8 Best Front Door Locks Reviews | Top Picks Of 2021

| Last Updated: October 29, 2020

Best Front Door Locks ReviewsDid you know that in the US, break-ins are happening every 23 seconds, as suggested by a survey in 2017?

And, we all know that in recent years, the numbers must have increased not only in the US but throughout the world. So, we hope you understand how important it is to have a first-class lock system.

However, finding the best can be harder than you think. But, with our article, the tricky becomes easy! Here we have provided you with some of the best front door locks in the world. And, we assure you that these masterpieces will never fail you!

Best Front Door Locks Reviews 2020

We understand that finding the best locks can be as tough as looking for a black cat in a coal cellar. And, to reduce that issue for you, here are eight of the top locks in the market!

1. Prodigy SmartLock Commercial Grade Door Lock with RFID Keyless Entry

Highlighted Features
  • Allows you to enter your home without any key
  • Comes with a backup keyhole just in case the system malfunctions
  • Made from highly durable material that can withstand any condition
  • Has the ability to withstand the effects of water and other liquids
  • The products dimensions and pre-provided screws and templates grants a simple installation

Prodigy SmartLock MaxSecure Interconnect Commercial Grade LockDo you forget to grab your keys, or have the tendency of misplacing them? Then buy the Prodigy Smartlock and free yourself from the hassle of keys! The lock provides you key-less entrances and, we guarantee that it is going to keep your homes safe from intrusions.

The device comes with 12 highly-responsive keys and with 400 programmable user codes. Thus, allowing you to enter your home by just inputting the right key code. Plus, it contains an RFD keycard or sticker, which lets you enter with a particular card. And, a just-in-case keyhole as a backup.

And, the lock ensures maximum security for your home! The locks are constructed from extra durable and sturdy material, which makes sure no thug can break-in. Also, the locks are built to withstand the harshest of temperatures and conditions, thus, making it virtually unbreakable and impossible for thugs to get in.

Furthermore, the device is quite easy to install! Its dimensions of 2-3/8-inch backset are quite effortless to install. After installation, all you have to do is set up a code and never worry about keys again. Besides, the 4-AA batteries (preinstalled) will last for at least an entire year before you need to change them.

Next, the swift functionalities provide you instant entrances and unlocking of the house. That is because of the integrated system of the lock that efficiently and quickly processes the code and grants you entry. Lastly, the stylish look of this masterpiece will mix and charm your house’s outlook flawlessly!

2. SCHLAGE FE469NXLAT Door Lock with Built-In Alarm and Handleset Grip

Highlighted Features
  • Universal-fit features offer swift installation of the device
  • Compatible with almost Z-wave home automation systems
  •  The device is a grade-1 lock, which is a great plus for the lock
  • Comes with three alert modes that will notify you of the threat
  • Each member of the family or your acquaintances or business partner gets their own key pass

SCHLAGE FE469NXLAT Deadbolt LockSCHLAGE FE469NXLAT Deadbolt LockIf you are looking for the best smart door locks for your home, then you have reached your destination, my friend! We present to you the FE469NX-LAT-619-CEN from Schlage. Well, the model might sound bizarre, however, once you check out all the excellent features that the device has to offer, you will fall in love with it.

The smart Satin Nickel color of the device ensures will match the appearance of your home. Apart from the looks, the thing offers smooth installation and allows you to use the lock right after you have fixed it on your door.

However, these are not the only attractive parts of owning this gem. The lock features Z-wave compatibility and lets it connect with your home automation system and lets you control the lock through a phone or the web. Hence, granting you full control of your house’s security in the palm of your hand.

Plus, the touchscreen is print-resistant so, there is no possibility of the touchscreen becoming foggy. And, the touchscreen illuminates when being used, hence, reducing the chances of you making a mistake while using the product. Moreover, each of the members can be granted their unique entrance code with the item.

Besides, the lock is stated to be a grade-1 lock system, which is the grade given to the best locks in the market. So, we can tell you that you will be having the best!

Furthermore, the device comes with 3- alarms (activity, tamper, and forced entry) and will also send you a notification on your phone. Therefore, we assure you that your house is safe in the hands of this gem.

3. Kwikset 989180-001 Single Cylinder Handleset Front Door Lock with SmartKey Security

Highlighted Features
  • The components are made from heavy-duty material
  • Everything will be provided on the day of purchase
  • Assures effortless installation and a perfect fit for all devices
  • Prevents unwanted intrusion with utmost ease
  • Sleek looks will surely compliment the outlooks of your home

Kwikset 989180-001 Front Door LockLocks can indeed be expensive and, if it is from a known brand, then the prices can catapult to a different level. But, if you want to stick to a lock that guarantees excellent performances and maintains the safety of your premise, then going for something a tad bit pricy is not a very bad idea.

