How to Change Code on Keypad Door Lock?

| Last Updated: October 29, 2020

How to Change Code on Keypad Door LockToday, you have access to various types of door locks and technologies to enjoy some of the best security experiences. It will depend on your security preferences, neighborhood environment, and also budget to figure out which one is the best fit, however.

One extremely popular option is the keypad door lock. Especially the Deadbolt keypad lock is really widespread. This enables you to get a more convenient security while not having to worry about getting locked or simply losing the key. And for that reason, it’s been seen quite often in many households today.

Some people really get confused about how to change code on keypad door lock and set a new combination of their choice. The process may sound a bit intimidating, but it’s actually pretty simple and straightforward.

Let’s Find Out How to Change Code on Keypad Door Lock & Set a New One.

There are more than just a few types and designs available for keypad door locks. So sometimes the process of changing becomes more model specific. The manufacturer’s guide can be a good solution to get done with that confusion. However, let me talk about the most general approach.

Removing the Lock:

To start the process, you need to get lock out from your door first. This can vary according to which model you are using. So, it’s best to stick with the manufacturer’s guided way. You should be able to find all the necessary instructions regarding the removal inside provided manufacturer’s guide.

In general, electronic locks come with two screws. These screws usually reside on both sides. Use a tool to unscrew this gradually. And then you should be able to see the inner part of door.

Unscrewing the Back-Cover’s Screws:

Now you need to place the keypad on a surface by facing it downward. There should be screws here to keep the back cover attached to lock. You need to deal with these screws next. Usually, there are two screws here as well.

One stays right on the bottom area. While the other one is found on top part of lock. You can use a suitable screwdriver by inserting it in each hole. Use counterclockwise motion and then remove those.

Discovering the Red & Blue Holes:

In this step, you need to lift the backplate and keep it in a safe corner for later. Be sure to carefully remove the lock’s backplate. Now give the lock a good look. You should see some holes.

There are blue and red holes inside that you should pay attention to next. The current code combination actually coincides with all red holes here. Keep that fact in mind for the next step.

Get a Tweezer:

Time for you to get your tweezers next. You need to insert the tweezer into each red hole inside lock. You need to hold the metal chips. Pull them out very gradually and with the utmost attention. And then keep them on the table or any safe surface next to you.

Setting Your New Code Combination:

In this step, you need to first decide what next code combination you’ll use for the lock. Then figure out the blue holes that are conforming with your preferred combination. You need to remove the blue chips from these holes next. Of course, be very careful when pulling the chips out using tweezer.

Now you need to replace all the removed blue chips with red ones. Remove and replace one by one to keep things simple and not confusing. You should be able to see a square cut out right on chip’s one side. This side of the chip must face door lock’s outer part. Make sure you place them following this rule while inserting it.

Filling the Empty Holes:

Once you are done setting all red chips inside your preferred code combination’s hole, pay attention to the empty ones. In the empty holes, you need to place all blue chips next. After doing so, you should check for a final time. Ensure there’s no mistaken chip placement.

Reassembling Things Back to Normal:

Now bring the backplate and place it carefully. You need to use the screws to securely attach it and make sure there are no loose screws. Once you are done reassembling the lock, turn it towards yourself.

You need to press the clear button then. Then enter the code combination you set. The door lock should unlock after entering. If it does not, then you need to remove the backplate and check red holes again.

Wrap Up

And that was all about how to change code on keypad door lock. In this era, keypad door locks are super popular and clearly, it’s an amazing thing to have in the household. People are using even the Bedroom keypad lock these days.

Some people however carry some misconceptions regarding it, but then again, another group absolutely loves it. So, whether you want to have this amazing keyless entry lock system in your house or not, it’ll depend on your security preference actually. However, it’s almost practically impossible for any random person to guess the code you set with a keypad door lock. So, odds are quite in its favor I believe.