Best Drill Guides of 2021 – Ultimate Round-up

| Last Updated: December 30, 2021

Are you on the hunt for the best drill guides for your construction needs?

Then this guide has got you covered! In this article, you can find the best drill guides for all the DIY or heavy-duty purposes.

Keep on reading, and hopefully, you'll find one that suits you best.

Comparison of the Best Drill Guides

  • Comes with a shroud for collecting dust
  • 3-holed guide suitable for any kind of surface
  • Detachable for alternate uses, making it the best overall
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  • Can be used on round parts, corners, and flat surfaces
  • Equipped with a unique nickel alloy steel for sturdiness
  • Comes in 17 drill sizes, with different inches increments, making it the runner-up
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  • Equipped with non-slip feet to hold the DrillBlock in place
  • Comes with two product v-grooves for operation on corners and cylindrical surfaces
  • Has centerlines to ensure that the alignment is precise, making it the best for the money
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  • Comes with 12 different drill sizes
  • Has been heat-treated so that the guide stays durable
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around, making it the best portable drill guide
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  • Comes with adjustable depth stop
  • Centering channels embedded in the bottom of the base
  • Angle cutting from 45 to 90-degrees, making it the best angle drill guide
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  • Comes with 17 different sizes for drills
  • Coated with light oil so that there is no rusting
  • Works on many surfaces, making it the best V Drill Guide
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What is a Drill Guide and What is it Used For?

A drill guide is a machine that makes your complicated tasks a million times easier. It is built for accuracy and precision, and you can create the perfect holes in the wall, wood, etc. using this machine. Since using a drill on your own is a particularly dangerous task, it is imperative that you get one of these guides.

Not only are they safer to use, but are also more precise and built for users who are not expert at drilling holes, especially on brittle surfaces. Since buying one can be a difficult choice to make, this informative guide aims to help you in choosing the right one.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Drill Guide?

Before purchasing a drill guide, there are several things that you need to look into before getting one. Here are a few features that you should consider when buying a drill guide:

Nature of the Work

You should look at the type of drilling that is more common in your work area. This will help you decide which kind of drill guide is better suited for you. The degree of accuracy depends upon the nature of the drilling needed.

Comfort and Ease-of-use

If you are a DIY driller, then you need to see if the drill guide is easy to use or not. Too many features will confuse you. Moreover, if you need a drill guide for longer tasks, make sure that it is ergonomic and comfortable to use.

Fastening Device

Make sure that the drill guide comes with a fastening device, or you have one already. This will allow your drill guide to be more stable and create more accurate holes.


If you need a drill guide for a longer period of time, then make sure that it is durable. A sturdy and robust drill guide will work far better than a flimsy and cheap one. If high-quality materials attract you, then look for this factor when buying a drill guide.

Review of the Best Drill Guides

Now that you know what drill guides are and how to choose the best one for your needs, here's a breakdown of all the best ones that you can find in the market. Let's dive right in.

Best Overall:
Kreg K4MS Jig Master System

Kreg K4MS Jig Master System , Blue


  • Equipped with a screw-in pin to set the drill guide block
  • Can operate on wood which is of ½-inch or 1 1/2 -inch thick
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty in case it ever stops functioning
  • Steel guides are removable, so you can use it for several purposes
  • Includes a number of materials such as pocket hole plug set, screw set, and driver


  • Instructions are hard to understand
  • Customer service of this brand is not that great
  • Wood chip holes may keep them tidy, but make the floors dirty

What Recent Buyers Report

The built of this drill guide super strong, which is what makes it last a long time. It comes with everything that is needed to drill the perfect hole in any sort of material. It is also very portable and can be used in different places. Overall, the build quality is fantastic, and the drill guide is great.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is a do-it-yourself drill guide that works flawlessly and comes with additional materials too. It has a huge clamping recess and a sturdy clamp that makes it operate like a dream. The three holes in the guide ensure a clean and pluggable hole each time. Also, the dust collection keeps your space looking brand new.

Who Will Use This Most

This drill guide can be used on benchtops and other portable bases. If there are any wood crafters out there who love shaping wood and making different things out of them, you will love this model. It is precise, fast, and works amazingly.

Bottom Line

If you're looking for the best drill guide, then don't hesitate to look into this one. The highly superior quality and features make this super convenient to use. Also, it comes with a lifetime guarantee, so you don't have to worry about its functionality.

