Best SKILsaw Table Saws – 2021 Guide

| Last Updated: October 20, 2022

SkilSaw is well known for making powerful, useful, and practical table saws. Overall, this company's robust and exceptional, compact solutions are perfect for carpenters looking for performance without traditional machines' bulkiness or weight.

To help you choose the SkilSaw product best suited to your needs, here is a review of some of the company's best table saws.

Comparison of the Best SKILsaw Table Saws

  • Best Overall and Best Skilsaw Portable Table Saw
  • Compact, lightweight design makes it easy to move
  • Cut up to 3x with 2-5/8 inch cut depth and 25-inch rip capacity
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  • Easy clean-up with dust port elbow with keeps debris in one area
  • Rugged stand has 16" wheels and handles for mobility
  • Pinion fence system and precision rack allow for quick fence adjustments
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  • Best Skilsaw 15 Amp Table Saw
  • Keeps fence parallel to the blade for smooth, fast, accurate cuts
  • Redirects cutting dust to container for quick, easy cleanup
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What Makes SkilSaw Products Stand Out from the Competition?

Established in 1924, SkilSaw invented and introduced the first portable circular saw to the market. Since then, the company has managed to remain an industry leader for power tool innovation. 

Skilsaw introduced various new professional-grade saws to the market in 2014 for cutting both wood and a variety of other materials. These innovations include the Sidewinder 10 to 14-inch worm-drive saw, three metal cutting ones, and a 12-inch dry-cut saw. Apart from the company's worm-drive tech, it also designed two reciprocating models in 2017.

SkilSaw's products, in general, are developed to meet the new OSHA guidelines, protecting operators from respirable silica dust.


Review of the Best SkilSaw Table Saws

With various options available, we've reviewed and compiled a shortlist of the best options in each category to help you choose the best one. 

Best Overall and Best SkilSaw Portable Table Saw:

SKIL SPT99T-01 8-1/4 Inch Portable Worm Drive Table Saw


  • Convenient onboard storage
  • Cooler running motor with smooth startup
  • Outfeed and left supports enables larger cuts
  • Fence guard system fitted with an anti-kickback device
  • 16-inch wheels allow for easy maneuverability and stair navigation


Underwriter Laboratories' regulations define the ratio between the table and blade size of table saws. SkilSaw opted to go with a smaller blade to maintain the equipment's easy portability. At the same time, they also used the opportunity to make various improvements. 

The SkilSaw SPT99T-01 8¼ inch portable table saw delivers the legendary worm-drive power in a portable, light design with jobsite productivity in mind. It also features a 25-inch rip capacity and a 2⅝ inch depth of cut, enabling you to slice up to 3x and tear through sheet goods. 

The tool's robust, all-metal construction makes it highly tolerant to jobsite abuse, while the rack and pinion system allows precise cuts through quick and smooth fence adjustments. Sacrificing power and torque for convenience in portability is no longer an issue.

This product’s features include:

  • Worm-drive gearing for maximum torque

  • Lightweight, compact design for easy portability around the jobsite

  • Precision rack and pinion system for accurate cuts

  • Built-in cord wrap 

  • On-tool accessories storage

  • Cooler running dual-field motor enables it to work longer and harder

  • Robust rolling stand with 16-inch wheels

What Recent Buyers Report

Many recent buyers claim that the SkilSaw SPT99T-01 is a reliable and robust saw that’s easy to operate, accurate, and built to last. According to them, the worm-drive technology sets this equipment apart from the rest. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The SkilSaw SPT99T-01's worm-drive gearing is designed to rip through a wide variety of materials continuously. It delivers the power and torque necessary to take on the most difficult tasks with ease. Additionally, the copper wire 15-amp 5,300 RPM, 5 HP dual-field motor will remain cool even under constant pressure.

The robust all-steel roll cage and the die-cast aluminum tabletop are designed to withstand heavy-duty ripping applications in rugged work conditions. The self-aligning rip fence allows the operator to make accurate cuts, and proper cutting is enabled through the easily adjustable bevel that you can set from -1 to 46°.

Enhanced safety is made possible by the company's smart guard system that's fitted with an anti-kickback device.

Bottom Line

The SkilSaw SPT99T-01 table saw is a powerful and robust piece of equipment that's designed to withstand even the harshest conditions. If you're looking for a lightweight, compact design that provides maximum torque combined with accurate cuts, you can't go wrong.

