Best Right Angle Drill Attachments – 2021 Review Guide

| Last Updated: December 30, 2021

For a tool with such an unusual and peculiar shape, the right-angle drill holds great importance in many fixing procedures. It is one of the top-most tools used by plumbers, electricians, etc. for maintenance or fixes and comes handy in day-to-day situations. It is designed to counter the tight space situation, and it performs its job perfectly. 

However, it comes with different attachments for different situations. One needs to keep one in handy in their toolbox, so when there is a need for it, you can simply use it instead of running to the store to buy it. 

Buying its attachments is not an easy job, and investing in the wrong one could very easily make things go downhill instead of making them better. Thus, we have a post for you, which includes all you need to know about buying them and some excellent recommendations of the best right-angle drill attachments. 

Comparison of the Best Right Angle Drill Attachments

  • 1.5-inch front to back length
  • Features a metal gear case design
  • Accessibility of this product makes it the runner-up
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  • Has the minimum reach of 1.5 inch
  • The excellent price point of this unit makes it the best for money
  • Works with most ¼’’ hex bit accessories and includes a Phillips driver bit
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  • Provides minimum access of 1 inch
  • Features a sure-set magnetic system
  • Impactful and smooth performance makes it the best Dewalt Right angle Drill attachment
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  • Works with standard ¼ inch hex shanks
  • Weighs about 1.04 pounds, which is lightweight
  • Its quality makes it the best Milwaukee Right-angle drill
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  • Best Ryobi Right angle drill attachment
  • Works with 3/8-inch shanks and is versatile
  • Weighs 1.3 pounds and includes an operator’s manual
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What is a Right-Angle Drill Attachment?

A right-angle drill is a hybrid between a hand-held mini drill and a screwdriver. It is conventionally small in size, lightweight and easy to carry. They serve the purpose of reaching those narrow, tight, and awkward spaces where normal-sized drills just can’t reach. A right-angle drill head has different attachments that are shaped uniquely but essentially are used by technicians to serve the same purpose of reaching hard-to-reach areas. Their attachments are short in size and are set at 90 degrees, so the user is allowed to drill in limited spaces. The handle on them, however, is long, contrary to a normal drill.

What Makes These the Best of the Year?

You may wonder why we deem the products featured on our list to be better than others available. What is it about them, which is so special that they are the top right-angle drill models for the year? Well, let's look at all the things that make them the best of the best. 

Durable and Reliable

This tool is an active component of your tool kit and will be used excessively. Thus, it’s important to invest in a model that doesn’t start showing signs of wear and tear soon and is a good investment. All of the mentioned products are highly reliable as they are manufactured by excellent brands and are long-lasting and durable.

Milescraft 1303


It may sound weird, but the brand you decide to invest in does matter. Good brands offer operator manuals and warranty with their products along with being reliable and trustworthy with good tech support. The products on our list are manufactured by leading brands in the business and therefore are some of the best.


You may be working extensively with this unit; therefore, it is important for it to have good ergonomic value. They need to be easy to handle, have a comfortable grip, and be able to give you control over the operation.

Review of the Best Right-Angle Drill Attachments

There are so many products in the market, making it hard for one to decide which one is worthy of investment. To ease your struggle of finding the perfect right-angle drill attachment, we have for you a few of the best drill attachments in the market. Let’s take a look:

Best Overall:
DEWALT Right Angle Attachment

DEWALT Right Angle Attachment, Impact Ready, 1.5' (DWARA120)


  • Well-constructed impact driver which allows one to drill and drive
  • Features magnetism for a fastener which makes it more convenient
  • Lightweight and compact construction makes it a delight to travel with
  • Perfectly sized design allows it to get into very narrow spaces as well with great ease
  • DEWALT products are constructed from great quality thus this too is durable and reliable


  • Noisy while operating
  • Occasionally seizes up but continues operation after a while
  • Not fit for heavy-duty usage due to lightweight design composition

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers found the working of this unit to be highly impressive and deemed it to be one of their most trusted tools. They reported it being a tool they often reach for, given its quality construction and smooth performance. Some did notice it was a little noisy; however, it wasn’t anything bothersome as it was fast in its job.

