BobsCNC E3 Review- Your Magnificent Tool (2021)

| Last Updated: March 13, 2021

BobsCNC E3 ReviewWelcome to BobsCNC E3 Review!

The BobsCNC E3 is one of the best home CNC machines that is great for someone who isn’t ready to invest in pricier Router Engraver Kit. It’s the most trusted and praised home built engraver kit by customers today.

The sturdy platform, along with the reliable router that comes with the unit will make your engraving and cutting wooden DIY project less challenging. BobsCNC E3 CNC Router takes engraving and cutting work to the next level. The ergonomics and performance of this unit are unparalleled to most of the CNC unit of its class.

This router comes with specs that meet the needs of amateur users and professionals alike. It’s a perfect engraver kit for both soft and hardwood projects. Moreover, it’s very lightweight that makes it portable and the right choice for small shop owners. It comes with as a complete set that comes with electronics, software, controller, power supply and a milling motor.

So, are you interested to learn more about this best DIY CNC router kits?

Check out our BobsCNC E3 CNC router engraver kit review below to determine whether it’s the CNC router you’re looking for.

  • Sturdy – The rigid laser-cut plywood frame makes it durable.
  • User-friendly- It's easy to assemble and operate.
  • Affordable- Considering all the features, its price is very reasonable compared to other high-end models.

About the Brand

BobsCNC is a famous brand name among the woodworkers, hobbyist and craft enthusiasts. Their CNC router kits are highly appraised in the market community for their high-quality components and excellent customer support.

Based in Missouri, BobsCNC is an all-American manufacturer of CNC router kits.


Progress Bar - 100%
Design  - 100%
Accuracy - 90% 
Price - 100% 

Top Features at a Glance

  • DeWalt DW660 router
  • Home switches on all axes
  • GT2 belt drive on X- and Y-axis
  • 5/16 to 1/18 brass nut (dual) on the Z-axis


  • Assembled Product Weight -- 26 lbs
  • The assembled footprint -- Height: 19" (480 mm), Width: 25 " (640 mm), Length: 25" (630 mm)
  • Cutting Area -- X: 17.7" (450 mm), Y: 15.3" (380 mm), Z: 3.3" (85 mm)
  • Gantry clearance -- 3.1" (80 mm)
  • Material Type -- Multiple materials
  • Patter -- Laser cut Baltic birch
  • Power -- Source AC
  • Voltage -- 115 volts
  • Wattage -- 600 watts
  • Torque -- 75 in-oz
  • Included Components -- Router with 1/8" and 1/4" collets

Features and Benefits

Laser Cut Plywood Frame

One of the best features of the BobsCNC E3 is its laser cut frame from Baltic Birch plywood. For those who don't know Baltic Birch plywood is a very durable material often used for making furniture. This rigid frame can hold multiple objects with ease.

Additionally, the solid wood construction makes the unit eco-friendly. Moreover, this construction makes it easy to work with for the users who like to modify the router. In fact, this rigid plywood frame helps to increase not only its durability and stability but also performance.

SG20U Supported Rail System & Software Choices

Another great aspect of the E3 is its wide range of compatibility. The cutting head and gantry of E3 router run on the popular rail system that support SG20U with a GT2 belt drive (on the X and Y axes). What’s more, there is a 5/16 to 5/18 brass nut (dual)on the Z-axis.

There is a good option to choose from several software to run the unit. Most of these software are free to open source. Its DW660 router is easy to control by an Arduino-based microprocessor. It's simple to connect through the USB port to make its operation easier. Additionally, you can run it on Linux, Windows, Raspberry Pi and OSX.

DW660 router included

BobsCNC E3 comes with DEWALT router, which is undoubtedly a right choice for performing CNC work. It features a 5apeeres motor that can run up to 30,000 RPM with no load. This power is considerably larger than any traditional CNC router.

The DW660 has collection ports of ¼- and 1/8-inch. Additionally, there is a spindle lock, so the bits are very easy to change.

The router weighs only 3.2 pounds. What's more, in the mounted position, the router's gantry height becomes 3.3-inch. Of course, its bump-off, turn-on power switch is sealed against dust damage that enhances the performances.

The motor is powerful enough to cut through harder materials like butter when the right cutting tool is employed.

Large Work Space, Cuts Thick Materials

This bad boy offers a generous cutting area: 450mm (17.7-in.) x 390mm (15.3 in.)x 85 mm (3.3 in.) on X, Y and Z axes respectively. This working space can easily accommodate soft and hard materials of diverse size. Furthermore, it's able to cut up to 3.3-inch thick stock of various composite woods and hardwoods.

Lightweight And Portable

BobsCNC E3 is one of the best portable tabletop CNC routers. Its assembles dimension is 25 x 25x 19- inch that means you can set up it easily along with the computer and other accessories on your work table.

What's more, the assembles weight is only 26 pounds which makes the unit extremely lightweight and portable compared to other CNC machines of its class.


Assembling of E3 CNC kit is relatively easy as long as you properly follow the provided installation instructions. Besides, it'll also be a good experience for the people who are just starter in the field of carving, even with the added effort.

In case, you face any problem, BobsCNC has an excellent support team to help you regarding any issue concerning BobsCNC E3 troubleshooting or installation. However, you can easily access and download the software and its instruction manual at the manufacturer's website.


BobsCNC E3 Router Engraver Kit is the best CNC router for the money.

When we're testing this wood carving router machine, we've found that it has almost all the basic and useful features that a starter CNC machine need to have. But amazingly it comes with an affordable price tag. In short, considering all its features, advantages (and of course shortcomings), the price is reasonable compared to other models on the market.

General User Experience

The BobsCNC E3 has certainly gained a lot of attention over recent years.

But most importantly, what do the users of the E3 have to say?

According to the customers' reviews available online, the majority of buyers seem to be positive and happy with what this CNC machine has to offer.

BobsCNC E3 holds a respectable average rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 bases on approximately 128 customer reviews at the time of writing.

However, a very few users report that precision suffers if the workpiece wouldn't align properly with the Z-axis shaft.  Some of the users also have faced problems with the software control system.


  • Great for beginner
  • Robust construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • User-friendly design
  • Works fine with a wide range of materials
  • Cuts thick materials
  • Excellent customer support
  • Lightweight and portable


  • The flex isn't possible to remove from the gantry and bed.
  • Due to the wood frame, the unit may become somewhat unstable while cutting hard materials.
  • The package doesn't include software. But three different BobsCNC E3 software (free open source) are available on the company's website.

Bottom Line

Considering the design, workspace, performance, the inclusion of the milling motor and the price, the BobsCNC E3 router is one of the best desktop CNC routers and DIY CNC router kits.

If you’re a DIYer or professional alike who is looking for the best CNC machines for woodworking, then the E3 is the right product for you.

Hope, this BobsCNC E3 Review has helped you a lot to pick this magnificent and best hobby CNC router in 2019.

Good luck on your next wood carving Bobs CNC projects!

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  1. I am helping my friend get his setup. The assembly was easy. Getting the machine to work, not so easy. The instructions on the website are dated. My friends laptop runs the mist current version of windows. The software shows older versions of windows and the verifications don’t match new windows. I am still working to get it running….

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