Best JET Table Saws – 2021 Round-up

| Last Updated: December 30, 2021

JET table saws are a popular choice among those in the woodworking industry. The brand has established itself as reliable and reputable. 

The main challenge is deciding which of the products is the best to invest in.

This article discusses some of the best products in the range. 

Comparison of the Best JET Table Saws

  • Push button arbor lock for quick blade change
  • Drive belt system offers quiet, efficient operation
  • Enclosed cabinet has a sealed, built-in storage drawer
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  • Best Jet Xacta Table Saw
  • Push button arbor lock for quick blade change
  • Drive belt system offers quiet, efficient operation
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  • 4" dust collection port
  • 4" dust collection port for effective dust management
  • Riving knife has quick release which reduces kickback risk
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  • Best Jet Hybrid Table Saw
  • Riving knife has quick release allows for easy knife changes
  • CSA certified for additional safety peace of mind
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What Makes JET Products Stand Out From the Competition?

JET products are high quality and backed by the company's JET Red Assurance. This is an industry-leading warranty that allows you to return it for repair. It also warrants the products against manufacturer defects. 

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The warranty's duration varies from one item to the next, with consumable items having a 90-day warranty and most woodworking machinery having a two-year warranty. There are 750 service centers all over the country, and JET has a friendly customer service team.

The brand is more than 50 years old and is innovative in its product line. Another benefit of JET products is that the manuals are user-friendly and written professionally. The engineers that compose these manuals include images and a complete breakdown of what parts there are.

Review of the Best JET Table Saws

Now that we understand what sets JET apart from competitors, we can discuss some of the table saws that they produce. This section highlights the pros, cons, and interesting facts regarding some of the best table saws this company makes.

Each product review also comes with a report from recent buyers. This will give you a realistic overview of the table saws.

Best Overall:
JET 708674PK XACTA Saw Deluxe

JET 10-Inch XACTA Cabinet Saw, 30-Inch Rip, 3HP, 1Ph 230V (708674PK)


  • Quick releasing riving knife
  • Poly V-drive belt 
  • Corded electric
  • Include sealed storage drawer
  • Dust-collection efficiency


  • It's very Expensive
  • Has a lower rip capacity than other industrial models 

The JET 708674PK XACTASAW Deluxe is an efficient and quiet-operating table saw with many features.

What Recent Buyers Report

Customers who own this item say that the machine is great value for the money and that the fit and finish are exceptional. They were happy with the assembly instructions and didn't regret the purchase. Some customers weren't satisfied with the product quality, but the majority of reviewers were positive.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The operation of this table saw is safe, smooth, and efficient. The dry system allows for optimal power transfer, and the shrouded blade ensures that dust collection happens effectively. The design features a deeper table with 26x30 inch wings. 

This setup gives you a larger cast iron workspace. The product also offers you the convenience of a storage drawer and miter gauge storage. This specific product has a five-year warranty. 

It has an external powder-coated paint that's chip resistant. You're protected from overload thanks to the mounted magnetic switch, and the independent leaf safety guard protects you from the blade during operation. 

The machine parts are protected with a hinged motor cover. The table saw also comes with an arbor lock. This makes blade changes faster.

Bottom Line

The JET 708674PK XACTASAW Deluxe is ideal for commercial or home usage as it's user-friendly, easy to operate, simple to assemble, and doesn't make a lot of noise. It's safe and quiet to use, and the built-in drawer is an added convenience. The cast-iron extension wings offer you sufficient space, and the riving knife system offers functionality ease.

Best JET Xacta Table Saw:
JET 708675PK Deluxe XACTA

JET 10-Inch Deluxe XACTA Cabinet Saw, 50-Inch Rip, 3HP, 1Ph 230V (708675PK)


  • 50-inch rip fence
  • Three horsepower
  • Heavy-duty trunnion
  • 11 inch cast iron extensions
  • Built-in storage


  • Nuts and bolts of the product aren't always adequate
  • Must purchase the cord separately

This high-performance product is classified as a cabinet saw. It has an onboard fence and miter gauge storage.

What Recent Buyers Report

Customers who bought the JET 708675PK Deluxe XACTA were pleasantly surprised by this saw's quality and features to the price. They commended the accuracy and vacuum system.

