Burrow Sofa Review – Espresso Patio Sectional Set Review 2021!

| Last Updated: April 12, 2021

Burrow sofa review -Modway Burrow 3-Piece Espresso Patio Sectional Set with White CushionsWhen the weather is beautiful, anyone of you will feel like lounging outside in your backyard. But how will you get the best out of your lawn?

Obviously, by setting up a comfortable burrow sofa and thus relax under the sun. You don’t even need to take a trip to a resort.

The furniture that fits the profile for this is the Modway Burrow Espresso patio sectional set. Again, how will you know if this is what you are searching?

Well, that’s why I am providing a burrow sofa review and guiding you to make an educated decision.

Modway Burrow Espresso Patio Sectional Set Review

If you want to add a classy look to your outdoor space, then you can check out the Modway Burrow patio sectional sofa set. It is a complete package for decorating your backyard or deck. The set consists of two armchairs with plush cushions and one coffee table.

The sofas are made of rattan wicker (which is intricately woven) and a sturdy powder-coated frame for support. There are aluminum feet on the base of the armchair which help to prevent any scratch on your deck. It will not rot or crack.

You may think that wicker furniture is old, but this generation’s woven rattan is made in such a way that it creates a royal ambiance. The overall design of the sofa set is modern and attractive, and the woven rattan gives a beautiful espresso finish.

You can rearrange the sofas around the coffee table depending on your space and requirement. You don’t need to assemble this sofa set as it is delivered as assembled and you can quickly move it around due to its lightweight nature.

The highlight of this sectional sofa is the coffee table which completes this innovative design, and the best part is you don’t have to buy a coffee table separately for it. There is a tempered glass on top of the coffee table which provides both protection to the rattan surface and also supports food and beverages.

This sofa set also provides spongy and plush cushions, and you can choose the color of the cushion covers according to your preferences. Although the brand has advertised about their set being fade-proof, some consumer has raised an issue about this.

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Modern Design

Modway Burrow 3-Piece Espresso Patio Sectional Set with White CushionsAs we all know, it has become a trend to decorate your outdoor space in recent times. And like bedrooms or living rooms, adding furniture to your backyard or deck has become crucial. Keeping this in mind, Modway brought in patio sectional sofa set which includes a coffee table and is specially designed to provide a contemporary look.

So, it’s certain to compliment your home décor even if it’s a bit different from regular.

Weather Resistant

Rattan furniture sets are very popular as patio furniture in the market. One of the reasons behind this is that they tend to be durable enough for using it for a long time and require low maintenance. The intricate woven texture of the wicker also adds a classy and royal look to your surroundings.

The good news is that the Modway Burrow patio sectional sofa set is made of woven rattan wicker with an aluminum support frame which makes them effectively weather-proof and thus contributing to durability. As a result, you don’t have to worry about the sofas being in the sun for too long.


The common thing we worry about our furniture being outdoors is that the fabric will fade due to prolonged exposure of the sun. If our worries are every day, you can be relieved from this tension like me as the materials provided by Modway are fade-resistant.

These fabrics can be called a gem for outdoor places as they are specially treated to withstand harsh weather conditions and will not fade or deteriorate under the sun. They are very convenient too as they are easily washable and come with zippers.


The materials of the sofa set are sturdy as well as lightweight. You can move around this sleek set easily without taking any help from others. As the name suggests, it suits well when placed on the patio. You can also rearrange it around a fire pit or poolside of your home.

It will not only set the mood to relax but also give your outdoor space a modern look. If you want to organize a family gathering or throw a party, you can move them away to make space.

Customizable Cushion Covers

You can choose the color of your cushion cover when purchasing the sofa set. If you are maintaining a color theme for your outdoor space or deck, then you can get the one that will complement the color theme.

You can also choose colors to remind you of any place like for example; teal color can be a reminder of the ocean. In this way, you can relax and enjoy the weather.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Will these patio sofas show signs of rust?

No, because the frame is made of aluminum and it contains no iron which usually tends to rust.

2. Will the aluminum frame of the sofa get hot?

Yes, it will get hot in direct sunlight but cool faster when kept under shade.

3. Can the cushions be customizable?

Yes, you can choose your preferred color for the cushions.

4. Is the patio sofa weather resistant?

Yes, it is. This thing is suitable for all types of weather.

5. Is this patio sofa sold as a set?

Yes, it is. You can buy it as a set from any offline or brick-and-mortar shop.

6. Does the patio sofa get delivered fully assembled?

Yes, it comes as fully assembled, and you have to organize it.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, the Modway sectional sofa is an excellent choice in terms of quality and luxury.

However, the ultimate decision rests on you. It’s up to you to decide if it suits your requirements. I hope this burrow sofa review answers your queries and guides you to decide on customizing your outdoor space according to your needs.

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