Best Wen Bandsaws – Everything You Need to Know For 2021

| Last Updated: October 20, 2022

If you need an affordable bandsaw for your woodwork or metalwork as a homeowner or DIY (Do IT Yourself) user, Wen has many bandsaws you can choose from for all your projects. Wen bandsaws are either benchtop, handheld, or floor-standing. The type of bandsaw you choose depends on your budget, personal preference, and how you plan to use it. 

In this article, we look at some of the best Wen bandsaws that are available for your woodwork or metalwork projects. 

Be sure to read through to the end to learn more and make an informed decision.

Comparison of the Best Wen Bandsaws

  • Operates at 3 speeds - 80, 120, or 200 ft/pm
  • Can be used for a variety of metals and other materials
  • Beveling blade creates cuts from 0 to 60 degrees
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  • Best for the Money
  • Beveling blade creates cuts from 0 to 60 degrees
  • Compact design allows for easy transport and storage
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  • Best Wen 10 Inch Bandsaw
  • Operates at two speeds - 1,520 or 2,620 ft/pm
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty for peace of mind
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  • Best Wen 14 Bandsaw
  • Includes tension gauge, circle cutting guide, work light, dust port, fence, blade, miter gauge
  • Operates at two speeds - 1,480 or 3,280 ft/pm
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  • Best Wen Benchtop Bandsaw
  • 2.5 amp motor spins the blade up to 2,500 ft/pm
  • Includes a blade, dust port, rip fence, and miter gauge
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What Makes Wen Products Stand Out From the Competition?

Wen products are best suited for DIY users and homeowners who often use them to pursue their hobbies or complete a home-based project. The products are designed with such users in mind as they usually require a simple, easy-to-use, and affordable power tool that can serve them for a long time even when not used every day. 

Wen is passionate about quality and produces high-quality products backed by a two-year limited warranty for manufacturer's defects or missing parts. The buyer has to report such defects or missing parts within 30 days from the purchase date. 

A 90-day warranty is also available for commercial or professional uses for any factory defects or missing parts for some products. 

Depending on how you use your Wen product, it can last between a few years to a lifetime. With regular maintenance and proper use (where you use the right tool for the right job), the longevity of Wen products such as bandsaws, pressure washers, log splitters, and snow blowers is well assured. 

Review of the Best Wen Bandsaws

Following the brief overview of what makes Wen products outstanding, let's now look at some of the best Wen bandsaws. For all your light woodwork or metalwork needs, there is at least one bandsaw in our review that will best serve you for a long time with proper care and usage.

Best Overall:
WEN 3970T

WEN 3970T 4-inch x 6-inch Metal-Cutting Band Saw with Stand


  • Three different speeds for achieving the best cuts of various sizes for different materials
  • Has onboard blade tension and tilt knobs for easy adjustments in between cutting jobs
  • Has a stand complete with never-flat wheels to ensure proper elevation and easy transportation
  • Cuts cylindrical, square, or rectangular metallic items made of brass, copper, aluminum, and steel, among others
  • Features an auto-shutoff mechanism that promptly stops the saw once cuts are done to improve safety and save on energy


  • Tightening screws are a bit short and may require forced elongation to fit in fully
  • Motor failure cases are frequent whereby the motor still turns but won’t run the blade


Motor: 4.6 amperes

Speed: 80, 120, or 200 feet per minute (FPM)

Size: 16.5 x 36 x 38 inches

Style: 6" metal bandsaw


The Wen 3970T metal cutting bandsaw cuts a name for itself as a highly versatile tool. It can cut through many metals like steel, copper, aluminum, brass, and others. It also operates both horizontally and vertically to make cuts through round, square, or rectangular metals. 

The adjustable speeds allow users to cut through the different metals of varying shapes and sizes either in the vertical or horizontal position.

With this tool, it is possible to make bevel cuts between 0 and 60° once you set up the workpiece with the proper grip. 

It's easy to shift the bandsaw around your workshop since it has a stand complete with wheels for easy movement.

Bottom Line

A bandsaw with an automatic shut-off feature will be a good addition to your workshop. Other than enhancing workshop safety, the auto shut-off feature saves you energy and ensures that the bandsaw lasts for a long time as it helps avoid unnecessary wear and tear.

