How to Change a Deadbolt Lock on a Door – Replacement Guide?

| Last Updated: March 22, 2021

How to Change a Deadbolt Lock on a DoorKeeping you calm about the safety and security of your home is super simple and also relatively inexpensive by installing a deadbolt lock. You really don’t need much technical skill or any type if the fancy tool for this process. Just some common usage knowledge of screwdriver is more than enough for minimally designed deadbolt locks.

On that note, you already know what today’s topic is going to be. Yes, we’ll be exploring a guide on how to change a deadbolt lock on a door.  

How to Change a Deadbolt Lock on a Door with Minimal Tool.

For the process, you need to barely spare around ten minutes of your time and an inexpensive deadbolt lock. The following instructions are kept super basic and simple to understand. Enjoy!

A Note Before Installation.

This note isn’t meant for everyone. If you are not an owner of glass or hollow core doors, then skip this part and go directly into the steps below. And those who are looking forward to replacing a deadbolt lock on their glass door, make sure to buy a double cylinder deadbolt version. The wrong type of deadbolt will never be enough to hold those criminals out of your space.

And the owners of a hollow-core door, you simply need to think about your door. There’s really less security you would get even with a deadbolt lock. The security up-gradation also needs a locking door handle.

Removing Faceplates from Old Lock.

The deadlock’s face that is within inside of your home should contain two screws. You need to use a screwdriver and get those out. The part that these screws are holding is basically faceplate. Pull out this faceplate from the interior face. Simply use a straight force to pull these out. However, sometimes you may require twisting the plate counterclockwise.

Now you need to get out the faceplate from exterior part. This should be on the outside door. You need to use the twisting method for pulling faceplate out. Of course, go for counterclockwise motion here. Also, you need to get those screws out holding the exterior faceplate in place.

Removing the Set Plate from Old Lock.

On your doorframe, there should be a piece of metal facing it. This is known as the set plate. It is basically used to connect bolt to the doorframe securely. On the side of door, this part should be clearly visible for most of cases. You can also easily locate two screws on the set plate. One resides over the top part and other is basically on bottom portion. You need to get both of these screws out next.

On the center of a deadbolt, there should be another piece of metal. This is basically the bolt and in lock position, it usually fits inside jamb hole. This hole is located on a doorframe. And by the bolt and jamb hole connection, your door is supposed to stay closed. As soon as you get the set plates screws out, both bolts also need removal. In some cases, both bolt and set plates are one single piece.

If you mistakenly tried to remove the bolt without unlocking deadbolt, there’s still an option. You simply need to find the locking mechanism where this bolt connects to. Now use a screwdriver to twist that part and it should open.

Installing Your New Deadbolt’s Set Plate.

Medeco 11TR50319 Maxum Residential Single Cylinder DeadboltRemember the door’s hole visible on side? This is where you can simply slide the new set plate directly. If you are having separate set plates and bolts to install, then go with bolts first. After that, you can securely fit the set plate in place nicely.

The set plates top and bottom holes need screws next. You simply use the earlier screws to tightly attach everything together. However, avoid making it too tight. This is quite opposite of what you did while removing the previous deadbolt.

When you are using a screw, make sure to start with your hands first and bring it to place. Then you can rotate the screw and loosely attach it to hole using your hand. After that go with a screwdriver to get a secure screw driving. You can use power tools to make this process simple and fast.

Installing the Faceplate of New Deadbolt.

Now go back to the exterior of your door and simply slide new faceplate’s metal piece into center hole. Use the same method for installing interior faceplate’s two metal pieces. These would fit inside the interior bolt holes.

So, with that, you have around three holes that run along with the bolt. One goes for a center position for connecting exterior faceplate. The second and third hole are on left and right to the first hole. These combinedly work to hold the interior faceplate with a bolt.

Now depending on your deadbolts’ model, there can be different screws to connect the new faceplate in its position. Use your hands to slightly connect these screws. Then move ahead with a suitable screwdriver or any power tool to complete the fixing. Usually, the screws come with your new deadbolt. Don’t use any other screws since that would result in a poor fitting.

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Put on The Cover.

Now there are many models of deadbolt that come with a decorative cover. This cover keeps the faceplates or facepieces hidden. This concealing cover is easy to snap by the end of deadbolt installation. You simply need to follow the provided instruction with your deadbolt to fit them nicely.


And that was the simple method of how to change a deadbolt lock on a door. If you still don’t want to go with these steps and it seems troublesome, just contact a locksmith. It’s not that expensive to hire one and also, these professionals have the right tools to quickly install locks without any faultiness.

Some replacement may need extra steps depending on the condition of your old lock. And so, it’ll be better if a person with experience handles the situation.

However, Trying It Yourself Is Also A Good Go…

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