Best Portable Table Saw for Fine Woodworking to Buy in 2020

Best Portable Table Saw for Fine WoodworkingWoodworking isn’t as easy as most people think. Making all those cuts and grooves seamlessly is always a challenge. Things get worse when your client says they’re not happy with your designs, over your face.

Losing clients already? Only if you had the best portable table saw for fine woodworking, you wouldn’t have any problem creating the designs your client wants.

Getting a good set of table-saw will add an advantage to your work skills. You’ll get the precision and accuracy like never before. For which, you’ll be able to make more beautiful cuts on the timbers you’re working with.

Want to get your hands on the perfect table saw? Walk with me then.

Best Portable Table Saw for Fine Woodworking

Below are the best portable saw reviews that will let you decide which one to go for. I’ve talked about the top 5 table saws in the marketplace. Read the reviews and choose wisely.

1. Dewalt DW745 10 Inch Table Saw

Highlighted Features

  • You get to cut the toughest timbers, thanks to the 10 inches carbide blade.
  • 3850 rpm of speed gives you faster and cleaner cuts.
  • With 610 millimeters rip capacity, you can cut the largest sheet materials.
  • The steel roll cage protects your table saw from harm while increasing the durability.

DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Table Saw, 20-Inch Rip CapacityWant to get your hands on the best table saw for woodworking? Take your woodworking job to new heights with Dewalt DW745 10-inch table saw. It has got the features you’ve been craving for all these years and look, it’s just right at your doors right now. Want to know all the details? Here’s why it’s unique.

First off, it comes with a high-torque motor that boasts 15 amp. So, getting the power you need won’t be a problem. Doesn’t matter if you have to deal with all your tough jobs. This table saw can deal with everything like a pro just like that.

The 10-inch blade spins and cuts through the toughest and strongest timbers instantly and seamlessly. And why wouldn’t it? You’re getting no less than 3850 rpm of speed that offers you quickest and cleanest cuts.

Besides, from now on you can cut through large sheet materials and make sure they stay in the perfect size. Thanks to the 610 millimeters rip capacity that gets your job done easily and seamlessly.

Not just power, you want accuracy as well, don’t you? This table saw from Dewalt makes sure you get the perfect accuracy to perform all those grooves and cuts while your clients stay happy.

Thanks to the cast table-top design it comes with, you’re getting the accuracy and precision you need. Hardwood, wet wood, frozen wood, you name it, this table saw lets you perform your cutting job smoothly over anything.

Moreover, the quick bevel lock makes sure you can get the perfect and accurate adjustments.

For ultimate durability, the table saw comes with a steel roll cage that protects the device from impacts and drops. However, even though it’s heavy-duty, it’s pretty light in weight. You can carry it almost anywhere you need without any problem at all.

2.Bosch Power Tools 410009 Table Saw

Highlighted Features

  • The device offers you the ultimate speed with 3650 RPM motor.
  • Thanks to the 10 inches carbide blade, you can the strongest timbers.
  • The SquareLock rip-fence lets you perform the operation single-handedly.
  • You’re getting 25 inches wide cutting table that lets you cut more woods in one go.

Bosch 10-Inch Worksite Table Saw 4100-09 with Gravity-Rise Wheeled StandSawing isn’t something you can do with low-end table saws. And when it’s all about accuracy, precision and mindboggling cuts and grooves, you should go for something heavy-duty.

Let’s talk about the table saw from Bosch that churns out the features and benefits you need to take your sawing experience to new heights. 

First off, if you want efficiency at its best, you should go for this table saw with your eyes closed. It’s that good.  To make sure you can cut through anything, this beast comes with 3650 RPM motor.

Doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with the hardest and the strongest timbers. With this stunning tool in your arsenal, you can dominate your cutting job and cut through anything seamlessly.

Besides, let’s not forget the 10 inches carbide blade it comes with which is no less sharp than a samurai sword. I’m not kidding at all. With that motor and this blade teaming up, you’re getting the sharpness you’ve always wanted. One single blow and the next thing you know, the timbers are in pieces.

The SquareLock rip-fence is, of course, a cherry on top. This lets you increase the trueness of your cutting experience while you get to experience single-handed operation without any problem at all.

There’s no way you’re getting yourself harmed when there’s any kickback though. As you glide along with the rail, the anti-kickback pawls have got your back to protect you.

A bigger cutting table always comes handy when you want to make all those cuts and grooves with greater accuracy and precision. While the mainstream table saws disappoint you, you can turn the tables with Bosch.

The cutting table it offers you is wide as 25 inches, which gives you enough room to cut the timbers with ease and convenience. You get enough room for your hands to relax and the designs just get better and better.

On top of everything, this table saw comes with a gravity rise feature along with 8-inches pneumatic-wheels. So, getting the perfect mobility won’t be a problem when you’re moving from one job site to another. You want the best portable table saw? Bosch can solve it for you.

