Best Rotary Hammer Drills – 2020 Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: March 20, 2021

Big projects equal to big power tools, and one of the most important tools to get the job done are rotary hammer drills.

They are ideal for removing tile, drilling holes, and breaking up concrete and soil. If you are going to tackle a home renovation project or work with concrete, this is one tool that you cannot do without.

So let’s find out what are rotary hammer drills, the best products available, and how they can make your job simpler. 

Comparison of the Best Rotary Hammer Drills

  • Best overall product which adds power and versatility to concrete drilling
  • Unbeatable German engineering which delivers up to 2.1 joules of energy
  • Ergonomically designed to provide a highly proportionate power-to-weight ratio
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  • SHOCKS technology controls vibration to reduce user fatigue
  • Rotating brush ring ensures maximum speed and torques both in forward and reverse motion
  • This runner-up product has a drilling capacity of 1 1/8 inches and delivers 3 joules of impact energy
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  • Integral clutch for minimum torque reaction
  • Excellent features at an economical price make it best for the money
  • Active Vibration Control in the grip area and hammer mechanism ensures maximum comfort
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  • Versatile tool which features an 8.0 amp robust motor
  • Best rotary hammer drill for concrete which gets the job done the first time
  • Powerful hammer which produces 2.0 ft-lb of impact energy while weighing only 6.76 lbs.
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  • Brushless motor ensures extended runtime
  • Outstanding power-to-weight ratio delivers superior productivity
  • Best cordless rotary hammer drill as it provides unmatched overhead drilling experience
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What is a Rotary Hammer Drill?

A rotary hammer drill is a power tool designed to perform heavy-duty tasks like chiseling and drilling hard materials. Similar to a hammer drill, rotary hammers are able to pound the drill bit in and out while spinning. Instead of a special clutch, a rotary hammer makes use of a piston mechanism. This allows them to deliver a more powerful hammer blow, thus drilling bigger holes much faster.      

This hammer drill is called the rotary hammer drill, as it makes use of the rotary mechanism that rotates the hammer in a circular motion. Together with a powerful forward hammering action, a rotary hammer drill can bore and drill holes in ceramic tiles, masonry, and brick and thick concrete.

What is a Rotary Hammer Drill Used For?

Rotary hammer drills are commonly used for drilling through concrete. It is preferred by construction professionals due to its extra drilling and pulverizing action and shock-absorbing qualities. As compared to regular or hammer drills, rotary hammers are able to provide impact force at a high rate. This makes them effective for drilling even through aged concrete. Moreover, the powerful hammering force of these drills makes them particularly suitable for drilling stone, masonry, dirt, and brick.  

The two main types of rotary hammers are the SDS rotary hammer and the ordinary rotary hammer. The ordinary rotary hammer works like a regular drill while the SDS hammer drill comes with an extra powerful hammering motion.  

A basic rotary hammer drill can perform multiple functions and is ideal for medium-duty tasks. On the other hand, the SDS is a versatile product that combines the function of a hammer drill, impact driver, and power screwdriver all in one.   

If you have any basement renovations, demolition work, or framing applications, then the SDS provides you with that extra drilling and chiseling power to complete the project easily. However, it is essential to note that working with a rotary hammer drill might take some time getting used to. Before you start working with one, make sure that you learn the safety procedures for using this drill. 

What Makes a Great Rotary Hammer Drill?

Before buying a rotary hammer drill, you need to consider several things to ensure that the product that you choose meets your working requirements. It is essential to research online about the various products as it can help you make the right choice. Keep the following considerations in mind before selecting a tool so that you can get a great rotary hammer drill:  


Total power output determines the level of performance in heavy-duty tasks. Make sure that you choose a model with maximum power output for more effective work. You should be able to execute heavy-duty tasks without overtaxing yourself.

For an impressive work output, make sure that the model you choose has a power output of more than six amps. Although the power output depends on your requirements and needs but investing in a rotary hammer drill below six amps of power is not ideal for a tasking project.

Build Quality

Being a power tool, it is possible for the rotary hammer drill to become damaged if it is not constructed with high-quality materials. Its use involves a lot of shocks, which could result in breakages. Also, these tools are expensive; therefore, it is best to ensure that the product you choose is a quality tool that will last a long time.  

