5 Best Hinges For Toy Box- 2021 Reviews

| Last Updated: December 31, 2021

Best Hinges For Toy BoxAs your baby grows up and starts playing with her toys on her own, your first worry is that the toy box might accidentally slam on her tiny precious hands. If you want a full-proof solution to this problem, then look no more.

We’ve compiled a list of the best hinges for toy box that’s going to make your life a whole lot easier. You can be assured that once you install a hinge on your baby’s toy box, it’ll stay up and will not fall or drop accidentally until you push it down.

These hinges are not only strong and sturdy but allow soft closing and protect your baby’s small hands.

Comparison Chart of the Best Hinges For Toy Box

  • Can be used to open or set angles up to 90°
  • Requires pressure to close, so will not slam on fingers
  • Each hinge can hold 20 - 30 lbs
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  • Adjustable opening angle from 75°-105°
  • Soft-close design will not slam on children's fingers
  • Each hinge can support 30 lbs
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  • Hinge can support up to 30 lbs
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty for peace of mind
  • Soft-close design will not slam on fingers
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  • Soft-close design will not slam on fingers
  • Each hinge can hold 10 - 18 lbs
  • Easy to install in small spaces thanks to compact design
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  • Durable support hinge for the lid is made of zinc
  • Lid support is adjustable and can be mounted on the left or right side
  • Very quick and easy to install with just two drill holes per hinge
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Here, we’ve round up the top hinges on the market. Go through them to find the ideal one for your toy box.

1. Rockler 60 inch-pound Lid-Stay Torsion Hinge Rustic Bronze

Highlighted Features

  • 60 inch-pound weight capacity offers heavy-duty support for any storage box.
  • Cast-zinc lid support for standard ¾” thick stock.
  • Allows soft closing along with lid support
  • Includes screws and JIG IT, eliminating the need for measurements.

Rockler 60 inch-pound Lid-Stay Torsion Hinge Rustic BronzeThe first one on our list is the heavy-duty Rockler Torsion Hinge. It is both a hinge and lid support. Made of cast-zinc, it can hold up a lid of 60 inch-pound. This model offers other weight capacity options so you can choose according to what you’ll need.

With the rustic bronze finish, it’ll compliment your toy box. These are designed for a stock with a thickness of ¾”. You can try it on other sizes, but it won’t perform as well.

This lid-stay torsion hinge allows you to keep the lid supported once opened, and when you’re done, you’ll be able to close the lid softly. The design of the Rockler hinges is based on the hinges used in laptop computers, and these hinges can support the lid at the angle you want. That’s why it’s especially great for children’s toy box.

Included in the package are the screws you’ll be needing. And we love that it comes with JIG IT, which you can use for both the overlay and the flush when installing. This means you won’t have to measure anything and will make your installation quick and easy.

2. Douper 200N Gas Struts Heavy Duty Soft Close Lid Support Hinges

Highlighted Features

  • 200N/30lbs weight capacity of each hinge, giving a total of 60lbs for two hinges.
  • Uses gas strut mount making it durable and sturdy.
  • The lid can be opened and supported at 75 degrees to 105 degrees
  • Allows soft closing by dampering the closing speed.

Douper 200N Gas Struts Heavy Duty Soft Close Lid Support HingesAnother great product for supporting heavy toy box lids is the Douper 200N hinge. Each Douper hinge can support 30 lbs easily, giving you a total of 60 lbs with two hinges. Some have complimented its capacity to support lids heavier than 60lbs.

It uses a gas strut mechanism, which makes this hinge highly durable. They’re also great in helping you control the angle of your lid when its opened. It won’t ever fall down on its own, and you won’t have to keep propping it open.

The hinges can be used for either left or right-hand mounting. It’ll also allow 75 degrees to 105 degrees of open-angle, making it truly useful lid support.

When it comes to choosing this lid support, you need to make sure that the width of your lid doesn’t exceed 50 inches, and its height is not more than 25 inches. It must also have at least a 9-inch clearance for the lid to be able to close completely.

The gas struts are also great at dampening the closing speed of a lid this heavy. You won’t need to worry about your or your little one’s fingers getting smashed under a lid with this hinge.

3. Apexstone Soft Close Lid Support Hinges

Highlighted Features

  • Each strut can support 30 lbs of weight
  • Ideal for soft closing of the lid of the box
  • Uses compressed air to allow closing of lid slowly
  • Very easy to install once measurements are converted

Apexstone Soft Close Lid Support HingesApexstone’s lid support is one of the easiest to install. It is especially useful when you want the lid to close softly and not slam down.

The length of the struts is 8.7 inches, and when opened, they extend up to 14.2 inches. Per strut is able to support 30 lbs of a lid that has a side length of less than 30 inches.

These struts will come compressed, and the way they work is they slow down the flow of air when it’s coming out of the spring. So they don’t really keep your lid open.