Why it Stands Out to US

It has multiple attractions, which make it distinctive from many other available options; however, a noticeable feature is its magnet, which keeps the fastener in place and secure, whereas, with other products, it often falls off. Furthermore, the design is lightweight and compact, making it perfect for reaching narrow spaces.

Who Would Use This Most?

This would be perfect for those looking for a unit for light work. It does have a pretty solid construction, though, which works best for medium and light intensity jobs. More so, the lightweight construction makes it great to travel with if somebody needed it for that purpose. It is a reliable product.

Bottom Line

All in all, this unit is a great tool to add to your kit, especially if you are a technician. It is pretty standard and works well for light intensity jobs, which need to be handled with care as they can’t be treated with too impactful of a tool or the situation might worsen. 

Best for the Money:
Milescraft 1303

Milescraft 1303 Drive90PLUS Impact Ready Right Angle Drill Attachment - Perfect for Drilling or Driving in Tight Spaces - Minimum Reach of 1.5 in. - Accepts Most 1/4 in. Hex Accessories


  • Doesn’t make a frustrating noise while operating
  • Doesn’t spin in your hand and provides better control
  • Ergonomically designed, providing an excellent grip, making it handy
  • Composed of high-quality materials, ensuring the longevity of the product
  • Lightweight and compact construction, making it perfect for confined spaces


  • Dropping bits are not very secure
  • Gear seems to not function very well after heavy-duty usage
  • Magnet seems to displace easily after heavy-duty work, making it slow down in future projects

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers are very happy with this purchase granted that it performs very well and is a highly affordable option in the market. It works remarkably well and has proven to be great for use behind large objects or for plumbing and electrical jobs. It has become a consumer favorite.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us for multiple reasons, one major one being its excellent price point. It isn’t easy to come across a right-angle drill attachment, which is this affordable yet performs comparably well to many high-end products. Another reason why it is a great product is that it doesn’t make a harsh noise like most drill attachments do while operating.

Who Would Use This Most?

This would be great for anyone who’s just starting their tool kit and looking for affordable alternatives instead of investing too much right now. It is great for light to medium intensity use, which is great. This tool is controllable and easy to handle due to the well-designed exterior, which is highly ergonomic. 

Bottom Line

All in all, this unit is a great investment. It is highly efficient and operates smoothly. There's no annoying noise to deal with while operating it or any hiccups. It is composed of superior quality materials, which make it durable and reliable. It exceeds all expectations with its superb performance.

Best DEWALT Right Angle Drill Attachment:

DEWALT Right Angle Attachment (DWARA100)


  • Has a smooth, seamless and quiet operation with no hiccups
  • Increased gear strength and impact driver allows it to work for heavy work as well
  • Sure-set magnetic system secures the fasteners well and doesn’t allow them to fall
  • High-quality metal body construction increases its durability 5x than normal attachments
  • Exterior constructed with great quality material, allowing it to have better grip and ergonomics


  • Magnetic ring can be improved as it’s fragile
  • Magnetic adapter utilizes some of the power of the impact driver
  • Included Philips head screw rub against the collar, causing unnecessary wear and tear

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers are glad about their purchase. They deem it to be one of the best right-angle drill attachments they own. It has become their most preferred tool to work with as it can be used for high-intensity jobs as well due to its solid construction and rugged build. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us for multiple reasons. One of them is its smooth, seamless performance, and we didn’t expect anything short of what it works like from a DEWALT product. Not only is it smooth while operating, but it is highly durable as well due to the heavy-duty metal body construction, which allows it to be a reliable purchase. 

Who Would Use This Most?

This would be particularly great for anyone who is looking for a heavy-duty unit, which is highly impactful and can work in harsh work conditions as well. It can be used for high-intensity jobs as well, and it performs beautifully well with no hiccups, owing to its solid construction. 

