Figure Out How to Install a Lock on a Bedroom Door!

How to Install a Lock on a Bedroom DoorYour bedroom is probably most private area for you inside the whole house. And getting a suitable lock installed will probably increase that privacy level. Fixing best door lock onto your bedroom will take care of security and also blend well to emphasize the interior decor. So as soon as you get that stylish bedroom lock for your door, take the installation phase a bit seriously.

Let’s talk more about how to install a lock on a bedroom door today. 

How to Install a Lock on a Bedroom Door– Three Common Types Installation Process Discussed!

The bang for money bedroom lock will provide you long lastingness, value, and style packed up altogether. And if you spend a bit more, there can be lavishing but useful features such as germ protector as well.

Now once you have taken care of finding that perfect bedroom lock, put some effort onto the installation process. Depending on what type of lock you are using, the installation process can be different. So, this guide will play as a general piece of writing that covers the most common types of bedroom lock installation processes. Wish Me Luck So That I Can Explain Well!

1. If You Got a Deadbolt Bedroom Lock.

Oaks Smart Lock For Electronic Front Door Deadbolt for Keyless AccessLet’s start with one of the most popular types of door lock. I’m talking about the deadbolt lock system that provides super safety. These come in three variants which are single, double, and lockable cylinder deadbolts. The first type comes with only one key cylinder. The second type will provide a key cylinder for both inside and outside. While lockable versions are a mashup of both types.

Start by taping the template on bedroom door. So that you can have the important instructions. Now follow with a measurement session for where you want the deadbolt to stay on your door. It should be above the doorknob at around 6 centimeters.

Now mark down the reference points on template. Go ahead and cut the hole next. You want to cut through your door. A hole saw will help you here. Once pilot shows up on the other side, stop. Now through edge of the door, you need to make another hole. Use a spade bit for drilling to do so. Fit a bolt here finally.

Next, you need to mortise the faceplate. Use a wood chisel to do so and stop when the fitting seems right. Drill pilot holes next. Now use a screw to secure the bolt. Moving on to the alignment of thumb turn plate and cylinder. Check the fit through this alignment.

You need to place exterior part on the door. Then go with the interior part. The mounting and screw holes need to line up with each other properly. Once you assure that, secure the lock with screws. Create two pilot holes on the door frame using a spade bit. The area needs mortising for a proper fit. Use screws to secure the strike plate and you are done.

2. If You Got Door Knob Locks.

Doorknob locks are seen commonly on residential property doors. The lock cylinder stays with knob here. And so, these are perfect for interior doors rather than external ones. Some models include push-button locks. This stays within the knob’s center and needs you to push for unlocking.

You need to get rid of the old knob lock first if there’s any. Make sure you get the latch and strike plate out as well. The new one will probably include these so you should remove them.

Now replace latch plate with the new one you got. The door mortise should be rhyming well with it. It’s the hole that holds latch basically. Use provided screws to fix latch on the inside of door. This placement should be near to the door’s edge.

Next, you need to put the long spindle through latch. This part basically stays attached to the doorknob’s exterior part. Make sure it aligns with the knob’s interior part well. Now using provided screw, secure everything on the plate with a screwdriver. And that should be enough for the installation!

3. Install a Mortise Lockset.

Marks Hardware 91A-LH Marks Mortise Lock

Mortise Lockset usually comes with a very unique mechanism. So, you need to be aware of the whole installation process quite in-depth. Make sure the door is steady and you can work on it without many movements.

Next, you want to mark down positioning of the lock. Here you should focus on marking the latch, strike plate as well as keyhole. Then go for making a rectangular shape similar to the lock body’s form on door.

Here place faceplate against the door side. Now use some drilling to create the keyhole. You can take help of a wooden piece clamped on the door’s backside. This will avoid any form of damage to the door. Use a chisel and make the keyhole bigger. You can also take help of a hammer and drill to achieve the right size.

It’s time to drill again to make the recess. You want to use a larger bit than the lock housing’s width to get better results. Set the drill driver to required depth. It’s best to go deeper than the lock’s actual depth here.

This will help to fit both the lock body and faceplate into door without any problem. From the top to bottom of door side, you will make several holes for recessing. By creating more holes close to each other, the slot will become perfect in fit.

Use a chisel to enlarge the hole gradually. Next insert lock and faceplate into the door. Make sure faceplate is seen on the door’s edge. You may remove some timber using chisel and smooth down the area with a grit file.

Use the provided screw to securely fit faceplate into the place. Make sure the keyhole position is correct while doing so. Put on the keyhole covers after that. Turn the key back and forth to let bolt come out.

You want to close the door and let it touch the frame on wall. This is where you should mark top and bottom of bolt onto the frame. Here you need to chisel and drill marked position and set the receiver part. Finally use screws to secure it in place.

Next, you need to insert your preferred doorknob on both sides. To connect the doorknob with a lock body, there is a part called a spindle. Make sure you are joining them carefully. By placing knobs on both sides parallelly, insert the screws, and secure them well. And you are done with the complete installation!

Wrap Up

Woah, I’ve covered quite a few bedroom locks for today. I hope one of these three ends up being the bedroom lock you are using. Apart from these types, there are other versions available as well. Such as cylindrical lever lock, rim latch locks, euro cylinder locks, hook locks, and so on. I’ll try to cover them as well someday.

It’s very important that you pay attention to learning the right way of how to install a lock on a bedroom door. Because that’s probably the most personal space to you in your whole house and nobody will want to mess up here.