Big Gator Tools STD1000DGNP V-Drill Guide

Big Gator Tools STD1000DGNP V-Drill Guide


  • Highly portable and user-friendly
  • Very well built for sturdiness and durability
  • Comes with a whopping 17 different drill sizes
  • Works well on round objects, as well as for corners
  • Nickel alloy steel makes the functionality better, and the quality of the drill guide amazing


  • The bottom is too slick
  • A little tough to position the spot that you want to drill a hole in
  • Markings on the drill guide can be an eyesore, especially if you have weak eyesight

What Recent Buyers Report

This is a very solid drill guide that works on many different surfaces. It works flawlessly for drilling straight holes, and the V groove at the bottom ensures that it is fixed on round surfaces. It is a very sturdy guide that does well what it is supposed to do, and many users were pleased with it.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There are so many different sizes of holes to drill, which makes this a really versatile drill guide. It is easy to hold and very portable, which means it can be used anywhere. The nickel alloyed steel makes this it super resistant to any kind of debris or materials. Overall, this is a durable and well-functioned guide.

Who Will Use This Most

This is for those users who need to make different but accurate sizes of holes onto many surfaces. It is also a great guide for users who do this work professionally and need to carry it around everywhere. Also, this is an excellent option for individuals who value convenience and ease of use.

Bottom Line

With its amazing range of sizes and durable material and build, it is no surprise that this guide is a runner-up on the list. It works well, functions as it is advertised, and does not disappoint. If you need a portable drill guide for creating precise holes, then do not hesitate to consider this one.

Best for the Money:
Milescraft 1312 DrillBlock

Milescraft 1312 Drill Block - Handheld Drill Guide, Drilling Jig for 6 of the Most Common Drill Bit Sizes


  • Super lightweight and small
  • Provides excellent value for the money
  • Design is ergonomic and allows the user to hold it easily
  • Non-slip feet make sure that you work without it slipping
  • Offers 6 different drill diameters for your construction needs


  • Requires drill bits to be long
  • Not as durable as one would expect
  • You need to keep checking the angle for precision while drilling

What Recent Buyers Report

For the price of this drill guide, it functions superbly and makes it a strong contender for the best drill guide in the market. It performs exactly as it is advertised, and makes accurate holes on the surfaces. The bits fit in perfectly and ensure a speedy, clean hole.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This drill guide helps you to drill straight holes on various surfaces. It comes with user-friendly centerlines that make the hole super precise and accurate. Moreover, the handle is ergonomic and easy to hold and use for individuals. It is also portable and can be put into a pocket easily.

Who Will Use This Most

This drill guide is for DIY users who need something light and handy. It is also for those who are under a specific budget and need a quality drill guide for their construction needs. It is also useful for small projects where precise holes are needed.

Bottom Line

If you're looking for the best drill guide that won't break the bank, then this is the one to go with. It has high-quality features and is designed for professional and casual use. Overall, this is a great model that makes clean and accurate holes at a 90-degree angle.

Best Portable Drill Guide:
Big Gator Tools Mini V-Drill Guide

Big Gator Tools SDGMINI Mini V-DrillGuide®


  • Easy to hold because it is lightweight
  • Can drill a perfectly straight and clean hole
  • Small and lightweight, which enhances its portability feature
  • Has been given heat treatment, so it is highly durable and strenuous
  • Easy to maneuver since it is pretty straight-forward and user-friendly


  • Requires a drill press
  • Can warm up after extensive use
  • You will need it on to your workspace

What Recent Buyers Report

Users found this to be an extremely portable and lightweight drill guide. It is a must-have in everyone's toolbox. It works amazingly with a drill press and gives accurate holes. The groove at the bottom also lets the debris from the wood clear out the drill bit.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This product stands out on this list because it is robust, sturdy, and can withstand the abrasion caused by drill bits. Moreover, it is so light and easy to carry around that you won't even notice it's there. It is a great tool for users who need to carry this on the go and is the best portable drill guide in the market.

Who Will Use This Most

Professional drillers who need something light and handy to carry around will find this drill guide extremely useful. It is portable, it has many varieties for drill bits, and it is sturdy and durable. It can last for a long time because of its heat-treated material and is a great pick for most drillers.

Bottom Line

If you're searching for a pocket-friendly drill guide, do check this one out! It can work on various surfaces and has 12 drill sizes for greater versatility. Moreover, it is durable and can last you a long time. The alignment marks also ensure greater accuracy while drilling.

