Best Jigsaws of 2021 – Complete Review of Each Saw

| Last Updated: December 30, 2021

Sure, everyone enjoys work with a chain saw or other heavy duty woodworking tool. But you can find just as much satisfaction making tiny, precise cuts as you can in buzzing through huge chunks of wood. You just need to find the right equipment, and for fine woodmakers, owning a nice jigsaw is an absolute must.

Comparison of the Best Jigsaws

  • Keyless blade lever and all-metal gear case ensure tool reliability and durability
  • Powered by a 6.5-amp motor, the unit is capable of delivering 500-3,100 strokes per minute
  • Keyless lever-action clamp allows easy and quick blade changes
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  • Small barrel-grip area and soft-grip area in the front ensure comfort and ease of use
  • Bosch’s double-roller system minimizes blade deflection, enhancing accuracy and precision
  • Bright LED lighting enhances visibility of the cutting area, while the dust blower keeps the cut line clear
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  • Blade ejection lever and a tool-less blade change system makes it convenient and easy to use
  • Designed with four different orbital action tool settings for different blade strokes
  • The unit is equipped with a durable die cast foot with a steel insert and an on-board bevel wrench
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  • Precision-machines plunging system reduces vibration and enhances accuracy
  • Powered by a 7.0-amp motor, the unit is able to deliver up to 3,100 SPM
  • Upfront soft-grip handle maximizes control and makes the Bosch extremely comfortable to use
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  • The Dewalt is compatible with T-shank jog saw blades and delivers optimal holding power
  • Anti-slip comfort grip enhances comfort and ensures better control
  • Keyless shoe bevel enables easy bevel cutting, making the unit extremely versatile
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How to Choose a Jigsaw

Do you know what makes a great jigsaw? Let’s learn:

Ease of Operation

Using a jigsaw to make tiny, precise cuts is already a pretty complicated proposition. You do not want to make that situation worse by also choosing a saw with a convoluted process for switching out the blades or a variable speed switch that gets sticky and needs some extra love to get going. You want a jigsaw that is as straightforward to operate as the cuts you are trying to make!

Extra Bells and Whistles

If you find a jigsaw that can give you a consistently precisely cut (as all of the jigsaws on this list will) you have basically hit the nail on the head when it comes to a jigsaw’s main function. Everything else is just icing on the cake. But some of that icing can be pretty dang useful – consider the LED lights some of the modern jigsaws have so that your workspace can be properly illuminated, instead of always having to rely on your cheap garage lighting. Some jigsaws also come with a built in blower mechanism so that the sawdust is consistently cleared away and you will always be able to see your lines properly. Many of these bells and whistles are worth paying a little extra for.

Review of the Best Jigsaws

Enough about jigsaw qualities – let’s look at some actual jigsaw products! Here are the best jigsaws we can find, broken down into specific categories:

Best Overall:
DEWALT DW331K 6.5 Amp Top Handle Jig-Saw

DEWALT Jig Saw, Top Handle, 6.5-Amp, Corded (DW331K)


  • Sturdy
  • Powerful
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to change the blade
  • DEWALT is a quality brand you can trust


  • No included LED light

The DEWALT DW331K 6.5 Amp Top Handle Jig-Saw is the industry leader when it comes to jigsaws. If you have any doubt in your mind about the quality of DEWALT products, consider this fact reported by users of the DEWALT Top Handle Jig-Saw: the recommended cutting thickness for this saw is a quarter of an inch of material, but the saw can cut through up to a half inch, aka DOUBLE the recommended cutting amount!

DEWALT strikes again with this incredible jigsaw which does all that it promises and more. Like many other saws on the market, it comes with its own carrying case, but unlike many other saws on the market, the DEWALT Top Handle Jig-Saw’s carrying case is made of hard shell plastic, not soft canvas.

This quality means the case is hardier and sturdier, and will protect your valuable saw better. In addition, this saw can cut any kind of complicated pattern you throw at it with smoothness and precision, even something with tight curves. Invest in a DEWALT – you will not regret it!

