Best Kobalt Table Saws of 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: June 29, 2021

A power tool that carpenters frequently use to earn their bread is the table saw. However, there is an array of table saws available in the market now, which can really unnerve a buyer.

Choosing the right brand for your saw can greatly dictate its performance. Therefore, today we bring you a review of one of the leading brands in mechanic tools, Kobalt. 

Comparison of the Best Kobalt Table Saws

  • Has a high power motor of 15 amp and 10 Inches
  • Comes with a long-lasting 10-in Carbide-tipped blade
  • 30-in right rip capability and 14-in left rip capability
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  • It comes with a quick-folding rolling stand
  • Has a durable 10-in carbide-tipped blade
  • 30-In right rip capacity and 17-in left rip capacity
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Who is Kobalt?

Kobalt is actually a line from the American home improvement chain, Lowe's. It manufactures private label products for both Lowe's in North America and their combined project with the now obsolete Masters Home Improvement in Australia. Lowe’s and manufacturing partner, J.H. Williams, launched Kobalt in 1998.

They are a specialized offshoot that produces a range of power and mechanic tools so that you can pick one that best suits your needs. Their years-long journey of producing top-of-the-line products that can even be personalized to your needs and excellent customer service has earned them a stellar name in the market. 

How Does Kobalt Compare to the Competition?

If they have managed to set themselves apart and create a mark in the market, then they did so with persistent hard work and dedication. They have been striving to manufacture tools to suit all tastes. It doesn’t matter if you are a creative ‘Do It Yourself-er’ or a serious professional, if you need tools that will enhance your performance and expertise, Kobalt is the answer to all your prayers. 


With over 20 years of experience, Kobalt has mastered the art of manufacturing products that are built from top quality parts, easy to use and can get the job done. Their long experience in the hardware and home improvement field has made them well versed in what a customer is looking for when purchasing such tools, and they deliver just that. 


Whenever you are investing a product, you want to ensure that you can get the maximum use of it and it is reliable and durable. Kobalt delivers in that respect as well. Most products released after May 1st, 2016, have a standard guarantee package with little variations. These packages are solid, legitimate and have satisfied their large pool of customers.

Wide Range

Not only does Kobalt provide you with the best quality products, but it also has an expansive range of tools that can serve all your hardware or home improvement needs. Their products include hand & mechanic tools, power tools, air tools, outdoor tools, and even personalized products so that you leave satisfied and content. 

Review of the Best Kobalt Table Saws

Table saws have greatly revolutionized the field of carpentering and have made it more easy and efficient. In recent years, the market has been filled with new brands and products, which can make the selection process a bit tedious. We have reviewed for you the top products of the top brand so that you purchase only the very best.

Best Overall:
Kobalt KT1015


  • Comes with a 3-year warranty
  • Motor produces 5000 RPM which effectively completes any task
  • Various types of cuts are possible due to the locking miter gauge
  • Power switch can be partly removed which avoids accidental usage
  • One of the stand pieces are attached prior to shipping which makes assembly easier


  • Some might find it to be a bit heavy
  • Foot kick might be difficult to locate and hard to push
  • Main casting portion has protuberances which aren’t filed

What Recent Buyers Report

Customers have reported this product to work effectively, and it has received high ratings consistently. They are happy with its performance, both professionals and people who used it for home tasks. Most people found it easy to use, and its easy assembly was definitely an added benefit for them. 

Why It Stands Out to Us

The high power rating and its excellent performance have landed this product the top place on our list. The variety of tasks that it can perform and the finesse with which it completes the task even in larger pieces make this product outshine others in its field and come right at the top.

Who Would Use This Most

The safety switch, it easy to use technology and convenient assembly makes this product fit to be used for professionals and amateurs alike. Anyone who wishes to engage in woodwork and wants a solid table saw for that will find this product to his or her liking.

Bottom Line

All in all, this is an outstanding table saw. Kobalt promises to always deliver to its customers, and it did not fall short of that promise this time as well. Its high power rating, strong motor, safety features, and excellent performance make it a unique favorite, and we definitely recommend this to you.

Kobalt 10-in Carbide-tipped Blade 15-Amp Portable Table Saw


  • Backed by a 3-year warranty
  • Cost-effective and budget-friendly
  • Comes with a folding stand with wheels for mobility
  • 2.5-In dust-gathering port easily fits a vacuum or dust collector
  • Sliding tab fence system with a solo latch allowing precision and quick setting


  • The tabletop is brushed metal which is not rust-resistant
  • Table legs surpass the table boundary, creating a tripping threat
  • Small table surface doesn’t allow accurate cutting of sheet goods

What Recent Buyers Report

Reviewers have reported this saw to work as good as high-end expensive ones and are extremely satisfied with it. Its ability to perform a wide range of tasks has made it a unique favorite. However, some customers claim that it is ill-suited to rip sheet goods due to its lighter weight and the smaller table surface. Apart from that, the overall user consensus was positive for this model. 

Why It Stands Out to Us

This saw is lightweight, which adds to its maneuverability, has sufficient right and left rip capacity, high power and impressive stock. All of this at a very attractive cost make it a one of a kind. It highlights that Kobalt takes its customers’ concerns very seriously and is prompt in providing new products that can cater to all of their needs.

