How to Install a Pocket Door Lock All by Yourself!

How to Install a Pocket Door LockBeing fed up with the conventional swing open type of doors, you decided to give pockets doors a try for a remodeling plan. These slides sideways and so, you would be able to hide them pretty well while not in use.

Unless you decided to put it in the kitchen, you’ll surely have to think about privacy as well. And in that case, a pocket door lock will feet just right. Today, let’s figure out how to install a pocket door lock without any sort of professional help, all by yourself.

How to Install a Pocket Door Lock with Minimal Tools & Approach.

From what tools you’ll need to how things should go, I’m about to design a piece of writing covering all these matter meant for an absolute beginner. But first…

Let’s Munch on Some Basics!

Pocket locks usually come in two types, passage, and privacy lock. The first one will work as a pull and nothing more. It can’t lock and only works with sliding the door in or out. While the privacy locks are meant for locking mechanism. These also come with an emergency release button on the external side sometimes.

Another two common types of pocket door locks are round and square-shaped. There are several finishes to choose from with both varieties. With a square pocket lock, you need to cut a notch on the door’s edge.

This requires a basic door slab for installation. Also, these locks come with a straightforward lever feature. It works as a finger pull to allow door sliding. While the round door locks require a standard 2-1.8” hole to fit nicely. So, you can use these types of existing doors pretty easily. As a result, it saves you a lot of money for remodeling purposes. Also, you can use it for repurposing an older door.

Get These Things:

  1. Paddle bit and Drill Bit.
  2. Electrical Screwdriver,
  3. Drilling Machine.
  4. Pencil or Marker.
  5. Hammer.
  6. A Jigsaw.
  7. Chisel
  8. Measuring Tape.
  9. Speed Square.

Read the Instructions Given

Once you get the pocket door lock hardware, don’t forget to read instructions that come along. Often time manufacturers provide some specific directions that may vary from one model to another. So, make sure you don’t miss this out.

You also want to thoughtfully go through any special warning or notes that the manufacturer emphasized. Also, make sure you get the right thickness pocket door lock that is meant for your door.


You need to decide the door latch’s recommended height. The door latch is basically handle that you are going to pull. The manufacturer should recommend a certain height to go for. Usually, this requires starting measuring from the floor to door’s center part. You want to mark the area with a pencil. This is where you’ll be placing the latch.

Now you want to measure above and below that center point. So that you can take the complete height of door latch into account while installation. Here also the manufacturer should recommend a certain way or formula.

Finally, you need to measure the depth of pull latch installation. Make all these required markings on the door before actually fixing hardware.

Drilling & Cutting

Start by creating a pilot hole. This needs to be right through the door. You want to consider lower corner of the area that you’ve marked. This is where you will make a cut. Now insert the jigsaw blade into this pilot hole. Following the pre-marked lines, cut along smoothly with gradual hands.

Attaching the Hardware

Finally, you should have a cutout section on your door. Now simply slide the latch onto that place. You need to be careful here. The latch must fit here nicely in a snug way.

Now use a hammer and tap the latch a bit if needed. Once latch looks pretty good inside the cut-out, it’s time to secure in place. Use some drilling or screwdriver to do so depending on what your lock model requires. And things should look good!


That was how to install a pocket door lock using simple steps. It’s super easy if you have the right tools on hand. Also, those who have previous ideas about some home improvement DIYs will find this process even easier. Since you will be using some power tools here, make sure to maintain proper safety requirements. While doing the cutting chores, you don’t want to injure your hand so wear proper gloves.

Also, take into count that your pocket door lock’s shape and installation mode may vary. And so, you will need to add a few extra tools or simply not need some of the gears I mentioned. So, adjust the tool requirements accordingly.