Bottom Line

The DEWALT DW331K 6.5 Amp Top Handle Jig-Saw really sets the standard when it comes to effective jigsaws. Just make sure you are using it in a well lit area, as it does not come with its own light.


BLACK+DECKER Jig Saw, 5-Amp, 3,000 Blade Speed, 45 Degree Beveled Cuts, ¾-Inch Orbital Blade, 4 Curve Settings, Corded (BDEJS600C)


  • Powerful
  • Feels solid
  • Handles well
  • Cuts smoothly
  • Quick release mechanism for changing out the blades


  • Can only be used with T-Shank blades, U-Shank blades will not fully lock into place and will be dangerous

We call it a runner-up, but in truth, the BLACK + DECKER BDEJS600C Smart Select is a pretty dang impressive jigsaw as well. It makes cuts just as quickly and efficiently as the DEWALT, and it also packs a substantial amount of power for its size.

One of the most awesome things about this BLACK + DECKER jigsaw is that has a wide range of variable speed settings, each of which work best on a different kind of cut. And you can adjust these settings manually, using a dial, or intuitively, by increasing the trigger pressure to go up or down in speed.

You would think, with a lot of different speed settings, there would be some increased vibration with this saw, but that is absolutely not the case. This saw purrs like a cat and does not produce any significant vibration at all. If you are looking for a saw that can easily make precise cuts at a wide range of different speeds, you have to go with the BLACK + DECKER Smart Select jigsaw.

Bottom Line

The BLACK + DECKER BDEJS600C Smart Select is a fantastic jigsaw with multiple options for speed settings to make any kind of cut you wish to make. It can only be used with one kind of blade though, so be mindful of which blades you buy.

Second Runner-up:
Bosch 7.2 Amp Barrel Grip Jig Saw Kit JS572EBK

BOSCH 7.2 Amp Barrel-Grip Jig Saw Kit JS572EBK


  • Vibration is minimal
  • Cuts are smooth and precise
  • Can cut both wood and metal easily
  • Chip blower works well to clear your work area
  • Durable, can stand up even to being accidentally dropped on the floor


  • Included LED light switch can be a bit erratic

You would think that by the second runner-up you would be seeing a significant dip in quality, but the truth is, the Bosch 7.2 Amp Barrel Grip Jig Saw Kit JS572EBK is still a pretty great little machine. This fact may not be unsurprising for those of you who have used Bosch blades in the past for your saws – they tend to make pretty good products.

This Bosch jigsaw is no different. It is endorsed by users who use jigsaws for professional building and remodeling purposes, so you know it is the real deal. If you are the type of person who likes using both of their hands to control the saw’s cut, you will be pleased to hear that instead of a trigger operation, this saw functions using an on/off switch.

There are also several convenience aspects to this saw: a no tool, quick change system for the blades, a longer power cord with a soft jacket for easy coiling post use, and an included case with room enough for both the saw and an extra box of blades. If you are looking for a high quality jigsaw, you will compromise nothing by going with this Bosch.

Bottom Line

The Bosch 7.2 Amp Barrel Grip Jig Saw Kit JS572EBK is a great saw with multiple features that make it more convenient to use than many of the other saws on this list. The only issue users report is that the LED light can be a bit all over the place.

Best Corded Jigsaw:
Bosch Power Tools Jig Saws – JS470E Corded

BOSCH JS470E 120V 7.0-Amp Corded Top-Handle Jig Saw, Blue


  • Powerful motor
  • Long power cord
  • Easy to change out the blades
  • Endorsed by commercial cabinet makers
  • Cuts through a wide range of materials, even cast iron!


  • Can be difficult to see your line as you are cutting when the splinter attachment is on

If you are looking for a jigsaw with the absolute maximum amount of power, you have got to go with a corded version, and you will not be able to find one that is better or more effective than the Bosch Power Tools Jig Saw – JS470E Corded.

It has such a powerful motor that you expect the saw to be wiggling and jumping all over the case, but nothing could be farther from the truth. This saw has as little vibration as many of the other, higher quality saws on this list. It makes precise cuts and can cut through extremely thick materials as well.

