Ryobi Table Saw Reviews – 2021 Guide

| Last Updated: December 30, 2021

A powerful and reliable table saw is every worker’s dream. Be it a carpenter, a woodcarver, a craftsman or someone whose tool shed is their safe sanctuary; a good tool is a must-have for all your projects, repairs and trades.

Here we review some of the finest table saws from Ryobi, a leading brand in hardware manufacture.

Comparison of the Ryobi Table Saws

  • Powered by a more powerful 15 amp motor
  • Package includes mounting hardware, folding stand, miter gauge, rip fence and guard assembly
  • Supports integrated dust chute and push stick storage for mess-free and easily maneuvered work
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  • 13 amp motor useful for heavy-duty woodwork
  • Integrated, table-mounted push stick storage for easy maneuvering
  • Best for the money
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  • Integrated dust chute and onboard storage enhancing the ease of use
  • Best Ryobi 10 inch table saw
  • Supports cast aluminum top that withholds heavy weight
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  • Powerful 15 amp motor cuts through all materials
  • Easy to set up, flat 34-inch table with right and left sliding extension tables
  • Best Ryobi portable table saw
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Who is Ryobi?

Established in 1943 by Yutaka Urakami, Ryobi is a Japanese company owned by The Techtronic Industries Limited that specializes in manufacturing automobile components, electronic power tools, printing equipment, builders’ hardware and much more. Ryobi has emerged as an affordable, ‘pro-featured’ brand with good product lineups suitable for homeowners, DIY-ers and professionals alike.

Ryobi is known to improve their products by adding innovation to their lineups continuously. Chances are if you are looking for tools that are easy on the pocket but do not compromise on the delivery of work, you’ll find them at Ryobi, and yes that is exactly where we are going to look at some table saws.

How Does Ryobi Compare to the Competition?

There are certain factors that make Ryobi stand out and be ahead of its competitors. These include:

A Great Value Brand

When buying tools or heavy machinery, you need to start saving earlier for they don’t come cheap. But with Ryobi, you will find efficient tools provided at reasonable rates. Their products fall in the starting price range in the market. Do not, however, mistake their low prices for low quality because their products are for everyone. From professional workers to DIY enthusiasts, all value Ryobi products as one of the best addition to their tool sheds.

Efficiency Through Innovation

Often times, Ryobi releases lineups for its products. The reason? Well, they believe in improving their design for better efficiency through innovation. Hence, based upon the market need, over which they watch closely, they release new and upgraded tools and components to meet everyone’s needs best. Not only that, but they also offer quality promotions and budget-priced kits seasonally that is no less of a jackpot.

One Battery for All Tools

Ryobi’s innovation produced a battery that would power almost all of their tools. From your home repairs to garden trimmings, all could be done using the ONE+ battery. The tools are designed to be powered by the same battery, saving you the hassle of buying different sized batteries for your tools. Now all you need to do after you are done cutting the wood for your fence is to switch the same battery in your hedge trimmer and viola!

Review of the Best Ryobi Table Saws

Now that we have seen why Ryobi is the front runner in tools and components manufacturing, let’s have a look at one of its most important product lineup without which you cannot possibly work your way around wood. Ryobi offers a wide range of table saws, and here we have reviewed the best of them for you to choose from.

Best Overall:
Ryobi RTS1215


  • Produces 5000 rpm suitable for even the toughest of woods
  • Supports a 10-inch blade for deeper and more accurate cuts
  • Foldable stand for easy transport and storage in tight spaces
  • Cast aluminum table surface with integrated storage for accessories
  • Push stick storage for accurate positioning of lumber and board rip fence for easy accessibility


  • Backed by a 3-year warranty only
  • Corded; would require cord extension for outdoor usage
  • Supports only the 10-inch blade which limits the types of cuts made

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent customers have found it durable for treating even 8’ boards. They’ve found this saw to be useful for anything from building a deck to framing a door. They’ve found the compact, lightweight layout to be easily portable but also exceedingly durable.

Why It Stands Out to Us

The table saw comes packed with the best and most powerful of saw applications and safety features. The up-to-the-mark guarding assembly and anti-kickback pawls ensure your safety while you work with the wood to trim, cut or carve it out according to your need. The table surface is extensive and made of sturdy yet lightweight material, making it ideal for heavy work and transportation.

Who Would Use This Most

The saw would be popular among heavy woodworkers and homeowners alike. It has a 10-inch blade and high power, making it suitable for all your projects and repairs. It would cut through long and thick lumber slabs without buckling under their weight and would give smooth, even cuts.

