How to Choose Best Drawer Slides – 2021 Reviews

| Last Updated: December 30, 2021

Best Drawer SlidesFew things are more frustrating than a jammed drawer. If a drawer can’t slide, what’s the point, right?

Yes, drawer slides are replaceable. But which drawer slide is most worth your money?

Or maybe you’re here because you’re looking for drawer slides for a home renovation project. But that also requires thought. What drawer slide can you buy that will last longer than others before it has to be replaced?

Yeah—no one really thinks about drawer slides are unless they absolutely have to.

So, we’ve done the research for you and picked out 11 of the right drawer slides currently available. We’ve also created a detailed buying guide, just in case.

So let’s start.

Comparison Chart of the Best Drawer Slides

  • Made from high-grade steel to be more durable
  • Steel ball-bearings installed for a quiet operation option
  • Easily remove the drawer with removable lever
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  • With this package you get 10 pairs included
  • Made with zinc-plated finish to resist corrosion for long
  • Anti-drop function included to prevent drawer to fall
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  • Up to 100 pounds maximum load capacity
  • Designed to be used for different drawer installations
  • Strong and durable construction to extend life
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  • Full extension of up to 22 inches for safety
  • You get with this package you get 10 pairs included
  • Available in many different lengths for versatility
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  • Soft hydraulic closure for a quiet operation
  • Long extension for full access to drawer
  • Slow-closing action for your safety
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  • Long extension for full access of drawers
  • Made from high-grade steel to be more durable
  • Has up to 100 pounds maximum load capacity
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  • Comes with a slow-closing action for your safety
  • Strong and durable construction to extend life
  • Comes with zinc-plated finish to resist corrosion for long
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Ultimate Guide to Soft Close Drawer Slides

We have done hours of research and analysis to decide what the top drawer slides are. Without any further ado, we present them below. May you find what you need!

1. Friho 5 Pair of 22 Inch Side Mount Drawer Slides

Highlighted Features

  • Comes in 12,14,16,18, 20, and 22-inch lengths
  • Available in a modern black color option
  • Makes minimal noise during movement
  • Can be taken apart and reassembled easily
  • Will function for over 2 years
  • Has a full extension for easy accessibility

Friho 5 Pair of 22 Inch Side Mount Drawer SlidesThe first drawer slides we’ve chosen to present to you is a side-mount type from a reliable manufacturer of drawer slides, Friho. This is a great option if you’re installing cabinetry in your pantry.

Constructed from durable, high-quality zinc plated cold-rolled steel, these slides have been designed in the ball-bearing style. That means you’ll be enjoying lower amounts of noise during closing and opening and reliable, smooth operation for up to 3 years or so.

A great feature of this thing is that it offers a full extension for your drawer. Even if your drawer itself is obstructed due to being filled to capacity, the slides are still resilient enough to allow you to extend the drawer fully.

An important consideration is that you can easily disconnect this with a lever. That means taking it apart and reassembling it is super easy and won’t take up that much time. Plus, these slides offer a positive stop for added convenience.

You will receive mounting screws in the package. Do note, however, that mounting brackets will not be included with your purchase, so you’ll have to buy them separately.

On the whole, this is a great option for durable ball-bearing side mount slides from a reliable manufacturer who have established their name.

2. Berliget 10 Pair of 22 Inch Full Extension Drawer Slides

Highlighted Features

  • Full-extension design ensures enhanced accessibility
  • The stainless steel construction makes it supremely durable
  • The ball-bearing mechanism allows smooth sliding operation
  • Available in 2 universal size specifications
  • The purchase comes with convenient mount screws

Berliget 10 Pair of 22 Inch Full Extension Drawer SlidesIf you’re looking for the great drawer slides for kitchen cabinets at an affordable price, then a pair with a ball bearing mechanism is your best bet. This is thanks to the fact slides with ball-bearing mechanisms will allow the smoothest operation for a relatively long time in the context of how much you pay for them.

Which is why we recommend a set like this of 10 pairs because you can easily replace them whenever you feel the slides are getting a little rusty without having to spend a large amount. And thanks to their side mount-specific design, they’re particularly suited to kitchen cabinetry as they don’t require heavy-duty performance.