Bottom Line

The Bosch Power Tools Jig Saw – Js470E Corded is an ideal jigsaw, with a hefty motor and a strong, precise cut. The only complaint users had was needing to view their line at a weird angle when using the splinter attachment.

Note: this jigsaw also comes with a barrel grip version, the Bosch 7.0 Amp Corded Variable Speed Barrel-Grip. If you are looking for a jigsaw that will not ever cause your hand to cramp up, or if you are struggling with carpal tunnel or other mobility issues, this version could be a game changer for you with its ergonomic grip.

Best Cordless Jigsaw:

DEWALT 20V MAX Jig Saw, Tool Only (DCS331B) , Black


  • Easy to change out the blades
  • Has multiple speed control settings
  • DEWALT, as mentioned above, is a reliable tool brand you can trust
  • Can chomp through material up to one and a half inches in thickness
  • Cordless quality allows for greater manipulation into hard to cut places


  • No LED light

Your number one concern with using a cordless jigsaw is probably the anticipated loss of power from using batteries rather than an electrical outlet. Well, never fear: the DEWALT DCS331B 20-Volt MAX is here! It boasts the same amount of power as corded jigsaws, and an extended battery life, so you will not need to constantly be going through new packs of batteries.

This saw also has a number of other features which make life a little easier for its user, including a built in blower mechanism that clears the sawdust basically as fast as you can create it, so that you are always able to maintain visibility on your cutting line. This DEWALT jigsaw is endorsed by carpenters and those who do wood working professionally, so you know you are getting a good quality tool when you choose this saw.

Bottom Line

The DEWALT DCS331B 20-Volt MAX is a great cordless jigsaw for making quick and efficient cuts in places that may be a little bit harder to reach. Just remember to bring your own flashlight along, as this jigsaw is missing an LED light.  


There are a broad variety of jigsaws out there, and you need to consider which one will work best for you. If you are looking for something that is convenient and will provide consistent power, you may want to go with one of the many top of the line corded jigsaws on this list. If you are looking for something smaller that you will be able to fit into tighter angles, a cordless jigsaw may work better for you. Just know that if you choose any of the jigsaws listed above, your fine woodworking game is going to be elevated to the next level!

People Also Ask

What Type of Work is a Jigsaw Best For?

A jigsaw is best for cutting fine, intricate patterns out of thinner materials, usually wood. You may notice the overlap of its name with jigsaw puzzles, which are cut out using a jigsaw and are a good example of the kind of complicated cuts jigsaws can make. Jigsaws can cut through a wide range of different materials and come in both corded and cordless versions, so it may be worth taking some time to think about your specific needs before purchasing a jigsaw.

What is the Best Jigsaw?

The best jigsaw is the DEWALT DW331K 6.5 Amp Top Handle Jig-Saw. This saw can cut through far more than the recommended thickness of material and always makes precise, reliable cuts. It is the industry leader when it comes to any of the different kinds of jigsaws.

DEWALT DW331K 6.5 Amp Top Handle Jig-Saw

What is the Best Corded Jigsaw?

The best corded jigsaw is the Bosch Power Tools Jig Saw – JS470E Corded, which also comes in a version with an ergonomically designed barrel grip. This jigsaw boasts a powerful motor with a variety of speed settings for different kinds of cuts.

What is the Best Cordless Jigsaw?

The best cordless jigsaw is the DEWALT DCS331B 20-Volt MAX. It has all the power of a regular corded jigsaw but can easily be manipulated into complicated angles and tight spaces. You may also recognize its name from earlier in this list – DEWALT is one of the top tool brands when it comes to reliability and quality.

Can I Cut Metal With a Jigsaw?

You can, but you should be careful. Cutting metal usually is a much slower process than cutting wood and can be more dangerous. Cutting metal also usually requires a different kind of blade than cutting wood does.

How to Cut Straight With a Jigsaw

Using a jigsaw can be a bit intimidating. However, there are some handy tips and tricks to help you cut precisely. Many of the jigsaws on this list come with a straightedge guide so that you will be able to make an absolutely straight cut. Just make sure that when you are making the cut, you do it very slowly and you do not vary the amount of pressure you are putting on the saw or the speed of the blade, as that will create tiny imperfections.