Best for the Money:
WEN 3975T

WEN 3975T 4-7/8-inch x 5-inch Metal-Cutting Benchtop Band Saw


  • Has a beveling blade for angled cuts between 0 and 60°
  • Comes with a pre-installed 56- 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch blade
  • Cuts up to 5 inches into circular pipes and 5 x 4-7/8 inches on rectangular blocks
  • Compact design ensures it’s easy to use, store, and transport between different job sites
  • Allows for speed adjustments between 125 and 260 FPM for various cuts on different materials, sizes, and shapes


  • Constant blade pop-offs that are a nuisance
  • Does not come with a stand hence requires you to find a suitable benchtop for it


Motor: 4.5 amp

Speed: 125-260 FPM

Size: 29.5 x 18.82 x 15.91"

Style: 5" metal bandsaw


This portable WEN 3975T bandsaw is a great choice for the metalworker whose work entails shifting between different work stations. Its small size and compact design allow for easy transportation and usage in different environments as may be required. 

It can be fixed on tabletops or benchtops like wood for a firm grip and reduce drifting during operation.

Cutting through different metals is easy and is enhanced by the onboard vise that provides a solid grip on workpieces of varying shapes and sizes. 

Bottom Line

If you have different workstations where you regularly need a bandsaw, this portable benchtop bandsaw will come in handy. It has a compact design that ensures it is easy to store, carry, and transport from one location to another whenever the need arises. 

Its variable speeds and other adjustment mechanisms will enable you to cut through copper, aluminum, brass, steel, and other metal objects of varying shapes and sizes.

Best Wen 10 Inch Bandsaw:
WEN 3962

WEN 3962T 3.5-Amp 10-Inch Two-Speed Band Saw with Stand and Worklight


  • Includes a fence for facilitating straight cuts
  • Includes a 3-in-1 dust port for proper management of waste
  • Operates at two interchangeable speeds of 1520 and 2620 FPM
  • Comes with an adjustable work light for illumination of the work area
  • Has an optional stand that allows for either benchtop usage or floor standing options


  • Not easy to set up new blades especially ones thinner than 3/8"
  • Frequent blade breakages since it's difficult to set the proper blade tension


Motor: 3.5 amp

Speed: 1520 or 2620 FPM

Size: 20 x 25 x 58"

Style: 10" wood bandsaw


Unlike most other Wen bandsaws, the Wen 3962 model comes with two mounting options. The floor-standing option is good for users who have plenty of space in their workshop. The benchtop option is great for users who may need to use the tool at different workstations since it's portable. 

Adding a flexible work light with an independent switch is a plus as it helps illuminate the working area for enhanced safety and accuracy on cuts. 

It has an adjustable fence that will ensure you make the best straight cuts with ease and accuracy. The bandsaw has a sliding miter gauge to make the beveling process easier for the user when cutting angles between 0 and 45°. 

Bottom Line

This 10-inch Wen bandsaw is a versatile tool given its two options for propping up. If you have plenty of space, you opt for the floor standing option. The benchtop mounting option gives it an edge since you can carry it around for use in different workstations.

The bandsaw comes with a pre-installed fence for facilitating straight cuts so you don't necessarily have to look for an aftermarket bandsaw fence.

Best Wen 9 Inch Bandsaw:
WEN R3939

WEN 3966 Two-Speed Band Saw with Stand and Worklight, 14'


  • Comes with a handy carrying handle for easier portability
  • High speed of up to 2460 FPM despite the low-power motor
  • Easy to set up and use right out of the box hence saves you time
  • Spacious 144-square-inch worktable for handling large workpieces
  • Has an adjustable blade guard to ensure blades remain intact for a long time


  • Has sharp fence edges that are risky as they can cut the user
  • Slightly rough table that produces friction when pushing wood along


Motor: 2.8 amp

Speed: Up to 2460 FPM

Size: 19 x 13.5 x 30"

Style: 9" benchtop wood bandsaw


The WEN 3939 bandsaw stands out with its handy carrying handle that allows for easier handling in case you need to relocate it to the workstation. It has an adjustable blade guard to help secure the blade against untimely damage. 

When working with large pieces, the 12 x 12 inch work table is a plus for ensuring you have a comfortable working zone. 

Bottom Line

Despite its low motor power, the WEN 3939 benchtop bandsaw runs the blade up to 2460 FPM, a high speed suitable for fast cuts and more output. Its handy carrying handle is a plus for ease of handling and shifting around within the workplace whenever the need arises.

