you break one. They are not very expensive and are ideal for do-it-yourself projects. Moreover, by keeping them oiled, buyers were able to prevent them from dulling.  

Why it Stands Out to Us

Designed with heavy-duty titanium, the Dewalt drill bit set is durable and long-lasting. The bits drill quickly and are ideal for drilling light-gauge metals. In addition, they do an excellent job of dissipating heat build-up. If you are working with wood, plastic, and soft metal, then these drill bits are for you. 

Another great thing about this drill set is that the titanium pilot point tip creates less friction, thus ensuring a smooth entry into the workpiece. As a result, the bits can be used on fiberglass as well as PVC. They start on contact; therefore, you do not have to apply too much pressure and just let the tool do most of the work.     

Bottom Line

Producing clean, accurate holes, these drill bits are highly resistant to corrosion. They ensure reduced friction between them and the material being drilled for instant startups. The pilot point tips resist walking and are more efficient in drilling clean holes.  


Both cobalt or titanium drill bits are a great addition to your toolkit. If you are not going to be using your drill bits regularly, then titanium-coated bits are a good option as they do not cost much, are tough enough to withstand some DIY projects, and they work better on softer materials. 

However, if you want something that will last you a long time, then you should invest in cobalt drill bits. You can sharpen them again and again without worrying about their durability. Moreover, they are able to keep cool when drilling through metal. 

People Also Ask

Before choosing the right type of drill bits, it is best to have complete knowledge about them. Answers to the following questions will give you a much better understanding of these tools:  

Will Cobalt Drill Hardened Steel?

Cobalt drill bits have five to eight percent cobalt blended into the base material, which makes them perfect for drilling into hardened steel.  

Can Titanium Drill Bits Drill Through Steel?

Titanium drill bits are coated with titanium oxide, which makes them good for drilling through any metal, including steel. 

Which Drill Bit is Better For Drilling Metal, Titanium or Cobalt or Black Oxide?

Titanium drill bits are coated with titanium nitride, which makes it easy for them to penetrate tough materials. Cobalt drill bits are able to withstand very high drilling temperatures. They are particularly designed for drilling abrasive and very hard materials. Black oxide drill bits are made with a heat treatment process that lowers friction between the workpiece and drill bit, thus providing them with a longer life than the traditional HSS bits. 

Are Cobalt Drill Bits Stronger Than Titanium?

Cobalt drill bits have cobalt in their base material, which makes them more durable than titanium drill bits.

Can Titanium Drill Bits Be Used on Metal?

Titanium drill bits can last longer than HSS drill bits and can be used on any metal, including metal sheeting.