One thing we love about these slides is that when you consider the price you’re paying for them, the durability surprises you. Made from premium quality cold-rolled stainless steel, these slides are made doubly long-lasting thanks to the zinc plating.

These slides will fit the majority of drawers, no matter what they’re for. However, if your drawers will be accommodating larger weights, then you might want to skip these slides as they have a ball-bearing mechanism.

Furthermore, if you’re going for face-frame construction, then you will need to purchase additional brackets separately as they are not included with the purchase. The good thing is, though, that this set does come with its own mounting screws.

3. LONTAN 4502S3-22 Heavy Duty Soft Closing Slides

Highlighted Features

  • Designed for heavy-duty drawers with a 100-pound weight rating
  • Soft close mechanism eliminates the possibility of slamming
  • Smooth and easy operation that can be activated with just a touch
  • Full-extension design allows convenient access to drawer contents
  • Features smooth and thick construction
  • Hydraulic dampening design reduces the creation of noise

LONTAN 4502S3-22 Heavy Duty Soft Closing Rails for DrawersThe next pair of drawer slides we’ve chosen for your consideration is designed for a soft-closing operation, which is like self-closing drawer slides, but better.

With soft-closing drawer slides, all you have to do is lightly nudge the front of the drawer, and it will withdraw the full length of the slides softly and quietly. This not only eliminates unpleasant slamming but also ensures that the slides won’t be damaged over time.

Furthermore, the soft-close design also guards against dangerous mishaps like someone’s fingers getting caught in the slides. So if you have young children, this is a particularly safe option.

The durability of the slides is also ensured thanks to the stainless steel construction, along with the zinc plating that makes it that much more long-enduring.

Here are some more specs: the 22-inch length is suitable for most drawer sizes, and the 12.7mm thickness makes it sturdy. And since this is a set of 10 pairs, you can easily replace them whenever you feel they are starting to wear out.

What’s more, these slides are made with a 100-pound weight rating. Coupled with the promised durability, that makes this a perfect option for heavy-duty cabinets or drawers. The design also features detachable nylon snaps, which means installation and disassembly is made that much more convenient.

While it’s true that this is not the most affordable option out there, you have to take into consideration all the great features you’re getting with these things.

4. Promark 22 Inch - Best Ball Bearing Side Mount Drawer Slides

Highlighted Features

  • The ball-bearing mechanism ensures smooth operation
  • The self-closing design makes for effortless motion
  • Made for side mount installation, ideal for kitchens
  • High weight rating ensures heavy-duty performance
  • Can be used for both face frame and frameless applications

Promark 22 Inch Ball Bearing Side Mount Drawer SlidesIf you’re on the market for best Side Mount drawer slides that will hold up a heavy-duty drawer (e.g., in the office or for industrial kitchens), then you need a set of slides with at least a 100-pound weight rating.

Keeping that in mind, we’ve selected this set of slides for those who require slides for heavy drawers. Made from cold-rolled steel, these slides work on a ball bearing mechanism, which, as you may already know, makes for reliably smooth operation for a decent time period.

Another great feature of these slides is that they are self-closing. So not only will these drawers roll out smoothly whenever you need them, but they will also close at the slightest touch of your hand. The extent of the convenience of this feature will be revealed to you the longer you use these.

We also like the fact that these slides are compatible with both frameless and face frame applications. Ease of installation and convenience have definitely been kept in mind by the manufacturers when creating this product.

However, it’s worth noting that the self-closing mechanism of each of these pairs runs the risk of wearing out over time. Considering how much you’re paying for the whole set, though, we would say that the durability is as can be expected.

5. ProMark 10 Pack Promark Full Extension Drawer Slide

Highlighted Features

  • Integrates a cushioning feature for noise cancellation
  • Full-extension movement makes it ideal for medium-duty applications
  • The slides are lubricated for added smoothness
  • Purchase includes flat mounting head screws for easy installation
  • Comes in various size specifications
  • Very affordable compared to other sets of 10

ProMark 10 Pack Promark Full Extension Drawer SlideThe next set of drawer slides that we’ve chosen is one of the most highly-rated options on our list, particularly for heavy-duty drawers. So, if you need slides for a working garage or large kitchen, this will certainly appeal to you—keep reading below to find out why.

