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| Last Updated: March 17, 2021

Best Door Closer ReviewsWhat makes a door worthy is its ability to open and close. The case with most doors, however, is that they have to be opened/closed manually, and this can be quite an inconvenience.

Especially when it comes to busy rooms in commercial/retail complexes, a manually closing door can be cumbersome and a hassle to contend with. To save time and effort, and to enhance convenience, the best door closer can help.

Opting to install a hydraulically operated mechanical door closer can make your life better in so many different ways. But instead of telling you, we’ll just show you, through our reviews of the best 8 ones below. We’ve also included a buying guide for your convenience.

Let’s get started!

You can have a quick glimpse of the top 8 Door Closers

  1. FORTSTRONG FS-8400 Commercial Door Closer
  2. Kason 1094 SureClose Hydraulic Door Closer
  3. Greenstar Store Touch ‘n Hold Smooth Door Closer System
  4. Kason 1095 Spring Action Door Closer
  5. FORSTRONG FS-1306 Automatic Adjustable Door Closer
  6. Onarway Automatic Door Closer for Middle-Weight Door
  7. Dorence Modern Automatic Door Closer
  8. National Hardware N279-794 V1345 Touch ‘n Hold Door Closer

Best Automatic, Hydraulic And Commercial Door Closers Reviews

Keeping some crucial factors in mind, we have selected the following 8 door closers for your consideration. You might want to check our buying guide before you read the reviews in order to find the best match.

1. FORTSTRONG FS-8400 Commercial Door Closer

Highlighted Features

  • Premium aluminum construction makes for a robust and durable body
  • Size is fully adjustable from 1 to 6, including backcheck
  • Capable of handling over 2 million open/close cycles
  • Equipped with anti-rust coating and aluminum-encased hydraulics
  • Comes with detailed and helpful installation guide and template

FORTSTRONG FS-8400 Commercial Door CloserOur first pick is a high-performing, commercial-grade door closer that offers unparalleled performance. With its sturdy body and smooth mechanism, it’s easy to see why this adjustable closer is so highly rated. Let’s see what it has to offer.

First off, this heavy-duty commercial door closer is Grade 1 certified, meeting ANSI and BHMA standards. It has been subjected to 2 million test cycles, which also makes it the ideal closer for commercial purposes.

So what makes it such a strong closer? For the answer, you need only to look at its strong and sturdy cast aluminum body, with a forged arm and anti-rust coating. Furthermore, the hydraulics are also cased in aluminum, which is what allows the closer to endure over 2 million opens and closes.

The manufacturers have also done their best to ensure the highest level of usability possible with this door closer. The force of the closer can be adjusted between all 6 size levels, which allows you to manipulate both the sweeping and latching motion.

But the convenience doesn’t stop there. This closer has also been designed such that it can be installed in regular, top jamb, and parallel mode. So no matter whether you’re installing this door closer in a walkway, office, hospital, factory, or school, this is one of the best hydraulic door closers for the purpose!

2. Kason 1094 SureClose Hydraulic Door Closer

Highlighted Features

  • Strongly constructed with solid steel
  • The hook is extra-wide for dependable roller pick-up
  • Alignment problems are easily dealt with thanks to the hook
  • Easily adjustable mounting slots make up for door sag
  • Gas-loaded hydraulic cylinder constructed for heavy-duty use

Kason 1094 SureClose Hydraulic Door CloserUp next, we have a door closer to Kason, which is recognized for its simplistic yet efficient design. Operating using a hydraulic cylinder, this exposed and mounted door closer is designed to provide a simple solution to your door-closing woes.

This exposed mounting model has benefits: since the wide hook that comes with it is adjustable, you can alter the force of the closure and deal with door sag. Furthermore, the hook allows for easy management of any alignment problems you might face.

This closer sits flush to a 3/4-inch offset, so it’ll stay out of your way. But although this closer might look simple, its operation is anything but. Its housing is constructed using premium quality solid steel, while the hook is resistant to bending. Together, these ensure reliable heavy-duty usage.

Now, this closer certainly isn’t cheap, and you would expect it to behave as such. Unfortunately, its half-million cap on open/close cycles is viewed as inadequate as some, but remember, it all depends on your particular needs. This door closer would be the ideal choice for home interiors or low- to mid-traffic commercial buildings.

3. Greenstar Store Touch ‘n Hold Smooth Door Closer System

Highlighted Features

  • Comes in 3 different models for different applications
  • Outfitted with protective and stylish designer brackets
  • Exclusive smooth close technology reduces bounce while closing
  • Easily adjustable by turning a screw or changing pinhole location
  • Available in 7 different attractive color options

Greenstar Store Touch 'n Hold Smooth Door Closer SystemAre you looking for a door closer to be used inside the home or in a low-traffic commercial establishment? If so, you’ve definitely landed upon the ideal pick with this door closer system from Greenstar Store.

This is no regular door closer; the way it has been designed and constructed makes it one of the most convenient options out there, and you can avail it without breaking the bank.

