Best Stihl Chainsaw Chain Reviews 2020!

Best Stihl Chainsaw ChainChainsaws make life better.

If there ever was a machine that saved mankind from dealing with an excruciating amount of pointless hard work, then it is the chainsaw. The main component of these machines is the chains – the better quality they are; the smoother are their functions.

Stihl is a very renowned name in the community of carpenters. Today we are going to talk about some of the chains they make, and you can choose the best Stihl chainsaw chain from the lot for your projects. I hope you will have an easy find here.

Best Stihl Chainsaw Chain Reviews

This review guide will contain about 3 of the best products on the market. We will go into all the details so that you can choose wisely according to your needs.

1. STIHL 26RS 81 Rapid Super Chainsaw Chain

STIHL 26RS 81 Rapid Super Chainsaw Chain 20inch Bar .325 pitch .063 gaugeChains are very important in the case of these machines. The better the chains are, the faster they will get the job done. This particular set of chains is very sharp and precise. But the problem is that they will only fit chainsaws from the Bar Farm Boss Series.

So you have limited usage of these chains. The models compatible with the system are listed in the packaging. These are very the original Stihl chainsaw chains, and they will be the most compatible with the Stihl bars, as long as they have a pitch measure of 0.325 inches and a gauge measure of 0.063 inches.

You will be able to cut down hardwood with the cutters on this chain. They will give you the utmost satisfaction in work and will reduce your woes by the lot. Having installed this set of chains into the chainsaw, you will feel incredibly comfortable cutting wood, and it will also become an enjoyable feat for you.

Highlighted Features

  • Very sharp and strongly built
  • Can cut hardwood as well as softwood very effectively
  • They will perfectly fit chainsaw bars that measure to about 20 inches

2. STIHL 61PMMC3-50 Oilomatic Picco Micro Mini Comfort 14-Inch Saw Chain

STIHL 61PMMC3-50 Oilomatic Picco Micro Mini Comfort 14-Inch Saw ChainThis chainsaw chain is of incredible quality. It is sharp and properly spaced out to ensure the vibrations are all kept to the minimum. You will notice, while working, how much of a blessing this is, especially during big projects. This chain might look small in size, but it is incredibly thorough in its functionality.

The length of this chain is about 3/8 inches, and it will be able to drive for a steady length of 50 inches! Due to the 0.043-inch gauge, you can consider this a follow-up on the micro saw chain from the same company. It will also be faster and more efficient, as an advantage of its smaller size.

This relative difference in size will make you help you to get more use out of this chainsaw, in places where its predecessor can not reach. Also, it has a single-humped drive link, which means that this will be smoother than regular chains in the market.

On top of that, this chainsaw has a low kickback system, which gives it higher control in cutting and makes it better in utilizing energy.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a single-humped drive link system
  • Will produce lower vibrations to carry out the operation
  • The chains will be more effective and efficient than other regular chains

3. Stihl 3623 005 0066 Chainsaw Chain

Stihl 3623 005 0066 Chainsaw ChainThis is a very high-quality product made for cutting hardwood like chestnut wood, dark red oak and so on. If you want something that will last you through many years of tough and consistent cutting, then this is the ideal suit for you. The added advantage here is that these cutters can be sharpened as needed, as well.

This chainset is designed for a bar of 18 inches. The pitch that this chain would take is about 3/8 in size, whereas the gauge chain is about 0.050 inches. You have to make sure that you get all of these adjustments right before buying these chains. Oiling these chains is made to be super-efficient due to the grooves installed in it.

There are laser engraved markings for the proper filing of these chains. Also, the chains have already been stretched so that they require fewer adjustments overall. The cutter teeth are coated with chromium so that they work harder and last longer than regular cutters. 

Highlighted Features

  • Grooves provided for proper lubrication
  • The teeth are chromized for better adjustments
  • Filing the chain is super easy due to the laser markings on it

Frequently Asked Questions

Our reviews have ended, and we are aware that you may have some questions still stuck in your head. We are going to answer some common ones down below. If you have more queries, let us know.

1. Are light chainsaw chains better than heavy ones?

Light chains are better because they can get lubricated easily, and they don’t have to pull any extra weight with them.

2. What kind of safety should I undertake while working with these tools? 

Saving your hands is the most important here. Wear gloves whenever you get down to work. Also, wear goggles to save your eyes from flying splinters.

3. Can I use regular motor oil to lubricate the chains?

Not really. You will need to use special bar oil with a stronger additive to stop the oil from slipping off of the chains.

4. When should I change the chain?

When you see that the cutters have become blunt, you need to either sharpen them or get a replacement for the chain you’re using.

5. How do I reduce the chances of kickbacks? 

You need to be very careful. These machines are very risky to work with because they have to controlled manually. Therefore, always focus when working with these.  


We would say that the best Stihl chainsaw chain is the STIHL 61PMMC3-50Chain. They are very convenient to work with and are also very durable. However, you have to pick out your own preference depending on your needs and understanding. We hope this review helped you to some extent.