You should know right off the bat that these are not self-closing or soft closing drawer slides. However, they are operated using a soft bumper mechanism that does a superior job of keeping your drawer securely shut when you slide it back in.

Installing these is quite easy; just remember to leave a half-inch space on both sides to accommodate the smooth operation. Plus, the spot where the slides attach to the drawer comes with mounting tabs–this enables the slides to come away from the cabinet, meaning you don’t have to worry about the slides being mounted too far apart.

One drawback of this set is that it does not come with the required hardware, nor does it come with assembly instructions. But hey, we live in the age of information—you’ll find countless videos on YouTube and other platforms to help you with the installation. On the whole, there’s very little to not like about these slides.

6. Gobrico 22-Inch Soft Close Ball Bearing Drawer Slides

Highlighted Features

  • Compatible with both side and rear mount installation methods
  • The purchase comes with mounting brackets for convenient installation
  • Convenient and accessible full extension movement
  • The reliable and durable soft-close feature will work smoothly for long
  • Can accommodate up to 78 pounds of weigh

Gobrico 22-Inch Soft Close Ball Bearing Drawer SlidesYou can tell that the manufacturers have really put thought into the design mechanism of this thing from how it’s constructed.

The hydraulic self-closing feature enables you to slide the drawer out as easily as it can be pushed back in, without having to endure unpleasant slamming. And even though it works using a ball-bearing mechanism, the soft-closing feature is still offered, which is not something most manufacturers will be able to have.

The combination of all these features seems like an even better deal considering the fact that these provide a full extension.

So how do these slides achieve so much? Well, here are some specs. With a 22 in/550mm thickness and 45mm width, these slides are well suited to medium duty applications, up to 78 pounds. Do note that you will need to allow for a half-inch gap for each side.

Something else we appreciate about this set is that it’s a near-complete package. It comes with installing screws and brackets to allow you to install it right out of the box. What thoughtful manufacturers!

It’s worth noting that despite the mid-range price, concerns about the durability of these slides have been reported. However, in our opinion, this set fits all the criteria that we think make the best soft close drawer slides. And especially given the fact that this is a 10-pair set, we think it’s a pretty good deal, on the whole.

7. LONTAN 4502S3-22 Side/Rear Mount Soft Close Drawer Slides

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with rear mounting brackets for ease of installation
  • Easy snap-on design enables convenient and quick removal
  • Comes with an easy to understand instruction manual
  • Design enables stable and efficient installation
  • Double springs allow for soft-closing motion

1 Pair 22 Inch Side/Rear Mount Soft Close Drawer Slides Full ExtensionSome of you who are reading this are probably just looking to replace one pair of drawer slides. Furthermore, not all of us want to buy a set to replace slides again, and again, one reliable pair can work wonders. So we’ve chosen this pair for those who fit those criteria.

We’ve chosen these soft-closing slides from Lontan because not only are they highly rated, but also because the manufacturer is a recognized and reliable source for drawer fixtures. They’ve made this pair super easy to install by including side brackets, which are compatible with both side and rear closing installation methods.

Especially if your drawers or cabinet doors have a face-frame construction, then these are perfect. The brackets ensure smooth and efficient operation while the integrated springs allow for a durable soft-closing mechanism that requires just a little bit of soft pressure.

These slides are made from high-quality, durable, and sturdy cold-rolled steel with zinc plating. The chances of these slides lasting you for many, many years are pretty high if we do say so ourselves. Thus, this is a perfect pair for mid-duty drawers, e.g., computer desk keyboard tray, nightstands, and medium kitchen cutlery drawers.

Finally, we also really appreciate the snap-on design, as it enables easy removal and disassembly. Not only that—if you need to clean out your drawer, but you can also quickly pull it out and reinsert it when you’re done.