3.Makita 2705 10-inch Contractor Table Saw

Highlighted Features

  • The table saw gives you maximum speed with 4800RPM of speed.
  • The 10-inches carbide blade lets you cut the strongest timbers seamlessly.
  • With the smooth action-rip fence, you get more accuracy and precision.
  • The release lever gives you easy riving spreader and knife height adjustment.

Makita 2705 10-Inch Contractor Table SawI don’t think I need to tell you anything in detail about the products from Makita. This giant makes all those amazing table saws like any other in the marketplace.  You want power? You got everything with this beast in your arsenal.

Firstly, the powerful 15.0 AMP motor is there to back you up with the speed you deserve. Speed talks about power while it spins the blade. But I’m coming to that later.

With as impressive as 4800 RPM of speed, your blade spins with more speed unlike never before. And guess what? This is what you need to cut all those hard and strong timbers instantly.

Speaking of the devil, the blade you’re getting in its rig is a 10 inches carbide-tipped blade, which obviously is sharp enough to keep up with a samurai sword.

Don’t get scared when I talked about the sharpness though. I know it’s pretty normal to get scared as you can get your hands cut. However, Makita has got all the solutions you see.

It’s designed in such a way that you won’t even get the goosebumps while working with it. The blade maintains a huge gap, so there’s no chance you’re getting wounded anytime soon. Awesome, right?

You want accuracy and precision? Of course, you do. Imagine making all those amazing cuts and grooves with seamless accuracy. Unfortunately, you can’t get this with the mainstream table saws in the marketplace.

With Makita table saw around, you won’t have to worry about your accuracy issues at all. This table saw, unlike any other, offers you the smooth action-rip fence which slides across the table fast.

Plus, you’re getting a huge room to carry out your cutting job, for which you don’t have to worry about your accuracy issues anymore.

You’ll be able to perform all your through, non-through and all those dado cuts, thanks to the release lever the table saw comes with which gives you easy riving spreader and knife height adjustment.

4.Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 Table Saw

Highlighted Features

  • With 3650 RPM of speed, you can cut the strongest timbers easily.
  • The 10-inches carbide-tipped blade gives you the sharpness you need.
  • With 25 inches cutting table, you can cut more woods while your hands get enough room to relax.
  • A smart-guard protection system keeps you safe from getting wounds.

Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 Tablesaw - 10 Inch Jobsite Table Saw with 25 Inch Cutting Capacity (1)When you’re talking about the best table saw for woodworking, you can’t just ignore the 410010 table saw from Bosch. What hasn’t it got? Durability, functionality, portability, this one is a package that has got everything to fill your demands.

This durable beast comes with 15-amp circular-saw, so you’re getting 4.0 of maximum HP. Whether you deal with rip cutting, ripping, cross-cutting, or whatever, with the 3650 RPM of speed, you can cut seamlessly through anything.

Sharpness is one of the most important factors you need to look for inside a table saw. The mainstreams do not offer you a good carbide blade at all. Which can lead to disappointments?

The table saw from Bosch comes with a carbide-tipped blade which is no less than 10 inches in size. For which, you can cut through the strongest timbers without getting your way getting blocked.

Talking about cuts and grooves; unlike the typical ones in the marketplace, this table saw comes with 25 inches wide table that can help you with the accuracy and precision you never had.

With such a wide amount of cutting space, you can make all the cuts and grooves to make amazing designs and most importantly, your clients will be happy. 

Safety is a must and I don’t want you to get wounded or cut your hands as you carry out your woodworking job.  Thanks to the smart-guard protection system, you’re having a riving knife along with an Anti-Kickback pawl.

As a result, they provide the barrier so that your hand can keep the distance without getting in contact with the blade.  Besides, the Squarelock rip fence is made in such a way that you can perform all the operations single-handedly.

As for portability, this beast comes with lighter GTA47W gravity-rise wheeled-stand which gives you enough room to experience the mobility you deserve.

5.Rockwell RK7241S Laser Table Saw

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with a laser indicator that aligns the blade tilt and increases your accuracy and precision.
  • You’re getting maximum depth of cut; 3-9/16 inches at 90 degrees and 2-9/16 inches at 45 degrees.
  • With 4800 RPM of speed teaming up with the blade, you can cut through anything.
  • The 30 inches cutting table allows you to cut more woods in one go easily and conveniently.

Rockwell RK7241S Table Saw with LaserThe compact table saw review wound remain incomplete if I didn’t bring the RK7241S from Rockwell. This has got the features and benefits you need to make sure you can set things right when it comes to sawing.

First off, you might have guessed by the name, it comes with a laser indicator. This is what makes it stand out than the rests over here. Unlike the mainstreams, the exclusive laser-indicator lets you adjust the blade tilt very easily.

