Best 12V Drills of 2021 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: December 30, 2021

Decided to carry on some renovations around the house? Discovered an interest in do-it-yourself projects?

And now, you are looking for a lightweight and extremely efficient drill to drill holes to insert nails around the house.

Regardless of your need, it is a wise decision to invest in a 12V drill. Go through this ultimate detailed buyer’s guide, and you will find the perfect one for house projects.

Comparison of the Best 12V Drills

  • Delivers 265-inch lbs. of torque
  • Comes with 20+1 clutch settings
  • Best overall comes with the shortest 5.6 inches head
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  • Features high torque settings from 0 to 400 rpm
  • Runner up comes with a two-speed transmission
  • Comes with 12v lithium-ion batteries, a charger, and a case
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  • Features 11 clutch settings
  • Comes with keyless clutch type
  • Best for the money that comes with an anti-slip soft grip
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  • Comes with BL brushless motor
  • Offers 280-in lbs. of maximum torque
  • Best 12V cordless drill that only weighs 2.3 lbs.
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  • Comes with a belt hook
  • Equipped with an LED for visibility
  • Best Dewalt 12V drill comes with a two-speed transmission
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  • Comes with metal ratcheting
  • Equipped with a display screen
  • Best Milwaukee 12V drill promises up to 275 in-lbs. torque
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When Would a 12V Drill Come in Handy?

In every household, a toolbox is a must! Think about it, which is better: having access to tools so that you can fix what needs to be fixed instantly, or waiting for the carpenter to come and fix things for you. A 12V drill can come in handy all the time; let us look at some of the scenarios where a 12V drill would be useful.

House Renovation

If you want to move some furniture around the house to give it a new look, then a drill can help you achieve all of your dreams. You need a tool to fix all the elements around the house and place everything in perfect order. A drill can save you from a lot of trouble.


If you work as a carpenter and need a more efficient tool to get the job done, then a 12V drill would help you do your work more effectively and efficiently.

Grinding Metal or Removing Rust

If you don’t have access to an angle grinder, you can use an attachment that you can place in front of your cordless drill and get the job done. Attaching a brush tool in front of your drill can help you remove rust from iron, steel rods, tools, or other household items.

Characteristics of Our Favorite 12V Drills

To make sure that you get your hands on the best 12V drill, it is recommended to consider the following factors. These are some of the very best features of our top favorite drills. Considering these will help you in choosing the drill that is very best for your needs.


In most of the cases, expensive drills are not heavy; they are usually lightweight. If you do not want to spend loads of money on a drill, then you would be left with one that is heavy and does not have enough power. Usually, the higher the price, the smaller the size.


Our favorite feature of our 12V drills is its weight. The more money you want to spend on a drill, the lighter it will weigh! Even such drills come with huge battery packs, but you won’t be able to feel their bulkiness. Of course, lighter drills are much better since they don’t cause fatigue while working. 


Why are you investing in a drill? Do you need it to carry out some day-to-day tasks, or do you need it to get over a heavy-duty project? If you need a drill for heavy-duty projects, then go for a drill that provides you a higher range of power.

Review of the Best 12V Drills

Here we have made a complete list of the very best drills on the market along with comprehensive details. So have a look at their main features and pros and cons. Choose the one that is more suitable for your needs.

Best Overall:
Bosch PS21-2A 12V

Bosch PS21-2A 12V Max 2-Speed Pocket Driver Kit with 2 Batteries, Charger and Case , Blue


  • Comes with an integrated light
  • Features the best torque-size ratio
  • Operates with lithium-ion batteries
  • Comes with forward and reverse buttons
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to carry around


  • A bit expensive, making it tough for everyone to afford

What Recent Buyers Report

Most of the recent buyers are very happy with their purchase; almost every one of them saying that it delivers what it promises. Another recent buyer of this drill complimented its finishing and touching, saying its fine design makes this drill very easy to use. Plus, they appreciate its smooth motor, which ensures better functioning.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The very fact that this drill is an awesome machine overall makes it stand out to us. It delivers a powerful performance as an automatic screwdriver, and on top of that, its design and build make it very easy to carry around, lift, and use. Plus, it comes with two batteries; does it get better than this?

Who Will Use This Most

People who are looking for a drill that is a perfect package – lightweight, compact, affordable, high power and torque, and has a long list of additional features should enjoy this drill. So if you fall into this category, then you are going to enjoy this machine to its fullest.

Bottom Line

Start saving money to get your hands on this beautiful machine. Take advantage of the fact that it is compact, lightweight, and comfortable. Plus, it comes with an adjustable clutch, variable speed trigger, and much more. So what are you waiting for? Make some space for this drill in your house and get your tasks done efficiently.