Cordless / Corded

The corded rotary hammer drill is the ideal solution for a project that requires using a rotary hammer. However, if you are looking for handiness and portability, it is better to invest in a cordless hammer drill. Battery-powered rotary hammer drills are more expensive as compared to corded ones and are typically limited and underpowered by the quality of their battery. It is better to invest in a corded model; however, you can go for a cordless model depending on your project.     

Quick Take - Best Rotary Hammer Drills

In a hurry? Here are the best rotary hammer drills:

  2. DEWALT D25263K
  3. Bosch RH328VC

Review of the Best Rotary Hammer Drills

If you do not pick out the right tools for a job, the chances are that you are going to mess it up. The same is the case with rotary hammer drills. You might waste many hours drilling through large concrete slabs simply because of using the wrong product. Following are some of the best products to make sure that your do-it=yourself project will be a comfortable one:

Best Overall:

DEWALT 20V MAX SDS Rotary Hammer Drill, Tool Only (DCH273B)


  • Highly affordable as compared to other products
  • Active Vibration control reduces vibration significantly
  • Easy to store and hang with the use of a retractable utility hook
  • Brushless motor ensures increased life span and extended runtime
  • Doesn’t weigh much which makes it convenient to work for longer periods


  • Not economically feasible to be repaired

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers are raving about this product because this rotary hammer drill has made drilling holes in concrete as convenient as putting a hot knife on butter. They also love this brushless tool as it comes with a belt clip making it safer to work off a ladder. Another great thing that the buyers like about this hammer drill is that the absence of power cords saves time, which might be spent on searching for the nearest power outlet. It is a compact and powerful tool that is perfect for quick jobs.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Dewalt DCH273B is a low vibration, lightweight, and high-performance rotary hammer drill that is designed to drill holes in concrete quickly and efficiently. The Active Vibration Control technology makes this tool ideal for use in overhead applications. With its long run time, fast drilling speed, balanced design, and hard-hitting mechanism, the Dewalt DCH273B is highly suited for all-day use even if you have to drill large diameter holes in the hardest concrete.    

Who Will Use This Most

The Dewalt DCH273B is an ergonomically designed tool that makes drilling holes really easy. It is perfect for professionals related to the construction industry as well as people who want to take on some projects around the house. It is very easy to use and comes with various features that make it possible to achieve more in a short period of time.

Bottom Line

The Dewalt DCH273B is no doubt one of the best rotary hammer drills available today. Its brushless motor, together with unmatched German technology, gives this tool an edge above the rest. Moreover, the freedom to work without cords further increases the convenience of using this drill. This rotary hammer drill is a sound investment for professionals and novices alike.


DEWALT Rotary Hammer Drill with Shocks, D-Handle, SDS, 1-1/8-Inch (D25263K)


  • Powerful motor runs at 8.5 amps
  • Adjustable side handle allows total flexibility
  • Ergonomically designed with a D-handle for a comfortable grip
  • Three years limited warranty provides customers with peace of mind
  • Integral clutch ensures smooth operation by reducing sudden, high torque reactions


  • Can be a bit noisy  

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers have nothing but praise for this product. They all claim that this product can cut through concrete very easily and helps to get the work done in very little time. It is a highly durable and versatile product that has made remodeling a breeze. Designed with German technology, this product delivers 3.0 joules of impact energy with a faster speed of application that is greatly appreciated by the users.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Dewalt D25263K rotary hammer drill is one of the best products as it provides a superior drilling performance. The 8.5 amp motor and 3 joules of impact energy ensure a fast chipping speed when working with tough building materials. Another great thing about this Dewalt is it produces high drilling speed and a lot of torque while drilling both forward and in reverse.      

Who Will Use This Most

This is a specifically designed hammer that changes your do-it-yourself tasks into highly comfortable experiences. Working with a hammer drill can result in a lot of vibrations and kickbacks, but the built-in shocks in this drill effectively control the amount of vibration felt during drilling. Its integral clutch and 360-degree handle gives you more control and make this product perfect for all your do-it-yourself projects.