8. LONTAN 1 Pair Soft - Close Metal Drawer Slides 16 Inch

Highlighted Features

  • Ball-bearing movement mechanism is smooth and easy
  • 100-pound weight capacity makes them ideal for heavy-duty drawers
  • The purchase comes with installation instructions and screws
  • Has a simple and sleek appearance that will match most settings
  • Detachable nylon snaps allow easy and quick installation and removal

LONTAN 4502S3-22 Metal Drawer Slides Full Extension Drawer Slides 22 inch 100 LB CapacityWe’re finishing off our list of reviews with another set from Lontan, thought by many to be one of the best cabinet drawer slides currently on the market. Let’s find out how these slides earned that reputation.

First of all, these slides are operated using a ball-bearing mechanism, so you’re getting a reliably smooth operation; at the same time, these slides have a soft-closing design thanks to the hydraulic damping system. This means you get to enjoy smooth pull-out and closing with little resistance.

These slides also have a snap-on design thanks to the detachable nylon snaps. These allow convenient and swift removal, which can be very useful when you need to clean out the drawers. Nothing is more frustrating than a drawer that won’t slide like it’s supposed to, are we right?

The smoothness of these slides also owes itself to the solid balls in double rows. As they are affixed into an intuitive positioning groove, the ball follows its path with stability and swiftness.

To make things even better, these slides have a 100-pound weight rating. So whether you need slides for heavy office filing drawers or for the supplies drawer in a work garage, these are perfectly suitable.

9. Home Building Store Self Soft Close Under/Bottom Rear Mounting Drawer Slides

Highlighted Features

  • Has a load capacity of 78 pounds
  • Purchase includes adjustable locking device and mountain screws
  • Constructed from high-quality cold-rolled steel
  • Zinc plating finish enhances durability and adds aesthetic appeal
  • Available in 18 inches and 21 inches

Home Building Store Self Soft Close Under_Bottom Rear Mounting Drawer SlidesThis 4-pair set from Home Building Store is one of the most popular ones we’ve come across during our search for the best slides. Available in 18 inches and 21 inches, these soft-close slides offer great performance and durability.

They owe that primarily to their premium construction: made from cold-rolled steel and finished with a zinc plating, these slides promise smoothness for longer. And beyond being so smooth and easy in their operation, their thickness affords them a high performing ability as well.

The best thing about these slides is that they are suitable for both frameless and face frame cabinets. So not only will these slides help you to close your drawer silently, softly, and easily, they’ll keep themselves out of the way while doing so. Also, installing them is super easy, as they’re compatible with rear mounts and come with the necessary installation equipment.

What’s more, these slides have a weight rating of 78 pounds. This makes them ideal for use with cutlery drawers or office stationery drawers, or any other medium-duty application. All in all, you can rest assured about the enduring performance of these slides.

10. BLUM TANDEM - Best Bottom Mount Slides

Highlighted Features

  • For drawers with side thickness of 1/2" to 5/8"
  • Available in 6 different lengths from 9 inches to 21 inches
  • Full-extension sliding offers convenient access to drawer contents
  • Suitable for both frameless and face-frame fittings
  • Can be under-mounted or side-mounted
  • Has a weight capacity of 100 pounds

BLUM TANDEM Bottom Mount Slides with BLUMOTIONWith nearly 7 decades of experience in manufacturing high-quality hinges, slides, and other cabinetry-related tools, Blum is a brand that has rightfully earned their status amongst one of the greats. Keeping that in mind, it’s worth noting that our penultimate pick in drawer slides is not the most affordable out there–but there’s a reason for that.

These highly efficient, super-smooth under-mount slides offer full extension for your drawer, which offers a world of convenient accessibility. Sometimes when your drawer is filled to the brim, movement can be obstructed; however, these strong full-extension slides will enable you to still pull out your drawer with ease.

Plus, since the slides have a weight rating of 100 pounds, you’ll be able to fill up your drawers to your heart’s content, without worrying that the slides will give away. Thanks to the integration of Blum’s innovative Blumotion technology, your drawers will slide out and in beautifully every time.

What’s more, these slides are also compatible with both frameless and face-frame applications. They come already equipped with holes to allow for easy under-mounting or bottom-mounting. They’re ideal for drawers with side thickness of 1/2″ to 5/8″.

