How To Cut Plywood With A Jigsaw – Step by Step

| Last Updated: April 15, 2021

How To Cut Plywood With A JigsawWhen a DIY lover wants to make his plywood table, and all they have is a jigsaw, they get confused. But do you know it is straightforward to cut plywood with the help of a jigsaw?

Yes, today, we have come here to tell you how to cut plywood with a jigsaw. All you need is some available accessories and choose the right blade and speed.

Check out the step by step method for trimming down the plywood!

Step by Step Cutting Plywood with a Jigsaw

These steps of cutting plywood are only for the jigsaws. Here are some specific tricks for the newbie so that they don’t fail in their first try!

Step 1: The Perfect Blade

Whenever it comes to cutting plywood, the first task is to get the right blade. Now, if you think that any cutting blade will work, go ahead, try it, fail, and then come back!

Even then, we will tell you that the foremost concern is to pick up the perfect blade; otherwise, there will surely be splintering.

If you settle for the most famous and expensive jigsaw, if the blade is not right, it won’t work correctly. For this work, you always need a clade that has pointy teeth. Teeth above twenty are preferable.

Also, the teeth should be fine and clean. On the contrary, make sure that there is no offset. If you don’t find the one with zero offsets, pick up the one with little offset.

You will get blades that provide both straight and curved cuts. So, before working with it, you have to learn about professional Jigsaw reviews. These will tell you which one is the best suit for your preferences!

Step 2: Playing with Cutting Tricks

Use Masking Tape

First of all, your job is to mark the cutting line. It is always better that you put the masking tape on it. Place it on the top and the bottom of your material.

Any tape will work, but the best idea is to pick up a transparent or clear tape. These are easy to use. On the other hand, with the transparent tapes, it will be comfortable for you to mark the cutting lines on its body.

Checking the line, all you have to do is cut it down. Cut along the line just the way you cut with other saws.

With the help of the masking tape, the veneers are kept intact. As a result, you can easily avoid the matter of splintering, getting perfect smooth cuts!

Pick up Backer Board

If you want smoother cuts with no splintering, you can also rely on a backer board. When you cannot get the right cut with your jigsaw, you can always try the backer boards; trust us, it works!

Firstly, taking the backer board, you have to position it below the plywood. Keep the plywood on top of the board.

Make sure you do this process during the cutting period. With the help of this, you can push the veneers.

So, your workpiece will get some support. When you start the cutting, the plywood will come out with a smooth and clean-cut because there was a backer board support on the back!

Select a Utility Knife

If you are tired of trying all other methods for perfectly straight cuts and nothing works for this, the Utility Knife methods will surely work for you! Yes, scoring the cutting line with a utility knife is the easiest way you can approach it. All you have to do is take the play and score the cutting line with your utility knife! Now, take your jigsaw and cut it out! Your perfect straight cuts with clean edges will be before you! The only thing that might bother you is the type of cut. It works for the straight cuts, and this won’t go with other cuts. But if you want, you can try this one for a little curved cut too.

Right Splinter Guide

When it comes to splintering while cutting plywood with a jigsaw, you have to keep in mind that a splinter guide can always be helpful. If nothing goes right, this will!

Splinter guides can be genuinely fantastic for making a clean cut. Also, you can take the help of your friends and family and create your splinter guide. This will ensure that no more messed up plywood edges come before you!

Step 3: The Right Speed

Cutting plywood is not too challenging, but you have to take care of the time also. When the plan is to cut the woods into a clean and shaped outcome, the other methods mentioned above are necessary.

But after doing all of these, the speed is vital. If you get your hands on plywood, keep the cutting speed low.

We know that going too aggressive is what you will do, but this can ruin the plywood along with your whole work!

Never settle for aggressive cutting speed when you plan to cut plywood. Also, there should be zero orbital action. Keep the speed medium.

Divide the maximum speed into three parts and settle for ⅓ o1f the highest speed. All the plywood needs are a little pressure, and your woods are ready!

However, before selecting the right speed, certify that you have checked the thickness of the plywood.

If it is too thin, settle for a slower speed. When it is too thick, the speed should be a bit higher. In short, the whole speed-thing depends on the thickness.of the wood.

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Wrap Up

As you already have learned about how to cut plywood with a jigsaw, don’t sit at home idly,

Get some plywood and start working for it. You can begin doing DIY stuff or be a professional; it’s easy! All you need is to do is get the right blade, speed, and accessories!

Do you use jigsaws for cutting plywood? If you do, then don’t forget to comment below which jigsaw your use! Also, tell us about which trick works for you while cutting plywood?

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