Bottom Line

The Dewalt D25263K is a wonderful product that is perfect for remodeling and other projects around the house. Its high quality, excellent performance, and durability ensure that you can drill through concrete with complete ease. So if you want a rotary hammer drill that is capable of turning your renovation project into a pleasant experience, then this rotary hammer drill is for you.  

Best for the Money:
Bosch RH328VC

Bosch 1-1/8-Inch SDS Rotary Hammer RH328VC with Vibration Control


  • Long 8-foot power cord increases its reach
  • Versatile tool with three modes of operation
  • 8 amp motor delivers 2.6 ft-lb of impact energy
  • 360-degree auxiliary handle for increased control and comfort
  • Variable-speed three-finger trigger for accurate bit starting and better operator control


  • Absence of trigger lock can be a deciding factor for some users

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers strongly recommend this product as they are very happy with its performance. They report that it is fast, less noisy, and the vibrations on the handle are minimal. Buyers are also happy with this product as it drills efficiently, and their holes end up exactly where they want them to be.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Bosch has been known to produce some of the best high-quality power tools over the years, and the Bosch RH328VC is no exception. The best thing that we like about this rotary hammer is its excellent design, which sports the right weight and shape, which makes this tool very easy to handle. Using this tool does not cause any strain in the arms, even when working overhead. Moreover, it comes with a carrying case, which makes it easy to carry it around.

Who Will Use This Most

The Bosch RH328VC is perfect for all do-it-yourself projects because of its fast drilling and low vibrations level. Whether you want to drill holes in concrete or remove old tiles, this product is a workhorse. This rotary hammer drill works hard, vibrates less, and lasts longer, thus making it a sound investment for everyone.

Bottom Line

The ergonomic design of the Bosch RH328VC provides power, comfort, and flexibility to its users. Its three modes of operation increase its versatility while vibration control delivers superior performance. It also features an excellent power-to-weight ratio, which ensures fast drilling and chiseling. If you are looking for an economical tool that does not compromise on functions, then this product is for you.  

Best Rotary Hammer Drill for Concrete:
Bosch 11255VSR

Bosch 11255VSR Bulldog Xtreme - 8 Amp 1 Inch Corded Variable Speed Sds-Plus Concrete/Masonry Rotary Hammer Power Drill with Carrying Case, Blue


  • Ergonomic D-handle for added comfort
  • Vario-lock positioning rotates and locks the chisel
  • Variable-speed reversing trigger enables accurate bit starting
  • Rotating brush plate for equal power in both forward and reverse
  • Multifunction mode selector enables users to choose from three modes of operation


  • Not suitable for commercial jobs

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers are pretty impressed with this tool. They find it to be a durable and versatile product. It comes with a strong, sturdy case which the buyers find very useful as it can easily store the Bosch 11255VSR with its D-handle and up to twelve SDS-Plus bits. The metal bracket on the handle is another feature that buyers greatly appreciate. It can be used to hang this tool on any scaffold member, horizontal pipe, etc.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Bosch 11255VSR is a fantastic rotary hammer drill with lots of power, which enables it to handle any job. It is designed to provide comfort and speed to users. The Vario-Lock positioning enables you to rotate and lock the chisel in one of the 36 different positions. Another thing that we like about this tool is that not only the bits can be easily changed, but they stay firmly in place while the tool is in use.

Who Will Use This Most

The Bosch 11255VSR is a great tool for DIYers and professional contractors. It is the best product to have around if you are going to be drilling through concrete. Moreover, it is very economically priced, thus making sure that it fits within everyone’s budget. Its ease of use, reliability, and excellent performance make it the favorite tool of hobbyists and contractors alike.

Bottom Line

Overall the Bosch 11255VSR is a sturdy and tough rotary hammer that makes all the big chores look easy. Its user-friendly SDS-Plus system makes it easier to change the bits. The multi-function selector lets you change effortlessly between rotary hammer, hammer-only, and rotation only mode effortlessly. Moreover, it weighs only six pounds, thus causing any strain on your arms even when drilling holes in vertical surfaces.

