How to Lock a Pocket Door from Both Sides!

How to Lock a Pocket Door from Both SidesWhen you have a small house, sliding door is a no-no. Keeping that aside, you can get your hands on a pocket door! The best part is, these doors take less space as they are mounted from inside the wall.

With the increasing demand of these convenient doors, you have to ensure security and privacy too. And so, we have come here to tell you about dual locks for them.

Here, we will tell you about how to lock a pocket door from both sides to keep your house safe from the intruders!

Types of Locks

In the lock market for the pocket doors, there are two different types of locks used by the users. One is round shaped and the other is square shaped.

Round Shaped Locks

If you have seen the traditional locks, you already know how the round locks look. These usually are designed for fitting the 2 ⅛ inches door.

However, for the round locks, you have to pick up the perfect measurement. Otherwise, you are going to have a tough time dealing with the installation process of the round lock.

Square Shaped Locks

On the contrary, the square locks are comparatively modern and designed in a contemporary manner.

In the case of the square lock, you will need notches for the end part of every door. It will be helpful for using a simple door slab when you are going through the construction.

Also, it ensures quicker installation than the round locks. For the opening and closing mechanism of these locks, there is a lever included. This lever is easy to navigate which makes your work easier.

Methods of Locking Pocket Door from Both Sides

Let us know the three different ways in which you can lock your pocket door inside out! Have a look!

Pocket Door Lock

Prime-Line Products N 7363 Closet Pocket Door Passage PullThe best thing you can use for a pocket door is a pocket door lock. Yes, this is specifically designed for pocket doors and so, nothing can suit it better than these.

In terms of quality, this is highly durable. And it makes security and privacy stronger. This reduces your expenses as you don’t need to replace this often.

However, not all the pocket door locks are amazing. So, before you buy them, to ensure the ultimate safety, you must check the reviews.

Get Hands on Keys

Since the beginning, the most convenient way of locking any sort of door is to use the key. And when it comes to the pocket door, you can again use keys.

Take the keys and lock the pocket door. In this case, use the keys for locking the door from both sides. First of all, you have to insert the key inside the hole.

Now, you have to turn it. If you have ever tried the thumbturn, you know how to do it. As a result, the locking latch will get a push.

This quick retract will help you lock the door. If you want it done, you can also try to add this facility when you construct the door.

On the contrary, if you don’t like it, try to get pocket door locks from your nearest shop. Make sure some keys are added to it. And this will do the work!


When you have a pocket door, more than keys, thumbturns are preferable. To lock the door inside out, thumbturns for pocket doors are very popular.

If you don’t know about thumbturn, we can help you out. This is petite metal equipment. It helps by retracting the latch when you turn it.

While using a thumbturn, all you need to do is turn the knob around. And, as a result, the door will be locked.

You can unlock it in the same manner. If you want something easier to use, these are the ones you must get.

The operation process is straightforward. On the other hand, the thumbturn is large. And so, you will get the perfect grip without any additional hassle!

Advantages of Pocket Door Locking from Both Sides

Size of the Lock

When you lock the pocket door from one side, the security can always be questioned. However, you will surely feel secure if you lock it both ways.

Locking from one side is normal. But if you lock it from both sides, it will be prominent. And if there is anybody who tries to get it, this will prevent that.

The security is in your hand. You can catch them before they surpass the lock! When the locks are on both sides, two locks need to be broken.

As a result, the person that tries to get in without your permission will find it difficult to get in passing two different locks.

And if you want to keep it more secure, you can use more significant locks. These will ensure that the person is incapable of getting in passing the inside lock.


Double lock can ensure your privacy and you won’t deny that. This is the first reason when one chooses pocket doors.

The amazing part of the pocket door is it can provide substantial space to two different rooms that are measured equally.

If you know the space between the living room and dining room, a pocket door there can give privacy to the other side.

Come people want the pocket door as a divider. And if you are someone like that, locks from both sides can be the best thing you can settle for. You get more privacy and security than before!


Another importance of pocket doors is you can use them both outdoor and indoor. In most cases, we see people using pocket doors outside.

However, using them indoors makes more sense to us. As there is a removal emergency latch, people can manipulate these doors from the outside easily.

But when you certify a double locking system from both sides, it will never be the same. No one can try to manipulate the locks from the outside and they need to work on the inside too.

Wrap Up

So, now you have learnt how to lock a pocket door from both sides. All you need to do is lock the door and keep your interior safe!

Don’t forget to mention the method you follow for locking the pocket door inside out. Share your experiences about pocket doors in the comment section!