Staining a Deck with a Pump Sprayer Right Way!

Staining a Deck with a Pump SprayerStaining your deck and fences does not need you a lot of tools to start with. However, you do need to consider the way you’d like to apply stain. From paintbrushes to rollers, there are so many applicators to go for. However, these are pretty time consuming and suits those who want a more thorough application.

Then again, those who require a quick fix for staining their deck will love the idea of using HVLP spray gun, a pump sprayer, and similar spraying tools. It can even be as great as other through applicator’s outcome if used the right way. So today we will discuss everything you must know about staining a deck with a pump sprayer.  

Here’s Everything about Staining a Deck with a Pump Sprayer.

Just one thought before getting into the actual application talk. You must be cautious about the paint sprayer you’ll be using. There are quite a few options in the market but not all will provide a decent result. Also something budget-friendly, less moving part included, and minimal cleaning based should be your choice.

Plan & Prepare:

Starting with proper preparation is often the reason how some people get even and professional applications just by DIYing. So do take this seriously.

You want to get rid of anything that is sitting above your deck that will be stained. Make sure chairs, tables, decoration stuff, and everything is out of it. you want to place those things somewhere far from the action. So that no mistaken spray ends up staining those.

Another factor that usually people don’t really care about is cracked or broken decks. You don’t want to apply any stain on a wooden deck that has broken pieces or even cracks. It won’t end up in a good way. Make sure you fix those problems first. And then you are good to go for staining.

You also have to plan earlier about when you’ll stain the deck. Why? Because the temperature and humidity have to be a certain way to help in your staining purpose. Usually, it’s best to go for such staining chores when the weather is clear. The temperature should be on higher side while humidity must be lower. And that’s quite an ideal condition for your deck to grab stain effectively.

You also need to do something about cleaning prior to staining. Use a pressure washer if possible and it’ll do the trick. These are superior at getting rid of build-ups. Also, this can deal with mildew, molds, and any old paint removal. However, don’t set the pressure on a very high setting. Or else you may damage the wood.

In case you can’t manage a pressure washer, a simple scrubbing session using a sturdy bristle brush will also help in getting rid of most gunk from your deck. After cleaning let things dry and then you can move ahead with the process. You want to let it dry thoroughly for one or two days.

The Staining Phase:

Marine Seal Wood Dock Stain & Sealer

Start by opening the deck stain can. You want to test the stain first on a scrap piece of your deck. This is to ensure that you are getting the right color and things are matching well. Let the sample stain dry. And then you can check if the stain looks accurate. This will also help in deciding the stain color.

As soon as you are sure about the stain, get some masking tape. Use this to cover up areas you don’t want the stain to reach. This will avoid any sort of over spraying. Plastic sheets are also going to work for a wider surface.

Now you want to bring the sprayer. Pour the deck stain and sealer into it carefully. There should be a screwing mechanism on the reservoir or sprayer. Screw the lid here. Make sure to read the instructions as well as precautions mentioned by its manufacturer.

Now apply pressure on the spraying handle and go for a liberal coat. Be gradual with your hand movement. You don’t want to spray in one area too much and then be quick with the other next. Try to control your spraying movement to end with an even result.

If there’s any pool formed, you want to use a paint roller to even that part out. Make sure you are not thinning that area while doing so. According to instruction, let the stain dry for required moment.

Usually, it would take at least two hours to dry a typical sized deck. You want to wait for the required drying team for each coat applied. So, keep that in mind as well. If you are using a solid color stain, go for one coat. However, with a semitransparent stain, it is best to go for at least double coating. Then to let it dry completely you should give the deck a half or one complete day.


And that was basically all about staining a deck with a pump sprayer. Also, someone who’s looking for ways on how to seal a deck with a pump sprayer will find this method pretty useful. It requires your patience and carefulness to achieve a good result. But once you get the hang of it, things will be simpler and pleasing overall.