Best Pocket Door Locks Review | Top 5 Picks in 2021

| Last Updated: October 29, 2020

Best Pocket Door Locks ReviewPocket doors have become the go-to solution for the tiny spaces where fitting a standard door would be impossible. These aesthetic sliding doors not only save space but add a touch of style to the interiors of your house.

When it comes to doors, one must always think about the type of locks to get. Compared to standard doors, these locks need to be lightweight without compromising in terms of security and longevity.

The availability of hundreds of different models can make choosing the right pocket door lock quite the challenge.

So today, we reviewed the top 5 best pocket door locks to help you choose the best fit for your home!

Top 5 Pocket Door Locks List Below,

  1. Kwikset 335 Round Privacy Bed/Bath Pocket Door Lock
  2. Keyed Pocket Sliding  Pocket Door Lock
  3. Citiloc Round Bed/Bath Privacy Pocket Door Lock
  4. Prime-Line Products N 7363 Closet Pocket Door Lock
  5. Kwikset 335 Round Bed/Bath Pocket Door Lock

Best Pocket Door Locks Reviews 2020

After engaging in extensive research and analysis, we will now introduce you to our top 5 pocket door locks. They have been carefully assessed based on their pricing, aesthetics, and compatibility.

1. Kwikset 335 Round Privacy Bed/Bath Pocket Door Lock

Highlighted Features
  • Can be adjusted to multiple door thickness dimensions
  • Equipped with an emergency unlock system
  • Standard measurements make it easy to install
  • Aesthetically appealing satin nickel finish

Kwikset 335 Round Privacy Bed or Bath Pocket Door LockOur first pick is the 335 Round privacy pocket door lock by Kwikset. Being of a round shape, this door lock fits most of the regular door preparations. What’s more, satin nickel finish on this lock gives it just the right amount of shine to make your door stand out.

What makes this pocket door lock one of our top picks is its 7/8″ round corner latch spring, which allows for smooth locking of the door with minimal force. This fluidity of the locking mechanism facilitates the opening of the door to be as quiet as possible. You’ll finally be able to walk in and out of the room without anyone noticing.

The 335 Round privacy pocket door lock belongs to Kwikset’s Ultramax Series, serving as evidence of its durability. Products in the Ultramax Series are known for their lifetime mechanical guarantee, giving you the most bang for your buck!

In addition, the 335 Round privacy pocket door lock also comes with a lifetime finish, meaning that the nickel finish will continue to shine as bright as the day you bought it!

Installation of pocket door locks can be quite a hassle, especially if you get a lock that requires a special square notching. The overall roundness of the 335 pocket door lock makes it super easy to install as it fits most standard door measurements.

2. Keyed Pocket Sliding Door Lock CL4ENTR Matte Silver

Highlighted Features
  • Compatible with the standard door preparations, aiding ease of installation
  • Fits flush against the door panel, allowing the door to slide completely inside the cavity
  • Key Lock feature ensures security and privacy
  • Modern retractable door pull adds to the aesthetics
  • Elegant Satin silver finish gives a premium feel

Keyed Pocket Sliding Door Lock CL4ENTR Matte SilverThe next pick on our list is the keyed pocket sliding door lock CL4ENTR by Lockwood. Taking aesthetics into its own hands, this pocket door lock will accentuate your door’s finish with its minimal design. What makes this pocket door lock stand out is the fact that it is a pocket door lock with key! This gives your door a classic and traditional look.

First off, we must talk about the durability of this pocket door lock. Being put through rigorous testing, Lockwood has definitely made this lock to last a lifetime. The key lock function in each of the locks has been tested to surpass 30,000 turn cycles while withstanding 3 Kilo Newton of force. Once you install this lock, you know it’s here for the long haul.

Looking into aesthetics, this lock gave all the others a run for their money with its satin silver matte finish. With the pearl-like silver color, it is quite easy for the lock to take up the spotlight from the door. However, the matte finish eases the shine of the silver to the eyes, which makes it the perfect complimentary piece for your door!

For all the people who love doing things themselves, this lock is perfect! The holes on the keyed pocket lock are the same as your standard doorknob, which makes installing it a piece of cake. If you still find the installation process to be perplexing, Lockwood packs in an instruction manual with templates to walk you through the whole process.