SkilSaw Table Saw SPT99 Review:
SkilSaw SPT99-11

SKIL 10 Inch Heavy Duty Worm Drive Table Saw with Stand - SPT99-11


  • Comes with a fence movement system
  • Dedicated emission and dust collection system
  • Worm-drive gearing delivers a higher ripping capacity
  • Shipped with a durable table saw stand that includes a tire lock system
  • Compatible with various other Skil table saw accessories and parts


  • The fence movement system takes time to get used to
  • A bit more expensive than similar products from other brands

The heavy-duty SkilSaw SPT99-11 10-inch worm-drive table saw is a recent addition to Skil's impressive lineup. It delivers superior torque, 30 - ½ inch rip capacity, and 3 - ⅝ inch depth of cut. It enables you to slice 4x and tear through plywood quickly and precisely. 

You can smoothly make fence adjustments for quick, accurate cuts, thanks to the integrated rack and pinion system. Due to Skil's patented dual-field motor, the saw runs cooler, meaning it can now work longer and harder.

What's more, the robust stand provides reliable stability and, with the 16-inch back wheels, navigating uneven surfaces and stairs in the workplace no longer poses a problem. This addition allows you to set up in a different area quickly. 

The robust stand provides stability, while the 16-inch wheels make climbing stairs and rolling over rugged terrain effortlessly, allowing you to conveniently set up just about anywhere. The SPT99-11's features include:

  • Worm-drive technology provides maximum torque for all cuts and ripping applications, resulting in increased productivity.

  • The precision rack-and-pinion ensures accurate cuts through quick and smooth adjustments.

  • A durable rolling stand with easy-load handles and 16-inch wheels allows for unmatched mobility over rough jobsite surfaces and stairs. It also makes loading the saw into your truck a breeze. 

  • Left support and outfeed make large cuts by one person possible.

  • The dust port elbow guarantees easy clean-up of the workspace. 

What Recent Buyers Report

Consumers that invested in the SPT99-11 claim the onboard tool storage and the foldable stand make portability and transportation a breeze. One user also commented that this product is super sturdy when set up, and buying this tool is money well spent.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The SPT99-11 comes standard with an array of accessories, making ripping through even dense, pressure-treated sheets a piece of cake. The worm-drive motor retains its stability, and it and the blade cut at a uniform rate.

Amongst the accessories is a detachable dust port elbow that doubles up as a separator, dividing the sawdust and debris to speed up the time it takes to clean up. Additionally, the included stand hands ensure easy handling while the dedicated outfeed and left support system enables the operator to make larger cuts on bigger-sized sheets. 

Bottom Line

The SkilSaw SPT99-11 is a remarkable table saw that uses worm drive technology for maximum torque, ensuring precise cutting at a relatively higher RPM. If you're willing to pay a bit more for quality, this tool will make an excellent addition to any workshop.

Best SkilSaw 15-Amp Table Saw:
Skil TS6307-00

SKIL 15 Amp 10 Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw with Folding Stand- TS6307-00


  • Excellent feature set
  • Integrated folding legs
  • Accurate and stable cutting
  • Rack and pinion fence rail system
  • Up to ⅝ inch dado stack compatibility


  • 24 tooth stock blade
  • 1/32-inch variance across the table

Even though the Skil TS6307-00 isn't a worm-drive table saw, it has the capacity and power needed for hardwood cutting. It's a well-made, durable tool that comes with an integrated folding stand, making it easy to fold down or lock into place by the operator, and various other impressive features.

The frame's build and locking system, along with the use of metal components, gives it a rigid feel.

This 10-inch table saw is powered by a 15-amp motor, capable of delivering 4,600 RPM. Its cutting ability is high enough to cut through 4x4s effortlessly, and it has a ripping capacity of 25-½ inches. The saw comes standard with a 24-tooth blade, which is excellent for faster and rougher cuts. However, you can replace it with a 40-tooth or higher blade for a smoother finish.

The saw comes with a rack and pinion fence rail, guaranteeing that it remains parallel to the blade and keeping your cuts accurate. You can also calibrate the blade angle through micro-adjustments to keep it parallel to the miter slot and fence rail.

The saw features a bevel capacity of -2 to 47° with positive stop points at 0° and 45°. It also has a plastic miter gauge that's reasonably accurate and stored on the left side when not in use. As with most Skil table saws, this one is compatible with dado accessories. Although, you'll need the correct throat plate, and you can only use stacks that are ⅝ inches or less. 