Best Wen Benchtop Bandsaw:
WEN 3959

WEN 3959T 2.5-Amp 9-Inch Benchtop Band Saw


  • Has an adjustable knob for bevel cuts between 0 and 45°
  • Uses multiple 59- 1/2" blades between 1/8 and 3/8 inches
  • Cones with a pre-installed rip fence, 1/4" blade, and a dust port
  • Has a high blade rotation speed of up to 2500 FPM for fast cuts
  • Lightweight at only 40 pounds hence easy to shift around as a benchtop bandsaw


  • Fence keeps drifting as the bolts get loose with regular use
  • Slightly rough table that causes friction on the workpieces and slows down the cutting process


Motor: 2.5 amp

Speed: 2500 FPM

Size: 19 x 14.1 x 29"

Style: 9" wood bandsaw


As a simple benchtop bandsaw, the Wen 3959 delivers for both professional and hobbyist woodworkers who do not have much woodwork to do at a time. The tool comes as a small saw and thus fits light usage options.

The bandsaw can be mounted even in places where space is limited or carried from one workstation to another as per the arising needs. 

The pre-installed fence comes in handy for users who don't want to spend time looking for the best aftermarket fence for their newly purchased bandsaw. 

Bottom Line

For a simple benchtop bandsaw that will serve your woodworking needs as a light professional or hobbyist woodworker, the 3959 Wen model will serve you well. Although it only has a single-speed option of 2500 FPM, it still manages fast cuts, especially when you overcome the friction. 

It has a functional dust collection system that is highly effective as it collects about 70% of all the dirt even though it doesn't have a dust port cover. The machine is fairly quiet and will be gentle on your ears.

Best Wen Portable Bandsaw:
WEN 94396

WEN Portable Band Saw for Metal, 10-Amp, Variable Speed, Handheld (94396)


  • Small, lightweight, compact design and adjustable front handle for ease of carrying
  • Highly portable as a handheld bandsaw hence easy to use in different work stations
  • Includes an LED light that comes in handy to enhance sighting, accuracy, and safety
  • Variable speed options within the range of 60 to 420 FPM to fit varying material cuts
  • Cuts through different materials of varying shapes and sizes like conduit, metal, pipes, and plastics


  • Blade keeps moving off the bearing when the bandsaw runs
  • Does not come with a carrying case, hence users have to find or model their own


Motor: 10 amp

Speed: 60-420 FPM

Size: 20.25 x 13 x 8.25 inches

Style: Multi-material portable bandsaw


As a portable bandsaw, the Wen 94396 model is an excellent solution for the hobbyist or professional handyman working with rubber, plastics, and metal across different work stations. 

Although it doesn't come with a carrying case, its compact design and lightweight feature make it easy to find a suitable carrier. A leather bag is useful for carrying this tool and helping to protect the bandsaw from the elements.

It has an ergonomic handle to ensure prolonged handling is easy and doesn't hurt your hands. The handle also houses the variable speed lever, so it's easy to shift the blade speed without pausing operations first.

Bottom Line

As the most portable model of all Wen bandsaws, this porta-band is a good addition to the toolbox of both professional and hobbyist handymen who often work with rubber, plastics, and metals like aluminum, brass, steel, copper, cast iron, and bronze.

You will find the pre-installed LED light a great accessory, especially if you have eyesight challenges. The LED helps improve accuracy and safety during use as you can easily map out the exact spots to cut through.

Who is Wen?

Established in 1951 by Nick Anton, Wen makes handy items like power tools, generators, hydraulic cylinders, and various other accessories for car care, metalworkers, woodworkers, lawn and garden care, among others.

Bandsaws and blades are some of the main products the company makes. They cater to the woodworking and metalwork industry for professionals and hobbyists. 

Wen became a pioneer in random orbital technology, the type seen in most waxers, buffers, and polishers. The company has its current headquarters in Elgin, Illinois, and had, by 2001 in its 50th year, sold over 50 million consumer units.

Types of Bandsaws From Wen 

Wen produces different bandsaws with varying features. The two major ones are benchtop and floor-standing bandsaws.

Benchtop Bandsaws

For the handyman with limited space in the garage or workshop, Wen makes benchtop bandsaws that can be attached to existing surfaces like benches or tabletops. They can be unmounted and stored away when not in use. 

Floor-standing Bandsaws

Wen's floor-standing bandsaws are an excellent choice for the handyman with plenty of floor space in the workshop or garage. They are more flexible as most have wheels for easy relocation, especially when working with either larger or longer workpieces. 

The floor-standing bandsaws sit on top of a stand or a set of legs. They are highly stable, boosting the operational safety in the workshop. 

WEN 3959

Handheld/Portable Bandsaws

Although both floor-standing and benchtop bandsaws have some degree of portability, they are not as easily movable as the handheld porta-bands. The latter is easy to carry around from one workstation to another with the hands or a carrying case. 

The handheld bandsaws are the best tool if you have to work in different areas, for example, in cases where you are hired by home or officer owners to fix or make new products for them. 

