Best Spray Paints For Wood Furniture | Latest Picks of 2021

| Last Updated: April 12, 2021

Best Spray Paint For Wood FurnitureSpray painting is a great way to start doing little household things yourself. This is also a great way to explore several options of DIY out there. Either way, good spray paint might save you tons of money whether you know it or not.

But you may have doubts when going to buy this product. And so, we are focusing today’s article on the best spray paints for wood in the market. We will try to answer all of the questions you have raised for us, and much more.

Starting from the price to the colors, we have done all the research. And so, we can guarantee that this is the best shopping guide for wood finish spray paint on the internet. Don’t believe us?

Well, I guess you will have to keep reading to find out for real!

Best Spray Paints For Wood Furniture

Out of the best paint sprayer for cabinets to all waterproof spray paint in the market, we have picked our top four favorite products. They may not be the perfect ones for you but will give you an idea of what you can expect. Take a look!

#1. Rust-Oleum 249122-6 PK Painter’s

Rust-Oleum 249122-6 PK Painter's Touch 2X Ultra Cover, 12 oz, Black

Out of the countless spray paints, you will find in today’s market, this black spray paint for wood is one of the best options you will get when it comes to coverage. But what makes it worth all the money you will spend on it?

Well, this version of the Rust-Oleum can give you around twice more coverage than any other paint in the market. You may think that you do not need paint that gives a lot of coverage when it comes to dark colors. But trust me when I say that even dark colors need to have good covering ability.

Lucky for you, though this is not the only expertise this paint has. The spraying tip has a wide finger road, and the tip is also made to be very well. It can also paint any surface and do an amazing job while drying up within 20 minutes or less.

The only downsides of this product are the price and the weight of the can, making it seem like a mediocre choice to some. But you never know what fulfills your necessities.

Highlighted Features

  • Has twice as much coverage
  • Comfortable spray tip
  • Has a very wide finger padding system
  • All type of internal or external surface can be painted with ease
  • Dries up within twenty minutes or so
  • Every can covers close to 12 square feet

#2. Krylon K09196000 COVERMAXXKrylon K09196000 COVERMAXX Spray Paint

Krylon is a great brand for buying a spraying mechanism of paint. Usually, the color of these paints is very vibrant and bright. And this silver spray paint is one of them. But there is much more to this product.

For starters, this paint’s vibrant colors are very long lasting, and they are resistant to fading. It also has primer added with it so it saves much of your time that you would have to spend for additional priming.

This little guy has a nice spraying tip as well. Overall, the paint comes in a can that is very convenient to use and comes at a fairly good price as well!

The one issue it has is that the paint comes out a little chunky at first. Some have also noticed that this paint does not give as much coverage as all of its contenders.

Highlighted Features

  • Colour is very vibrant and gives amazing coverage on all surfaces
  • The paint itself is very long-lasting
  • Protects against any sort of rust
  • Spray primer for wood added to it
  • Very easy and comfortable spraying tips
  • The can is lightweight and easy to handle

#3. Krylon K05150807 ColormasterKrylon K05150807 Colormaster Paint + Primer

This is another product from Krylon that we think is an absolute success. It has a super-fast drying speed, and the overall performance is amazing!

This one is a really good spray paint for wood, paper or even fabric! It is durable and will probably last longer than anything in your house!

The weight of the can is pretty low, and so you will be very comfortable using it for hours and hours. This spray paint also has a glossy finish to it that makes anything you paint look very sophisticated.

But the cons of this product might be things you should consider. Firstly, it seems to spray out clear water during the first few tries. And it also has an unpleasant smell which becomes hard for people with lung problems to use.

Highlighted Features

  • Can dry within 10 minutes, sometimes even less
  • Perfect for surfaces made of wood or paper
  • Paint has ultimate durability and can last years
  • Amazing for indoor and outdoor projects
  • Semi-gloss effect looks amazing on all surfaces
  • Covermax technology provides premium coverage

#4. Rust-Oleum 260728Rust-Oleum 260728 Universal All Surface Spray Paint

This one is another paint from Rust-Oleum that is perfect for all surfaces. The first thing that will make you notice this guy is that it has an affordable price. And with more to showcase, it gets even better.

There are tons of colors to pick from, and all the colors are very shimmering and glossy. This wide range of options makes it stand out from any other paint in the market. The paint also comes with primer added to it that saves you tons of time.

It boasts an amazing resistance to things like stains, UV and even rusting. The colors are also guaranteed to never fade away. However, the only drawback of buying this cheap spray paint is that the nozzle does not work too well. But other than that, this is a pretty sweet deal.