What sets this door closer apart from others is its innovative (and in some cases, unseen) Touch Button. Yep, it is what it sounds like! If you want your door to stay open instead of automatically closing, all you’ll have to do is tap this button, and the door will stop in its tracks.

Furthermore, while the majority of door closers are operated using a hydraulic system, this one uses a patented, high-performing pneumatic system. You’ll enjoy the closer’s seamless closing motion, especially when your hands are full, and you’re trying to get inside the room.

Oh, and you can adjust the closing speed as well! All you’ll have to do is turn the screw; alternatively, changing the pinhole location will also allow you to manipulate the latching force. All in all, this one could easily nab the title of the best storm door closer, but it’s ideal for a screen door or security door as well.

4. Kason 1095 Spring Action Door Closer

Highlighted Features

  • The innovative design utilizes a rubber roller ball for quiet and smooth operation
  • Offers swift, seamless closing action by resisting air pressure
  • Super easy to install; just snap onto the mounting plate
  • The adjustable wide hook is resistant to bending
  • The chrome finish gives it an attractive appearance

Kason 1095 Spring Action Door CloserWe have another Kason door closer lined up for your consideration, and this one offers much of the same dependable functionality features. Let’s find out how it earned its status as one of the most highly-rated door closers out there.

Unlike most door closers, this one does not utilize pneumatic or hydraulic systems in order to work; it’s primarily dependent upon a rubber roller, which manipulates the direct force and natural swinging motion of the door. And it’ll do this all without making a sound.

This closer is designed such that it will counteract the slowing effect of air pressure and gaskets; thus, it achieves a complete closure on even heavy swinging doors.

The simplicity of the design is what aids this closer in its optimal performance, but it’s also got its sturdy steel housing to thank. Furthermore, the adjustable wide hook is resistant to bending, thereby ensuring a longer life.

As with the last Kason closer we reviewed, however, there are concerns about this one’s durability. So if you’re looking for a door closer for domestic use, you can go for this one; if it’s for heavy-duty commercial purposes, you might want to look elsewhere.

5. FORSTRONG FS-1306 Automatic Adjustable Door Closer

Highlighted Features

  • Provides dependable light- to mid-duty performance
  • Durably constructed from silver aluminum and coated with zinc
  • Catch-closing and sweep motion adjustable using two separate valves
  • Ideal for use with home office, shed or ranch
  • Tested for half a million open/close cycles

FORSTRONG FS-1306 Automatic Adjustable Door CloserWhile we’re on the subject of dependable light- to medium-duty door closers, it’s certainly worth taking a look at this one from FORTSTRONG. Recognized mostly for their high-performing heavy-duty closers, with this one, they have provided a solution for less demanding doors.

What we love about this door closer is, first and foremost, its adjustability. Since it operates using two separate valves, it’s up to you to decide the catch-closing and sweep motion. So no matter which interior door you use this thing with, you’ll be able to control its movements.

Something else we love about this closer is its build quality. Built from robust silver aluminum, this door closer is meant to last you quite a long time, as it has been tested for over half a million open/close cycles. Furthermore, its zinc coating furnishes it with much-needed anti-rust properties as well.

Do keep in mind, however, that this door closer can only be installed in the regular arm method; furthermore, do not use it for doors weighing more than 144 pounds. All in all, if it’s your home office, shed, or ranch that needs a door closer, then this is the one to go for.

6. Onarway Automatic Door Closer for Middle-Weight Door

Highlighted Features

  • Constructed from dependable commercial-grade aluminum alloy
  • Smooth hydraulic operation allows for seamless closing/opening
  • Built to be resistant to corrosion, rust, and abrasion
  • Suitable for doors weighing 132lbs and measuring 47.2″ in width
  • Outfitted with high-performing carbon steel pistons
  • Equipped with a stable and solid yet flexible shaft

Onarway Automatic Door Closer for Middle-Weight DoorThis next pick is from Onarway, and it’s one of the best affordable door closer we’ve come across during our research. Built from strong commercial-grade aluminum alloy and operated hydraulically, this door closer has a lot to offer.

Because this door has a size 3 spring, it can accommodate door weights of up to 132 pounds, with the ideal door width being 23.6″ to 47.2″. That makes this an ideal pick for light- to medium-duty commercial use, as well as domestic applications.

The best thing about this door closer is its ability to stay open without the use of external force. As long as the door is opened at a range of over 90 degrees, the door will remain open; just tug it back beyond 90 degrees to have it close.

What’s more, the manufacturers claim that this closer is compatible with all types of doors, be they right- or left-handed; furthermore, it will also be compatible with metal doors as well as wooden ones.

So, is this the best commercial door closer? No. However, given its highly affordable price tag, dependable features half-a-million open/close cycle testing, we think it’s definitely worth looking into.

7. Dorence Modern Automatic Door Closer

Highlighted Features

  • Installed using the universal mounting method
  • Latching and closing speed fully adjustable
  • Hydraulically operated with a pressure relief safety valve
  • Sleek design offers a clean and simple aesthetic appeal
  • Comes with easy installation video guide
  • Works with metal and wooden doors weighing up to 176 pounds

Dorence Modern Automatic Door CloserFrom Dorence comes our next offering in door closers, and this one is designed to offer dependable service for both commercial and residential doors. Best of all, it’s available at a highly competitive price; so if you’re searching for a great door closer on a budget, you’re gonna love this one.