Additional features include:

  • Safety anti-restart switch

  • Onboard tool storage for push stick, miter gauge, anti-kickback pawls, blade guard, blade wrenches

  • Dust port elbow

What Recent Buyers Report

When it comes to the Skil TS6307-00 table saw, recent buyers, stated that it's accurate, built well, and straightforward to operate. One consumer also mentioned that the fence and blade came perfectly aligned out of the box and that adjustments can easily be made if necessary. He also claimed that the riving knife was spot-on.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The TS6307-00 jobsite table saw features:

  • A ripping capacity of 25-½ inches

  • A 15-amp motor to effortlessly cut through hardwood

  • A rack and pinion fence rail for accurate, fast, and smooth adjustments

  • A dust port elbow for keeping your job site clean and integrated folding legs

The saw has a bevel capacity between 0° and 45° with a quick-release lever allowing for cuts between two positive stop points. What's more, the saw's 4x4 cutting capability enables fast 90° cutting. Additionally, the integrated folding legs effortlessly transform into a stand, providing convenience and stability. The dust port elbow redirects dust, collecting it in a container for easy clean-up.

Bottom Line

While designing this saw, Skil took notable innovations, such as the rack-and-pinion fence rail, and made some improvements. It's one of the most complete packages in its price range, and an excellent starter saw for both DIYers and professional contractors.

4. Skil 3400-15

SKIL 3400-15 15 Amp 10-Inch Table Saw with Stand and Dust Collection


  • Powerful 15-amp
  • Heavy-duty stand
  • Stable and accurate cutting
  • Wide cross-cuts enabled through the die-cast miter gauge
  • Measurement accuracy with the help of the onboard rip-fence magnifying lens


  • 24T stock blade
  • Blade angle adjuster tends to break or get stuck

The 10-inch, 15-amp 3400-15 table saw with dust cover, and stand is one of the Skil brand's top models. Formerly known as Michel Electric Handsaw Company, they've built a reputation as a powerful and well-recognized brand worldwide since the 1920s.

Skil's saws and other power tools are designed and engineered for high performance and durability, tailored to meet both hobbyist's and professionals' ever-growing needs.

The Skil 3400-15 is powered by a robust 15-amp motor, guaranteeing precise, clean, and accurate cuts. It also comes with a T-slot channel to secure the miter gauge, made from a die-cast material, enabling a broad spectrum of operations for cross-cutting and precision angles.

This table saw is fitted with a rip-fence magnifying lens, ensuring more accurate measurements. This 68-lb., lightweight piece of equipment has integrated carrying handles, making it convenient to transport. It also comes with on-tool storage for wrenches and blades, keeping them within reach when you need them.

What Recent Buyer Report

The 3,400-15 is a robust table saw that provides the consumer with exceptional cuts. Consumers claim that it's easy to assemble and it works well. It's a reliable and hardworking tool that anyone looking for a light or medium-duty saw should buy.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Skil 3400-15 table saw is designed and manufactured to provide the durability and high-performance modern-day hobbyists and contractors demand. It's fitted with a robust 15-amp motor and a rip fence magnifying lens. 

The miter gauge is made from high-quality, die-cast material. It’s secured through a T-slot channel to ensure the success of a broad range of cross-cutting operations and precision when cutting angles.

Transportation and portability are made easy through the tool's integrated handles and lightweight body. What's more, it's fitted with on-tool storage compartments to keep wrenches and blades nearby, should you need them. 

Bottom Line

The Skil 3400-15 table is an impressive, cost-effective cutting tool from a distinguished company that can cut through anything. Despite its small size, it's a durable machine that gets the job done, making it suitable for hobbyists, contractors, and small shops.

5. SKIL 3310-02

SKIL 3310-02 15-Amp Table Saw with Fixed Stand, 10-Inch


  • Delivers clean and accurate cuts
  • Low price ensuring cost-efficiency
  • Compact design with a foldable stand
  • Comes equipped with a safety system
  • Heavy-duty steel design guarantees durability


  • The miter gauge is imprecise
  • Isn't equipped with a dust collection system

The Skil 3410-02 is an efficient, cost-effective, and highly mobile tool. Its portability, making it convenient to move around, is attributed to its compact dimensions being 20.9 x 13 x 28.9 inches, lightweight of 67 pounds, and foldable stand. Additionally, this equipment is produced from heavy-duty steel, ensuring the product's durability.

Unfortunately, this tool only has a one-year warranty.