Once you put up the lid, unless you’re supporting it with your hands, it’ll slowly come down and close on its own without slamming or smashing. From fully open, it’ll take about 5 to 6 seconds to fully close.

When you’re installing it, you have to make sure you have 3.5 inches from the back of the lid and 7 ⅝ inches from the back of the cabinet and 8 ⅝ inches from the bottom. This way, you’ll get the best out of the hinge.

4. Douper Soft Close Lid Support Hinges

Highlighted Features

  • The base is round giving it a reinforced sturdiness
  • Each hinge can support any lid from 10 lbs to 18 lbs.
  • Can be installed both for top-openings and flap doors.
  • Both hinges can be used for right and left mountings.

Douper Soft Close Lid Support HingesAnother much-loved product by Douper, this one is sturdy and aesthetically appealing lid support that’ll keep your toddler’s hands safe from getting smashed under the lid.

This thing has a 70N to 120N bearing capacity, which means you can easily use this to support any lid weighing from 10 lbs to 18 lbs. If you think you need more support, then use two, and the capacity will be doubled to 20 lbs to 36 lbs.

When the opening angle is 70 degrees, it’ll keep the lid at any different angles. This bearing capacity is perfect for holding up the lid while your child rummages through his toys.

The soft-close mechanism is also a great feature as it won’t slam shut, injuring your or your baby’s hands. When you want to close the lid, gently push on the lid, and it’ll lower slowly. The reversible mounting on this hinge can be used for either left or right-hand mountings.

5. RUYUFE Lid Support Hinge Lid Stay with Soft Close

Highlighted Features

  • Highly durable due to its zinc alloy body and nickel finish
  • When used together, the hinges can support 40lbs lid
  • Able to hold the lid at 75, 90 and 100-degree angles
  • Easy to install in both flush and overlay style
  • Can be used in both lift-up and drop-down lids

RUYUFE Lid Support Hinge Lid Stay with Soft CloseIf you’re looking for something heavy-duty lid support, then the Ruyufe hinge will be perfect for you. It can hold up a lid weighing 40 lbs with two hinges.

Made of zinc alloy and finished with a satin nickel finish, it is a durable product that’s going to last you a long time. It also has the very useful adjustable support at 75, 90, or 100 degrees at the maximum with the flap locking at any position that you want.

The soft closing function also allows it to automatically close gently and silently, protecting your child’s hands from getting slammed by the lid.

It is a great product for both drop-down and lift-up lids. All you have to do is press the actuator to pass the upper arm of the hinge from one side to the other. This way, the braking action will be changed. Instead of braking when closing, it’ll brake when opening.

You can use this hinge for both flush and overlay style of lids, and the opening and closing strength can be adjusted using a simple Allen wrench.

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Things To Consider Before Buying Hinges For Toy Box

There are some great options out there, but before you make your decision keep the following things on your mind.


The first thing you should look at is how much weight can the hinge support. If you have a heavy lid weighing at 30 lbs but get a hinge that cannot support that, then you’ll have problems with the hinge and the opening and closing of the lid.

Dimensions Of Box

The hinges are designed to fit and work at certain dimensions of the cabinet or box. To measure the height and depth of the box and use a converter to find out which size will fit your box.

Lid Stay

Although most toy box hinges do offer the lid stay feature, which means the hinge will be able to hold up the lid once opened, you should still check whether it can do that. It’s always safer when hinges can hold up a lid.


As it’s a matter of safety for young children, you must make sure the hinges are durable. Durability assures that it’ll not break or malfunction accidentally and that it’ll last a long time.

Ease Of Installation

You’re obviously not going to call a technician for something as simple as this. So find out how easy it is to install and whether screws are included or not. This will make your job of installing hinges much easier.


Nothing is more important than the safety of your child. A soft close toy box hinge is a must-buy for any nursery.

With our detailed reviews of the best hinges for toy box and a comprehensive buying guide, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect lid support for your little one’s treasure box.

FAQs About Toy Box Hinges

1. How do hinges protect my baby’s hands?

Ans: Toy box hinges are designed to support the lid once opened and to close softly and gently. This way, the lid won’t slam shut on your child’s hands while he’s trying to find something inside.

2. How many hinges do I need?

Ans: It’ll depend on the weight of your lid and the bearing capacity of the hinge. If the lid of the box is light, you might only need one. But if it’s heavy, then you’ll need to install two hinges on each side.

3. What is the bearing capacity?

Ans: Bearing capacity tells you the capacity of the hinge to support lids. The higher the capacity of the hinge, the heavier the lid it can support.

4. What should be the bearing capacity of my hinges?

Ans: It depends on the weight of your lid. If you have a 30lbs lid, then you’ll need lid support with a bearing capacity of 200N. Most hinges come in pairs, and the capacity is also divided among them. If each hinge can support 30lbs, together, they can support 60 lbs.

5. How long do hinges last?

Ans: Hinges are usually a permanent solution. If you purchase the correct one that has no manufacturing faults, it should last you a long time.