Best Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill:

DEWALT 20V MAX SDS Rotary Hammer Drill Kit, 5-Ah Batteries (DCH273P2)


  • 2.1 joules of impact energy without the use of a cord
  • Three-year warranty ensures the user of its high quality
  • Convenient hanging with the help of the retractable utility hook 
  • Reduced torque reactions if bit jams because of the factory-set clutch
  • Active Vibration Control feature effectively reduces the vibration felt by the users


  • Is a bit expensive as compared to other rotary hammer drills

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers have found this to be an awesome power tool. To them, this product holds the gold standard in cordless drill hammers. They particularly like the fact that this tool is able to work long hours on a single charge. It is more compact, and buyers do not have to worry about extension cords. They suggest that people should not hesitate to invest in this product because the Dewalt DCH273P2 does not disappoint.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Dewalt DCH273P2 is definitely one of the best products available. It comes with two 20v max 5.0ah batteries, which, combined with its brushless motor, provides extended runtime. We are pretty impressed with its performance because although it runs on batteries, you will be able to complete your work before the charging runs out.

Who Will Use This Most

The Dewalt DCH273P2 is an essential addition to your toolbox. It is particularly helpful in increasing your productivity ten-fold. If you work with stone, brick, asphalt, or concrete on a regular basis, then this is the tool for you. It is specifically designed while keeping in mind the needs of construction workers and masons and is a truly essential addition to your toolbox.

Bottom Line

If you need a rotary drill hammer that doesn’t need cords, is compact, holds up extremely well, and drills into the concrete like butter, then the Dewalt DCH273P2 is the tool for you. This attractive yellow and black tool can drill for hours on a single charge. Although it is a bit expensive, it is able to reduce your drilling time effectively.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying

If you want to buy a product, it is always better to carry out research in order to get the best product. Following are some considerations that should be kept in mind when looking for a good quality rotary hammer drill:


A respected brand ensures a good quality product. A well-known brand is not just a name or specification; it is an unspoken promise of durability, versatility, and effectiveness. When looking for a rotary hammer drill, make sure that you choose a trusted brand that has been providing power tools over a long period of time and has a long list of satisfied customers.


Most rotary hammer drills are designed with strong motors. Typically a rotary hammer with a motor power of 7 amps is suitable for medium-duty maintenance work while a drill with ten amps is ideal for heavy-duty DIY projects. You should choose a product depending on the nature of your projects.

Drilling Speed

Drilling speed refers to the number of rotations and revolutions that a drill can perform per minute. In other words, it measures how fast the drill is. If you are going to tackle a heavy-duty to a medium job, then you should look for a drill with an RPM of 1200 to 1500. However, for heavy-duty works, a rotary hammer with an RPM of more than 2000 is ideal. 


There are many rotary hammer drills available in the market, and choosing the right product can become quite confusing. The above article aims to provide you with various options and to help you find a product that will help you complete your project with ease. We hope that the reviews and information in this article will help you make the best choice and ensure that your investment is safe.

People Also Ask

A rotary hammer drill is a powerful tool that is used by DIYers and contractors both. It is an essential tool when drilling through concrete, brick, stone, and masonry. Therefore, it is vital to invest in a product best suited to your needs. In addition to the above information, the following frequently asked questions will help to make your choice easy:

What is the Difference Between a Hammer Drill and a Rotary Hammer?

Both the rotary hammer drill and a hammer drill are used to blast through concrete. They both are efficient tools that have enormous pounding force. The primary difference between the two is that the hammer drill is unsuitable for drilling work as it does not have a rotating action. On the other hand, the rotary hammer drill is not only suitable for making holes; it is ideal for demolition work as well. Moreover, the rotary hammer has an SDS plus chuck while the hammer drill is designed with a three-jaw chuck. Also, the rotary hammer comes with a selection knob that allows users to switch between different work functions.

Can a Rotary Hammer Drill Wood?

Yes, rotary hammer drills can drill through the wood as well as plastic and metal. It can dig holes in structural concrete, rip up ceramic tiles and even perform light demolition work.

Do Rotary Hammer Drills Need Special Bits?

Yes, rotary hammer drills need special bits that fit the internal dogging mechanism.