On the whole, this is definitely a premium set of drawer slides. For the price, however, you can find other slides of decent quality and lasting power. So if you’re on a budget, you might want to look elsewhere.

11. HomDSim Full Extension Bottom Mount Slides

Highlighted Features

  • Has a weight capacity of 69 pounds (50 kgs)
  • Available in lengths of 10, 14, 16 and 20 inches
  • Tested for opening and re-closing over 200,000 times
  • Easily detachable side rails allow for effortless installation
  • Zinc plating adds stability and enhances durability

HomDSim Full Extension Bottom Mount SlidesOur final pick in drawer slides is from HomDSim, and this one has a lot to offer. Equipped with a smooth ball-bearing mechanism, these slides manage to be super silent and super smooth at the same time.

Built from high-quality cold-rolled steel and plated with zinc, these slides promise stability and performance for longer.

They also come with a close-clamping function that ensures a proper, full closure every time. Their ball-bearing mechanism allows a smooth sliding ability while the rubber locks enable effortless automatic locking. The 69-pound weight capacity allows you to load your drawer with all your stuff without worrying about its ability to hold it all up.

What’s more, installing these slides is extremely easy and can be done without the use of tools. And when it’s time to clean them out, disassembly will be a walk in the park, as well. But should you be searching for a specific thickness or have special requirements for screw hole positioning, the manufacturers will be able to customize the drawer slides for you.

Overall, these are some very sturdy and smooth drawer sliders; furthermore, the manufacturers claim that the slides have been put through rigorous testing, with 200,000 closing-and-opening runs. If that’s to be believed, it’s quite impressive, wouldn’t you agree?

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Buying Guide For Choosing the Right Drawer Slides

Drawer Slides travel
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Maybe our drawer slides reviews are confusing you, or maybe you’re having difficulty taking our suggestions for granted.

That’s understandable. To make your decision easier, here’s a brief overview of the basics and features to consider before making your purchase.

Length of Slide

Drawer slides generally come in lengths between 10 and 28 inches to fit a wide range of sizes. The slide length you need will obviously have to correspond to the size of your drawer and the type of mount you choose, so you have to first measure your drawer.

Then, you have to take into consideration the type of mount (more on that below) and measure out the slide length requirement accordingly.

If you’re going for side- or center-mount slides, you have to measure the distance from the inside face of the back of the cabinet to the front edge of the cabinet. Now, subtract 1” from that for the required slide length.

In the case of center- or side-mount slides, just measure the length of the drawer, as the slide length has to be equal to that.

It’s of utmost importance to get the right measurements. If your slides are shorter than the drawer length, they won’t provide adequate support; they might even cause the drawer to give out and fall off at some point. Furthermore, the drawer won’t be able to extend all the way, which will limit your access to the contents.

Mount Type

Deciding the mount is important because it lets the drawer be supported from different angles. There are 3 mount types: side mount, center mount, and undermount. When determining the most suitable mount type, you have to consider the space between the cabinet opening and the drawer box.

1. Side-Mount

Side-Mount drawer slidesSlides usually come in sets or pairs with slides for each side of the drawer. They are available in either roller or ball-bearing mechanisms and require a clearance of at least 1/2″ between the sides of the cabinet opening and the slides.

2. Center Mount

Center Mount drawer slidesSlidesare sold individually as they mount under the drawer’s center and are available in ball-bearing mechanism or in the traditional wood style. The required clearance will be determined by the slide’s thickness.

3. Undermount

Undermount drawer slidesSlides are of the ball-bearing style, and they come in pairs. They are mounted to the cabinet’s sides and are connected to locking devices that go on the underside of the drawer. They require less clearance—usually 3/16″ to 1/4″ for each side.

Holding Capacity

Also called the weight rating, this determines the weight capacity of the drawer. Taking the holding capacity of the drawer into account is especially important if you’re installing slides for heavy-duty use, e.g., file drawers.

Slides are usually rated for 75, 100, or 150 pounds, but some specialty slides can have lower or higher weight ratings according to your needs. For household purposes, slides with lower weight ratings are fine; in the case of industrial uses, you’ll obviously need a higher weight rating.