Conventional locks and smart locks are usually bulky, but this one comes with slim and sleek ergonomics. Thus, making it a remarkable extension to your home. Plus, the Venetian Bronze look of the device makes is going to catch the eyes of guests almost instantly.

Apart from remarkable looks, the lock’s performance is world-class. It has been certified as a grade-1 lock by ANSI, which is only given to locks with the highest quality. It also features a smart key, which allows you to get inside without wasting a single second and prevents any unwanted intrusion.

Also, unlike any other locks, installing the device is a stress-free task. You can adjust the screws that suit your door the most and gives you the best installation experience. Besides, on the day of purchase, all the necessary accessories will be provided, so you don’t have to buy anything else separately.

4. WeJupit V8 Keyless Entry Door Lock with Electronic Keypads

Highlighted Features
  • Comes with 4-AA batteries that will grant you usage for up to a year at least
  • Allows effortless and uncomplicated installation
  • The lock is a three in one smart lock system (fingerprint, keypad, and basic key entrances)
  • Made from heavy-duty stainless-steel material
  • Can save up to 400 separate fingerprints

WeJupit V8 Keyless Entry Door LockWeJupit is a fantastic brand if you are looking for a top-notch lock system for your home. And, their V8 Door Lock can be titled as one of the best fingerprint door locks in the market.

Are you wondering why we are regarding this in such high regard? Well, it comes with an intricate fingerprint system. So, with this one, there is no chance of someone copying your key code and getting inside your home.

Additionally, the system is efficient in reading your fingerprints and will give you instant access. The system contains a high-quality semiconductor, which is 2 or 2.5 times quicker and more reliable than conventional optical fingerprint sensors. And, it stores up to 200 prints (195 guests for one-time use and 10 administrative).

Aside from that, the device provides you with two other entrance methods. One is the key code and the back-up key spot at the bottom. So, in short, ensures that your homes, safety is never compromised.

Now coming to the construction of it, the device is made from top-quality stainless steel, which gives the device extraordinary durability. Furthermore, the construction of the device makes it impervious to rust, dents, temperatures, etc. In short, the device is highly reliable and ensures the security of your vicinity.

Besides, installing the thing is uncomplicated. Its dimensions and lightweight feature enable you to fit it in your home in a couple of minutes. Also, it comes with 4-AA batteries that are quite long-lasting.

5. Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint and Touchscreen Smart Lock

Highlighted Features
  • Comes with five different ways of access, including a backup key
  • Offers effortless installation in no time
  • Made from heavy-duty material that guarantees protection from intrusion
  • Can be purchased at an affordable pricing

Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint and Touchscreen Smart LockHaving a dependable lock system is mandatory if you want to certify the safety of your home. That is why we recommend that you check out the Ultaloq UL3 Smart Lock. The lock provides you all the amazing features that you would want from a smart lock at very affordable pricing.

The lock is a 5-in-1 lock, meaning you can unlock it via fingerprint, key code, smartphone, knock-to-open, and the usual key. By the way, the knock to open feature will only work on the administrates phone and, you would have to shake or knock on your phone to open.

And, with the Bluetooth compatibility, it lets you control the access via your phone. In short, you have full control in the palm of your hands. However, if the lock malfunctions and none of the four entrance methods work, then you can always use the backup key to get in.

The premium steel used in its making gives it exceptional durability and ensures to keep your home safe from any intrusions.

And finally, installing the lock on your door is a pretty straightforward task and requires a couple of minutes to install.

6. Manhaoya B083DMXR2F Smart Door Lock with Mechanical Keys Auto Lock Alarm

Highlighted Features
  • Offers quick and uncomplicated installation
  • Allows you to control and unlock the door via your smartphone
  • Contains 4-in-1 entrance option, which is superb
  • Made from top-quality silicone and zinc which prevents forced entry
  • Comes with an auto-lock system, in case you forgot to lock the door

Manhaoya B083DMXR2F Smart Door LockIf you are moving heaven and earth to find an A-grade smart lock system for your home, then this is it! This product by Manhaoya is one of their best so far, and here is why. The lock is a work of art with a 4-in-1 entrance system, meaning you can enter your home via key card, code, backup key, and WIFI.

Also, because of the WIFI option, you get to control the device from anywhere using your mobile or laptop. So, you can allow guests in your home from your office with ease.

You don’t have to worry about lock’s battery dying at the most inconvenient time. It is installed with a powerful battery that guarantees that the lock is operating and provides you with 10000 openings in total. Moreover, in case the battery dies, you can still open it with your phone.

And, if there is something wrong with your phone, the hidden keyhole allows you to use the backup key. In addition to these, the product comes with a heavy-duty and tough construction, which gives you the assurance you need. Thus, the chances of an offender getting in your home are quite slim.