This table saw is equipped with a self-aligning fence that guarantees each cut's cleanliness and accuracy and a powerful 15-amp motor. Furthermore, it's fitted with a host of safety gadgets, including the riving knife that acts as an anti-kickback prong and a blade guard. The latter is equipped with a quick disconnect mechanism allowing for quick operation.

Unfortunately, the miter gauge's imprecision can cause inaccuracies in the cuts, and the absence of a dust collection system results in excessive dust and waste in the workspace. Some of this table saw's features include:

  • Heavy-duty, foldable steel, adding additional stability and durability

  • Miter gauge for cross and angle cutting

  • 5,000 RPM, 15-amp motor, perfect for slicing through treated lumber

  • Self-aligning rip fence, ensuring accurate measurements

  • EZ-view measurement system, guaranteeing accurate settings

What Recent Buyers Report

In general, consumers that bought this product agree that it's well worth the price. Even though the saw doesn't come with many extras and may take some tweaking to get straight cuts, it's great for entry-level work. It's light and easy to move, making it the perfect choice for beginners and small shops.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Skil 3310-02, a 15-amp table saw is an excellent addition to all entry-level workshops and homeowners. It's produced from heavy-duty steel and comes with a 5,000 RPM, 15-amp motor, and a 10-inch carbide saw blade.

This tool is equipped with various features designed to make life easier for beginner carpenters. It's capable of ripping through many wood varieties, and it has the cutting capacity necessary for doing various woodworking and carpentry projects.

What's more, the sizable, die-cast aluminum table gives you enough surface space to cut larger pieces of lumber. Simultaneously, the EZ view measurement system and self-aligning rip-fence EZ-view measurement system guarantee accurate measurements and settings.

Bottom Line

The Skil 3400-02 table saw's portability and cost-efficiency make it a great addition to any workshop. It comes equipped with a 5,000 RPM, 15-amp motor, and a 10-inch carbide steel blade, ensuring that you'll get the job done, making it ideal for beginners and small startup businesses.

6. Skil 3400-08

SKIL 3400-08 15 Amp 10-Inch Table Saw with Stand


  • 28-tooth carbide blade ensures clean and smooth cuts
  • The 15-amp motor allows you to cut through even the hardiest stock
  • Fitted with soft grip control handles to increase comfort and reduce fatigue
  • Integrated carrying handles and on-tool storage facilitates easy transportation
  • Comes with a T-slot channel, die-cast miter gauge, and a rip fence to ensure accurate cutting


  • Nonstandard miter gauge width
  • Doesn't have an internal motor brake

The Skil 3400-08 is an economical and cost-effective table saw that can handle many of the larger machines' cuts. Besides the tool's lightweight (weighing 54 pounds), this compact tool has cut-out handles designed for portability, making it easy to carry around the house or on job sites. 

Another plus for mobility is that all accessories are stored onboard, and the power cord wraps neatly around the built-in rack. Despite its small size, it's powered by a 15-amp motor, giving you enough torque to cut through decking and treated lumber. The standard ⅝-inch arbor also allows you to mount a high-quality carbide blade.  

The ripping capacity is 12 inches to the right and 12 - ¼-inch to the left, with a depth of 3 inches. 

Unfortunately, the miter slot is a nonstandard width, measuring ⅝-inch. This severely limits the purchase of ready-made accessories such as cross-cut sleds, after-market miter gauges, jigs, and other attachments. 

Although it lacks precision, it's a lovely, basic table saw, ideal for rough cuts and home-improvement projects. Some of this model's most notable features include:

  • The light weight of 54 pounds

  • Robust 15-amp motor

  • Durable 28-tooth carbide blade for clean ripping and cross-cutting

  • Die-cast miter-gauge ensuring accurate cross and angle cuts

  • It comes with a leg stand

  • Two-year manufacturer's warranty 

What Recent Buyers Report

Various consumers that bought the 3400-08 state that they've had and used this table saw for more than 20 years. They also mentioned that it's an exceptional tool for most home improvement projects. One user noted that making 90° cuts lengthwise on 8-inch lumber against the rip fence is exceptionally difficult.

Why it Stand Out to Us

The 3400-08 was designed and engineered to fulfill the end-users requirements, combining accuracy and power to get the job done right. With its motor pushing 15 amps and no blade wobble, this saw cuts true, leading to fewer measuring errors and more precise cuts. The tool is also capable of accommodating dado inserts.