The indicator lets you know where the blade will perform its cut. For which, it becomes easy for you to line up the cuts instantly. No, you don’t have to adjust anything though. The laser line adjusts to the blade-arrangement all by itself.

As a result, as you carry out your cutting job, you’re getting more consistency and accuracy. So, from now on, making all those amazing cuts and grooves smoothly won’t be a problem.

With Rockwell, you’re getting the maximum depth of cut unlike the typical table saws in the marketplace.  It comes with 3-9/16 inches of maximum cutting depth at 90 degrees. While at 45 degrees, the cutting depth you’re getting is no less than 2-9/16 inches.

Talking about cuts, it’s all about speed and sharpness teaming up together. The motor boosts the blade to make sure you can cut almost through anything seamlessly.

Being able to hold up to 4800 RPM of speed capacity, this beast stands out as one of the strongest table saws ever. If you want to dominate your large projects, this table saw should be your best pick no matter what.

More on the accuracy part, you do know that the bigger cutting table you get, the more accurate cuts you can acquire. This happens as your hands can get enough room to relax while you work. Besides, a larger cutting table means you can cut more woods in one go.

This table saw from Rockwell will impress you with its 30 inches cutting table, with which, you can cut a 4 by 8 sheet plywood very easily in half.

As for portability, you’re getting integrated wheels, with which you can take this table saw anywhere you want. For extras, you’re getting dust bag, blade wrenches, miter gauge, riving knife, push stick, rip fence, etc.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Table Saw

So, you’re going to buy a table saw but you don’t know what features you should look for before buying it. Chances are, you’re going to get your hands on the wrong product.

To make sure you don’t go through such hassle, take a look at the features you need to look for before buying a table saw. I’m not going to elaborate on everything here. Rather, I’ll talk about the most important ones so that I don’t bore you with my banter.


Speed is one of the most important factors your table saw has to offer. The more speed, the faster the blades will spin. And the faster the blade spins, the stronger timber you’ll be able to cut through.

To make sure you can cut through almost anything, you should get yourself a table saw that has got the ultimate speed. Make sure the table saw you buy has got at least 3650 RPM of speed.


Not just speed though. If your blade isn’t sharp enough, you won’t be able to cut the strongest timbers. There are tons of table saws in the marketplace but they don’t have a good-quality blade in their rigs.

Always try to buy a table saw that has got a 10-inch carbide blade in its arsenal. With this blade teaming up with the speed, you can cut the strongest timbers with one blow.

Cutting Table:

If the cutting table your table saw comes with isn’t wide enough, you’ll face two problems. First off, you won’t be able to keep your hands relaxed as you try to cut the woods. This will leave you with inaccurate cuts.

On the other hand, you won’t be able to cut a lot of woods in one go. So, make sure you buy a table saw that has got a wide cutting table. If your table saw has got a cutting table which is about 25 to 30 inches wide, you’ll be good to go.


Getting wounded while cutting the woods using a table saw isn’t a rare case at all. Once your hands get in contact with the blade, you’re done.

So, make sure your table saw has got a safety feature that lets you maintain a huge gap between your hands and the blade. Fortunately, the table saws I’ve talked about comes with all the safety features to keep you in the safe zone.

Rip Fence:

Another factor that can boost your accuracy and precision is the rip fence your table saw comes with. The better the rip-fence, the more accurate your cuts will be.

Make sure you get yourself a table saw that has got either the smooth-action rip fence or the SquareLock rip-fence.


What good is a portable table saw if it’s not portable at all? If you can’t take your table saw from one job site to another, it’s time to go for a change.

Make sure the table saw you’re buying is light in weight. And of course, don’t forget to get yourself the one with wheels in it. If you have these covered, you’ll be able to have easy mobility all the time.

FAQs For Portable Table Saw

1. Are these table saws durable?

Ans. Yes of course. With one of these table saws in your arsenal, you’ll be able to cover years with no problem at all.

2. Am I getting any warranty offers with these products?

Ans. Of course, you will. All of these products offer you satisfying warranty facilities. However, for the duration details, you need to contact your seller.

3. Is a laser indicator necessary?

Ans. It depends on you. If you’re a newbie in this woodworking sector, you might want to go for a table saw that has got a laser indicator. If you’re a professional who’s into this for years, I don’t think it’s really necessary. 

4. Which one is the best table saw according to your opinion?

Ans. All of these products are reputed for their very own features. However, if you want my opinion, I would always choose Bosch over anything.

Wrapping Up!

With all these heavy-duty beasts gathered up in front of you, I don’t think you’ll have a hard time choosing the best portable table saw for fine woodworking. Trust me, you won’t have room to give these products a second thought. If you want to see your clients happy with how you deal with your projects, these table saws have no alternative at all.