7. Berlin Modishc Full Escutcheon Front Door lock and HandleSet

Highlighted Features
  • Assures quick and effortless installation
  • You can install the lock on both left or right side of the door
  • Robust build and top-notch performance reduce forced intrusions
  • Has a fine black finish, which mixes utterly with most of the modern doors
  • Extremely versatile, as it can be installed in all types of doors

Berlin Modishc Deadbolt Lock with HandlesDo not trust the smart locks? Well, if you don’t, then the Berlin Modishc is ideal for you! Besides, the price of the product is quite reasonable, which might make you want this item even more.

Even if the lock is under 150 dollars, the look says otherwise. The sleek design of the product makes it a must-have item. The iron black gives it a pleasant and aesthetic finish, which we are quite confident that you might want for your home’s door.

Moving on from the design, the device guarantees super protection for your home. The lock contains a sturdy and durable construction that reduces the chances of safe entry.

Next, installing the masterpiece in your home is also hassle-free, and you can get it done in no time.

A good feature of this is that it has reversible handles and doorknobs, which will permit you to install it on the left and right-handed door easily.

8. Hornbill Smart Lock Keyless Entry Door Locks

Highlighted Features
  • Comes with a powerful battery that provides it with a long battery life
  • Can be effortlessly installed in your home’s door within 20 minutes
  • Made from highly tough and durable material
  • The device is a 4-in-1 lock

Hornbill Smart Lock Keyless Entry Deadbolt Door LocksNothing is more important than keeping your and your home’s security intact, even if it comes with a big price tag. This particular unit that we are going to talk about has been released recently and has several perks that are going to sweep you off your feet.

Firstly, the locks are made from Zinc-alloy, which makes the device dent-proof, waterproof, weather-proof, and ensures to keep your home safe from any threats.

Secondly, the lock allows you to access your home via key codes, smartphones, or using a key, reduces the chances of intrusions even further. Furthermore, you can connect the unit to your phone and control everything, including granting instant access to guests from the comfort of your palm.

Next, installing the device takes around 20 minutes (max). So, you can set it up and start using it almost instantly.

And lastly, unlike other smart locks, it reminds or notifies you about battery shortage. So, this makes sure that the system doesn’t lose charge and dies out on you.

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Buying Guide For Front Door Locks

Buying a top-notch and reliable lock can be challenging if you do not have a list of the essential features needed in mind. To help you with that, here are the things that you have to keep in mind before buying


If the lock that you are planning to buy doesn’t have a sturdy construction, then we recommend that you avoid going for it. Believe us, you don’t want to leave you home at the hands of such an unsafe lock. Having a poor construction makes it easier for intruders to break-in with relative ease.

We suggest that you always go for locks that are either made from Zinc alloy, Stainless Steel, or something similar. These are the strongest materials in the world and, a lock made from them is going to be almost improbable for thugs to break in.


Well, if you buy a lock and then find out that it doesn’t fit your door, then you would be wasting your money. So, when you are looking for a lock for your door, measure the lock or check the dimensions on your box.

Smart Locks

Orthodox key locks are simple to use, but thugs have come with numerous tricks to get past these old-timers easily. The best solution for this is using smart locks! These are much more convenient, and reliable options and they provide you many perks that will make your day to day life more manageable.

A great this about these locks is that you don’t have to worry about the keys!


Many have this idea that when something is pricier, it is more effective. Well, this can be true in some, but not all cases. But we are telling you that you will be able to find something good even if you have a strict budget.

Therefore, we suggest that you make a budget and do your “lock shopping” according to that.

FAQs About Front Door Locks

Q: How long will the battery of a smart lock support the unit?

Ans: It depends entirely on the battery used for the smart lock. But we assure you that it should give you a minimum of 8,000 to 10,000 openings before completely drained of energy.

Q: Is there is a way to reset a smart lock?

Ans:  Yes, there is! And, these pieces of information should be provided to you in the instruction manual.

Q: Which are better; fingerprint locks or keypad locks?

Ans: Well, it depends entirely on the person! Nevertheless, we do suggest that you go for a fingerprint lock. With these types of locks, there is almost no chance of people peeking and seeing your code.

Plus, the market contains several types of locks that come with key code, keycard, fingerprint, and smartphone access. The more the options that your lock provides you, the more secure it is.

Q: Are key locks not good?

Ans: Of course, they are! These locks that operate via key are the simplest lock systems and quite easy to operate. And, it is a matter of personal preference if you wish to go for key-locks or smart locks.

Q: How often should one change the battery of a smart lock?

Ans: One should change at least once every three months.

Final Words

Generally, burglars or robbers are keen to break-in through the front door. So, having an excellent and dependable lock can be the dominating factor for the safety of your belongings and your family.

And, when the stakes are this high, going for the best front door locks is your only option to ensure the safety of you and your family.