Bottom Line

Overall, it is a great investment. DEWALT products are the leading tools in this category and are known globally. Their products are known to perform the best and exceed expectations, which is what this tool does as well. It truly is one of their masterpieces. It is hard to beat. 

Best Milwaukee Right Angle Drill Attachment:
Milwaukee 49-22-8510

MILWAUKEE ELECTRIC TOOL 49-22-8510 Milwaukee Kit Right Angle Attachment, 9.5' x 1.75' x 6'


  • Lightweight and portable, thus easy to travel with
  • Well-designed product gives a smooth and fast performance
  • Excellent quality metal interior makes it highly durable and reliable
  • Great material exterior allows it to be ergonomic and easy to handle
  • Solid construction and smooth operation make it highly reliable and durable


  • Has limitations when used in impact mode
  • Handle swivels, making it somewhat uncomfortable
  • Lever runs along the main handle which might make it awkward to use for some people

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers are thrilled to work with this unit. It operates like a dream and feels solid in hands. It isn’t one of those flimsy units which feel cheap if they are lightweight. It has quickly become a consumer favorite as it operates smoothly without any loud and annoying noise or any hiccups during operation. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

There aren’t many products in the market which stand true to their claim; however, this one surely does. It is lightweight and constructed in a solid manner with quality materials. It doesn’t show signs of wear and tear after just a while of use and operates in an effective and efficient manner.

Who Would Use This Most?

This unit is great to work with on light intensity projects or to be used in a standard everyday tool kit. It is highly reliable and doesn’t show signs of wear and tear anytime soon. Furthermore, the lightweight and compact construction make it great to travel with if needed.

Bottom Line

Overall, it is a great product. Many people find Milwaukee to be highly trustworthy and rightfully so as they have been manufacturing high-quality products for many years now. This is their masterpiece. It performs well and operates even better. It overall is a great investment. 

Best Ryobi Right Angle Drill Attachment:
Ryobi 90 Degree Drill Attachment 3/8’’ Chuck

New Ryobi 18 Volt Right Angle 90 Degree Drill Attachment 3/8' Chuck A10raa1


  • Keyless chuck allows quick and easy bit changes
  • Operator’s manual is easy to understand and well-written
  • Great quality casing allows comfortable grip and better handling
  • Made from excellent quality metal, making it highly durable and reliable
  • Perfectly sized and designed to fit even the narrowest confined spaces with ease


  • Does not fit some 3/8-inch drills
  • Has trouble fitting impact drivers
  • Doesn’t work for heavy-duty tasks 

What Recent Buyers Report

This unit has a stunning outlook and durable construction. It looks great and functions smoothly without making any harsh noise, which is frustrating or overbearing. Not only is it of great quality, but it performs well too and is a delight to handle. All of these elements make it a consumer favorite. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us for being of great quality and offering smooth performance. It is a long-term investment, as this unit is incredibly durable and reliable. The solid construction composed of heavy-duty metal construction with an ergonomic outer casing makes it an overall great tool for safe and easy handling.

Who Would Use This Most?

It would work very well for anyone looking for a lightweight, compact drill attachment, which nevertheless has a solid construction and needs to be used for light to medium intensity work. It can be a great addition to your standard tool kit for normal use around the house, as it is great for that. 

Bottom Line

Last but not least of our recommendations, this is a phenomenal unit and, overall, an excellent investment. It works smoothly without any hiccups while promising an ergonomic working experience to the consumer. The brand is well-known globally and is highly reliable as well, which adds greatly to the value of the product.

