How To Use A Stump Grinder With Some Basic Operating Knowledge!

How To Use A Stump GrinderYou wanted to hire a tree service or landscaping company. Your property is a mess with loads of trees. The package barely includes getting rid of stumps. So, the boring task is left for yourself and you don’t know what to do.

Ever got an axe to dig out a tree stump? Once I did. It was horrible! I spent my entire day changing tool from axe to shovel then hoe and later even pick chain saw. In the end I found out only a Buick size hole there. But the stump was staring right back being at same place and I literally saw its evil laugh.

Well, eliminating stumps from your yard is actually pretty simple. Only when you’ve got the right tool and you know how do stump grinders work? A stump grinder is one such tool. Let’s know how to use a stump grinder!

Have A Look at Your Stump Grinder!

So now that you have made your mind to do it yourself, let’s get a stump grinder. Chances might be you already got one. Some can go for renting one if not owning.

To me, renting sounds a bit less expensive. It will save you a lot of money. The cost will cross not more than two hundred dollars per day. But if you are someone who needs the tool frequently, buy one.

The right type of stump grinder is quite important to make sure good results. No matter renting or buying, your stump grinder needs some quality to match.  

The first point to keep in mind is going for a slim design. These are better for maneuvering. Working on tight areas or hard to reach spots will become much easier with slim designs. Also, that way you get a lesser weight to deal with. So, your hands won’t die in pain after finishing the chore.

If you are worried about how long does it take to grind a stump, this point is important to notice. To make sure the stump grinder is quick and gives quality result, check for carbide-made cutter disk.

These are excellent to give you a perfect amount of sharpness. Some call the part cutter wheel too. Most of the time, these erase any sign of dullness. Giving you fast performance in less time.

Also, avoid stump grinder that is very weighty. These are almost impossible to work with after a while. You will easily feel exhausted with such a heavy tool. Go for lighter features. Something that is easy to transport.

Go for stump grinder that comes with the highest level of power. Higher horsepower will get you a better efficiency quality. It should grind down up to twenty inches. So that your yard doesn’t suffer from lumps and bumps.


Apart from a quality stump grinder, you would need some other gears as well. Get a saw. Some working boots to protect your foot. Wear safe garments and get gloves. You should also wear a pair of protective eyeglasses. Make sure to have safety helmets on. Also, you’ll need earplugs and face shield.

When operating the machine don’t be careless. Have someone beside you. Let him or she unplug it when you are not using it. Also, operate the machine with control panel. This way you would stay away from wheels at all times.

Now it’s time to prepare the area. Clear all rocks out from the spot you’ll be dealing with. Make sure to get rid of every rock piece. These can literally dull your wheels. Sometimes the tools can fly out. It might lead to serious injuries. So be sure you have thoroughly cleaned the place.

Time to Trim!

To make sure you can remove stumps quick do a simple trick. Cut the stump! Use a chainsaw and get it close to the ground. Do it as close as possible. After the method, you’ll see most stump has already gone. This way it would be easy to make the process finish fast with a better result.

Roots Need Baring!

Get your surface roots clear. You need to make sure to clear them out evenly. The stump will have such roots together with tree. Sometimes these roots run several feet far from the tree trunk. So, to easily get rid of these, you need to locate each and every surface root. Then simply chopping them away at drunk will work better. Do this together with the stump.


You need to put wheels over the stump. Make sure it’s exactly up the stump. Then simply turn the grinder on. Maximum type of grinder will make a really horrifying noise. It’s common! That’s why you should always wear proper earplug to avoid annoyance.

Now once your machine is on, make sure it touches the stump. Do this carefully and gradually. The grinder should start eating stump slowly. There is a level right above your machine. This is used for moving the wheel of stump grinder.

You can control it to move the wheel from side to side over stump. This way every single potion of the stump will start to fade away faster. It’s time to allow stump grinder to settle down. Let it make a ten inches hole deep into stump. Keep an eye on your feet. It should be far away when you start digging into stump with the grinder.

Hardwood is really tough to deal with. If you are cutting one such type, make sure to not force the machine. Never try this with a stump. You should allow the blades of stump grinder to ride slowly.

Let it eat through the top first. Feed on it taking as much as time you need. Even if this is time-consuming sometimes, to avoid damage or injuries, it works best.

Now once you are done with grinding the stump, let’s deal with exposed roots. There would be some of the trees. Periodically use the grinder again to grind it from stump. Let it go into the solid and wait until it disappears.

Get Rid of Wood Chips!

So, you are all down with stump and exposed roots grinding. Now it’s time to do something about the wood chips. Simply see a composite pile. Put everything inside. Now let it rot there. This way you’ll Declay wood. So that your soil can enjoy a good nitrogen treat!

Also, there are local neighbors or nurseries that will love to have such wood chips. If you don’t need them, simply hand it over to people who want it. Some recycling centers are also available to get rid of these for a small price. This should be the wisest way if you love the environment.

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Final Words!

If you can operate a stump grinder, it’s better to do the grinding chore yourself. This way you’ll be able to get satisfying results without spending the additional charge of hiring someone else. Follow these simple tips to make sure you grind properly. I’m sure anybody can try this out and get excellent results. Good Luck on Grinding!