How Do Wen Bandsaws Compare?

Wen has cut out a name for itself as a company dedicated to helping artisans and woodworkers bring their imaginations to fruition. Let's see how the company's bandsaws stack up against those of its competitors. 

Wen vs Rikon Bandsaw


Both companies make both benchtop and floor-standing bandsaws for cutting through timber, plastics, rubber, and different metals. The bandsaws are adjustable and can cut through such materials of different shapes and sizes like circular, square, and rectangular blocks. 

The two companies offer both fenced and fenceless bandsaws, with most modern models having pre-installed fences. 


Wen bandsaws are usually characteristically black and orange with black as the dominant color. Rikon bandsaws have a characteristic blue dominant color with sections of either white or silver. 

Rikon bandsaws come with a limited five-year warranty, while Wen bandsaws come with a limited two-year warranty against factory defects and workmanship. However, Rikon limits the warranty to two years for bandsaws used for educational, commercial, or industrial projects.

Wen vs Ryobi Bandsaw

While Wen makes several models of bandsaws, from portable bandsaws to benchtop and floor-standing bandsaws, Ryobi by far only has two bandsaw models - both benchtop bandsaws. 

Ryobi bandsaws have the characteristic dominant green color with sections of grey, silver, or black. Wen bandsaws have an outstanding dominant black color with limited sections of an orange. 

Wen bandsaws come with a limited two-year warranty, while Ryobi bandsaws have a limited three-year warranty. 

Why Should I Choose a Wen Bandsaw?

When shopping around for the best bandsaws, you will soon realize that Wen bandsaws are a good choice for their versatility. They can cut through different materials of varying sizes and shapes, from rubber to wood, metal, and plastics. 

WEN 3962

Wen also offers its customers a wide variety of bandsaws to choose from, including floor-standing, portable, and benchtop bandsaws. There are at least several that meet your needs as a professional or hobbyist artisan. 

Wen bandsaws also offer a variety of extra pre-installed accessories like dust management systems, work lights, and fences that ensure you don't have to look for similar aftermarket accessories, saving both professional and hobbyist artisans money and time.

Who Shouldn’t Choose a Wen Bandsaw?

Some Wen bandsaws may not be for you if you are a professional artisan with a large and busy workshop since they are small and less powerful. Since a professional runs more projects than the occasional hobbyist, small Wen bandsaws with less power will lead to less productivity. 

Users with eyesight problems should avoid Wen bandsaws that do not have work lights. Accuracy levels are also negatively affected. They are also not a good fit if you work in dimly lit areas and where power outages are common.

WEN 3970T


Out of all the available Wen bandsaws, there will always be several that will best serve your needs, either as a hobbyist or a professional artisan. If your work involves shifting between workstations, you should consider buying the portable handheld bandsaw

You may opt to buy two or more Wen bandsaws depending on your overall needs. For example, a floor-standing or benchtop bandsaw will work best at a workshop, while the portable bandsaw is best on the move when serving different clients in homes and offices.

Recap - Best Wen Bandsaws

Heading out? Here's a refresher on our best Wen bandsaws:

  1.  WEN 3970T
  2.  WEN 3975T
  3.  WEN 3962

People Also Ask

We understand that you may still have some questions about Wen bandsaws for which you would love to have answers. This section to help you get a deeper understanding of the company and its products. 

Where Are Wen Bandsaws Made?

Wen bandsaws are made in China, although the company keeps its stocks and parts in California and Illinois. The company has its headquarters in Elgin, Illinois. 

Who Makes Wen Bandsaws?

Wen bandsaws are made by WEN, a tools company founded by Nick Anton in 1951. The company makes portable, benchtop, and floor-standing bandsaws to serve its ever-growing number of global professional and hobbyist artisan customers. 

Why Are Wen Bandsaws So Popular?

The popularity of Wen bandsaws owes largely to their versatility. They are suitable for working with different materials of varying shapes and sizes like metal, rubber, timber, and plastics. 

The wide range of models also makes Wen bandsaws very popular worldwide since customers have more options to choose between portable, benchtop, and floor-standing bandsaws. Out of these three, there are tens of models available for users. 

Some Wen bandsaws also have unique features like work lights, stock fences, and advanced dust ports. 

What Kind of Warranty Does Wen Offer?

Wen offers a limited two-year warranty for its products. The warranty starts from the date of purchase, and buyers have up to 30 days from this date to report defects and damaged or missing parts.

The warranty does not apply for products bought through third-party vendors like pawn shops, secondhand outlets, garage resellers, and resale shops.