How to Remove Front Door Handle with Lock Easily?

How to Remove Front Door Handle with LockThere can be plenty of reasons for one to remove front door handle as well as the lock. Maybe, after going through many Front Door Locks review, you finally bought your right one. But now you need to get the older handle plus lock out. And the process seems complex. Because there’s no screw noticeable to unscrew and get the darn thing off.

This is a pretty normal dilemma if you have less idea regarding home improvement chores or projects. Just to let you know, the process is not actually that complicating once it’s explained. And that’s what I’m planning to do for today. Let’s figure out how to remove front door handle with lock without causing damage to it.

Here’s How to Remove Front Door Handle with Lock.

This is basically a general approach on how to remove door handle with lock. Depending on your lock’s mechanism and handle type, there can be some differences. Here we are talking about regular entrance door handles with locks. Keep on Reading…

If You Own a Modern-day Lock

The up-to-dated locks come with hidden set screws. You need to start by exposing those. You should be able to find the set screw installed right along lock’s base part in interior side. Around the lever, if you can see a circular plate, then it must be hidden behind that. The plate is typically also known as rose and one can easily detach that using hand. To see the screws, you may also need to pull or twist rose away from door.

Now you need a suitable screwdriver. Use it to detach the set screws. And then you will be able to release both the lever as well as a lock from opening. Focus on the lever body or rose area. You should be able to see the pinholes here. Now get a paper clip and simply insert it into that hole.

You may need to apply a bit of pressure. So that the paper clip can trigger release button, which should be inside. As soon as you successfully trigger the release button, lever or lock trim will come out of door easily. If you find any other screws during this process, then use the screwdriver to unscrew those as well.

Bring an Allen wrench at this point. You need it to pull the lever out. In some cases, lever handles come with fasteners that are the shape of hexagonal. And so, you will require the Allen wrench to get them out. You should find the fasteners right on lever’s base area. Then fit the wrench around fastener’s head area snugly. Start turning the wrench next. And this will make it remove and you can pull the lever from door by hand easily.

If You Own an Older Lock

In older locks, usually, slots or depressions are used. So, you need to check the lever out. You should be able to find the slots or depression on its body, simply start examining it. Usually, for an older lock, you need two separate steps to remove those depressions in the right way.

First, you’ll need a screwdriver. Get the one with a flathead. Now gradually insert it into the slot. You need to use it for triggering release button that’s inside the slot. Once you successfully trigger, the rose trim will get a release.

As soon as you get rose out from the lock, look for a wire. Usually, around the lever, there are metal wires wrapped. This stays right behind the rose part. Using the screwdriver, you need to depress wire next. And this will make the lever pop off if done correctly. Now carefully pull the second lever as well as remaining body from door’s other side. And that’s it.

Keep in Mind

When you are trying to remove handle, be very careful not to harm the frame of the door. Usually, people put extra pressure and force to pull the lever out, which can result in such horrible outcome.

Another point is about the handles or knobs that have paint over. These are pretty hard to get out. So, you may need to scrub or scrape the paint away first. And then you can have access to the mounting screws or slots.

Wrap Up

And that’s basically how to remove front door handle with lock without no problem. Depending on your lock’s mechanism, the process may vary. So, your best bet is to first check the manufacturer’s guide. Instructions that are given by the makers are often better at providing right outcomes. Once you get the handle out, clean it, and go for a replacement. Just make sure you are following right process to not harm the lock or lever by mistake. Have a Nice Day.