Bottom Line

A powerful motor and a long sharp blade is every woodcrafter’s dream. And this saw provides both. Build to give maximum efficiency without having to put too much effort, this is one of the best table saws out there.

Best for the Money:
Ryobi RTS08


  • Lightweight design for easy portability
  • Features 8-1/4 inch for a variety of cuts
  • Miter gauge is adjustable, making accurate crosscuts
  • 25-inch x 17-inch tabletop makes for a large workstation
  • The 13 amp motor powers 5600 RPM and is suitable for heavy wood
  • Comes with blade wrenches, anti-kickback pawls, a hex-key, and a blade guard assembly


  • Provides only 3 years of warranty
  • Table does not tilt farther than 45 degrees right and left
  • The model is corded, and you might need cord extensions

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers found it exceptionally useful for its perfect rpm which is neither too high to trip circuit breakers nor too low to become useless in front of heavy wood slabs. The blade height adjustability provides accurate depth control. Plus, the 25-inch x 17-inch tabletop is wide enough to support and maneuver lumber with ease.

Why It Stands Out to Us

This table saw provides a complete package with wrenches and blade guard included. It is merciless for all sorts of wood and boards. The 5600 rpm is a definite plus point, which provides great power to rip through wood easily. The model is portable with an adjustable miter gauge and large on/off power switch ensuring your safety.

Who Would Use This Most

The table saw is perfect for anyone who needs higher sawing power with an extensive table for their workshop. If you are a DIY-er or a professional who needs an economical saw that makes leveled and intricate cuts, then this is the one for you. Without having to spend fortunes on heavy-duty table saws, this one would deliver while remaining in your budget.

Bottom Line

This unit is designed to cater to the needs of users, be it newbies or professionals. This table saw increases work efficiency due to its expandable table surface, portable size, and push sticks for easy maneuvering thanks to its user-friendly design.

Best Ryobi 10 Inch Table Saw:
Ryobi RTS23


  • Flat, durable, lightweight worktop
  • Powered by a 15 amp motor, sustainable for heavy-duty work
  • Supports a 10-inch blade to cut through the toughest material
  • Provides 5000 rpm which is efficient against all types of material
  • Gives a 27-inch rip, completing your project quickly with even cuts
  • Rolling stands eases transportation and reduces chances of damage through fall


  • Backed by only 3 years of manufacturer’s warranty
  • Rip fence could be hard to line up requiring extra effort
  • Does not support dado blades and hence won’t cut grooves

What Recent Buyers Report

This has proven to be a valuable investment with its added features, i.e., the rolling stand and the 27-inch rip capacity. The enhanced rip capacity makes any material look like a piece of cake in front of the powerful unit. The rolling stand in combination with roll cage maximizes protection against falls and makes it easier to transport.

Why It Stands Out to Us

We want to make sure the product we review provides the best results and maximum comfort to our users; this table saw delivers both. It has a ripping capacity that could cut any material within minutes. The dust chute is compatible with hoses of all sizes, ensuring your workspace isn’t messy, and you don’t have to clean afterward either. The tool-free guard enhances ease of use.

Who Would Use This Most

Professionals or hobbyists who deal with lumber large, in both size and quality will find this model particularly useful. If you want the bundle of wood to be dealt with quickly without having to put too much effort into positioning and maneuvering it, then this is your go-to tool.

Bottom Line

A powerful rip capacity that cuts through any type of material is guaranteed to get your work done. It gives out smooth and clean cuts so that you don’t have to spend ages sandpapering the sides. It delivers in time.

Best Ryobi Portable Table Saw:
Ryobi 10 in. Portable Table Saw


  • 51 pounds in weight is easy to transport
  • Compatible with ½ inch dado, blade allowing cutting in grooves
  • Blade tipped with 24T Carbide which provides clean and accurate cuts
  • Extensive security mechanism with blade guard and big visible power switch
  • Supports 10-inch blade which efficiently works on all shapes and sizes of wood
  • Accessories include an impressive quick stand, standard miter gauge, simple rip fence, and push stick


  • Backed by 3 year manufacturer’s warranty only
  • Newbies might not find stamped steel top easy to work with
  • Some woodworkers might find getting blade alignment straight difficult to achieve

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers found the purchase worthy of its value. With a 30-inch rip capacity, it found use in the workshops of pros, as well as weekend warriors involved in-home repairs. Buyers, however, have also found the miter to slop side to side which hinders the formation of clean cuts. However, that wasn’t much of an issue for nearly all users. 

Why It Stands Out to Us

This model works as advertised. Once adjusted, the cuts are neat and easily reproducible. The height adjustment would work fine and provide great ease if you keep it free of sawdust. The compatibility with the dado blade increases its worth and gives more cutting options.