Best Angle Drill Guide:
Milescraft 1318 Drill Guide

Milescraft 1318 DrillMate Portable Drillling Guide – Precision Drilling Jig Attachment for Drilling Angled or Straight Holes, Adjustable Drill Guide Attachment, Portable Drill Press with 3/8” Chuck


  • Excellent for rounded or angled cuts
  • Can be used for constant or repetitive drilling
  • Functional on all the 3/8 -inch and ½-inch drills
  • Ensures that the guide is locked at a specific angle
  • Equipped with an adjustable depth stop to ensure accurate drilling


  • Chuck is not very useful
  • A little difficult to maneuver
  • Built material is not very durable

What Recent Buyers Report

This is a great drill guide and works well to make precise holes at different angles. It is a handy helper and helps keep the drill parallel to the surface that you're working on. The setting up of this guide is not that difficult, and the spring also works very well.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This drill guide can be mounted at perfect angles for the best drilling position. It has a drill base that can be self-centered. Its accuracy is astounding as it gives you speedy and clear cuts each time. It is also compatible with most drill bits and does not slip when drilling.

Who Will Use This Most

This is a really good investment if you are a DIY owner who needs to create holes from different angles. It is successful in producing accurate holes and comes jam-packed with impressive features. There are also ball bearings equipped in this guide for spindle support.

Bottom Line

This model can give you the best-angled cuts that you would need. It is flexible and versatile and works really well on round surfaces as well. If you're looking for an angled drill guide, this one will not let you down. It has many features that you can explore and enjoy.

Best V Drill Guide:
Big Gator Tools V-DrillGuide

Big Gator Tools V-DrillGuide Metric and Standard Size Portable Drilling Guide Kit


  • Has 17 drill sizes, so it is extremely versatile
  • Heat-treated so that it does not wear out easily
  • Made with nickel alloyed steel that is sturdy and durable
  • Bottom surface allows it to stay in place for accurate cuts
  • Can be used on numerous surfaces, such as round surfaces and corners


  • A bit more costly than other models
  • Markings on it are not clearly visible
  • You need to hold it in place for a steadier outcome

What Recent Buyers Report

This is a popular fan favorite and works well to drill perfect holes. It is made of high-quality and is extremely powerful. The versatility of the drill sizes allows for extensive usage, and the material is durable. Overall, it is easy to use and highly recommended.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The drill guide promises to make clear and accurate holes on the surfaces each time. The material is sturdy and robust, and the functionality is also astounding. Moreover, the bottom surface ground is designed for precision so that you can get stability and accuracy on every drill. 

Who Will Use This Most

Home-owners can use this if you like doing everything on your own. It's also a great tool for fixing cabinets and a handy guide for professionals as well. If you are looking for something durable and easy to use, then get this one. It will not disappoint you. 

Bottom Line

This brand makes one of the best drill guides, which is why it has earned so much customer loyalty. This drill guide is also truly exceptional and is designed for durability and versatility. If you want a drill guide to work on various surfaces, then don't hesitate to try this one!

Aspects to Consider Before Buying

Now that you have gone through all the different models presented to you, here are a few aspects you should consider before buying a drill guide.

Consult a Professional

If you are still wary and need more help, then make sure you ask someone who has knowledge about drill guides to help you choose one that you need.

Construction Quality

Make sure that the usage and the quality of the drill guide are high. If you will be using it frequently, then get someone that has a longer warranty and higher durability. If not, then go for a standard one. 

Adjustment Options

Pocket-friendly guides come with pre-determined drilling angles. You need to find a drill guide that can be adjustable according to your kind of project. If the handy one is what you need, then go for that one. 

Accessories and Drill Bits

Most of the drill guides come with clamps, screws, and other accessories. If you need one that has all those, then make sure that you buy one that has these accessories. If you need drill bits, then also get one that has new drill bits along with the guide. 

How to Use a Drill Guide

If you are using a drill guide for the first time, then this portion is for you. Follow these instructions and watch the video in order to learn how to use it:

  1. Use a squared or angled guide in order to measure the set angle that you want to drill. This will ensure greater accuracy

  2. When plunging down the drill holes, make sure that you apply downward pressure over the drilling spindle. (Tip: Avoid excessive pressure on the handle of the drill guide)

  3. Use a clamping tool on the side in order to ensure that the drill guide does not slip during usage. This is especially useful if you have larger holes to drill.

  4. You can also remove the four non-slip feet from the base and use adhesive sandpaper on the bottom to minimize slipping while drilling.

  5. You can also increase the plunge-depth by removing the depth adjuster lock and the springs.

  6. Drilling round stock should be done with the jig and the stock securely to keep it from rotating while drilling.

For more information and an extensive visual guide, follow the instructions from this video down below:


Drill guides can be tricky to use, and even harder to buy! If you were confused about which one to buy before, this article was meant for you. Hopefully, you found it useful and got some insight to determine which drill guide is the best one for you. Before finalizing your purchase, make sure to read the factors to look out for once more.