Additionally, the onboard tool storing capacity and built-in handles simplify transporting this model. The ergonomically enhanced soft-grip control handles increase comfort and minimize fatigue.

Bottom Line

The Skil 3400-08 table is perfect for straightforward home improvement projects. Building cabinets and fences with this powerful 15-amp tool is a breeze. As long as you don't abuse the equipment, its durable design is bound to last you a long time.

7. Skil 3410-02

SKIL 3410-02 10-Inch Table Saw with Folding Stand


  • 3-year factory warranty
  • Compatible with dado blades
  • Cost-efficiency ensure affordability for entry-level users
  • Lightweight foldable table with an integrated joint lock feature
  • Self-adjusting rip fence and EZ view system allows for ease of use


  • The miter gauge is slightly off
  • Doesn't have a dust collection port

The SkilSaw 3410-02 is portable, cost-effective, and convenient to use with only a slight margin of error. The miter gauge marginally misrepresents the readings, making it challenging for DIYers to make precise cuts.

With time and some experience, this saw will allow you to take on more complex woodworking projects with ease and comfort. Besides being an affordable table saw, it comes standard with a foldable table, providing exceptional stability. Combined with a light weight of 70 pounds, it also guarantees convenient portability.

The 3410-02's primary components are made from machine-grade stainless steel, ensuring overall durability. Although the fence quality isn't clear, it appears capable of easily withstanding back-to-back thrashing. The saw is shipped with a 28-tooth carbide-tipped blade that works well for all basic level cuts. However, it’s compatible with an 8-inch dado blade as well.

As for safety features, this product comes equipped with standard safety features only, including a riving knife to protect against kickbacks and a plastic pivot control-blade guard. Additionally, this product is backed by a 3-year non-extendable warranty. Some of this saw's key features include:

  • Cutting through 4x materials has a 3 - ½-inch depth of cut capacity

  • Self-aligning rip fence guaranteeing accurate measurements

  • EZ view system allowing for spot-on settings

  • Cast aluminum table measuring 20 x 26 inches, extendable to 20 x 32 inches for longer materials

  • Heavy-duty foldable steel stand ensuring easy transport and fast setup 

What Recent Buyers Report

According to various consumers, the saw's expanding table works well. It has plenty of power, and, despite the lack of a dust collector, sawdust is reasonably well managed. They also reported that this product provides the operator with a perfect balance between functionality, price, and quality and that it comes ready to use out of the box. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The SkilSaw 3410-02 is the ideal table saw and an essential tool for DIYers looking to take on larger, more involved home improvement projects. This robust table saw has a 3 - ½-inch cut height capacity enabling it to cut through 4x material. Users can also cross-cut smaller pieces, miter, bevel, or rip through longer boards with ease.

With its 20 x 26-inch aluminum table, you can rest assured that your work is supported, while the EZ view system and self-aligning rip fence helps you achieve accurate and precise cuts. What's more, the 3410-02 guarantees fast setup through a quick-mount system on a heavy-duty foldable steel stand.

Bottom Line

The SkilSaw 3410-02 benchtop table saw is an affordable and practical solution for DIYers and contractors alike. This compact, durable, and powerful tool is perfect for all basic level projects, making it a valuable addition to every workshop.

Who is SkilSaw?

Established in 1924, Skil invented the first portable circular saw. Since then, the company spearheaded the use of die-cast motor housings and worm-drive gearing. 

In 1927, the Model 77 was launched, forever changing the home improvement and construction industries by becoming the standard to which all portable circular saws are compared. 

The company managed to build a solid reputation in the wood cutting industry over the years. SkilSaw adapts and continues its heritage of durability and power as products used in applications and construction change.

SKIL 3410-02

The company embraces new technology and incorporates it in its engineering to design saws capable of effortlessly cutting through even the harshest materials, such as metal and concrete.

SkilSaw vs Dewalt Table Saws - Comparison Overview

The SkilSaw SPT 99-11 and the Dewalt DWE7491RS are known for their portability as both table saws come with a foldable stand making them convenient and easy to move around. Yet, there are some notable differences that you should consider.

Foldable, Rolling Stand

When it comes to the foldable, rolling stand, the SkilSaw SPT99-11 is by far the better of the two. It comes with 16-inch wheels (by far bigger than the Dewalt's), making moving the saw upstairs or across rugged terrain effortless.

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The Dewalt DWE7491RS weighs in at 90 pounds, making it about 9 pounds lighter than the SkilSaw.