Who Would Use This Most

Whether you are a professional carpenter or a homeowner looking to do some renovations, this model comes loaded with accessories that are sure to provide maximum convenience in your work. Not only that, you are sure to enjoy its portability and affordability if you are looking for a saw sufficient for heavy work that is also cost-effective.

Bottom Line

Compatible even with dado blades, this is a great investment for it brings more features so that you don’t have to buy separate tools for each operation. It is economical and has a smart, intelligent design that is bound to leave you impressed.

5. Ryobi 10 in. Table Saw with Folding Stand


  • Extension table makes it suitable for heavy and long woodwork
  • Lightweight but sturdy, making it portable without compromising on workability
  • The stand is detachable, allowing maximum customization of your workspace
  • Aluminum table top makes it lightweight but doesn’t collapse under heavy weight
  • Strong dependable build with steel made cage design imparting excessive frame strength


  • Fence clamps are hard to adjust, fixing the wood in place takes effort and time
  • Not compatible with dado blades which makes it unable to cut grooves in the wood
  • Throat plate around the blade is lower than the deck which might cause uneven cutting

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers have had a great experience with this table saw. They found it to rip through hard and thick pieces of wood without any problem. It weighs only 52 pounds which makes it easier for users to transport it between workshops. The cutting space expands to around 24 inches which provides a considerable amount of workspace.

Why It Stands Out to Us

This is a great table saw overall. It can generate 5000rpm of cutting power which will rip through thick chunks of wood. It is designed intelligently with extendable tabletops and extra storage. It has a built-in large and visible safety switch for your use in case of emergency. All in all, it provides incredible performance for a very reasonable price.

Who Would Use This Most

It’s a great investment for weekend hobbyists and cost-conscious professionals. It would work well for anyone who plans on working with hardwood. The top is well constructed and allows the material to slide over easily, which is a great feature for newbies who are still working their way around power equipment and assembly of material.

Bottom Line

This table saw would be a valuable asset, whether you are just a newbie or a professional. It is dependable and perfect for all sorts of crafts and works. It’s also durable with its well-designed layout so that you don’t have to spend fortunes on repairs.

How to Use a Ryobi Table Saw

Using a Ryobi table saw isn’t difficult at all. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Before setting up the table saw or making any adjustments at any time, unplug it and remove the switch key.

  2. Remove the throat plate and unlock the riving knife lock lever. Raise a riving knife into the UP position and lock the lock lever.

  3. Reinstall the throat plate. Secure the anti-kickback pawls into place.

  4. Secure the blade guard assembly into place and ensure that the blade guard is parallel to the table.

  5. Ensure all parts are secured firmly in place before using the table saw.

  6. Table saws are generally used for rip cuts and in some cases, for crosscuts. Make the necessary adjustments to the saw for the required cut. 

  7. Plug in the saw and insert the switch key. 

  8. RYOBI RTS 10 and RTS 21 table saws come with standard miter gauges for crosscuts. The RYOBI RTS 31 table saw is equipped with a miter fence and a sliding miter table for crosscuts.

  9. For a bevel cut, the bevel angle can be adjusted to the desired setting by unlocking the bevel locking lever, and a blade depth can be selected for the workpiece. 

  10. To adjust the alignment of the RIP fence, unlock the fence locking lever, and use a framing square to check the dimensions on the rip scale. If the dimensions are not the same, align the fence by loosening the two screws on the fence. Tighten the screws after adjustment.

  11. Specific dado blade stacks can be used with the RYOBI RTS 21 and RTS 31 table saws. A dado throat plate must be used with a dado blade. The RYOBI RTS 10 table saw is not designed to use a dado blade stack.

  12. If you experience binding or resistance during operation, turn off the saw immediately and perform alignment checks as outlined in the operator’s manual. Resistance is usually the result of alignment issues.

Ryobi 10 in. Portable Table Saw


Ryobi has a wide range of table saws, and one of these is definitely going to be the answer to all your needs. They are portable, which is a huge plus, and have strong, sturdy layouts which make them withstand heavy weight and extreme performance. No matter what type of work you want to take from these saws, they will deliver and won’t even be a burden on your pocket.

People Also Ask

Still, have a few queries left? Pretty normal. Let us help you here as well. Below are some of the questions asked frequently by our readers or users of the products. We have answered them for you, so you find all your solutions in just one space.

Where is the Model Number on a Ryobi Table Saw?

Ryobi table saws have an information label located on them. This label is easy to find as it also contains the Ryobi logo in red. Next to the Ryobi logo on the right-hand side is listed the model number of the table saw. The serial number is located in the white box beneath the Ryobi logo.