Slide Type

The different slide types have different features and move differently, as well.

1. Wooden

These are typically used for wooden furniture. A wooden runner is built into the interior of the frame. These kinds come with guides to prevent the drawer from tilting or falling. One drawback of wooden slides is that they cannot be fully extended.

2. Ball Bearing

These are an affordable option and are great for heavy-duty drawers. Installing it is also pretty easy. However, they do tend to be a bit noisy.

3. Self-closing

These slides cause the drawer to extend the entire length of the cabinet with a slight push. These are honestly the best-looking ones, and they’re also super quiet. Plus, they’re hidden completely from view.

4. Push to Open

These slides will open when you nudge the front of the drawer, thereby eliminating the need for pulls or handles.


While this isn’t really that much of an important factor to consider, you should know that drawer slides do come in a variety of colors. The most popular options are blue, silver, black, and golden.

Furthermore, while drawer slides are typically made from metal, some manufacturers use a plastic coating to give it a different look, if that appeals to you.

How to Unlock Drawer Slides

Drawers keep your stuff safe and what keeps the drawers safe are the drawer slides. When it comes to cleaning, checking, or repairing the drawers, you need to take the whole drawer out!

In most cases, the manufacture provides the proper guideline for how to unlock drawer slides. However, if you still cannot do it properly, we can help you out!

Step by Step Unlocking Drawer Slides

Let us know the easy step-by-step process of unlocking the drawer slides to take out the drawers for your convenience!

Step 1: Pull it

First of all, hold the drawer handle and pull it. Take it out as much as you can. You will see that the drawer is stuck at a certain period, and there is a force.

So, you will not be able to take the drawer entirely out! In this situation, the drawer won’t move or come out.

Step 2: Find the Tabs

In this position, you have to examine the drawer and check the left part of it. On this side, there is a metal slide added.

You have to deal with these slides if you want to take out the drawer completely. On the front part of it, you will see a small tab in white or black color. This can be different depending on the manufacturer.

Now, you have to hold the tab with one hand and then move to the other side of the drawer. There, you have to find the same tab and place your hand on it.

Step 3: Pull Again

Now, with the help of both your hands, you have to press down the tabs. In cases, you might need to pull them up to make it work.

While doing this, you will hear a click and what’s what you are waiting for! After this, hold the drawer sides with the hands properly and then lift the drawer a bit.

While doing it, take the drawer out carefully. Pull it straight outward and remove it!


Unlocking the drawer slides is not tough at all! If you want to know how to unlock drawer slides, all you need to do is be a little tricky and move your both hands together.

Comment below if you face any problems regarding unlocking the drawer slides! Also, share with us if you have a different sort of drawer that is tough to unlock!

FAQ About Drawer Slides

1. I’ve accidentally ordered slides that are too short for my drawer. What should I do?

If the difference isn’t too great (e.g., if you bought 20-inch slides for a 22-inch drawer), then you can still use the slides. Just make sure there’s a gap in the back.

2. Is it possible to use a bottom mount slide on the side of the drawer?

Side and bottom mounts have different mechanisms. Furthermore, they usually differ in weight ratings. In conclusion, no, you cannot use one for another.

3. Is it required to use a lubricant to keep rail slides working smoothly?

No, because they’ve already been lubricated. In fact, lubrication might cause extra problems in the form of dirt accumulation and clog.

4. I’m still feeling some resistance on my soft-touch slides. What should I do?

If they’ve been installed recently, give it some time. Close and reclose the drawer repeatedly until you achieve the desired smoothness in motion. If it still doesn’t work, though, you might have to reinstall the slides.

5. Which slide type is best?

Go for ball-bearing ones if you are looking to save money; they are generally reliable. If you can spend extra, self-closing ones are definitely the most popular option.


Clearly, there are several options on the market. But the ones from Lontan stand out to us specifically thanks to their reasonable pricing and reliable performance. However, we would suggest ProMark if you’re on a smaller budget.

We hope our thorough reviews of the drawer slides have benefited you. Aren’t you glad you didn’t have to research this yourself?

Good luck, and we hope your drawers always slide smoothly! - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

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