No-Load Speed

According to data provided by the manufacturers and several reviews, the SkilSaw is the winner here. It has a 5,000 RPM no-load speed rating, whereas the Dewalt was given a rating of 4,800 RPM.

Depth of Cut 

Testing and manufacturers specifications indicate that the SkilSaw gains advantage in depth of cut on both 45° and 90° angles, delivering 2-3/10 inches on 45° and 3-⅝ inches on 90°, whereas the Dewalt delivers 2-¼ inches on 45° and 3-⅛ inches on 90°. 

Why Should I Choose a SkilSaw Table Saw?

SkilSaw is known worldwide for creating exceptionally powerful and compact table saws for both DIYers and professionals who want the traditional models' performance without the bulkiness or weight. 

By integrating technologies such as the worm-drive motor and rack-and-pinion fence rail systems, these saws deliver highly accurate and smooth cuts. Cutting thicker pieces of wood won't slow them down. Additionally, their lightweight and portability make them convenient to carry around the house or on job sites. 

If you're in the market for a practical, powerful, and useful table saw, SkilSaw is bound to have a solution tailored to your needs.

SKIL 3400-08

Who Shouldn't Choose a SkilSaw Table Saw?

Don’t invest money in a table saw if you don't do woodwork. For everyone else, SkilSaw table saws will be invaluable additions to their workshops.

There are various models of SkilSaw table saws available on the market, and choosing the right one for your needs is essential. Since it may be with you for years to come, it's also critical to keep your long-term requirements in mind.

To choose the right tool, you have to be familiar with the options available and features to look for in a table saw. For instance, a hybrid saw doesn't have the same functionality as a mobile job site one.

SKIL TS6307-00

Bottom Line

SkilSaw is trusted and well-known worldwide. Through various innovations such as worm-drive technology, the company has built up a reputation for producing powerful table saws for both DIYers and professional contractors. By adding a Skil tool to your workshop, you can rest assured that you'll get the job done. 

Recap - Best SKILSAW Table Saws

Heading out? Here's a refresher on our best SKILsaw table saws:

  1.  SKILSAW SPT99T-01
  2.  SKILSAW SPT99-11
  3.  SKIL TS6307-00

People Also Ask

When it comes to investing in tools, it's crucial to have thorough background knowledge of the manufacturer. Where the tools are made is typically a good indication of the quality of the product. So, here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding SkilSaw.

Where are Skilsaw Products Made?

Although Skil is still based in the United States in Naperville, Illinois, many of the tools are manufactured and assembled in mainland China.

Who Makes SkilSaw Products?

Chervon manufactures both SkilSaw and Skil products.

Who Owns SkilSaw?

Chervon, a Chinese organization, acquired both SkilSaw and Skil brands in 2016.

How Long Has SkilSaw Been Around?

SkilSaw was established in 1924 when Edmond Michele invented the circular saw. This development subsequently led to the invention of the Model 77 circular saw in 1927.

Why are Skilsaw Products so Popular?

Skilsaw's rise to popularity began in 1924 with the invention of the circular saw. Since then, the brand managed to create a notable reputation for itself. 

For nearly a century, the company's worm-drive saws have been regarded by tradesmen everywhere as the jobsite standard. Additionally, SkilSaw and Skil's products are associated worldwide with durability, quality, and power.

SKIL 3310-02

What Kind of Warranty Does SkilSaw Offer?

Depending on the type of equipment and whether you register your purchase with the company within 30 days of purchase, you can expect to receive one of the following warranties:

  • Benchtop tools typically come with a three-year warranty.

  • With batteries and chargers, you can expect a two-year limited warranty.

  • Corded tools come with a one-year limited warranty.

  • With high-performance cutting tools (models that start with the STP designation), you're covered by the company's money-back STAY TRUE guarantee. If you're not satisfied with the equipment, you can return it for a full refund.

Are SkilSaw Worm-Drive Table Saws Better?

Worm-drive table saws provide extra torque, which is excellent for more significant stress rip cuts that this equipment naturally has to endure. Additionally, these tools are more durable, robust, and accurate. However, these saws tend to be slightly heavier and typically have a somewhat slower blade speed than similar products.


Does Bosch Own Skil?

No, not anymore. Bosch Power Tools sold the Skil brand to Chervon HK Ltd., a Chinese power tool manufacturer situated in Nanjing, China, on August 23, 2016. This purchase gave them complete control over Skil and SkilSaw businesses in both the European and North American markets.