Unboxing and assembling the product took some customers several hours, but the instructions were easy to follow. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This powerful machine is accurate, versatile, and smooth-running. Safe operation is ensured thanks to the integrated arbor lock. The dimensions are 29 x 42 inches, which gives you sufficient workspace.

The trunnion mechanism is heavy-duty and made of cast iron. It features a poly V-belt that allows it to operate optimally without slipping. There's also minimal heat generation from this product.

The JET 708675PK Deluxe XACTA has a 50-inch commercial fence exclusive to this brand. Its T-square design enhances accuracy and performance. It also comes with an anti-kickback pawl and modular blade guard. This sturdy machine weighs 510 lbs and can be assembled by one person.

Bottom Line

This product is highly sought after as it's versatile and powerful. It has JET's popular safety aspects without compromising on functionality or accuracy. Those who bought the product highly recommend it.

Best JET 10-Inch Table Saw:
JET 708676PK Deluxe XACTA

JET 10-Inch XACTA Cabinet Saw, 30-Inch Rip, 5HP, 1Ph 230V (708676PK)


  • Four-inch dust collector port
  • 30-inch commercial Xacta (patented)
  • Fence II
  • Five horsepower
  • Large wings 


  • Expensive
  • Fence needs to be adjusted

This five-horsepower Xacta saw offers hassle-free riving knife changes and operates quietly.

What Recent Buyers Report

Owners state that it cuts through lumber and various types of hardwood easily. Some customers were disappointed to learn that they have to wire a power cord to the saw themselves or get an electrician to do it.

Assembling the machine took most owners three to four hours, and they commented on how quietly it operated. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The JET 708676PK Deluxe XACTA has a voltage of 230 and weighs 501 lbs. It has a convenient storage drawer that's 12.5 x 18 x 4 inches. It also has features that ensure quiet but effective operation, and you can make rapid blade changes thanks to the push button arbor lock system.

Dust collection is also pretty efficient with a four-inch collection board. The wings on these products are 26 x 30 inches and are made from cast iron. When you purchase this table saw, you get a five-year warranty from the company against any defects, and you can return it for repair.

It fulfills most operating requirements. It’ll help with productivity in any shop.

Bottom Line

The JET 708676PK Deluxe XACTA is a heavy-duty piece of equipment. It's durable and performs well even with hardwood while keeping the noise level minimal.

Best JET Hybrid Table Saw:
JET 725005K ProShop II

JET JPS-10 ProShop II 10-Inch Table Saw with Steel Wings, 52-Inch Rip, 1-3/4HP, 1Ph 115V (725005K)


  • Compact  design
  • Transparent blade guard
  • CSA certified
  • Magnetic paddle switch for safe operation
  • Motor reset is located in the power switch instead of in the motor.


  • Expensive 
  • Takes longer to set up

This JET product is stamped steel and is a contractor-style table.

What Recent Buyers Report

Those who purchase this product state that it's a high-quality cabinet table with compact dimensions. They state that it's reliable and ergonomic, and it offers accurate cuts and minimal kickback despite its smaller design. Some customers weren't happy with the rip capacity but were satisfied that it offered enough power to suit their needs.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This ProShop table saw has steel wings and is available in two rip capacity options. You can opt for 30 inches or 52 inches, depending on your preference. The product has a transparent blade guard with independent leaves, which offers you better protection and is easier to use.

It has a 10-inch blade diameter, and the arbor speed is 4000RPM. The table is cast iron and measures 20 x 27 inches. It has a T-slot with stops miter gauge type and 350 CFM dust collection.

It also offers a maximum diameter of 8 inches of dado and features onboard storage for access. The entire saw weighs 286 lbs and has 115 volts. The saw comes standard in white and offers 1.75 horsepower.

Bottom Line

This product is compact and powerful with both left- and right-hand tilts. The magnetic paddle and motor reset ensure safe operation and the quick release knife has minimum kickback. The product includes a dado insert and riving knife.

5. JET 708679PK

JET 708679PK 5HP 1PH 50-Inch Deluxe Xacta Saw with Downdraft Table


  • Five-year warranty 
  • Welded steel frame 
  • Shrouded blade
  • Quick-release riving knife
  • Exclusive Xacta fence II 


  • Saw height isn’t the exact dimensions it's stated to be 
  • Not always available, the stock isn't replaced quickly 

This 667-pound piece of equipment is an asset to any Woodford project. It's a Xacta saw with a downdraft table that allows for excellence in both form and function.