6. Milescraft 1305 Drill90PRO

Milescraft 1305 Drill90PRO - Heavy Duty Right Angle Drill Attachment


  • Ergonomic design makes its grip and handle easy for prolonged operation
  • Lightweight construction and compact design allow it to be travel-friendly and portable
  • Extension handle can make it chuck to your drill and get into compact spaces really easily
  • Rotating angle handle gives you complete control over the device and allows you to maneuver it in your ideal position
  • Solid construction with full metal body and four ball bearings add to the weight for a luxurious feel and smooth drilling experience


  • Makes a loud grinding noise while operating
  • Chuck occasionally loosens, making operation troublesome
  • Operation can be made more seamless if gear transmission is improved

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers were thoroughly impressed with the working of this unit and rightfully so for multiple reasons. Firstly, it is highly ergonomic and gives users great control over the entire process. It has a lightweight yet solid construction, which makes it easy to travel with but doesn’t let it feel cheap in hands. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

We find it great for being an impeccable design that caters to consumer needs. You don’t even have to fret about it being too slow or too fast. You can easily manipulate where it is going due to the ergonomic design features. Furthermore, it is constructed with great quality material, which makes it highly durable and reliable.

Who Would Use This Most?

This would be great for anyone wanting to add a travel-friendly, well-constructed, and high-quality drill attachment to their collection. The perfect size makes it highly convenient to work with, so much so that it would work for anyone. It isn’t the cheapest one available; however, the price is justified and well worth the splurge.

Bottom Line

Overall, it is a delightful product with excellent specs. It has a sturdy construction and smooth performance. There are no hiccups when operating with it. Furthermore, it is durable and reliable for long-term use, given its great quality construction, which makes it a great investment for everyone looking for a good drill attachment.

Best Uses For a Right-Angle Drill Attachment

We’ve mentioned multiple times in this post that a right-angle drill attachment can be of great use, but where exactly do you use them? Why is this product so talked about and an integral part of every plumber or electrician’s kit? Let’s take a look at all the purposes a right-angle drill attachment is used for:

To Reach Tight Spaces

Right drill attachments are lightweight and are constructed such that they can reach the narrow, tight, and closed-up places a normal drill just wouldn’t. Say you want a plumbing job done or perhaps something relating to carpentry, which requires you to drill holes in a confined space, this tool will be your perfect pick to tackle the situation.

The Perfect Angle to Reach

The head of the product is not straight; in fact, it is bent at a 90-degree angle, which is why it is named a right-angle attachment. The ideal bent head design allows you to reach any awkward angle you need to. If the narrow space is covered partially with an object, you may need to approach it from a different angle for which this tool is perfect.

Allows You to Take Care of Minor Maintenance Yourself

The convenient, ergonomic, and versatile design of this tool allows you to take care of many technical maintenance problems on your own. You can easily employ this and change the attachment if needed without enquiring for professional help or relying on anybody else to do it. It’s just that easy to work with. 

Aspects to Consider Before Buying

You may wonder about the elements of a right-angle drill that one should be on a lookout for, which are crucial to consider before buying this product. These factors either make or break your decision on whether the product is worth your time and investment. Let’s take a look at them:


The product you invest in needs to have a good quality battery and charger. These are the two components that are constantly working, and their quality would make a world of difference in your tool’s overall performance.

Milwaukee 49-22-8510


This isn’t the most expensive investment you will be making; however, it is always a wise move to compare prices and look at the whole package. If a product costs a little extra but includes accessories such as tool casing, then it might be of better value than a product that is solely offering a drill attachment.


The design of the unit makes or breaks the deal with this tool. If the product is too heavy, isn’t compact enough, or lacks the comfort of handling, it won’t be worth it no matter how cheap it is. In the long term, such a unit will only be a cause of frustration.


A right-angle drill attachment isn’t an easy product to shop for. You need to fully understand how the product works, which type of attachment you need depending upon the situation you’re going to be using it for, and make comparisons with other products.

You will get the best deal once you compare prices, features, uses of all the products, and then choose the best one as this procedure reduces the odds of you buying the product significantly. It would be a mistake many people make not to take time out and research a product well, and then they end up getting frustrated over it. If you pay attention to all we discussed earlier, you will be able to buy a great drill attachment yourself without any help the next time you need it.

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