Deadbolt VS Mortise Lock – What’s the Difference?

Deadbolt VS Mortise LockIf you want your house or office wholly safe and want to keep it free from unwanted access, more than traditional locks, smart locks are preferable. However, people from the very beginning are fond of both Deadbolt and Mortise locks.

If you plan to buy one, which one will you buy? To take your out of the dilemma, we have come here to tell you which one suits your better.

Unquestionable, both are incredible, but we will compare their two best locks to help you! Get one from the mentioned locks because these are popular for a reason!

Mortise Lock vs. Deadbolt Lock

We have selected the Igloohome Smart Mortise 2 and Schlage Encode Smart wi-fi Deadbolt as the best locks from the brand. And we will make a head to head comparison between them so that you can understand which one fits you perfect!

Igloohome Smart Mortise 2

When you plan to fit your mortise pocket door, and you need the right mortise smart lock, you can entirely rely on this one.

These locks are not like the regular cylindrical locks; instead, the handle and the Deadbolt are added together in this case.

When it comes to robust security along with longevity, Mortise locks are the best!

Security PINs

It includes pin codes, so there are no chances of losing keys anymore! On the contrary, if you want the smartest feature, one of them will be controlling the lock with your smartphone. With the help of Bluetooth, you can take control over the lock here.

If you want physical backup keys or RFID tags, you can get them too! The PIN sector of this lock is exciting and secure.

To afford the utmost security, there are Bluetooth keys. Along with that, there are one-time PINs for the guests and visitors.

The recurring PINs that comes with it will repeat forever! The added duration PINs are designed to visit some specific visitors in a particular time and not more!

After a certain period, such PINs will not work anymore, resulting in losing their access whenever you want!

And finally, there are permanent PINs that can be used by the family members and will always help you get access to your house! With the help of this time-sensitive access, you will never feel unsafe even if you are away!


When there are guests on the door, you can easily send them the PIN codes via social media or message, and they will not need an app anymore!

So, granting the guest even if you are not at home has become more comfortable with this specific mortise lock.

These are not the conventional locks; instead, it is a smart lock, and so, you will get all the app facilities with this.

Tracking Info

You can track the dates and times of the visitor. However, you don’t need someone to write down their names anymore!

So, from now on, whoever enters your home, there will be a track regarding that!

This activity log also tells you when they have left. So, you get all the information within your reach without providing additional effort!

Wrong Pins

If you type wrong PINs several times, the keypad will be locked. So, if someone else tries to get access to your house or office without your permission, they will not be able to do so!

There is a masking security code available for the people that try to enter random digits beside the original PIN to open the door.

Automatic Relock

An amazing fact about this Mortise smart lock is the relocking system. In cases of traditional locks, you had to lock the door once again after you enter or exit.

But this is not the case with this one. Once the door is shut, and you are inside or outside, the door will automatically relock, keeping the safety to the peak!

Battery and Emergencies

If the battery runs low, you will see the low battery alert. This comes with intuitive audio and LED visuals!

So, you don’t need to check it again and again, it will tell you about its condition! And when the battery is dead or drained, it has an emergency jumpstart with a 9v battery.

This is an emergency measure taken by the manufacturer for the emergency.

Mortise has the capability of guessing the potential tampering attempts, and it will immediately sound an alarm if it happens. Along with this, a fire alarm is also added. There is a panic exit system included there so that you can exit if any emergency occurs.

Schlage Encode Smart Wifi Deadbolt

This wi-fi enabled smart lock makes sure that you and your home stay safe even in the most unsafe situation.

Along with keys and pins, this Deadbolt smart lock ensures you can use your fingers to use this along with the voice!

Security Pins

Available in two different designs named Century and Camelot, you can choose the one you prefer.

It comes with the permanent pins for the family members. However, you will also get recurring codes that you can change; however you want!

The temporary codes are designed for sudden visitors so that they can get access when they come.

Generating the permanent along with the recurring and temporary codes depends on you! You can create more than 100 codes!

Along with the codes, you get the fingerprint options with it. The touchscreen is capacitive, and you can work with this just by touching it! From voice-control to hands-free control, you get a complete package with it!

Visitors and Scheduling

When there is a temporary visitor to your house that will visit for a particular time, you can schedule a specific time for them to mention the dates. After that period, the code will not work anymore.

With the app’s help, you will get notifications about who unlocked or locked the door and when. How the door was opened will also be mentioned in the notification.

Remote Features

With the help of the keypad, you can manually program the lock too. But we always recommend you using the Schlage Home mobile app for this purpose.

This app works with both iOS and Android phones. You can lock or unlock this lock from any place with the help of the remote locking facility.

When you are away, you will get push notifications from the lock to let you know something important. Also, push notifications are customizable.

Voice Commands

The users love this for versatility. The Deadbolt lock goes with Amazon Alexa. Along with this, it suits the Amazing Key, which makes it easy to use.

Another interesting fact is that you can operate this one with the help of Google Assistant too!

On the contrary, you will never need a Cloud subscription for running this lock. You can easily add new users to the lock’s activity history with any Cloud subscription.

If you pair up the lock with the Amazon Key, you can use the Ring for locking and unlocking it.

Wrap Up

So, now you know the details about Deadbolt vs. Mortise locks, and you can select one from them too! Nothing is more important than security. So, it is always better to invest in a secure lock and safeguard everything!

The Deadbolt is amazing in voice command features; however, Mortise is excellent for providing your better PIN facilities! Choose one wisely!

Let us know in the comment box which one between them you loved the most! Have you used any of them yet? Which one do you prefer?