3. Citiloc Round Bed/Bath Privacy Pocket Door Latch Satin Nickel

Highlighted Features
  • Round design crosses out the need of cutting another notch
  • Best suited to interior doors for bathrooms or bedrooms which require locking
  • The thumb-turn allows for easy locking on the inside
  • Emergency unlock system placed on the outside
  • US15 Satin Nickel Finish gives a metallic appearance

Citiloc Round Bedor Bath Privacy Pocket Door Latch Satin NickelUp next, we bring to you the Round privacy pocket door lock by Citiloc. With over 30 years of experience, Citiloc is known for manufacturing high-quality, durable, and innovative security systems. This lock is just another example of their well-crafted products and mechanisms.

Featuring an overall round design, this pocket door lock will seamlessly fit into your standard 2-1/8” drilled door. With the fit out of the way, all you will essentially need to install this lock is a screwdriver. So, don’t bother bringing out your heavy toolbox.

With privacy as its core offering, this pocket door lock is perfect for your bedroom or bathroom. The locking mechanism is built to be sturdy and secure, allowing you to enjoy your time inside the bathroom or bedroom in peace. Equipped with an emergency unlock system, you really have nothing to worry about when entrusting your security to this door lock.

The satin nickel finish brings about a metallic look which blends in nicely with both dark and light color doors. Also, the surface area of the knob is comparatively smaller and adds to the compact look of the lock. What’s more, the lock features a pop-out extender handle, which lets you pull out your door from the cavity with ease.

4. Prime-Line Products N 7363 Closet Pocket Door Passage Pull

Highlighted Features
  • Brass construction aids durability
  • Mortise Style installation to place it the on the edge of the door
  • Fits easily into a 3-1/4 inch tall by 1-3/4 inch slot on the edge of the door
  • Satin Nickel coating gives it a natural metallic shine

Prime-Line Products N 7363 Closet Pocket Door Passage PullWhile carrying out our research, we managed to stumble upon this beauty from Prime-line. We particularly love this product because it provides you with the best value for your money. The N 7363 pocket door passage pull is made with high-quality brass, aiding its durability as well as the aesthetics.

The N 7363 comes with a pull-out handle on its side, which enables you to get a better grip when pulling the door out of its cavity. In most cases, the handles face durability issues, but that is one problem you will not encounter with this passage door pull. The brass construction adds a sense of sturdiness to all parts of the product, including the little handle on the side, aiding its durability.

Besides using the handle, this pocket door passage pull has a large rounded square cut out, which enables an easier grip on the door.

This product is a mortise style lock, which will require you to buy it in accordance with your door measurements. The mortise installation process is applicable to locks that require you to cut into one the edges of the door.

So, don’t just rush yourself to purchase one, rather take your time to figure out the accurate dimensions of your door.

We must point out that this product does not come with a locking mechanism on either end. Yes, it would be completely irrational to place this pocket door passage pull on your bedroom door, but think of the wonders it would do for doors to the kitchen or laundry room!

5. Kwikset 335 Round Bed/Bath Pocket Door Lock in Satin Nickel

Highlighted Features
  • Locking system features a turn piece on the inside the lock aiding security
  • Equipped with an adjustable latch to match most standard door measurements
  • ½ inch latch throw shuts the door smoothly upon contact with the corner strike
  • Rounded design features do not require new notches to be made into the door

Kwikset 335 Round Bed or Bath Pocket Door Lock in Satin NickelThe final product on our list is yet another round 335 pocket door lock by Kwikset. Established in 1946, Kwikset has put in extensive amounts of time in research and development to bring forth innovative and reliable locking mechanisms. The 335 Round pocket door lock is a showcase of Kwikset’s years of experience.

Like most of Kwikset’s locks, this one is also fairly easy to install. The round design aids the lock’s compatibility with most standard door dimensions. This particular lock is built to match your standard 2-1/8” door, so all you will need is your screwdriver and voila! You’ll be done before you know it.

In case you experience difficulties placing the lock on your door, the company provides an instruction set which should be able to guide you well enough.