Bosch PS32-02 Cordless Drill Driver

Bosch PS32-02 Cordless Drill Driver - 12V Brushless Compact Drill with 2 Lithium Ion Batteries, Charger & Soft Carrying Case


  • Comes with integrated LED lights
  • Compact in design and lightweight
  • Has a drilling speed of 0 to 1,300 rpm
  • Comes with a long-lasting brushless motor
  • Promises supreme performance to size ratio


  • Chuck is not extraordinary
  • Not ideal for commercial use

What Recent Buyers Report

Most of the recent buyers are very happy with the drilling speed, torque-speed, and overall performance of this drill. One of the most recent buyers says that although it does not offer a lot of speed, screwing nuts and bolts was very easy with this drill. Therefore, this would be the ideal pick for DIY projects around the house. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This drill is home to a long list of features. It stands out to us because of its balance and handling feature. When you use this in a corner or a confined space, it won’t disappoint you. Plus, its head-length is only 6.5 inches; hence, it offers perfect balancing and handling to the user.

Who Will Use This Most

If you are looking for a drill to carry out some renovations around the house, then this is the perfect one to use. In addition to this, if you need to do some small DIY project, then this drill will come in handy. If you fall into the above two categories, then you’re going to be fine with this one. On the other hand, if you have some big commercial projects lined up, it won’t be of much use.

Bottom Line

This drill is the perfect machine to get some small tasks done around the house. It comes with remarkable drilling speed and power, enabling the user to get the job done perfectly. So, if you need a drill for this purpose, make your life easy with this one.

Best for the Money:
BLACK+DECKER 12V MAX Cordless Drill

BLACK+DECKER 12V MAX Cordless Drill/Driver (BDCDD12C)


  • Has a slide pack battery
  • Easy to carry around, lightweight
  • Features a variable speed design
  • Comes with a chuck size of 3/8 inch
  • Very compact, which makes it easy to carry around


  • Only perfect for smaller jobs
  • Battery runs out of power very easily

What Recent Buyers Report

Most of the recent buyers are very happy with the performance of this cordless drill. One of the recent buyers said that he has stopped using his other drill since he got his hands on this one. He said that this one is powerful enough to carry out some small tasks around the house. All the users have nearly the same reaction, making this a great purchase. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This 12V cordless offers plenty of features to its users. The two reasons that it stands out to us are that it is cordless, which makes it extremely easy to use, and secondly, it is very affordable. Just because it does not cost or weigh much does not mean it lacks in performance.

Who Will Use This Most

All the mechanics and individuals who do the handy work at the house would love the fact that this drill is cordless. This saves the user from the constant worry of looking for an electric outlet or carrying a huge roll of cable wherever they go. So if you want a nice, light, easy-to-carry drill, then invest in this one.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a cordless drill that gets the job done without being so bulky and is not heavy on the pocket, then stop looking because you have just found the right unit. Start saving some money, buy this drill, get the job done, and make your life ten times easier. Do consider this as your option.

Best 12V Cordless Drill:
Makita FD07R1 12V Cordless Driver-Drill Kit

Makita FD07R1 12V MAX CXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Driver-Drill Kit, 3/8'


  • No carbon brushes involved
  • Equipped with a high power battery
  • Saves the user from operator strain
  • Has an easy to handle ergonomic design


  • Lack of storage compartment or storing bits
  • Does not come with a metal ratcheting chuck

What Recent Buyers Report

Almost everyone that has bought this drill is extremely satisfied with its performance. One of the recent buyers said that at first, he was reluctant to spend a huge amount of money on this tool, but after holding it at a store, he was unable to keep himself away from this tool. He has been using it since. The same is the case with other users; all of them love its performance. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us because of its amazing charge and battery. This device can go non-stop. You can carry out multiple tasks around the house with the help of this drill, and you won’t be worrying about draining its battery. Plus, the fact that it is designed extremely beautifully and practically makes it one of our top picks.

Who Will Use This Most

People who are looking for a drill that is extremely light and easy to carry around would love this one to bits. Carrying a bulky and heavy drill is extremely straining, so you have to save yourself from the operator’s strain, and this unit is the right one to do so since it prioritizes your comfort.

Bottom Line

Easy to use, multiple clutch settings, lightweight, compact, brushless motor, cordless, powerful batteries, and many other features, this drill has it all. Purchase this one, and we assure you that this will not disappoint you. Carry all the tasks around the house with total ease using this model.