Highlighted Features

  • Super low price despite being so well made
  • Has around 15 or 16 colors to pick from
  • The color has a shimmery gloss that makes it stand out
  • Comes with priming technology added within
  • Can save all surfaces from rust and any sort of corrosion
  • Resistant to ultraviolet rays and rusting
  • Ensures that the color does not fade away

Before You Buy, What To Look For

There are some ways to find yourself the perfect spray paint for you. Whether it is for spray painting for fun or because you need to, there are some indications of whether the paint is worthy or not.

  • If It Is Suitable For The Material You Will Use It On

You need to make sure the paint you are buying is suitable for wood. There are specific indications of what type of material the paint is good for. So make sure you check this before you buy the paint.

  • If You Are Comfortable Using It

Since you will be using the spray paint for a long time, it is important that you know if you are comfortable using the can. Take into account the weight as well as the finger pad.

These are mainly what will make it comfortable for you. Check these things before you buy spray paint for yourself.

  • If It Is In Your Budget

There is cheap paint on the market. Then there are the super expensive ones that will cost you more than 20 bucks. So remember to fix a budget and then buy paint that is perfect for you.

Remember to keep these things in mind so that you can buy yourself the spray paint that is right for you.

Useful Tips To Spray Wood Properly

Before you start spray painting, you should know some important things about how to handle spray painting furniture. You need to know everything about doing this. Although you may not be risking something major if you do this wrong, you will most definitely be risking making your furniture look unappealing.

Not only that, doing one thing wrong might cause a major issue as well. So here are our top tips for spraying paint on wood properly.

  • Choose The Right Furniture

It is crucial that you choose wooden furniture if you want to work with paint on wood. If your furniture is not wooden, then you need to look for a spray paint that is suitable for the kind of material you are painting on.

  • There Will Be Some Things You Will Need To Remove

Before you start painting furniture, you will need to remove some hardware components on your furniture. On things like cabinets or drawers, you will need to remove the handles as well as the knobs. But in furniture, there might just be some screws to remove.

  • Cover Everything Before You Start

Before you start the messy work of spray paint, cover everything that has a possibility of getting painted on. This will keep it safe, and you will not have to worry about making a mess and having to clean up after either.

  • You Will Need To Sand The Surface

Before you start spray painting, you will need to sand the surface of the furniture. Sand the wood properly and then clean all the residue. You can also use chalk or mineral paint if you want to skip sanding completely. FYI, we recommend you do sand the surface properly.

  • Stay Away from Water or Liquids

Don’t let any form of liquid enter into the wood. It will attract dust particles and spoil the smoothening work you did with sandpapers in the previous step. Make sure your paint and primer go compatibly hand in hand.

Added Tips:

  • Before spraying on your actual furniture or wood piece, always try it on a cardboard or leftover piece of wood to see if you are doing things right.
  • It’s very basic to use the primer before you get the paint spraying on.
  • Turn off the fan or get rid of anything that makes the dust around flying and sticking to your job. Also, ensure proper ventilation.
  • Don’t spray from too close. An ideal distance would be about ten inches between the can and furniture.
  • Keep your hands moving as you spray. Stopping or pausing your hand over a specific area will cause over-painting which will end up in uneven shades.

Here’s a visual for help:

FAQ For Spray Paint

1. What is the difference between a glossy finish and a flat finish?

A glossy finish spray paint will have a shimmery finish to it. It will also reflect light. But a flat finish will be very dull, and it will not reflect any sort of light.

2. If a product is painted using these spray paints, will it be oven friendly?

The paint will not be harmed by a little heat, so we guess yes you can say that. But try not to go over 500 degrees or so.

3. Can I use spray paint on paper or any sort of gift wrap?

Yes, usually spray paint can dry on paper, but it might not be as long lasting on a slippery gift wrap.

4. Can this sort of paint be used as a primer for when I use acrylic paint on a metal surface?

No. The primary purpose of this paint is not to function as a primer, so we do not think it will work.

5. How do I know if this a waterproof spray paint?

All spray paints are not waterproof. So read the features on the can or ask the salesperson.

6. Does this stay permanently on styrofoam?

No, it does not work on styrofoam.

7. Would it work on a watercolor painting?

Yes, if the watercolor is done on paper, then it will work.

8. Is it alright to use it on wallpaper to make it waterproof?

The spray paint cannot be used on other surfaces just to get one of the features right. So no, this would not correctly work.

9. What is a satin finish spray paint?

A satin finish spray paint is in between a glossy finish and a dull finish. So if you want something that is not too reflective but not too matte either, then this is perfect for you.

Final Verdict

Now that you have a basic idea of which spray paint you should buy for wooden material, it will not be too hard for you to find the best spray paints for wood furniture.

Remember to use this article as a guide to buying yourself a nice spray paint. Keep all our advice and pointers in mind but also trust yourself when making the final decision. We hope you have fun shopping for your spray paint!

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