The door lock features a diamond-shaped thumbturn, which takes up less space on the body of the lock. Compared to the usual rectangular thumbturns, diamond-shaped ones are more understated but attractive.

In addition, the lock is coated with a satin nickel finish, which adds a sense of modern touch to your door. Kwikset locks are known for their high-quality finishes, which are highly durable; the lock’s color will most likely exceed the door’s lifetime!

Buying Guide for Pocket Door Lock

Deciding on the right kind of pocket door lock can be a puzzling situation. Other than providing security, they must also be durable and compliment your interior design. Below, we have discussed some factors that will allow you to take a more well thought out decision.

Type of Hardware

In essence, pocket door hardware comes in two variations, one with a lock and one without.

When going out to purchase your first pocket door hardware, you will come across the terms “passage” and “privacy.” As the name suggests, the pocket door hardware with the word “privacy” in the name or description are those that come with a locking mechanism.

On the other hand, hardware with the term “passage” is those that do not come with locking mechanisms.

So, if you need a pocket door hardware for your rooms that require privacy and security, go for the pocket door locks. Otherwise, the pocket door passage pulls are very stylish options for doors that do not require to be locked.

Installation Methods

Not all pocket door locks come with instruction templates to guide you. While installing some can only require you to use a screwdriver, others can require you to drill extra holes.

Some locks come with a mortise style installation system, which requires you to place the pocket door hardware at the edge of the door. This can be quite difficult as it requires you to cut into the edge of your door to make room for the lock.

It is always a good idea to purchase a pocket door lock which has an instruction template for you to follow, avoiding the extra cost of hiring a professional.

Door Measurements

This is one of the most crucial points to remember when purchasing a pocket door lock. Some pocket door locks come with adjustable latches, allowing them to be compatible with most standard door preparations.

But you must keep in mind; these tools are not universally built to fit all sorts of doors. Hence, it is always a good idea to measure the thickness of your door beforehand.

Home Interiors

For pocket locks, security is one of the core benefits. However, they are also understated decorative tools for your doors as well as the interiors of your home.

When deciding on your purchase, you should consider the general theme of your house. For a classic house, a pocket door lock with a bronze finish would be just perfect to complement the aesthetics.

When we consider pocket door hardware for modern-style houses, we would suggest you go with a square magnetic pocket door lock. These models add a touch of sophistication to your doors and the overall interiors of your house.

Similarly, if you don’t fancy flashy locks and prefer more subtle ones, then you can consider buying the smaller variants.

So before you head out, take a good look at your door and interiors!


We cannot stress enough on the importance of durability when it comes to pocket door locks.

There is no shame in paying a high price for a pocket lock; rather, it can prove to be beneficial in the long run. Cheap pocket door locks are usually made from lightweight materials and are more susceptible to wear and tear.

Investing in a pocket door lock, which is heavy (constructed with denser materials), has a higher chance of reimbursing you with its service rather than ones that are lighter.

FAQs for Pocket Door Locks

1. Can I fit pocket door locks on swinging doors?

No. Pocket door locks are built for doors that operate on a sliding mechanism.

2. What do I do if my pocket door lock does not come with instructions?

Your best bet is to dig into the website of the company that manufactured your pocket door lock. If you fail to find any sort of help there, you can always resort to videos and user manuals on the web.

3. Which pocket door locks offer the best protection?

Some pocket door locks come with double latches. The addition of a second latch provides the door with extra strength, aiding security.

4. How do I purchase the right pocket door lock?

To make the best possible decision, you should be prepared with the thickness measurements of your door. Also, a big part of your purchase decision depends on the interior décor of your home, the door color, and also the diameter of the hole where the lock is to be placed.

5. How does a passage pull work?

A passage pull is essentially a handle that enables you to pull out the door when it is inside the wall cavity.


Hopefully, you will now be able to make a more sound decision on choosing the best pocket door locks for your home.

If you were to ask us to suggest one for you, we would have gone with the keyed pocket door lock CL4ENTR. Its key lock mechanism provides maximum security, and Lockwood’s durability tests really vouch for this product’s longevity.

Best of luck!