Who Would Use This Most

This saw is fit to be used for job site tasks and home tasks and can work well in the hands of entry-level professionals and weekend DIYers alike. It can handle large pieces and cement boards as well. However, it is not recommended for people who have a lot of work involving sheet goods as it is not very well suited to cut those.

Bottom Line

Kobalt showed great innovation for this product and attempted to make this more user-friendly. It tried to resolve concerns that some customers encountered with the previous edition and succeeded to do so. With its price and performance, it has attracted a large pool of customers, and we hope you like it too.

What Do I Need To Know Before Buying?

Table saws are not exactly the cheapest machinery; therefore, they require thorough research before purchase. You need to know what to look for in the perfect table saw so that you can rest assured that you have bought the ideal product for yourself. Below are some factors you should keep in mind when looking for a table saw:


With a tool like a table saw, safety is of utmost importance as accidents with this could yield unfathomable injuries. Therefore, ensure that the table saw you are considering has safety features. All saws in the US come with a riving knife, anti-kickback pawls, and a split blade guard. However, these could hinder some cuts hence are removable parts. 


Blades act as a prime factor in defining the performance of your table saw. You want a saw that comes with blades that have an accurate depth of cut. Furthermore, you need to warrant that the blade you are using is fit to perform the function you want it to. 

Cutting Capacity, Cutting Depth and Bevels

The cutting depth of a saw is checked when it is not cutting a bevel. To judge bevel cutting, adjustability of the base plate plays an important role. It should come with the flush housing feature, which will allow the table to cut very near to the edge of the wall. This will make cut flooring to size easy. 

How to Set up Kobalt Table Saw

Setting up a table saw for the first time can be a bit tricky. However, you don’t need to worry for we have got you covered. Below are step-by-step instructions so that you can easily assemble your saw and get started. 

To perfectly set up your table saw without any injuries, thoroughly go through the instruction manual from the company and carefully read all precautions written on the machine. These instructions are not a substitute for the manual rather an assistive guide. 

1. Upon unboxing, remove the items of the upper tray and the tray itself and then proceed to remove loose items from the second tray so that the sides of the box can be cut and the base can be visible.

2. Attach the two wheels on the lower right leg marked J, by removing the exterior washer and nut on the leg and mounting the wheel.

3. Attach the left crosspiece R, to the left front leg M and the back leg N with the help of a 3/8 inch bolt.

4. Put the end of the left leg S into the leg assembly from the previous step and tighten with a 3/2 inch cap screw and nut.

5. Attach the handles marked I1 and I2 to the table V, still in the lower packaging tray with a 3/2 inch cap screw and nut.

6. To attach the leg assembly into the table V, insert spacer DD in the middle of the legs and secure with 3-inch carriage bolt AA and nut EE. Make sure to cut the zip tie holding the preassembled upper leg in place.

7. Mount the wheel assembly from step 2 on the leg assembly from step 6 by inserting spacer DD between legs and hold it with 3-inch carriage bolt AA and a nut, EE.

8. Lift the slenderest part of the stand to align the holes. Then insert spacer DD between legs and tighten with 3-inch cap screw and nut. Make sure not overtighten and cut the zip-tie securing pedal.

9. Hold the handles, raise the table saw on its two wheels, and remove it from the packing tray. 

10. Allow your machine to stand and tighten all screws.

11. Release height adjustment locking lever and tilt blade to 45 degrees in order to release and remove all packing material beneath the motor.

12. Install height adjustment knob FF and hex bolt GG to the height adjustment wheel.

13. The saw comes with the riving knife in the lower position; raise it to attach anti-kickback paws and blade guard for all through cut operations.

14. Unscrew riving knife lock knob with fingers and then push on loosened riving knife to release it.

15. Grasp the riving knife and pull towards the right side of the saw to release it from the spring-loaded clamp.

16. Position the riving knife with the raised position.

17. Make sure the blade is turned the right way and remove blade wrenches from the storage area.

18. Install blade and washers and then apply nut to the shaft. 

19. Place open-end wrench on flats of arbor shaft, insert close-end wrench over blade nut.

20. Holding both wrenches, push a closed-end wrench towards the back of the machine.

21. Reinstall the throat plate by slipping the tab into the slot at the back of the saw and push down to secure in place.

22. To install anti-kickback paws, unplug saw raised blade by turning height adjustment wheel clockwise, place riving knife in a raised position, press and hold the right side of the anti-kickback paws, align slot and anti-kickback paws over the center slot of riving knife, push anti-kickback paws down until they snap into place and release button.

23. Raise the blade guard, hook back end of the guard on to the rear slot of the riving knife and push the front down until it is parallel to the table.

24. Loosen rip fence by lifting the front and rear locking levers.

The rest of the parts can be installed as per your needs. Below is a video guide, which will give you a much clearer representation of the above steps. 


Table saws are primarily used for woodwork; however, with new blades and technology, they can do a lot more than just that. Kobalt has been striving for over 20 years to give you top quality products that will satisfy all your needs and prove to be a brand you can always rely on.