Built from high-quality steel, this door closer offers surprising longevity and strength: it can handle doors weighing up to 176 pounds, which makes it a great fit for commercial doors as well as interior or residential ones.

How does the closer operate so seamlessly? Well, it’s a combination of the rotating shaft and the arm shoe. The rotating shaft is extra strong, allowing the closing motion to be adjustable while facilitating smoothness.

Something else you’ll love is that this closer is made to be mounted universally, allowing an opening of up to 180 degrees. The tri-packed arms, safety valve, and sweep speed control valve work together to ensure workability for longer.

And lastly, it looks great too, if we do say so ourselves! With a sleek, modern design, this door closer does its best to be a pleasant appendage to your door. Furthermore, it’s available in two finishes: brown and silver. Great features all around!

8. National Hardware N279-794 V1345 Touch ‘n Hold Door Closer

Highlighted Features

  • Easy and smooth closing mechanism using permanent lubrication
  • Powder coating finish for enhanced durability and longevity
  • Effortless auto-release function with the touch of a button
  • Super easy and quick installation; no need for professional help

National Hardware N279-794 V1345 Touch 'n Hold Door CloserOur final pick is another very popular touch-and-hold type door closing system, and this one is available from National Hardware at a great price. Do note, however, that this closer is only suitable for doors weighing up to 30 pounds, making it suitable for only storm doors or screen doors—so proceed accordingly.

This nifty little door closer definitely stands out for its innovative design, using a permanent lubrication system instead of a hydraulic or pneumatic one. It offers a smooth and dependable closing mechanism, which can be stopped at any time.

For that, you’ll have an effortless one-hand/one-foot operation. If you press and hold down the top button of the closer, you can change the door’s closing position. And don’t worry; the button is ergonomically designed for your comfort as well.

Finally, we also love how simple the installation process for this closer is. No need to call for a professional; just follow the included instructions, and you’ll be good to go! Now, it’s worth noting that the closer’s closing motion might not be smooth forever; however, with its nifty specifications and low price, we think it’s a great investment anyhow!

Buying Guide For Door Closer

In order to find the best automatic door closer for your needs, you have to keep a few factors in mind before making your purchase. Here they are.

Number of Opens/Closes

This might surprise you, but most door closers you’ll find on the market have a limit to the number of times they can open and close. It will only be able to do this a certain number of times before its automatic ability dies out.

So the best door closer is obviously the one that will be able to perform consistently, even when subjected to depreciation over time.

Typically, a door closer might be able to handle up to 2 million opens and closes, but if you’re installing the door in a commercial room, we’d recommend models that can go above that.

Spring Strength

This is a measurement of the door closer’s strength, and it should be consistent with the width of the door. The greater the width of the door, the greater the spring size should be.

Now, typically the spring strength is mentioned in sizes between 1 and 6. The higher the spring strength, the more force with which the closer will close.

If your closer is intended for an interior door, we would recommend a spring size of at least 3; if it’s an exterior door, at least 4 is required as negative pressure has to be accounted for. Here are the specifics.

SizeClosing Force
12 pounds
23 pounds
35 pounds
48 pounds
511 pounds
614 pounds

Door Specifications

Beyond the width of the door, you also have to keep in mind its weight. If it’s a particularly heavy door (e.g., a fire-escape door), then your closer must be strong enough to keep up. On the other hand, if it’s a lightweight door, a heavy door closer is unnecessary.

Something else to keep in mind is the construction material of the door. Is your door made of wood, metal, or glass? The answer to this will also determine the strength required from your door closer.

FAQs for Door Closers

1. What are the benefits of using an automatic door closer?

A door closer allows for controlled closing, which allows people to avoid injury and slamming. Damage to the door itself is also reduced as a closer prevents the door from being opened too quickly.

2. How do door closers work?

A door closer is a mechanical device that is powered with the use of hydraulic fluid, which modulates the spring tension. This allows for seamless opening/closing.

3. Are door closers expensive?

They certainly can be, but it’s best to avoid closers with low price tags if you want dependable, long-enduring performance.

4. What is ADA compliance? Why is it important?

ADA stands for the American Disabilities Act. An ADA-compliant door closer meets requirements for the force needed to open a door.

5. How is a door closer installed?

There are 3 main types of overhead door closers: regular arm, top jamb, and parallel arm. The installation method differs from one type to another; some closers accept more than one installation style.

6. Is the spring size of a door closer adjustable?

Once again, this varies. If it’s adjustable, then it will be specified. If not, it’s called a “fixed size” closer.


As you can see, the defining characteristics of the best door closer vary according to needs. Having said that, for heavy-duty commercial use, we’d definitely recommend the FORTSTRONG FS-8400, while for residential use, we have our eyes on the FS-1306 from the same brand (don’t worry, it’s reasonably priced!).

Whichever you choose, we hope your doors always close smoothly. Good luck!

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