What Recent Buyers Report

Those who bought this saw are satisfied with the machine. They state that it functions well and is an improvement from competitor products in the same price range. 

Some customers mentioned that the finish was substandard with several paint chips but that it didn't impact product performance. They stated that the riving knife was fantastic and that the dust collection was great as well. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

It's a three-horsepower motor with a great fence system that rips up to 30 inches. The riving knife follows the blade height and tilt, thus enhancing safety. 

The tabletop is cast iron, and because it uses separate handwheels, adjusting the height and tilt is simple while still maintaining accuracy. These handwheels are also cast iron. 

Precision is ensured thanks to the miter gauge, and the dust collection capabilities of the product are also pretty impressive. 

Bottom Line

This is a high-quality product with multiple great features that operate efficiently. It utilizes durable materials and is built well. The functionality is nothing less than you’d expect from a JET product.

JET ProShop Table Saw Review:
JET ProShop 708494K

Jet Proshop Tablesaw with Wings and Riving Knife 708494K JPS-10TS, Cast Iron


  • Wings can either be stamped steel or cast iron
  • Independent leaves on the brake guard
  • Riving knife is quick-release
  • Fence system comes in 30 or 52 rip capacity 
  • Storage hook included


  • Dust collection is suboptimal 
  • Factory blade may not be aligned correctly

This JET product weighs 299 lbs and features wings for user-convenience.

What Recent Buyers Report

Owners of this product commented that it was easy to assemble. They mentioned that it was a clear step up from contractor-grade products and that the alignment was pretty good. 

They also commented that the manual and instructions were clear. The only negative remark was that the dust collection wasn't as good as expected.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The JET Pro shop 708494K is easy to assemble and cuts with precision. It has a 10-inch blade diameter. It combines the benefits of a cabinet saw and a contractor saw, and you can choose the material of the wings to suit your preference.

The chance of kickback is reduced because of the riving knife design and independent leaves. The motor is fan-cooled and completely enclosed. It has a max depth cut (90°) 3-⅛ inches. 

The product features a steel cabinet, cast iron table, and extension wing. It also includes a stand.

Bottom Line

This table saw is an excellent option for commercial use. It's easy to assemble and has adequate safety features. The blade is smooth running, and adjustments are also convenient. Changing the blade is also very simple.

Best JET Portable Table Saw:
JET 707000

Jet JBTS-10MJS 10-Inch Jobsite Table Saw


  • Compact design for portability
  • Easy to store
  • Soft start heavy-duty motor
  • Lightweight 
  • Enhanced portability thanks to wheels at the base of the product


  • Only has a three-year warranty
  • Some components are plastic

If you're looking for a portable table saw that's reliable and safe, the JET 707000 is the ideal choice.

What Recent Buyers Report

Owners commented that putting the saw together is simple and so is removing the blade guard. They approved of the locking pins and the quiet motor. There were negative remarks about the plastic components and stand design, but most users reported a positive experience with this item.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Unlike most table saws that are portable, this product doesn't compromise quality to ensure the latter. This product is accurate and powerful, offering 115 volts and 4.4 horsepower in the soft start motor.

It has a 25-inch rip capacity and weighs 90 lbs. It offers you the best of both worlds by being portable as well as stable. The rolling stand is heavy-duty yet quick to set up. It also has a rear extension to support outfeed wood. 

This product has a 15-amp motor and cuts through most types of wood. It has a soft start and operates quieter than other table saws in its category. The dust shroud design keeps chips and dust away from the item you're working on, and the whole setup is relatively sturdy.

The JET 707000 is easy to use, and the controllers are within reach for your convenience. 

Bottom Line

This JET table saw is user-friendly and convenient. It's sturdy and performs well despite its compact size.

Best JET Gold Series Table Saw:
JET 708100

JET 708100 JWTS-10 10-Inch WorkShop Table Saw


  • 1.5 horsepower
  • Beveled front edge
  • Steel extension wings
  • Saw stand included
  • 30-inch fence


  • Certain parts of the manual are vague
  • Wheels aren't sturdy

The JET 708100 is considered a carpenter's dream. Its many features make it the ideal job site table saw.

What Recent Buyers Report

Those who purchased this JET table saw liked the belt drive, iron table, and wing structure. They stated that dust collection was excellent, with the shroud picking up 95% of the unwanted debris. They also said that they didn't have to make adjustments as the blade was accurate out of the box.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This JET product has a blade diameter of 10 inches and a gross weight of 214 lbs. It comes with a detailed instruction manual that labels each component alphabetically and includes images.