Best Dewalt 12V Drill:
DEWALT DCD710B 12V Max Lithium Drill Driver

DEWALT 12V MAX* Cordless Drill, 3/8-Inch, Tool Only (DCD710B)


  • Ideal for compact spaces
  • Sturdy build, compact design
  • Easy to carry and is lightweight
  • Affordable for most of the users
  • Comes with remarkable drilling and torque speed


  • Battery and charger are sold separately
  • Comes with remarkable drilling and torque speed

What Recent Buyers Report

Most of the recent buyers are extremely satisfied with this drill. One of the recent buyers was super impressed with its battery; he said it lasted for a long time. Plus, its battery helped him complete this project efficiently. Other buyers said that overall, this is a perfect drill, which is very versatile to use. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Its long-lasting battery is the reason it stands out to us. If you have a project that is going to last for at least two to three days, then this drill can help you a lot. In addition to this, it comes with an integrated LED, so if you want to drill holes in the dark, then this LED can help you focus.

Who Will Use This Most

If you hate replacing batteries on the drill very often, then you must take advantage of this drill as its battery lasts a long time. Other than this, if you are working in a dark place, turn on its LED, and you can work with more visibility. So, if you fall into the above two categories, then investing in this drill is a solid option.

Bottom Line

This drill has every important feature that is a must-have. So make your life easy, have a look at the main features, pros, and cons, and make your work easy with its power. We assure you that you won’t be disappointed with its torque speed and clutch setting. 

Best Milwaukee 12V Drill:
Milwaukee M12 12V 3/8-Inch Drill Driver


  • Easy on the pocket
  • No need of wire with it 
  • Durable, reliable, and great to use
  • Does not burn out on excessive use
  • Compact design increases the user’s comfort


  • Battery and charger needs to be bought separately

What Recent Buyers Report

Most of the recent buyers of this Milwaukee drill are happy with its performance. One of the recent buyers said that this drill is easy to use and carry around. Another buyer reported that once he was able to drill holes in three wooden panels. So, overall, users loved the power it promises. Its performance makes it highly recommendable.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The very fact that it performs very well makes it stands out to us. In addition to this, you can use it for a long time and know that it won’t disappoint you because it does not burn out very easily. Plus, its batteries do not drain out so easily. So, overall, it is a remarkable cordless drill.

Who Will Use This Most

Although this is perfect to use in the house, it performs well in commercial settings as well. In both cases, it will prove itself in performance. If you want to use it for a long time, then you must insert some high-quality batteries and watch it perform effectively and extraordinary.

Bottom Line

This drill has a perfect design, nice drilling speed, torque, multiple settings, and a couple of other extraordinary features. Improve your drilling game by buying this stellar unit. You don’t have to spend a lot of money as it is easily affordable. Look at the main features, and don’t hesitate to buy it if it meets your needs.

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying a 12V Drill?

The entire thought process of buying a drill is not different from buying any other device. It is neither affordable nor feasible to buy a drill every day; it is a one-time investment. Consider the following factors before deciding on which one to buy.


Why do you need a drill? You can use one for a wide range of purposes. You can drill a little hole, make a big hole, drive everything, mix paint, grout, and concrete, grind metal, remove dust, twist wires, and use it in many more ways. Make a list of why you need a drill, and choose one accordingly.


How much money are you willing to spend on the drill? If you want one that is compact, lightweight, cordless and comes with multiple features, then you would have to spend some money on it.

BLACK+DECKER 12V MAX Cordless Drill


Make sure that the drill that you are buying is made up of reliable and durable material. You want a machine that can withstand pressure, rough use and can provide enough power to complete the job, whether it is drilling hole, cutting, etc.


A complete detailed guide and list of drills are in front of you. Whether you merely need one for drilling hole in the picture wall, or you need one to build up some furniture, paying attention to its features is extremely necessary. A final decision must be made after considering its power, size, design, and additional features.

People Also Ask

Here are some simple answers to some of the questions that are generally asked by people exploring the market to get themselves a new and advanced drill. Go through these answers, and we are certain that you will say goodbye to some confusion that you have regarding 12V drills.

Which is Better, a 12V or 18V Drill?

Both 12v and 18v drills are state-of-the-art machines. The only difference between the two is their price, weight, or power. An 18v drill has more power and torque than a 12v drill, but a 12v drill is easier to carry and use. Depending on your needs, only you would be able to decide which one is better.

Can a 12V Drill Go Through Concrete?

A 12v drill has a lot of power in itself; this drill is capable of doing wondrous things. So, if you are asking whether you can drill a hole through concrete using a 12V drill, then our plain and simple answer would be yes. Just charge the battery if you are using a cordless drill, and you can easily achieve your goal.

Can I Use an 18V Battery in a 12V Drill Makita?

As an 18V drill’s battery is designed to deliver and sustain more power than the battery of a 12V, it is not a wise idea to use an 18v battery in 12v Makita drill. Always carry a spare battery so that you can use it in the case of an emergency.