It has a glossary to explain the machine's definitions and technical terms for those new to the woodworking industry. Assembling the product is straightforward, thanks to the step-by-step instructions.

This particular saw has minimal kickback and an arbor speed of 3600RPM. It includes a high-precision 30-inch fence that offers incredible accuracy and a motor that can withstand the challenging operation. This motor is enclosed to reduce the chance of accidental damage. 

Bottom Line

If you're looking for a powerful unit that's vibration-free and operates smoothly, then this is the product for you. It offers value for the money and is made of exceptionally high-quality materials.

Even those who need a larger work surface will find that the JET 708100 is sufficient due to its steel extension wings. 

Who is JET? 

JET tools is a manufacturer and importer of woodworking products. It's part of JPW Industries. JPW Industries concentrates on several large-scale products, including metalworking items and material handling units.

Some of the woodworking products they specialize in are saws, drill presses, dust collectors, grinders, and sanders. They offer a full range of machines for several types of operation. Each of these is created with reliable quality engineering, and each new item the company introduces utilizes innovative technology and design.

To ensure that JET customers have a positive experience, each unit comes with a professionally written manual and its Red Assurance warranty. 

How Do JET Table Saws Compare?

JET table saws are of a high standard. Those who own the product are generally satisfied and recommend it to others. The section below discusses how JET products compare against competitor brands.

JET vs Powermatic Table Saw

Both Powermatic and JET tools were previously acquired by WMH and formed part of JPW Industries Incorporated. Both are sturdily built brands and offer the user quality operation. Powermatic is substantially more expensive than other brands.

JET offers the same functionality as Powermatic at a lower cost. The only benefit that Powermatic exceeds JET at is finish and aesthetics. 

JET vs Grizzly Table Saw

When comparing table saws of these two brands, you need to decide between value for the money and heavy-duty quality. Although both products can efficiently get the job done, it’ll cost you less to invest in a Grizzly.

On the other hand, the JET has a superior fence, and the setup is of a higher quality. Assembling the JET is also more straightforward.

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JET vs Delta Table Saw

 Both brands are reputable, but the after-sales service and warranty of the JET make it superior. The finish, fence, and fit are also better on the JET model. It also has sturdier handwheels. 

Why Should I Choose a JET Table Saw? 

JET products typically come with a cast iron table to provide you with a sturdy, flat and even work surface. If you need a larger surface, JET products offer you extension wings. 

The transparent blade guard on some of the JET units provides you with wing protection while maintaining your project's visibility. These table saws are also efficient in ensuring that your workspace stays clean and clear of sawdust.

Another aspect that makes JET a favorable choice is the onboard accessory storage that helps you store tools and other items within close proximity to your workspace. 

Who Shouldn't Choose JET Table Saw?

JET table saw products are great woodworking tools, but there are certain times when individuals should avoid using these products if they need to take certain medications frequently. 

These drugs can alter your concentration level, thus make operating heavy machinery dangerous.

Similarly, those who aren't familiar with the safety regulations related to table saws should abstain from using them until they’ve acquired the relevant information. 

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JET offers a wide range of excellent table saws designed to function optimally for professionals and those who consider woodworking a hobby. They all have great fence systems, strong motors, and poly V-belts for smooth operation. 

There are variations in each item's specifications so that you can find one that suits the dimensions of your work area. When you purchase a JET product, you have peace of mind knowing that a warranty backs your unit.

People Also Ask

Some additional common questions regarding JET products are discussed in this section.

Where Are JET Products Made?

JET production occurs at several plants, including Switzerland, Taiwan, China, Germany, Russia, France, and Tennessee.

Who Makes JET Products?

JPW industries make products under the name JET tools.

Who Owns JET?

A private equity firm named Gamut Capital Management acquired JPW industries and thus owns JET.

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How Long Has JET Been Around?

JET tools started in 1958.

Why Are JET Products So Popular?

The products are of high quality and perform well. 

What Kind of Warranty Does JET Offer?

In most cases, a five-year warranty but differs from one product to the next.

Does JET Own Powermatic?

No, JET and Powermatic belong to the same owner, they acquired JET first and Powermatic was acquired several years later.